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Thursday August 16

A Shaky Second Source Points to the Apple Pencil being Set...

Patently Apple was first to report last week that TrendForce had taken a Leap by claiming that Apple Pencil would be an option for new 2018 iPhones. Now a vague report from China's Economic Daily News claims that only Apple's new OLED display iPhones will be able to use Apple Pencil.

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Apple Invents an Enhanced Automotive Passive Entry System...

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to an enhanced automotive passive entry system. The patent makes no mention that it applies to autonomous vehicles which is interesting. The system could use an iPhone, Apple Watch or other wearable device to lock and unlock vehicles doors, open the trunk, start the vehicle and may support an in-vehicle wireless charging system for Apple devices and more.

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Another Report Says Second-Generation iPhone X and iPhone...

Apple's second-generation iPhone X, and a widely expected 6.5-inch model dubbed the iPhone X Plus, will both be compatible with the Apple Pencil, according to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News.

Image: EverythingApplePro on YouTube

The report, citing "industry insiders," claims that Apple Pencil support will be limited to those OLED models, meaning that Apple's upcoming lower-cost 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD will not work with the drawing tool. Taiwanese research firm TrendForce shared the same prediction earlier this week.

Apple Pencil launched in November 2015 alongside the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and it works with all other iPad Pro models released since. Last March, Apple expanded the tool's compatibility...

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Apple Patent Discusses Advancements made to the Projector...

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to Apple's TrueDepth camera. The invention filed in April 2018 would suggest that the patent advances the TrueDepth camera. The patent filing introduces the use of two groups of VCSEL diodes to implement a zoom function in depth mapping system.

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DisplayMate gives the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 the Highest...

Last year DisplayMate claimed that "based on their extensive lab tests and measurements the iPhone X becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display that we have ever tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade. Now it seems that the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone display may be the new champ according to DisplayMate's latest review.

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Is Samsung now in the Race for Apple's 2019 iPhone 5G...

With Intel out of the race for Apple's 5G for iPhone next year and their fight with Qualcomm unlikely to be resolved by that time, Apple may decided to use a reliable supplier, Samsung. With most Andoid smartphone vendors will likely choose to use the new Qualcomm 5G modem, Samsung needs a big customer to make their new 5G modem profitable, and that might mean signing on Apple.

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Wednesday August 15

Apple Seeds Eighth Beta of iOS 12 to Developers After Pull...

Apple today seeded the eighth beta of an upcoming iOS 12 update to developers for testing purposes, just a few days after seeding the seventh beta and more than two months after introducing the new software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 12 beta from Apple's Developer Center or over-the-air after installing the proper certificate.

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iOS 12 beta 8 comes just two days after the release of iOS 12 beta 7, which Apple was ultimately forced to pull a few hours after it was released due to performance issues....

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Apple Expected to Release New MacBook Air at End of Third...

Apple will release a new MacBook Air at the end of the third quarter, according to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce. That lines up with either September or October, depending on how the wording is interpreted.

TrendForce also refers to a new MacBook Pro in future tense, but it is surely referring to the models released in July, when the third quarter began:The second quarter was the transition period when Apple was preparing for the releases of the upcoming new MacBook devices for the year. TrendForce therefore expects MacBook shipments to again post a large QoQ increase in 3Q18, as Apple will be releasing a new MacBook Pro at the start of the quarter and a new MacBook Air at the end of the quarter.The report does not provide additional details, but both Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and...

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While the Solid State Battery is Five Years out, when it a...

Are we getting any closer to breakthrough battery that will allow our iDevices to last a week? It appears such a solution is technically here right now. One company that makes solid-state batteries can only produce 30,000 per month. The company thinks that a mass production solution is only ...

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Big Money from Berkshire Hathaway and George Soros is Pour...

Berkshire Hathaway and Soros Fund Management have made big investments in AAPL after Apple becomes the first U.S. company to cross the 1 trillion dollar ...

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Happy 20th Launch Anniversary, iMac

On August 15, 1998, Apple officially released the first iMac, the candy-colored gumdrop-shaped iMac G3, launching a desktop machine that has continued to be updated and revised over the years.

Designed by Apple design chief Jony Ive, the iMac G3 was unique among computers at the time for its unusual shape, the use of translucent plastics that allowed the internals to be visible, and the bright colors that Apple adopted.

"This is iMac. The whole thing is translucent. You can see into it. It's so cool," said Jobs when introducing the iMac G3.

Apple's first iMac, which sold for $1,299 at launch, came equipped with a 233 - 700MHz PowerPC 750 G3 processor, 128GB of storage, a 15-inch CRT, a CD-ROM drive, and an ATI graphics card, components that don't sound impressive today but made for a powerful, well-rounded machine, that, in combination with the design, made the iMac a best seller.

At launch, and in the years following its release, Apple released the...

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Tuesday August 14

Kuo: Apple to Launch Apple Car in 2023 to 2025

Apple will earn its two trillion dollar market cap through its services business, an augmented reality headset, and an Apple Car, according to reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now works for TF International Securities and today sent out a new note for investors outlining products that he expects to see in Apple's future.

According to Kuo, Apple will launch an Apple Car sometime between 2023 and 2025, with the car set to be positioned as "the next star product." Kuo foresees the Apple Car revolutionizing the automobile market much as the iPhone did back in 2007.

Kuo believes there are "huge replacement demands" in the auto sector because it's in the process of being redefined with new technologies. Apple's technology advances, such its work in augmented reality, would redefine cars and "differentiate the Apple Car from peers’ products."

Apple, says Kuo, can do "better integration of hardware, software and services" than current competitors in the...

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Hands-On With 6.1-Inch and 6.5-Inch 2018 iPhone Dummy Mode...

Before every new iPhone release, we're often inundated with rumors, part leaks, mockups, and dummy models, giving us a clear picture of what to expect when the new devices come out.

This year is no exception, and we've managed to get our hands on dummy models that are said to resemble the rumored 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones that are coming in 2018, both of which offer up a look at the sizes and designs we can expect from the 2018 iPhone lineup.

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Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup, like the 2017 lineup, will include three phones, but the lineup's composition is unlike anything we've seen before. Apple is planning to introduce a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone that's a follow up to the iPhone X, a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone that can be thought of as an "iPhone X Plus," and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that's going to have a much lower price tag than...

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Apple is Reportedly Looking to Develop a Specific Chip for...

A new report published today claims that Apple has a team exploring a custom processor that can make better sense of health information coming off sensors from deep inside its devices.

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Inside the iPhone Repair Ecosystem: Where Do Replacement P...

There's a thriving market for unofficial, aftermarket iPhone parts, and in China, there are entire massive factories that are dedicated to producing these components for repair shops unable to get ahold of parts that have been produced by Apple.

The entire Apple device repair ecosystem is fascinating, complex, and oftentimes confusing to consumers given the disconnect between Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, third-party factories, and independent repair shops, so we thought we'd delve into the complicated world of Apple repairs.

The Aftermarket Factories

Our exploration of the repair ecosystem was inspired by a video sent to us by a trusted source that MacRumors has worked with in the past, who captured footage inside one of the many facilities in China that are dedicated to creating aftermarket iPhone parts.

This is a small scale operation where workers appear to be creating an aftermarket touch screen digitizer for the iPhone,...

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Apple Wins a Surprising Patent for a Future Entertainment...

To make in-air gesturing able to control future Apple devices accurately will take AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies to work seamlessly together. Three of Apple's engineers listed on today's granted patent have such backgrounds. Today's major granted patent on gesturing systems is one of the most elaborate patents on this technology to date.

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AirPods Wireless Charging Case Said to Work With Any Qi-Ce...

At its iPhone X event last September, Apple previewed a new wireless charging case for AirPods, for use with its upcoming AirPower charging mat. The new case looks similar to the current version, which charges via Lightning cable, but it has a built-in induction coil that also enables wireless charging.

Conveniently, it appears that the AirPower won't be the only way to wirelessly charge AirPods placed in the new case.

Chinese publication Chongdiantou, citing unnamed sources within Apple's supply chain, claims that the wireless AirPods case supports the Wireless Power Consortium's universal Qi standard, implying that it will be compatible with any Qi-certified charging mat from companies beyond Apple.

This would differ from the Apple Watch, which uses a modified version of the Qi standard that only...

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Turkey's First Response to new U.S. Sanctions and Tra...

In 2014 Apple's high profile "Glass Lantern" Store in Istanbul Turkey won a structural Award. Apple made a handsome investment in Turkey and entered that market in style. Now Turkey's President/dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would boycott American electronics in retaliation for US sanctions on his country. Speaking on Tuesday, the Turkish president vowed that the nation of 81m would no longer buy from Apple or other American technology producers.

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HomePod Sales May Be Closer to 1-1.5 Million Than 3 Millio...

HomePod shipments totaled an estimated 700,000 units in the second quarter of 2018, giving Apple a roughly six percent share of the worldwide smart speaker market, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics previously estimated HomePod shipments totaled 600,000 units in the first quarter of 2018, suggesting that worldwide shipments have reached 1.3 million units since the speaker became available to order in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom in late January.

That figure is much lower than one shared by research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, which recently estimated Apple has sold three million HomePods in the United...

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Apple Won 56 Patents Today covering a new Health Wearable...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 56 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two patents. The first covers a likely new wearable device designed to measure electrocardiographic signals. The second patent covers a method for an iDevice to transition to an in-vehicle network. Today Apple was also granted a U.S. design patent for iPhone 8. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with ...

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TrendForce takes a Leap by claiming that Apple Pencil will...

According to a new TrendForce report, Apple plans to introduce three new iPhone models later this year with an interesting revelation

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Foxconn delivered Historical High Revenues for Q2 2018

Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has announced consolidated revenues of NT$1.07 trillion (US$34.43 billion) for the second quarter of 2018, rising 4.95% sequentially and 17.03% on year ...

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2018 iPhones Could Start at $699, May Include Apple Pencil...

Apple may introduce its upcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with a starting price of around $699 to $749, according to industry analysis by TrendForce. The pricing strategy is said to be partly a response to lower than expected iPhone sales last year, and partly a result of competition from Chinese brands that have expanded their market shares with devices that offer high performance at affordable prices.

Three new iPhone models are expected to form Apple's 2018 lineup: two OLED models measuring in at 5.8 and 6.5 inches, and a 6.1-inch lower-cost LCD model. All three models will feature Face ID in lieu of a Home button, but TrendForce predicts the "budget" LCD device will be Apple's main device in terms of production share.

Image via TrendForceThe specs upgrades would make new iPhones more favorable in the competition with Android...

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Monday August 13

Apple Store Kyoto Opening Soon, Apple files for Interestin...

Our 'At the End of the Day' report today covers three stories. The first covers Apple's Kyoto Store tentatively opening on August 25th. The second covers an interesting find in a new Apple trademark filing and Intel's AI was behind the summer thriller 'The Meg'

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Apple's new 'Group FaceTime' Feature to be...

Apple introduced the iOS 12 Group FaceTime feature at their annual WWDC event in June and we're now learning that it is being delayed until later this year and miss the iPhone launch next month.

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Apple Pulls iOS 12 Beta 7 Update Due to Performance Issues

If you haven't updated to the new iOS 12 beta 7 on your iOS device as of yet, you may notice that the over-the-air update option is no longer available, and that's because Apple has pulled the download.

Apple appears to have removed the beta 7 update because of performance issues.

On the MacRumors forums, there are multiple reports of problems when tapping on an icon, which can result in a very noticeable pause before the app launches. As MacRumors reader OldSchoolMacGuy explains:I'm seeing apps take 10 seconds or more to launch on my X. Restarted and still seeing the same issue.Some users have said that the pausing issue disappeared for them after five or 10 minutes of using the iPhone, while others appear to be having continual...

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Google's iOS and Android Apps Track and Store Locatio...

Some Google apps on iOS and Android devices continue to store location history even with the setting disabled, according to a new AP report citing data collected by computer science researchers at Princeton.

Location History, a feature available in Google apps like Google Maps, is an option that allows the app to display the locations that you've visited in a timeline. Princeton researcher Gunnar Acar turned off the Location History option in his Google account, but his devices continued to record the locations he had visited.

Data collected from a Princeton researcher on an Android phone with Location History disabled

It appears that even with Location History paused, some Google apps are ignoring the setting and continue to store time-stamped location data, due to confusing data collection policies that allow other app features to also store location information.For...

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IDC's Q2 2018 Smartphone Report for the Indian Market...

According to a new IDC report on India’s Q2 smartphone market we learn that smartphone companies shipped a total of 33.5 million that resulted in a healthy 20% year-over-year (YoY) growth. The Indian market is seeing rapid consolidation at the top end, as the top 5 vendors made up 79% of the smartphone market in 2Q18, marginalizing India's smaller brands that just happens to include Apple.

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Apple Removes Group FaceTime From iOS 12 and macOS Mojave,...

Apple today removed Group FaceTime from the latest iOS 12 and macOS Mojave betas, which were released this morning, and has instead decided to release the feature at a later date.

One of the key features of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Group FaceTime is designed to allow up to 32 people to chat together at one time via FaceTime audio or FaceTime video.

The feature has been available in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave since the first betas became available in June, and it's not clear why Apple has decided to push the feature back to a later date. Group FaceTime worked well in our testing, but we also did not push the limits with a large group of people.

In release notes for both macOS Mojave and iOS 12, Apple says the feature has been removed from the initial releases of macOS Mojave...

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Apple Seeds Seventh Beta of iOS 12 to Developers

Apple today seeded the seventh beta of an upcoming iOS 12 update to developers for testing purposes, one week after seeding the sixth beta and more than two months after introducing the new software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 12 beta from Apple's Developer Center or over-the-air after installing the proper certificate.

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iOS 12 introduces several major new features, with Apple revamping the operating system from top to bottom to make iPhones and iPads, especially the older models, faster and more responsive.

On the iPhone X, there are new Animoji characters along with "Memoji," which are ...

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Apple Seeds Seventh Beta of macOS Mojave to Developers

Apple today seeded the seventh beta of an upcoming macOS Mojave update to developers for testing purposes, one week after releasing the sixth beta and more than two months after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

macOS Mojave introduces a new method of installing software updates, so after you've installed the initial beta using the appropriate profile from the Developer Center, additional betas can be downloaded through opening up System Preferences and choosing the "Software Update" icon.

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Apple's macOS Mojave update introduces a systemwide Dark Mode, with Mojave users able to choose between a light theme or the new dark theme, which changes the color of the dock, menu bar, apps, and other...

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'Industry Insiders' Believe AirPower Will Cost A...

Apple previewed its multi-device AirPower charging mat at its iPhone X event last September, and confirmed that it will be released at some point in 2018, but it has yet to reveal how much it will cost.

According to Chinese website Chongdiantou (via LoveiOS), however, so-called "industry insiders" speculate that the AirPower will be priced around 1,000 Chinese yuan, which is roughly $145 based on the current exchange rate. Rounding, this suggests the AirPower could cost around $149 in the United States.

Chongdiantou is the same source that recently leaked photos of what is claimed to be an engineering prototype of Apple's faster 18-watt USB-C power adapter for 2018 iPhones, but overall, the...

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Quanta has reportedly been given an Order from Apple for n...

In a surprising revelation found in a supply chain this morning we learng that Apple supplier Quanta has been an order for new MacBooks that are ...

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Lionel Richie Tells USA Today that Streaming Music Service...

In a video interview, five-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie talks to USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham on the effects of on-line streaming services on the music business.

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Apple Has Certified Key Suppliers of 2018 iPhones as Volum...

Apple has successfully completed certification of key component suppliers for its widely rumored trio of 2018 iPhones, expected to be announced in September, according to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News.

2018 iPhone imitation models via Marques Brownlee/MKBHD

The report claims that these suppliers have begun shipping large quantities of camera lenses, metal chassis, and other components to larger manufacturers, including Foxconn, which is expected to assemble the majority of 2018 iPhones, according to Taiwanese research firm Fubon Securities.

In particular, Fubon Securities said Foxconn will assemble...

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While Samsung is one of the Worst-Performing Tech Stocks i...

Although Samsung tried to put on positive face for their fans in the U.S. last week when launching their Note9 in New York, the fact remains that Samsung Electronics is one of the world's worst-performing technology stocks this year with billions wiped of its value. To help get the press talk about some positive about the company, their president of mobile said that a new kind of phone was in the works and coming soon.

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Quanta Said to Manufacture Apple's Upcoming 'Ine...

Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta will fulfill orders for new "inexpensive notebooks" from Apple in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to DigiTimes, suggesting they could be released in September or October.

The report does not provide additional information about the notebooks, but two reliable sources in Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman and TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo both expect Apple to unveil at least one all-new, lower-priced notebook of some kind later this year.

It's unclear if the new notebook will be branded as a MacBook, MacBook Air, or otherwise. DigiTimes previously reported it will be a 13-inch model with a...

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Melania Trump Posts Photo with Apple's CEO before Din...

The First Lady Melania Trump joined husband Donald Trump for an intimate dinner with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Saturday evening. The First Lady shared a photo of their meeting. Our report has a jumbo photo of the Trumps with Tim Cook

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Sunday August 12

Patently Apple's Week in Review Covers Apple's I...

Patently Apple's Week in Review for August 6th to 12th covers our top Apple IP news, the top iPhone rumors, interesting patents from our Patently Mobile IP site and today's report on Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 not beating Apple's current iPhone X in Geekbench-4 tests

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Saturday August 11

Apple begins their battle against a Sea of Class Actions r...

On January 24th Patently Apple covered the 50th class action filed against Apple for purposely slowing iPhones. The lawsuits eventually sailed by 60. We now have learned that Apple is now on record beginning their fight against this sea of lawsuits.

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Apple Files for the 'FoundationDB' Trademark

In 2015 Apple had quietly acquired a tiny database company FoundationDB that upset a lot of people, according to Business Insider. The report surmised that Apple had acquired the company so that they could use the database internally. In reality, Apple open sourced it earlier this year and yesterday filed for a trademark ...

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Friday August 10

President Trump having Dinner with Apple's CEO Tonigh...

President Trump tweeted tonight that he was having dinner tonight with Apple's CEO Tim Cook

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Samsung Shares New 'Ingenius' Ads Pitting New Ga...

Samsung today uploaded new ads in its ongoing "Ingenius" series that makes fun of the Apple Genius Bar and pits the iPhone X against Samsung's Galaxy devices.

In the first ad, called "Power," a customer tells the "genius" that the Galaxy Note is "really powerful." "You know what I think is powerful?" the genius replies. "Being able to unlock your phone with your face." "It does that too," the customer replies.

The genius bar then points out that on iOS 12, you can FaceTime up to 32 people. "Why would I ever want to do that though?" asks the customer.

In the second ad, entitled "Pen," a customer comes into the "ingenius bar" and asks about the difference between the Apple Pencil and the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9. "Well, the Apple Pencil only works on the iPad," says the genius. "Okay, so what can I use on my phone?" asks the customer. "Uh... your finger?" replies the genius.

Samsung's newest ads in the "Ingenius" series are promoting the...

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Qualcomm Wins Big-Time in Settlement with Taiwan's FT...

In October 2017 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Taiwan's FTC Hits Qualcomm with a Record $773 Million Fine for Abusing their Monopoly Power." In December 2017 Qualcomm's CEO Threatened Taiwan Businesses to Force their Government to Overturn the Monopoly Ruling against them or else. Yesterday Qualcomm and Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission settled the case that is a huge win for Qualcomm in their fight against Apple.

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Samsung is first to Adopt Gorilla Glass DX+ for Galaxy Wat...

Corning introduced Gorilla Glass 6 along with Gorilla Glass DX and DX+ on July 18th. The new glass is made with all new glass composite features such as an antireflective property that vastly improves optical clarity and superior scratch resistance and more. Yesterday Samsung was first to adopt Corning's DX+ for their updated Galaxy Watch.

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In-Display Fingerprint Scanners to Enjoy a Huge Boost in 2...

Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple invents a new Approach to Touch ID by using Multiple Cameras under the Display to capture 3D Fingerprint Data" It was noted in the report that Samsung could introduce ultrasonic fingerprint ID under the display as soon as the Galaxy S10 launches some time in Q1 2019. It's a technology that Apple also filed a patent for in 2017 in addition to considering moving Touch ID to under the display. Today we're learning from a supply chain report that global shipments of in-display fingerprint sensors are expected to ...

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Former Tesla Lead Engineer Doug Field Returns to Apple to...

Apple's former VP of Mac hardware engineering Doug Field has returned to the tech giant's ranks after five years working at Tesla, where he oversaw production of the Model 3.

Daring Fireball writer John Gruber broke the news on Thursday after speaking to an Apple spokesperson who confirmed only that Field had returned to the company that he left in 2013.

However Gruber's contacts within Apple informed him that Field will link up with former colleague Bob Mansfield to work on Apple's self-driving car program, Project Titan.

Field began his career at Ford as a development engineer, before moving on to Segway and then to Apple, and his return is already fueling speculation that Apple's self-driving ambitions have been...

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Thursday August 9

Denon and Marantz AV Receivers Updated With AirPlay 2 Supp...

Audio accessories from Denon and Marantz are gaining support for AirPlay 2 through firmware updates that are being distributed starting today.

With the AirPlay 2 update, compatible Denon and Marantz devices offer support for multi-room audio and are able to work with other AirPlay 2 devices such as the HomePod, the Apple TV, and Sonos speakers.

Both companies offer multiple AirPlay 2-compatible receiver options that are being updated with AirPlay 2 support.

Apple maintains a list of AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, both released and upcoming, on its HomeKit website, but its listings for Denon and Marantz are not complete. A full list of the AirPlay 2-compatible devices the two companies are said to be offering...

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Apple Signs up Gaming Studio based Comedy, Ahrendts Interv...

Beyond the major stories of the day, our 'At the End of the Day' report takes a final look around the blogosphere at other technology news that was published today that might be of interest to our readership. Our byline gives you a peak at what our report covers today

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Apple updates their Smart Connector Invention to Focus on...

Today Patently Apple covered Apple's higher profile patent applications covering 3D Fingerprint scanning under a display and Apple Pay's secure element to be used in future ePassport app. But there were a few other patent applications/continuation patents worth noting. One covers new pogo pin connectivity and the other describes a 5G/LTE ...

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Apple Picks Up New Video Game Comedy From Charlie Day and...

Apple gave a straight to series order for a half-hour scripted comedy show created by Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, reports Variety. The show is said to be set in a video game development studio.

Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day are best known for popular comedy show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which the duo have starred in since 2005 alongside Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito.

McElhenney and Day will write and executive produce the series, and McElhenney is set to be one of the show's stars.

Apple has inked deals for more than a dozen TV shows, including several other comedy shows. A "You Think It, I'll Say It" TV show based on Curtis Sittenfield's short story collection is in development, as is "Central Park," an animated series developed by Loren Bouchard.

A full list of all of the TV shows that Apple has in...

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Hands-On With Samsung's New Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy...

Samsung today hosted an event in New York where it unveiled its newest product updates, including the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Home speaker.

MacRumors attended Samsung's event and was able to get some hands-on time with Samsung's new line of flagship devices, which is worth checking out because Samsung's main product lineup is quite similar to Apple's with the introduction of the new Galaxy Home device.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 device comes just a few weeks ahead of when Apple plans to unveil its 2018 iPhones, and it gives us a look at the feature set Samsung is hoping will lure customers away from new Apple devices.

Unlike other Android smartphones, Samsung continues to eschew the notch, and the Galaxy Note 9 looks quite similar to the Galaxy Note 8 with small top and bottom...

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Apple Pay Gains Momentum With Estimated 250 Million Users,...

An estimated 31 percent of iPhone users have made a purchase with Apple Pay in the past year, up from 25 percent a year ago, according to a new Apple Pay estimates shared today by Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster.

Apple Pay now has an estimated 252 million users, equating to 31 percent of the active installed iPhone base, according to Munster.

Apple does not provide official details on how many people use Apple Pay, but in a recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that there were upwards of 1 billion Apple Pay transactions in Q3 2018, triple the amount from a year ago.

Based on these figures combined with past Apple reports of yearly Apple Pay growth, Munster expects transaction growth of 200 percent over the course of the next 12 months.

Bank adoption of Apple Pay is also growing...

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Today Samsung Introduced Note9, the 'Galaxy Home...

This morning Samsung Electronics announced the latest addition to its premium Note series with Galaxy Note9 which introduces a new S Pen with connectivity for the first time ever; and Samsung’s most intelligent camera yet along with a new smart speaker, new S Pen functionality and more ..

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Samsung Debuts New Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch, Wireless C...

Samsung this morning debuted its latest flagship smartphone, the new Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a 6.4-inch 2960 by 1400 Super AMOLED screen, and like previous Note models, it works with the S Pen stylus. Design wise, it looks quite similar to the Note 8.

Inside, the Galaxy Note 9 features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 to 8GB RAM, dual AKG speakers, and a 4,000 mAh battery. Samsung is using the same 12-megapixel dual-aperture camera system it used in the Note 8, with the addition of an Intelligent Camera function that's able to detect what you're taking a photo of.

Samsung says that with the Snapdragon 845, it has included "Water Carbon Cooling System" inside the phone for improved performance with processor intensive apps such as Fortnite.

The S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9 introduces new Bluetooth-enabled features that allow it to be used to control the...

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Apple Became World's Most Valuable Company Seven Year...

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Apple passing U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil to become the world's most valuable company for the first time, with a market capitalization of around $341.5 billion at the time.

Apple achieved the milestone on August 9, 2011, just over two weeks before the late Steve Jobs resigned as CEO on August 24, 2011, the same day that he nominated then-COO Tim Cook to succeed him in the position. Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Apple dropped back below ExxonMobil a few times, and was briefly surpassed by Google parent company Alphabet in market...

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Patent Reveals Plans for using Apple Pay's Secure Ele...

Earlier today Patently Apple posted a patent report titled "Apple invents a new Approach to Touch ID by using Multiple Cameras under the Display to capture 3D Fingerprint Data." The timing of that patent was just right as a second patent published today covers the possible introduction of the iPhone acting as your future e-Passport that clearly points to fingerprint ID as a major part of such a system that also may include voice and facial recognition and other biometric measures.

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Apple Details Improvements to Siri's Ability to Recog...

In a new entry in its Machine Learning Journal, Apple has detailed how it approached the challenge of improving Siri's ability to recognize names of local points of interest, such as small businesses and restaurants.

In short, Apple says it has built customized language models that incorporate knowledge of the user's geolocation, known as Geo-LMs, improving the accuracy of Siri's automatic speech recognition system. These models enable Siri to better estimate the user's intended sequence of words.

Apple says it built one Geo-LM for each of the 169 Combined Statistical Areas in the United States, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, which encompass 80 percent of the country's population. Apple also built a single global Geo-LM to cover all areas not defined by CSAs around the world.

When a user queries Siri, the system is customized with a Geo-LM based on the...

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Apple invents a new Approach to Touch ID by using Multiple...

It's been rumored for some time now that Samsung may introduce ultrasonic fingerprint ID under the display as soon as the Galaxy S10 that will be released later today in a special Samsung event in New York. In an Apple patent that surfaced back in October 2017 we learned that Apple was considering moving Touch ID to under the display and away from the Home Button. In a separate filing we learned that Apple was likewise considering the use of ultrasonic biometric sensing to achieve that goal. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Apple that advances their work of tweaking Touch ID to work with multiple cameras that are capable of capturing a 3D image of the fingerprint.

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On Paper it appears that Apple's Fight with India...

Today Reuters posted a report titled "Apple's mettle in India tested in squabble over anti-spam app," which took another negative look at Apple in their war with TRAI. With Samsung and Xiaomi winning in the Indian market big time by complying with the government of India, it's clear that Apple's non-compliance with TRAIs order is futile.

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Numerous Apps Caught up in Apple's New App Store Revi...

In an attempt to crack down on gambling-related apps in the App Store, Apple has today implemented a new App Review policy for individual developers, but many apps that are being banned as a result appear to have very little to do with gambling at all.

Our newsstand/news/magazine app just got removed from sale from the App Store 24 hours after our 3.0 update was approved. Reason given: gambling/fraudulent activity. We publish a magazine — nothing to do with gambling or fraud at all. 😞😢😲😱

— Wojtek Pietrusiewicz (@morid1n) August 9, 2018

Apple has been providing affected developers with the following reason for their app's removal from the App Store:

In order to reduce...

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Wednesday August 8

Apple has opted to Support the Open Health Data-Sharing St...

On June 4th Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Opens Health Records API to Developers to Empower Consumer Apps Managing Medications, Nutrition & More." Apple had said that apps empowering consumers to manage medications, diseases, nutrition and more are Coming This Fall. A new report published today states that Apple has updated its list of medical partners and has adopted an open standard called FHIR

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Verizon and Apple Team Up to Offer VZW Unlimited Subscribe...

Verizon and Apple today announced a new partnership which will see Verizon Unlimited customers able to sign up to receive six months of Apple Music for free.

Starting on Thursday, August 16, both new and existing customers who have one of Verizon's Unlimited wireless plans can access a special offer for six months of Apple Music at no cost. Following this period, the subscription will be priced at $9.99 per month, the standard cost for an Apple Music subscription.

This is available to both new and existing Apple Music subscribers. According to Verizon, current Apple Music subscribers will get the same six months of free service as new subscribers, but will be required to cancel and reactivate their Apple Music subscriptions.

Verizon says that once registered, its VZW Unlimited customers will have full access to Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod, CarPlay, PC, and Android devices."This first-of-its-kind offer is just the first...

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Apple's iOS 'Health Records' Feature Now Wo...

Apple's Health Records feature, introduced in iOS 11.3, now allows iOS users to access their medical records from more than 75 different hospitals and medical providers in the United States.

Apple maintains a list of all of the healthcare institutions that support Health Records on the iPhone, which as VentureBeat points out, was updated in August ahead of a talk from Apple's Clinical and Health Informatics lead Ricky Bloomfield, M.D. given at the ONC 2nd Interoperability Forum (via EHR Intelligence).

When the Health Records feature first launched earlier this year, it worked with just 12...

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Bloomberg Hammers Apple for Conning the Public into believ...

A Bloomberg report posted today by Sarah Frier titled "Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?" mercilessly hammers Apple for this contradiction if not outright hypocrisy.

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Some 2018 MacBook Pro Owners Experiencing Crackling Speake...

Following the release of 2018 MacBook Pro models last month, some customers have turned to the MacRumors Forums, Apple Support Communities, Reddit, and YouTube to report intermittent crackling from the built-in speakers.

The crackling appears to occur spontaneously during audio playback on both 13-inch and 15-inch models, based on a handful of videos shared by customers. As with many crowdsourced issues, there are a lot of variables involved, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly what may be causing the problem.

Some customers appear to experience the issue while playing music in iTunes, while others are affected when using GarageBand, or playing a YouTube video. Some users also hear the crackling when running...

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Apple's iPhone Business in Vietnam is Stuck at 5% whi...

A new analytical report published today shows Apple's iPhone is stuck at 5% in Vietnam with Xiaomi and Huawei dramatically catching up with them.

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Google Pixel 3 XL Production Unit Leak Reveals Taller iPho...

Although Google's major fall event is still about two months away, typically occurring in October and ushering in a new generation of Pixel smartphones and other products, today leaked pictures have been shared online highlighting the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL.

Images from Telegram user @LuchkovCh via Android Police

The images depict an alleged "pre-release" final production unit of the Pixel 3 XL smartphone, sourced from a Russian tech blogger (via Android Police). Images showcase the rear and front of the device, with an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the Pixel 3 XL's display that's not as wide as Apple's, but is...

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Apple Responds to U.S. Lawmakers about iPhones using...

On July 10th Patently Apple posted a report titled "House Republicans Query Google and Apple on Privacy and Audio Recordings triggered by 'Okay Google' and 'Hey Siri.'" The report noted that the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Greg Walden, along with three other senior Republicans on the panel, had written Apple and Google 'to probe the companies' representation of third-party access to consumer data, and the collection and use of audio recording data as well as location information via iPhone and Android devices." Today we've learned in-part what Apple said to lawmakers in a letter.

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Apple's CEO takes a few Cheap Shots at Spotify who sq...

Fast Company did an extensive interview and profile on Spotify and it's CEO Daniel Ek that's definitely worth a read if you have the time. The report notes that "From the beginning, Ek’s plan was to compete with Apple, which in the mid- to late-2000s dominated the digital-download business through iTunes. In essence, he wanted to replace the iPod by offering on-demand music via mobile phones and he's largely succeeded. So it's no wonder that Apple's CEO would want to take a cheap shot or two at Spotify in a new interview.

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Apple has launched their Fifth 'Apple Pay in Messages...

Last month Apple posted four Apple Pay in Messages ads. The ads were put together quite nicely and easily portrayed the service's ease of use. Today Apple released their fifth Apple Pay in Messages ad.

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Tuesday August 7

Apple Again Promotes Apple Pay Cash in New 'Just Text...

Apple today shared a new ad in its recent "Just Text Them the Money" ad campaign for Apple Pay Cash, this time focusing on how easy it is to sent cash to other people following a group dinner.

Like other ads in this series, the "Dinner" video features a text-only conversation where one participant uses the Apple Pay Cash feature to send another money. In this funny little spot, two people send the same $55 back and forth to one another, fighting over who gets to pay for dinner.

Today's 18-second ad is the fifth in the "Just Text Them the Money" campaign, with Apple having introduced the first four ads in mid-July. These short ads will be used on TV and on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

Apple first introduced Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2, allowing iPhone and iPad users to send peer-to-...

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Apple Responds to U.S. House Committee on Energy and Comme...

Last month, the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent letters to Apple and Google parent company Alphabet with 16 multi-part questions about how the companies handle customer data.

Apple has since responded to the letter, reiterating the company's belief that "privacy is a fundamental human right" and that it purposely designs its products and services to minimize its collection of customer data.

Timothy Powderly, Director of Federal Government Affairs at Apple, responded on behalf of Apple CEO Tim Cook:Dear Mr. Chairman:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the capabilities of Apple iPhone devices. Not all technology companies operate in the same manner— in fact, the business models and data collection and use practices are often radically different from one another. Apple’s philosophy and approach to customer data differs from many other companies on...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on Apple Music: 'We Worry About th...

In an extensive profile of Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek, Fast Company's Robert Safian recently sat down to speak for a few minutes with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The topic was, of course, Spotify and Apple Music, two of the major players in the streaming music market and fierce competitors. Cook said that he looks to music as inspiration and motivation, a philosophy that's shared at Apple and has guided its focus on human-based music curation.

"Music inspires, it motivates. It's also the thing at night that helps quiet me. I think it's better than any medicine," Cook said.

While he declined to mention Spotify by name, Cook told Fast Company that Apple worries about streaming music losing the human touch, alluding to Spotify's more algorithmic approach to highlighting content.Cook's words embody Apple's...

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Apple Developing New TV Show Based on Bestselling Novel...

Apple has secured the rights to create a new TV series based on Min Jin Lee's bestselling 2017 novel "Pachinko," reports Variety.

"Pachinko," a National Book Award finalist, chronicles the lives of four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family as they migrate to and establish a life in Japan.

The story begins in 1911 with the birth of Sunja, who becomes involved with a married yakuza, falling pregnant and facing ruin in her small village. The town's minister offers her a new life in Japan as his wife, where she is alone, lost, and unable to speak the language. The book then follows the Sunja's family through eight decades and four generations.

The TV adaptation of "Pachinko" will be written and produced by Soo Hugh, who will also serve as showrunner. Hugh has previously worked on "The Terror," "The Whispers," "Under the Dome," and "The Killing."


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Apple Wins Patents for a Unique Inductive Charging Applica...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 52 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a unique inductive charging invention wherein a coil for a microphone could have a secondary purpose of acting as an inductive charging coil. Apple was also granted a patent for an avatar invention that was the beginning of the Memoji feature on iPhone X. lastly, Apple was also granted patents for an iPad case and the Apple TV remote.

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The EU Commission is thinking of hitting Apple with anothe...

Back in March 2014 Patently Apple posted a report titled "European Parliament Rules Apple must use the Micro-USB Standard Port for European iDevices by 2017." Even though the EU's ruling passed 550 votes to 12 in 2014, we're learning today that the EU Commission led by Margrethe Vestager will once again study the issue due to a "lack of progress by phone makers towards this goal." Of course we all know that's code for the EU Commission preparing to fine Apple should USB-C not coming to iDevices in a timely manner.

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Chinese News Site thinks Apple should be Sharing more of i...

While the U.S. news of a looming trade-war expansion with China is gathering steam, a new report today states that the Chinese media is hinting that ultimately U.S. companies could begin to enter the firing line in the conflict between the world's two largest economies. The Chinese report thinks that Apple should be ..

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TSMC's CEO admits that Plant Shut Downs were due to F...

On Saturday Patently Apple posted a report titled "All TSMC Plants were hit by an Unknown Computer Virus which temporarily shut down Production." Naturally at the time of the initial reports there were no real assessments provided of the potential damage or possible production delays. While TSMC's new CEO CC Wei held a press conference late yesterday to clarify the matter, there was absolutely no mention of a delay for Apple iPhones to kill off potential fake news to upset the market.

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Apple won 52 Patents today covering Face ID for Future Mac...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 52 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover Apple's patent illustrating their iPhone X depth mapping system adopted for future Macs for not only Face ID but eventually for in-air gesturing or in-air commands to control elements on a user's computer display.

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Logitech Announces Apple-Designed 'POWERED' Wire...

Logitech has announced a new wireless charger for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X that aims to make it easier to use your smartphone while charging it at the same time.

Designed "in collaboration with Apple", Logitech's POWERED Wireless Charging Stand can be placed on a desk or bedside table, and can hold your iPhone in an upright position – ideal for unlocking Face ID and reading notifications without removing the device from the U-shaped cradle.

Two additional features distinguish the POWERED from most other charging stands on the market: First, your device doesn't have to be in exact alignment with the stand to complete the charging circuit, so you can "drop your iPhone on the cradle and go", according to Logitech.

Second, the POWERED also supports landscape orientation, so you can watch video on your smartphone's screen while it's charging. The stand also...

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Monday August 6

Contrary to Company Denials, the U.S. Patent Office Reveal...

In mid-July Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft's VP of Hardware makes it Absolutely Clear in a Recent Interview that a 'Surface Phone' isn't on their Roadmap." And yet the U.S. Patent office just revealed a new smartphone device from the company with a few interesting ideas.

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Google Releases Android 9 Pie as Previous Oreo Release is...

Google's latest Android operating system update, Android 9 Pie, was officially released to customers today following a beta testing period that started earlier this year.

Android Pie introduces a new gesture-based system interface that's similar to the interface of the iPhone X, with iPhone-like swipes for navigating through the operating system. We went hands-on with Android Pie earlier this year when it was in a beta testing phase.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

The new update also introduces the Android Dashboard, designed to tell you how much time you're spending on your...

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Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of iOS 12 to Developers

Apple today seeded the sixth beta of an upcoming iOS 12 update to developers for testing purposes, one week after seeding the fifth beta and over two months after introducing the new software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 12 beta from Apple's Developer Center or over-the-air after installing the proper certificate.

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iOS 12 introduces major updates to iOS, with Apple revamping the operating system from top to bottom to make iPhones and iPads, especially the older models, faster and more responsive.

On the iPhone X, there are new Animoji characters along with "Memoji," which are customizable,...

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Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of macOS Mojave to Developers

Apple today seeded the sixth beta of an upcoming macOS Mojave update to developers for testing purposes, one week after releasing the fifth beta and two months after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

macOS Mojave introduces a new method of installing software updates, so after you've installed the first beta using the appropriate profile from the Developer Center, additional betas can be downloaded through opening up System Preferences and choosing the "Software Update" icon.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

Apple's macOS Mojave update introduces a systemwide Dark Mode, with Mojave users able to choose between a light theme or the new dark theme, which changes the color of the dock, menu bar, apps, and other elements. Dark...

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Apple Plans Revamped India Strategy With Official Stores,...

Apple's ongoing struggles in India have been scrutinized repeatedly over the past few years, and today a new report by Bloomberg has looked into Apple's plan to stay afloat in what's considered the world's "fastest-growing smartphone market."

In an effort to revamp the company's presence in India, Apple CEO Tim Cook is believed to be working behind-the-scenes to "remold Apple's failing India strategy," according to both current and former Apple employees. This plan was kicked off when Apple executive Michel Coulomb began overseeing the company's India strategy at the end of 2017.

According to the new report, this strategy includes better and longer-lasting retail deals with higher sales targets, the opening of official Apple retail stores in...

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Bloomberg's Myopic View of Apple in India is as gloom...

Apple is in India for the long haul, even if it looks like they're not taking India very seriously on paper at the moment. One of Bloomberg's latest reports rubs it an Apple's face that they've been completely irrelevant in India and after years of being in that country only holds a lowly 1% of the market. It's a myopic view of Apple in India and in the bigger picture is relevant.

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Apple Supplier TSMC Recovering From 'Debilitating...

Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is in recovery from a "debilitating" computer virus that hit many of its fabrication tools this past Friday evening. The company says that 80 percent of the affected tools have been restored, but it's now on a path to warn its customers -- potentially including Apple -- of delayed shipments and reduced revenue due to the virus (via Bloomberg).

TSMC builds chips for Apple's iPhone, and in late July a report from DigiTimes stated that the supplier had begun commercial production of chips manufactured using its advanced 7-nanometer process, including Apple's A12 processor for the 2018 iPhones. Now TSMC says many of its customers can expect shipment delays, although it didn't specify which customers...

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Sunday August 5

A European Patent Application Reveals more details of Appl...

In late February Patently Apple posted a report titled "A Euro Patent Reveals Apple is working on an 8K Foveated Micro-Display for a Head-up Display, iDevice and beyond." Apple is in a race of sorts with Qualcomm their mortal enemy regarding the creation of a platform supporting AR Glasses and Heads-up Display systems. Apple's first patent filing for a Foveated Display described using "micro-displays" and a gaze control system. This week a second Foveated Display patent application was published in Europe with greater detail describing ...

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Saturday August 4

Apple Invents an Augmented Reality Windshield that will ev...

Earlier today Patently Apple discovered a European Patent application from Apple that was published on Wednesday August 1, 2018. The detailed patent covers a future augmented reality windshield system which some know better as a Heads up Display. Apple describes every aspect of their AR display system in painstaking detail. It even describes occupants of an autonomous vehicle having a FaceTime session between different vehicles.

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Apple wins Design Patents for iPhone X Leather Folio, the...

Yesterday Patently Apple posted a design patent for the iPhone 8 Plus model and today's report covers design patents for the iPhone 8 (the single camera model), the iPhone X leather folio and a trademark filing discovered in Hong Kong, China.

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All TSMC Plants were Hit by an Unknown Computer Virus whic...

It was officially reported in Taiwan this morning that a computer virus halted several Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. factories Friday night, dealing the company one of its most severe disruptions as it ramps up chip making for Apple Inc.’s next iPhones and other key products.

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Friday August 3

Apple has been granted a Design Patent for iPhone 8 Plus

Today Apple was granted a design patent for their iPhone 8 Plus model. Apple filed for it on February 9, 2018. The iPhone 8 Plus was the fourth most popular iPhone model in China in Q2 2018.

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Dual-SIM Dual Standby Feature May Be Limited to Version of...

Rumors have suggested Apple is planning to introduce dual-SIM dual standby functionality in some 2018 iPhone models, which would allow two SIM cards to be used at once, but it appears this functionality could perhaps be limited to China.

According to a new report from Taiwanese site Economic Daily News [Google Translate], a Foxconn source has suggested the dual-SIM dual standby feature will available in a version of the 6.1-inch low-cost LCD iPhone that's "a unique model for China."

Dummy models depicting design of Apple's three rumored 2018 iPhones

Production on the new iPhones slated for a September debut is well underway, with Foxconn employees suggesting Apple is producing four unique model numbers (801, 802...

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Upcoming iPad Pro Models Could Feature Rounded Display Cor...

Apple's upcoming 2018 iPad Pro models may feature a display with rounded corners like the iPhone X according to an image asset for the new devices found by 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo in the most recent beta update.

The asset in question, which appears to be for new iPad Pro models, is used as a mask to create rounded corners of UI elements and it features the same rounded corners that we've seen in the iPhone X. The J3xx name suggests a 2018 iPad model and it's a reference that's been found in other parts of the iOS 12 code in relation to new iPad Pro models.

Rambo set up a modified device in the iOS Simulator to demonstrate that iOS 12 on an iPad can handle rounded corners, with a demonstrative image of what Split View multitasking might look like on a tablet with rounded corners....

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Apple Accepting Red Cross Donations for California Fire Re...

Apple today added banners to the App Store and iTunes Store on Mac and iOS devices allowing Apple customers to donate to the American Red Cross to support those who have been affected by the fires that have devastated Northern California.

Impacting Shasta County and the town of Redding, the Carr Fire has become the sixth most destructive fire in California's history, ripping through more than 125,000 acres and destroying or damaging over 1,500 homes and buildings. Other smaller fires, such as the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National Park, are also raging in California due to the hot, dry weather.

The Carr Fire started on July 23 after a car caught fire on California State Route 299. Six people have been killed, including two firefighters. The fire is 39 percent contained at this point, but...

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Famed Android Leaker Spins a Tale of a Major Samsung Galax...

In an effort to drum up an audience for next week's event, an alleged 'official' leak was discovered by famed leaker Evan Blass about the Galaxy Note 9. Is it fake news or real discovery?

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Thursday August 2

Tim Cook Says Apple's $1 Trillion Value is a 'Si...

Apple today reached a major milestone and became the first publicly listed U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization. Following the news, Apple CEO Tim Cook, who did not comment publicly on the occasion, sent out a memo to employees, which was shared by Buzzfeed.

In the memo, Cook said that while the valuation is a "significant milestone" that the company should be proud of, it's not the most important measure of Apple's success. He instead thanked employees and said that it's their hard work and refusal to settle for less that makes Apple great.Team,

Today Apple passed a significant milestone. At our closing share price of $207.39, the stock market now values Apple at more than $1 trillion. While we have much to be proud of in this...

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Apple is Still the King of Tablets, is the Most Valued Com...

Beyond the major stories of the day, our 'At the End of the Day' report takes a final look around the blogosphere at other technology news that was published today that might be of interest to our readership.

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Apple is Still the King of Tablets, is the Most Valued Com...

Beyond the major stories of the day, our 'At the End of the Day' report takes a final look around the blogosphere at other technology news that was published today that might be of interest to our readership.

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Education customers can save up to $400 on a...
Purchase a new Mac or iPad Pro using Apple’s Education discount, and take up to $400 off MSRP. All teachers, students, and staff of any educational institution with a .edu email address qualify for... Read more
Apple restocks clearance 2017 15″ MacBook Pro...
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Job Description: Job Summary As a Genius at the Apple Store, you maintain customers' trust in Apple as the skilled technical customer service expert, Read more
*Apple* Specialist - Retail Customer Service...
Job Description: Job Summary As an Apple Specialist, you help create the energy and excitement around Apple products, providing the right solutions and getting Read more
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