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Wednesday May 22

What the Golf on Apple Vision Pro Gains New Levels

Popular Apple Arcade game What the Golf? for the Vision Pro is being updated with a slew of new content, with Apple adding 15 new areas with more than 100 spatial levels and 200 challenges to complete.

What the Golf? is, as the name suggests, a mini golf game aimed at people who hate golf. The goal is to get the ball to the hole, and every hole has a twist with different game mechanics to overcome.

The game has been around on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS since 2019, plus it launched on Vision Pro in February, but there is new content to play on the Vision Pro this week. Apple says players will experience more cowboys, portals, eggs, crabs, sneaky cardboard boxes, and more.

On the Vision Pro, a pinch of the fingers lets users set up the perfect shot, with the golf course able to be played anywhere in the home. What the Golf? can be downloaded from the App...

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Get the 2nd Gen Apple Watch SE for Just $189 on Amazon

Apple's 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE is available for $189.00 today on Amazon, down from $249.00. This is just $10 higher compared to the all-time low price on the wearable. This deal is available in all three aluminum color options, and only Amazon has the discount.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

You can also get the 44mm GPS Apple Watch SE on sale right now, available for $219.00 on Amazon, down from $279.00. This is another near all-time low price that's just $10 away from the lowest price on the...

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T-Mobile Announces Price Increases for Some Older Plans

T-Mobile today revealed that it will be increasing the monthly prices of some of its older plans in the U.S. by $2 to $5 per line.

Affected customers will receive a text message from T-Mobile if their plan will be receiving a price increase, which will take effect next month. Affected plans appear to include certain T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice, and Magenta plans.

In its text message to customers, T-Mobile said this is the first time that it has changed the prices of some of its monthly plans in "nearly a decade."

"We're adjusting prices to respond to rising costs, but we are committed to offering low prices and the best value in postpaid wireless," said T-Mobile, in response to a customer inquiry on social media platform X. "We offer customers more for every dollar they spend than ever before, especially when you consider taxes & fees included."

In an...

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Apple's M1 MacBook Air Drops to Low Price of $699 on...

Amazon is selling the 13-inch M1 MacBook Air for $699.00, down from the original price of $999.00. This is an overall solid second-best price on this version of the MacBook Air, and it's the first time the computer has been in stock at a steep discount in weeks.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

The model that Amazon has for $699.00 is the entry-level version with 8GB Unified Memory, an 8-core CPU, a 7-core GPU, and a 256GB SSD. You can get both the Gold and Silver colorways at this price, with delivery as soon as May 24 if you have Amazon Prime.

$300 OFF13-inch M1 MacBook Air for $699.00

Apple discontinued the M1 MacBook Air back in March...

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Best M4 iPad Pro Cases Currently Available

Apple launched its new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models on May 15, and there's still a notable lack of cases available for the device. For new owners wanting to protect their pricey investment from scuffs or an accidental drop, we've shortlisted a handful of options.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

We would have included the popular Zugu brand in this shortlist, but the company says it is still working on new cases for the M4 iPad Pro and plans to make them available in June or July.

Burton Goods Magnetic Leather Case

A full-grain leather case with a soft microfiber lining, Burton Goods' slim but pricey case props up to offer multiple viewing angles, and the front flap supports the...

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Speed Up Text Editing With iPhone's Hidden Trackpad

Navigating and editing text on your iPhone can sometimes feel cumbersome, especially when trying to precisely place the cursor. Fortunately, Apple has integrated a hidden feature in the virtual keyboard that can make this task much easier. Here's how to unlock and utilize this powerful tool to streamline your text editing.

The next time you are writing something a little more lengthy and need to go back and change something, simply long-press the space bar, and the on-screen keyboard will transform into a trackpad that you can use to control the cursor. This allows you to navigate quickly through your text, moving the cursor to any desired spot with ease.

But that's not all. If you tap the trackpad with another finger while in this mode, you can also select chunks of text. This dual-functionality makes editing and tweaking text on your iPhone a breeze. Give it a try next time you're typing a message or note.

If you're looking to cut down on the amount of time...

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Apple Music Reveals Top 10 Albums of All Time

Apple Music today unveiled its list of the top 10 albums of all time, with Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" securing the number one spot.

The announcement is part of a 10-day countdown event culminating in a special finale featuring discussions with prominent artists and ‌Apple Music‌ hosts. "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," released in 1998, was praised for its impact and relevance. Hill was given an award made of blasted anodized aluminum sourced from recycled Apple products. The top 10 albums list is as follows:

  • 1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998), Lauryn Hill
  • 2. Thriller (1982), Michael Jackson
  • 3....
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Little Snitch 6 Released for macOS Sonoma With DNS Encrypt...

Austrian developer Objective Development has announced Little Snitch 6, the latest evolution of its popular firewall and network monitoring utility on the Mac. Whenever an app attempts to connect to a server on the internet, Little Snitch shows a connection alert, allowing you to decide whether to allow or deny the connection.

The key new features include DNS encryption, easier access to blocklists, a redesigned interactive traffic chart, a new Control Center in the menu bar, new hierarchical grouping options in the connection list, new sound notifications, and an overhauled user interface. The full advertised features list is as follows:

  • DNS Encryption: Let Little Snitch encrypt your server name queries to shield your online activities from prying eyes.
  • Integrated Blocklists: Effortlessly select from a curated list of blocklists. Install them with a single click to add...
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    Apple Adds Support for Live Activities to Shazam

    Apple today added support for Live Activities in Shazam, its free music discovery and identification app.

    Shazam's Live Activities keep the user updated when searching for music in the background, which is particularly useful when multitasking or identifying songs in other apps. The last significant update to Shazam arrived in January, allowing users to identify songs from other apps while listening with headphones.

    Apple acquired Shazam in 2018, and has been gradually bringing the app into closer alignment with ‌Apple Music‌ ever since, offering trials to the streaming service through the app and the ability to sync Shazams directly to ‌‌...

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    Tuesday May 21

    Next Emoji Coming to iOS Could Include Face With Eye Bags,...

    Apple adds new emoji to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices regularly based on updates made to the emoji catalog by the Unicode Consortium, and the there are seven new emoji that we could see sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

    The next emoji characters being considered include face with bags under eyes, fingerprint, leafless tree, root vegetable, harp, shovel, and splatter.

    The Unicode Consortium today opened the beta review period for Unicode 16, which includes the new emoji characters. The beta period lasts until July 2, and after that, Unicode 16 will see a release and the new characters will be officially approved.

    It often takes smartphone makers like Apple several months to create...

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    iOS 18 Apple Music App to Get Smarter Song Transitions

    With iOS 18 and macOS 15, the Apple Music app will gain smarter song transitions, reports AppleInsider. Apple is reportedly testing a new feature called "smart song transitions" that would be an improvement to the current crossfade option that comes into play when transitioning from one song to the next.

    With smart song transitions, ‌Apple Music‌ users will be able to adjust the crossfade duration from 1 to 12 seconds. As it stands, crossfade bridges the gap between songs by lowering the volume of the song that's ending while increasing the volume of the new song, creating a successful transition without the music ever coming to an end.


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    New 'Parkour' Immersive Video Coming to Vision P...

    Apple is set to release a new immersive video on the Vision Pro on Friday, with "Parkour" labeled as episode two in the "Adventure" series. Episode one is the "Highlining" video that shows highliner Faith Dickey walking across a tightrope 3,000 feet above Norway's fjords.

    A description of the Parkour episode invites Vision Pro wearers to join the "world's leading parkour athletes" as they go on a "gravity-defying trek across the streets and rooftops of Paris."

    Apple says that its Adventure series is aimed at immersing Vision Pro users in the world of adventure "like never before." Apple works with pioneering athletes facing extraordinary challenges across the world.

    Apple Immersive Video is an entertainment format that features 180-degree 3D 8K video recordings captured with spatial audio. The Vision Pro launched with several Immersive Videos, including Prehistoric Planet,...

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    New Beats Pill Appears in FCC Database Ahead of Launch

    Multiple celebrities have been spotted with a new version of the Beats Pill speaker, and today the device showed up in an FCC database, suggesting that we're getting closer to a potential launch.

    FCC filings typically happen just weeks ahead of when a product launches, so we could see this new Beats Pill speaker sometime in June. Apple plans to launch Solo Buds earphones in June, so the Pill could launch around the same timeframe.

    Apple has clearly provided these Beats Pill speakers to a number of sports stars and celebrities to create hype for it, and the speaker has been seen with basketball star LeBron James, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, soccer star Lionel Messi, and Kim Kardashian.

    Apple has shared no details on the speaker, but it has a pill-shaped design that's similar to the Beats Pill that was ...

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    Apple Asks Judge to Dismiss U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit

    Apple today filed a pre-motion letter seeking to dismiss the antitrust case that the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) levied against Apple back in March.

    In the pre-motion letter, Apple says that the government's lawsuit is flawed in multiple ways, and has not successfully alleged that Apple is a monopoly power in the relevant market, proven anticompetitive conduct, or demonstrated consumer harm. From Apple's filing:

    This case lies well beyond the outer limits of antitrust law. A Section 2 Sherman Act claim can move past the pleadings only if the complaint alleges (1) monopoly power in a relevant market; (2) anticompetitive conduct; and (3) anticompetitive effects. [...]

    This complaint fails on all three fronts. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the type of conduct at the core of this case--namely, Apple's decisions about how and whether to grant...

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    Apple Releases tvOS 17.5.1 to Fix Photos Corruption Bug Ca...

    Apple today released tvOS 17.5, a minor update to the tvOS 17 operating system that came out last September. tvOS 17.5.1 comes a week after the release of tvOS 17.5.

    tvOS 17.5.1 can be downloaded using the Settings app on the ‌Apple TV‌. Go to System > Software Update to get the new software. ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ owners who have automatic software updates activated will be upgraded to tvOS 17.5.1 automatically.

    Compared to other operating system updates, tvOS updates are often minor in scale, focusing on bug fixes and other small improvements. According to Apple's release notes, the update addresses a bug with the Photos app that could cause deleted images to reappear. This update addresses a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos...

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    iPad 10 vs. iPad Air Buyer's Guide: Is the $250 Diffe...

    With the same design, display size, camera systems, and more, the entry-level iPad is now a formidable rival to the iPad Air at a markedly lower $349 price point. With $250 between these two ‌iPad‌ lines, how different are they and which should you buy?

    Upon the discontinuation of the ninth-generation ‌iPad‌, Apple dropped the price of the 10th-generation ‌iPad‌ from $449 to $349. This means that the 10th-generation ‌iPad‌ is now $250 less than the $599 starting price of the ‌iPad Air‌ that Apple just released.

    The 10th-generation model completes the transformation of the ‌iPad‌ product lineup toward a flat look with squared-off edges, no home button, and an all-screen design with curved corners. With the exact same display size and identical features like a Touch ID top button, USB-C port, and 5G...

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    Apple Wallet App Gaining Support for Transit Cards in Pari...

    Apple has announced that the Navigo transit card can be added to the Wallet app starting today, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch users to simply tap their devices to pay for rides on the metro, trains, buses, and more in the Paris, France area.

    With the Navigo card in the Wallet app, a rider no longer needs to visit a ticket vending machine, or reload the card at retailers. Instead, passes can be purchased directly in the Wallet app on the iPhone, or in the Île-de-France Mobilités app.

    Apple also announced that real-time transit information for the Paris area will be available in Apple Maps starting this week. This feature will allow riders to view detailed schedules, live departure and arrival times, delays, outages, and any connections required to complete a trip across multiple transit systems.

    In related news, it was recently...

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    Record Low Prices Arrive for M4 iPad Pro and 10th Gen iPad...

    Amazon today has a collection of iPad deals, including all-time low prices on the brand new M4 iPad Pro and the 10th generation iPad.

    M4 11-Inch iPad Pro

    Starting with the M4 iPad Pro, Amazon is back with a solid $49 markdown on one model of the 11-inch iPad Pro. You can get the 256GB Wi-Fi 11-inch iPad Pro for $949.99, down from $999.00.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    $49 OFF256GB Wi-Fi M4 iPad Pro for $949.99

    This is a match of the record low price for this brand new iPad Pro, and as such it's been fairly popular and has resulted in some shipping delays. As of writing, you can still...

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    5 Biggest Changes Rumored for iPhone 16 Pro Max

    Given Apple's rumored plan to add an all-new high-end tier to its iPhone 17 series in 2025, this could be the year for Apple to bring its boldest "Pro Max" model to the table — the kind of iPhone 16 upgrade that stands tall above its siblings, both figuratively and literally.

    If you have been holding out for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, here are five of the biggest changes rumored to be coming to Apple's largest smartphone. The iPhone 16 series is expected to be released in the fall around mid-September. For all the details, see our dedicated roundup.

    1. Bigger Size

    6.9 Inches

    According to multiple sources, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase in size, potentially making it Apple's...

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    Adobe Lightroom Gains AI-Based Generative Remove Tool for...

    Adobe today updated its Lightroom software for the iPad and Mac with Generative Remove, an AI-powered feature that can remove any element from a photo with a single click. Generative Remove eliminates unwanted objects in images non-destructively, intelligently matching the removed area with AI-generated content that matches the surrounding photo.

    Generative Remove is able to fix everything from an unwanted reflection in water to wrinkles in a tablecloth in food photography. It works with complicated backgrounds, and can be used for removing distractions from images or retouching photos.

    According to Adobe, users can expect to see "high-quality, realistic and stunning results." The Generate Remove feature is powered by Adobe Firefly, generative AI features that have previously been available in Photoshop. Generative Remove is available today as an early access feature for Lightroom for mobile, desktop, ‌iPad‌, Web...

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    Hands-On With the New Sonos 'Ace' Headphones

    Sonos today announced the launch of the Sonos Ace, the company's long-rumored over-ear headphones that are designed to compete with the AirPods Max. We were able to spend some time with the Sonos Ace last week, getting a firsthand look at the design and sound quality.

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    Compared to the ‌AirPods Max‌, the Sonos Ace headphones are lighter weight and don't exert as much pressure on the side of the head. Sonos designed the ear cups from a soft memory foam that's wrapped in vegan leather, and the cups are designed to create a seal around the ears without catching on hair.

    The cup material isn't quite as premium looking as the aluminum of the ‌AirPods Max‌, and the Sonos Ace has a more traditional headband compared to...

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    Apple Challenges $2 Billion EU Antitrust Fine Over Spotify...

    Apple is challenging a $1.95 billion fine imposed by the European Commission for thwarting fair competition from music-streaming rivals, including Spotify (via Bloomberg).

    The Commission fined Apple in March, saying that the company abused its dominant position in the market by forbidding music streaming apps to tell users about cheaper subscription prices outside the app.

    The EU crackdown also mandated that Apple "remove anti-steering provisions" for music apps in the European Economic Area (EEA). Apple subsequently updated its App Store rules to let music apps in the EEA inform users of other ways to purchase digital music content or services and to add website links for purchasing digital music...

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    iPhone 16 Pro Max to Feature New 48MP Wide and Ultra Wide...

    Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Max will boast a bigger main camera sensor while both iPhone 16 Pro models will feature a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera for the first time, claims a rumor coming out of Asia.

    According to Weibo user OvO Baby Sauce OvO, the main camera of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be based on an advanced custom 48-megapixel Sony IMX903 sensor. In contrast, the iPhone 16 Pro will use the same 48-megapixel custom Sony IMX803 sensor as that found on the current iPhone 15 Pro models.

    The leaker also claims that this year's iPhone 16 Pro models will feature an upgraded Ultra Wide camera with a 48-megapixel sensor, allowing it to capture more light and result in better photos when shooting in 0.5x mode, especially in low-light conditions. The Ultra Wide lens on the current iPhone 15 Pro models is 12-megapixels.

    This is the second time we have heard rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a more...

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    Monday May 20

    Microsoft Says New Surface Pro is Faster Than 15" M3...

    Microsoft is going all in on AI, today introducing a series of Copilot+ PCs that have AI-focused hardware. The new Surface Pro is one of the first Copilot+ PCs, equipped with Qualcomm's Arm-based Snapdragon X Elite processor.

    Microsoft is already pitting the Surface Pro against Apple's M3 MacBook Air, and in marketing materials, claims that the Surface Pro has superior processing power and battery life. Compared to the 15-inch ‌MacBook Air‌ with 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, the Surface Pro and other Copilot+ PCs with 12-core and 10-core processors offer 58 percent better sustained multithreaded performance (based on Cinebench benchmarks).

    As for battery life, Copilot+ PCs support up to 15 hours of web browsing or 22 hours of local video playback....

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    Microsoft Debuts New Copilot+ Windows PCs Designed Around...

    Microsoft today announced the launch of new Windows PCs that have integrated AI hardware, called Copilot+ PCs. According to Microsoft, the Copilot+ PCs are the fastest PCs "ever built" with all-day battery life, chips capable of 40 trillion operations per second, and "access to the most advanced AI models."

    The new machines are designed with "AI at the center," introducing experiences that can be run directly on device to cut down on latency and improve privacy.

    • Recall - Recall gives the PC a "photographic memory" so users can access anything they've seen or done on their PC. Content can be located using timelines across any website, application, or document, with support for snapshots.
    • Cocreator - Text prompts can be used to generate new images using the neural processing units of the computer. Art can be created based...
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    Apple Releases iOS 17.5.1 With Fix for Reappearing Photos...

    Apple today released iOS 17.5.1 and iPadOS 17.5.1, minor updates to the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 operating system updates that came out last September. The 17.5.1 updates come a week after the launch of iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5.

    iOS 17.5.1 and iPadOS 17.5.1 can be downloaded on eligible iPhones and iPads over-the-air by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

    According to Apple's release notes, the updates include a fix for an issue that could cause images to reappear in the Photos library even after being deleted. This update provides important bug fixes and addresses a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted.There have been...

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    Amazon Takes $149 Off Every Model of Apple's 13-Inch...

    Amazon today has every model of the 13-inch M3 MacBook Air on sale at new all-time low prices, starting at $949.99 for the 256GB model, down from $1,099.00. Every deal in this sale requires you to clip an on-page coupon and head to the checkout screen in order to see the final discounted price.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    You can also get both 512GB models of the 13-inch M3 MacBook Air on sale right now on Amazon. The 8GB RAM/512GB SSD is on sale for $1,149.99 and the 16GB RAM/512GB SSD...

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    Apple COO Jeff Williams Reportedly Visits Taiwan to Secure...

    Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams has visited Taiwan to secure supply of TSMC's upcoming 2nm chips, Economic Daily News reports.

    The visit apparently involved a meeting between Williams and TSMC President Wei Zhejia to discuss custom AI chips and ensure that Apple will be able to access the chipmaker's 2nm manufacturing process, which is set to begin production in 2025.

    The iPhone 15 Pro is powered by the A17 Pro chip, which is manufactured with TSMC's 3nm process. This process allows for more transistors to be packed into a smaller space, delivering improvements in performance and efficiency. Apple's M4 chip, which just debuted in the new iPad Pro, uses an enhanced version of this ‌3nm‌...

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    Samsung Launches New Summer Sale With Major Savings Sitewi...

    Samsung is hosting new "Discover Samsung" sale this week, which includes discounts on multiple product lines sitewide. The popular ViewFinity S9 5K Smart Monitor and Smart Monitor M8 are both discounted during this sale, but you'll also find sales on storage, audio, TVs, smartphones, and home appliances.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Samsung. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    As with previous sales, the highlight of the new event is the 27-inch ViewFinity S9 5K Smart Monitor for $899.99, down from $1,599.99. At $700 off this is an all-time low price on the 2023 display, which has a matte display, modular 4K SlimFit camera, and support for Thunderbolt 4.

    $700 OFF27-inch ViewFinity S9 5K Smart Monitor for $899.99

    Samsung's 27-inch...

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    Apple Responds to Huawei Threat By Slashing iPhone 15 Pric...

    Apple has launched another round of steep discounts on iPhone 15 models in mainland China, in a bid to boost sales in its biggest smartphone market and counter a strong showing by Huawei.

    The discounts run from May 20 to May 28 and are steeper than the price cuts that Apple introduced in February.

    For example, on its official store on Alibaba Group's Tmall site, Apple is offering discounts of up to 2,300 yuan ($318) on select models. A top-of-the-line 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max can now be bought for 7,949 yuan ($1,199), compared to its 9,999 yuan price tag when the device was released in September.

    Meanwhile, an entry-level 128GB ‌iPhone 15‌ model is currently being offered at the discounted price of 4,599 yuan ($636), down from its previous price of 5...

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    iPhone SE 4 With Face ID Said to Be Priced Below $500

    Apple is targeting a sub-$500 starting price for its upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE model despite a raft of rumored upgrades coming to the more affordable device.

    According to leaker Revegnus on X, the U.S. launch price of the fourth-generation iPhone SE will either remain at the same $429 starting price as the current model, or will see an increase of around 10%. Either way, Apple's intention is to keep the price below $500.

    Last week, The Information reported that Apple plans to release a redesigned iPhone SE in the spring of 2025 that will remain the "cheaper" option in Apple's iPhone lineup. The design is said to be similar to the standard iPhone 14, which means Touch ID and the Home button will be replaced by Face ID and a display notch.

    Along the same lines, the iPhone SE 4 could have an...

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    Apple Promotion Boosts iPhone Trade-In Values for a Limite...

    Apple today launched a limited-time promotion that increases the trade-in values for select iPhone models in the United States when customers buy a new iPhone.

    The promotion lasts from today until June 3, and means anyone trading in their existing iPhone 11 or newer will get more money knocked off the price of a new iPhone. As you can see from some of the new trade-in values below, the adjustments are slight, but the promotion still means more credit toward an upgrade than customers would have gotten yesterday:

    • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Up to $650 (vs. $630)
    • iPhone 14 Pro: Up to $530 (vs. $520)
    • iPhone 14 Plus: Up to $430 (vs. $420)
    • iPhone 14: Up to $380 (vs. $370)
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max: Up to $460 (vs. $450)
    • iPhone 13 Pro: Up to $380 (vs. $370)
    • iPhone 13: Up to $320 (vs. $300)
    • iPhone 13 mini: Up to $300 (vs. $270)
    • iPhone SE (3rd...
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    Sunday May 19

    iOS 18 to Use AI to Summarize Notifications, Add to Calend...

    Apple is poised to unveil an auto-summarization feature for notifications as part of a series of new artificial intelligence features in iOS 18, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

    In today's edition of his "Power On" newsletter, Gurman provided more detail about what to expect from Apple's first major move into generative AI at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference:As part of the changes, the company will improve Siri's voice capabilities, giving it a more conversational feel, and add features that help users with their day-to-day lives — an approach it calls "proactive...

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    iPhone 16 Lineup Rumored to Come in These Two New Colors

    Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today outlined his expectations for the iPhone 16 lineup's color options, revealing that two new colors should replace two of the existing shades.

    Kuo outlined his expectations in a post on X (formerly Twitter) earlier today. He believes that the iPhone 16 Pro and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max will be available in black, white or silver, gray or "Natural Titanium," and rose. This effectively means that the iPhone 15 Pro's Blue Titanium option will be discontinued and replaced with a new rose color. This mirrors an earlier rumor originating in China, which claimed that the existing...

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    AirTag With New Chip and Improved Location Tracking Due Ne...

    Apple's next-generation AirTag item tracker is on track to launch in mid-2025, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports.

    In his latest "Power On" newsletter, Gurman discussed Apple's work on the next-generation version of the ‌AirTag‌, codenamed "B589." Apple is currently completing manufacturing tests with partners in Asia and the new item tracker is still timetabled to launch around the middle of next year. The new model will apparently feature an upgraded chip and enhanced location tracking capabilities.

    In October 2023, Apple analyst...

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    Gurman: No New Mac Studio and Mac Pro Until Mid-2025

    Apple will not refresh the Mac Studio and Mac Pro with next-generation high-end chips until the middle of 2025, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

    In the latest edition of his "Power On" newsletter, Gurman said that Apple's current schedule does not include the launch of new ‌Mac Studio‌ and ‌Mac Pro‌ models until the middle of next year. Apple last updated the ‌Mac Studio‌ and ‌Mac Pro‌ with M2-series chips at WWDC in 2023, meaning that they could go around 24 months without an update, even though the...

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    Saturday May 18

    iFixit Shares 13-Inch iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro Teardo...

    The popular repair website iFixit today shared a video with teardowns of the new 13-inch iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil Pro. The website praised the inclusion of adhesive pull tabs for the battery cells in the new iPad Pro, as they make repairs easier.

    We already shared another iPad Pro teardown video, so the look inside the Apple Pencil Pro is the novel aspect here. Key hardware changes introduced with the Apple Pencil Pro include a gyroscope that allows you to rotate the accessory for precise control of shaped pen and brush tools, and a haptic engine that vibrates for certain actions. You can also track the location of the Apple Pencil Pro in the Find My app.

    Apple Pencil Pro is priced at $129 in the U.S. and launched on Wednesday.Related Roundup:...

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    Top Stories: New iPads Launch, Apple Previews iOS 18 Acces...

    The new iPads are here! Following their unveiling at last week's "Let Loose" Apple event, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models launched this week alongside the Apple Pencil Pro and revamped Magic Keyboard, bringing the first updates to Apple's iPad lineup in over 18 months.

    This week also saw the release of iOS 17.5 and related operating system updates, while Apple previewed some clever new accessibility features coming later this year and we got an intriguing rumor about the 2025 iPhone lineup, so read on below for all the details on these stories and more!

    Hands-On With New iPad Pro: M4 Chip, OLED Display, and More

    The new iPad Pro and iPad Air models launched on Wednesday after being unveiled by Apple last week.

    We shared a hands-on video for the new iPad Pro...

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    Turn a Video into a GIF on iPhone and iPad

    Animated GIFs have become a staple of the internet. Invented in 1987, the looping, soundless video clips can be found everywhere online, from social media networks to messaging platforms. They're often used to express emotions, communicate ideas, or just make people laugh.

    Because they are so short, GIF files are quick to load and they play automatically, so they communicate what you want instantaneously and without effort on the viewer's part. What's more, thanks to Apple's Shortcuts app, you can turn video clips into GIFs quickly and easily on your iPhone and iPad without even having to download anything.

    The following steps show you how it's done.

    1. Open the Shortcuts app.
    2. Using the Gallery tab, search for "Video to GIF," tap the shortcut in the results, then tap Add Shortcut.
    3. ...

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    Apple Prepares to Launch Vision Pro in UK, Canada, and Oth...

    Apple will soon begin selling the Vision Pro in additional markets outside the U.S., according to Bloomberg, and Mark Gurman today reports that the United Kingdom and Canada are included in the list of countries where the headset is next set to launch.

    Gurman's update corroborates the exact same list of countries for the next Vision Pro launches that MacRumors revealed back in March. They include:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • UK

    Apple has not announced a launch date for the Vision Pro in these countries, but it is expected to happen after the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to take...

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    Apple to Increase Old iPhone Trade-In Values for iPhone 15...

    Apple for a limited time will increase the trade-in value for older iPhones when customers buy any iPhone 15 model in the U.S. and Canada.

    Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that Apple will soon boost the credit paid for older iPhones when customers buy an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max.

    The offer does not apply to other devices in Apple's smartphone lineup, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE (4th generation).

    Gurman did not mention the new values of old iPhones in its trade-in program, only that they will increase as of Monday, May 20, with the offer continuing through to Monday, June 3.

    Apple currently offers the following credit values for older iPhones as part of its trade-in program:

    • iPhone SE (3rd generation): Up to $160
    • iPhone 13 mini: Up to $270
    • iPhone 13: Up to $300
    • ...
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    Friday May 17

    'iPhone 17 Slim' Could Move Rear Cameras to Top...

    The Information today reported that Apple plans to release an all-new, high-end iPhone 17 model next year, and there was one detail that is worth singling out: the rear cameras could be relocated to the "top center" of the device.

    Google's Pixel 8 Pro

    The rear camera system on the iPhone has been positioned in the top-left corner of the device since the original 2007 model, so the cameras being moved to the top center of the device would be a notable change. Some popular Android smartphones have rear cameras positioned towards the top center, such as Google's Pixel 8 Pro.

    The report said the new iPhone 17 model will feature a "major redesign" akin to the iPhone X, so it sounds like Apple has big plans for this device. With the report claiming the device could...

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    Apple Shares 2023 App Store Transparency Report

    Apple today published its second annual App Store Transparency Report [PDF], highlighting details like the number of apps that were rejected during the year, the number of customer and developer accounts deactivated, the number of apps removed from the ‌App Store‌, and more.

    In 2023, there were 1,870,119 total apps available, and Apple reviewed 6,892,500 app submissions. 1,763,812 apps were rejected, with performance, design, and legal listed as the top reasons why an app wasn't approved. 277,923 apps were approved after rejection following changes made to the app.

    116,117 apps were removed from the ‌App Store‌, and top categories for removal included Utilities, Games, and Business. 76,887 apps were removed for violating Guideline 4.0 on design, and 35,245 apps were removed for violating ‌App Store‌ rules...

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    When to Expect the Next iPhone SE to Launch

    It has been over two years since Apple released the third-generation iPhone SE, and rumors continue to surface about a new model.

    The latest word comes from The Information, which today reported that Apple plans to release a new iPhone SE with a similar design as the standard iPhone 14 in the spring of 2025. If this rumor is accurate, the iPhone SE would finally gain Face ID and a notch instead of Touch ID and a Home button, along with a larger 6.1-inch display. Other rumored features for the next iPhone SE include a USB-C port and an Action button.

    The report said the new iPhone SE will remain a "cheaper" option in the iPhone lineup, as expected. The current iPhone SE starts at $429 in the U.S. with 64GB of storage, with other key features including a 4.7-inch display, A15 Bionic chip, 5G support...

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    Game Boy Emulator 'Delta' for iPhone Updates App...

    The developers behind the popular Game Boy emulator Delta for the iPhone said they updated the app's icon today to avoid potential legal action from Adobe.

    Delta's new app icon (left) and Adobe's logo (right)

    "Adobe threatened legal action unless we changed our app icon — so we did," say the release notes for the latest version of Delta on the App Store.

    Delta's former icon does look like a mirrored version of Adobe's logo, which is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, companies have an obligation to enforce their trademarks, and failure to do so could eventually result in losing rights to the trademark.

    Delta's previous app icon

    "Without proper policing over time, the original owner of a mark could...

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    iOS 17.5 Bug May Also Resurface Deleted Photos on Wiped, S...

    A bug in iOS 17.5 is apparently causing photos that have been deleted to reappear, and the issue seems to impact even iPhones and iPads that have been erased and sold off to other people.

    A Reddit user wiped an iPad following Apple's guidelines in September of 2023 before selling it off to a friend. That friend updated the ‌iPad‌ to iPadOS 17.5 this week, and began seeing the Reddit user's old photos reappearing in the Photos app. From Reddit:I wiped the iPad using official Apple guides before selling. I never logged into that iPad with my Apple ID after erasing the iPad. I sold my iPad to a friend in September 2023, they called me today after updating to iPad OS 17.5 and said my...

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    Hands-On With the New M2 iPad Air

    Apple this week came out with new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. The ‌iPad Pro‌ has a next-generation M4 chip and an OLED display so it got much of the attention, but Apple added a whole new size to the Air lineup to offer a more affordable way to get a bigger screen. We spent some time with the new ‌iPad Air‌ to see what's new and whether it's worth buying.

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    The smaller version of the ‌iPad Air‌ measures in at 11 inches, and the larger version is 13 inches, the same as the ‌iPad Pro‌. Prior to now, the only way to get a 13-inch tablet was to buy the Pro, but the new Air is a much more affordable option.

    Pricing starts at $599 for the 11-inch version and $799 for the 13-inch version, while the 11-inch ‌...

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    Best Apple Deals of the Week: Discounts Hit Every AirPods...

    This week's best deals included some of the first discounts on the new M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air, as well as big savings across the entire AirPods lineup. If you're okay with investing in a previous generation, you'll also find big savings on the M1 iPad Air.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.


    • What's the deal? Get up to $99 off AirPods
    • Where can I get it? Amazon
    • Where can I find the original deal? Right here

    $49 OFFAirPods 2 for $79.99


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    MacRumors Giveaway: Win an Apple Vision Pro From iMazing

    For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with iMazing to offer MacRumors a chance to win an Apple Vision Pro headset. The giveaway celebrates the recent release of iMazing 3, and the winner will also receive an iMazing 3 license that covers five devices (including the Vision Pro).

    iMazing 3 has been redesigned and re-engineered for from the ground up for both Macs and Windows PCs, for ease of use no matter which platform you're using. The software offers a refreshed interface and an updated user experience that builds on the core iMazing...

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    iPhone 17 Lineup Rumored to Feature All-New Slim Model Abo...

    Apple is planning to launch an all-new iPhone 17 model next year with a "significantly thinner" design, according to The Information. The report says the device could have a higher price tag than the Pro Max model, which currently starts at $1,199, suggesting that the device would become the new highest-end model in the lineup.

    The device will allegedly feature a "major redesign" akin to the iPhone X, and this could involve the rear cameras being relocated from the top-left corner of the device to the "top center," along with a narrower Dynamic Island. The device will have between a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch display size, the report adds. Other potential features mentioned include an aluminum chassis, an A19 chip, and an improved front camera.

    As part of this plan, the report says that Apple does not plan to release an iPhone 17 Plus next year, so the lineup would still...

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    Some iPhone Users Say 'Allow Apps to Request to Track...

    Over the past few days, some iPhone users have said the "Allow Apps to Request to Track" toggle in the Settings app is suddenly grayed out on their devices. The issue was highlighted by @iDeviceHelpus on X, and in a post on Reddit.

    Apple's fine print below the grayed-out toggle says "this setting cannot be changed because a profile is restricting it, or because your Apple ID is being managed, does not meet the minimum age requirements, or is missing age information." However, many affected users say none of these reasons actually apply to them.

    While some affected users said the issue began after they updated their iPhones to iOS 17.5, released earlier this week, others said they are also impacted on older software versions, including iOS 17.4.1, iOS 17.4, and iOS 16.6. The root cause of the...

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    The MacRumors Show: 101st Episode Q&A Special

    To celebrate one hundred episodes of The MacRumors Show podcast, we answer your questions.

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    After one hundred episodes of The MacRumors Show, we delve into a wide range of queries submitted by our audience over the past few weeks, such as whether we wear our Apple Watches overnight, our favorite third-party apps, our biggest disappointments and surpassed expectations with Apple devices, and our desk setups, as well as a mix of more personal questions. Thank you for listening! ‌The MacRumors Show‌ has its own YouTube channel, so make sure you're subscribed to keep up with...

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    Turn a Live Photo into a Boomerang

    Most iPhone users are familiar with Apple's Live Photos, which capture 1.5 seconds of video before and after you take a picture, with the aim of adding a little bit of life and movement to still images. What some users might not know is that you can also make a Live Photo bounce back and forth like a boomerang.

    If you're familiar with Instagram, you probably know what a boomerang is. Since introducing ‌Live Photos‌ in 2015, Apple has added some effects to its Photos app that let you turn them into fun animated clips, and the Bounce effect is basically the same thing as a boomerang. It rewinds the action backward and forward. Here's how to make one of your own on ‌iPhone‌.

    1. Open the ‌Photos‌ app and select a Live Photo. (If you look under "Media Types" in the Albums section,...
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    New iPad Pro Teardown Reveals Internal Design Changes, Inc...

    YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru has shared a teardown video for the new 13-inch iPad Pro with the M4 chip, providing a first look at the device's internal design changes.

    Phone Repair Guru tears down the new iPad Pro

    During its iPad event last week, Apple said it was able to improve the thermal performance of the new iPad Pro models by nearly 20% compared to the previous-generation models by adding graphite sheets to the chassis and infusing the rear Apple logo with copper. These changes can be seen towards the end of the teardown video.

    Apple moved the front camera and Face ID components to the iPad Pro's right-side edge, which is where the new Apple Pencil Pro magnetically attaches to the device. The teardown shows some changes to the array of magnets inside the iPad Pro.

    Overall, the new iPad Pro has a similar internal...

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    Best Buy Takes $50 Off New Beats Solo 4 Wireless Headphone...

    Best Buy today has a large collection of discounted Beats headphones, headlined by the new Beats Solo 4 Wireless Headphones on sale for $149.99, down from $199.99.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best Buy. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    The Beats Solo 4 launched in late April and feature upgraded performance and fit, longer battery life, USB-C, 50 hours of playback, and more. All of the Beats deals at Best Buy this weekend do not require a My Best Buy Plus/Total membership, and are available to all shoppers.

    $50 OFFBeats Solo 4 for $149.99

    Additionally, you can find discounts on the Beats Studio Pro ($170 off),...

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    Testing of iOS Browsers With Third-Party Engines Geofenced...

    Developers who want to develop browsers for iOS with third-party engines can only test their apps on devices physically located in the EU, according to The Register.

    This rule introduces a considerable barrier for developers outside the EU, who are now limited to using simulators instead of actual devices for testing their browsers. This restriction complicates the process of developing and supporting browsers with alternative engines, as on-device testing is essential to accurate performance assessment and troubleshooting. Apple's previous policy, which remains in place in other regions around the world, demands the use of WebKit for all iOS and iPadOS browsers, effectively making every browser on these platforms a variant of Safari.

    Under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple was designated as a gatekeeper in the European Union, compelling the company to make changes to its policies....

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    OLED iPad Pro Users Report 'Grainy' Displays, Bu...

    Some new M4 iPad Pro models are exhibiting a visible static grain pattern across the OLED display, according to several user reports on Reddit (1, 2, 3) and the MacRumors Forums.

    Image credit: MacRumors user bk215

    Users who see the grain generally report that it is most noticeable in dark environments with the display set at a low to medium brightness while viewing content with gray or muted colors. Some have compared the effect to a photo taken on a high ISO setting that...

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    Kuo: iPhone 16 Pro Max Could Feature Longer Battery Life

    Apple in the iPhone 16 Pro Max will use battery cells with increased energy density, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which will offer either longer battery life using the same battery size as that found in existing models, or equivalent battery life using a smaller battery.

    In his latest supply chain survey, Kuo says the energy density (Wh/kg) of the battery cells in the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase, which "has the benefit of longer battery life with the same battery size or lower battery size with the same battery life."

    To avoid overheating the battery, Apple is using a stainless steel battery case for the first time as a thermal...

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    Apple Launches Tap to Pay on iPhone in Japan

    Apple has announced Tap to Pay on iPhone in Japan, allowing independent sellers, small merchants, and large retailers in the country to use ‌iPhones‌ as a payment terminal.

    Tap to Pay first arrived in February 2022 in the US, and allows iPhones to accept payments via Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets‌‌‌. All transactions are encrypted, and Apple has no information about what is purchased or the person who made the purchase.

    No additional hardware or credit card machine is required‌ to use Tap to Pay on ‌iPhone‌. The feature uses NFC technology to securely authenticate the contactless payments, plus the feature also...

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    Thursday May 16

    Threads Gets Multi-Column TweetDeck-Like Web View

    Threads is working on a new web view that features the option to pin customized columns, similar to the TweetDeck feature that used to be available on Twitter. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an image of the new web option, which he said is currently being tested.

    The screenshot shows several custom columns, including a "For you" and several topic-based columns. Favorite searches, topics/keywords, accounts, saved posts, and notifications can be pinned at the current time, and there is an auto-refresh option to keep columns up to date with the newest posts.

    Twitter, now renamed to X, has a similar "X Pro" feature that has the same format as the former TweetDeck option, but it requires an $8/month subscription to access. The Threads version would be free, and it could replicate much of the functionality that Twitter used to offer.

    A column-based web view that's customizable could encourage more users...

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    iMessage Down for Some Users

    The iMessage service that Apple users to send messages to one another appears to be down for some users, and messages are failing to go out or are taking an extra long time to send.

    There are numerous reports about the issue on social networks and a spike of outage reports on Down Detector, but Apple's System Status page is not yet reporting an outage.
    This article, "iMessage Down for Some Users" first appeared on

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    iPhone Emulators on the App Store: Game Boy, N64, PS1, PSP...

    In April, Apple updated its guidelines to allow retro game emulators on the App Store, and several popular emulators have already been released.

    The emulators released so far allow iPhone users to play games released for older consoles from Nintendo, Sony, SEGA, Atari, and others.

    A list of some popular emulators available on the App Store so far follows.



    Delta is a well-polished emulator for several Nintendo consoles, with beautiful on-screen controller skins, support for a wide range of physical controllers, and more. Developed by Riley Testut, Delta is the successor to the GBA4iOS emulator.

    Supported Devices:

    • iPhone


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    iPhone 16 Display Production Set to Start in June

    Production on displays destined for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models will start in June, according to display analyst Ross Young. In a tweet limited to subscribers, Young said that panel production will begin next month, with the smaller-sized ‌iPhone 16‌ and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ to have the highest volume production projected for June.

    Apple suppliers will manufacture the displays and send them off to the factories that will start assembling the finished ‌iPhone 16‌ models.

    The ‌iPhone 16‌, ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus, ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌, and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max are expected to come out in September, which is Apple's typical iPhone release month. The devices will look similar to the iPhone 15 models, but...

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    AirPods Max Get Rare $99 Discount on Amazon, Available for...

    Amazon today has one of the first $99 discounts on Apple's AirPods Max since February, available for $449.99 in four colors, down from $549.00. Most models can deliver as soon as May 18 with Prime delivery, and May 21 for regular shipping.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    On Amazon, colors being discounted include Space Gray, Sky Blue, Silver, and Pink. AirPods Max deals above $50 have been very rare in 2024, with this deal being just the second time we've tracked a $99 discount so far this year. This isn't quite the all-time low price seen on the headphones, but it's still a solid discount if you've been waiting for something more notable to come along for the high-...

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    Apple Discontinues 'iOS Developer University Program...

    Apple has discontinued the iOS Developer University Program as of May 15, according to a notice on its website and an email sent to program members.

    The program allowed university professors and other eligible instructors to create a development team with up to 200 students, who could create and test apps without needing to pay the usual $99 annual fee for Apple Developer Program membership.

    Apple says accredited educational institutions can still enroll in the Apple Developer Program at no cost by submitting a fee waiver request.

    Thanks, Nicolás Álvarez!
    This article, "Apple Discontinues 'iOS Developer...

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    M4 iPad Pro Bend Tests: Durability Equal to M2 Model Despi...

    The first M4 iPad Pro bend tests are in, and the initial consensus appears to be that Apple has managed to make its thinnest device ever just as durable as the previous generation M2 iPad Pro that it replaces.

    Two approaches were taken in bend tests by prominent tech YouTubers. JerryRigEverything for example forcibly applied pressure by bending the new device with his hands, while MobileReviewsEh took a different tack by placing the iPad under a force meter and applying gym weights on top to exert pressure within a limited contact area.

    When bending the iPad Pro from the back in the horizontal position, JerryRigEverything found that the device held up "surprisingly well," as if "suspicious levels of black magic structural integrity" were going on.

    When forcibly bent from...

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    iPhone 16 Pro Max Looks This Much Bigger Beside iPhone 15...

    This year's upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to get a boost in overall size from 6.7-inches to 6.9-inches, and a new image gives us a good idea of how the current iPhone 15 Pro Max compares to what could be Apple's largest ever iPhone.

    The image above, posted on X by ZONEofTECH, shows a dummy model representing the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max alongside an actual iPhone 15 Pro Max. Dummy units are designed to take the place of real devices for display or testing purposes, and therefore seek to match the dimensions and design changes of yet-to-be-released iPhones.

    With the increase in size of Apple's larger premium model rumored to be in the region of 0.2 inches, the difference is visually noticeable, but whether it will be all that significant for users in real-world use is another question.

    The smaller ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ is expected to increase from 6.1- to 6.3-inches, and with both...

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    Speed Up iPhone Typing With This Simple Keyboard Trick

    iPhone users often find themselves toggling between different keyboard layouts to type messages, emails, or fill out forms. This can slow down communication and disrupt your flow. But there are ways to streamline the process. If this quick tip is new to you, it could revolutionize the way you type on your iPhone and save you precious time.

    Switching away from the alphabetic keyboard layout when you need to type a number or symbol is an all-too-often occurrence on ‌iPhone‌, so here's a quick tip for making the transition super-swift.

    Rather than tap the "123" key in the bottom-left corner to switch to the number/symbol keyboard, hold down on the key and then slide your finger over to the number/symbol that you want to type, then let go.

    This single action types the number/symbol and automatically switches you right back into the alphabetical layout, avoiding the need to perform three separate taps to achieve the same result.

    So next time you...

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    Samsung Trolls iPad 'Crush!' Ad, Says 'We W...

    Samsung has sought to capitalize on the fallout of Apple's controversial "Crush!" ad for iPad Pro by releasing a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra ad that includes the tagline "Creativity cannot be crushed."

    When Apple last week introduced the new M4 iPad Pro models, it showed a video of a hydraulic press crushing creative tools, including musical instruments, electronic equipment, arcade games, paint and brushes, computers, cameras, and more, with the aim of demonstrating how the iPad represents all of the tools condensed into a single device.

    This imagery sparked significant backlash from the creative community and the social media-using public, who interpreted it as a metaphor for Big Tech's destructive impact on creative industries and individual creativity.

    The negative reception was so strong that Apple decided to cancel planned TV spots for...

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    New iPads Get Redesigned Magnets for More Smart Folio View...

    Apple has new Smart Folio cases for its latest M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air models that boast a wider range of viewing angles, and thanks to Marques Brownlee, we now know how it's done.

    With the help of some magnet paper, MKBHD reveals that Apple has added bigger, more cubic magnets to the M4 iPad Pro that align with a new longer rail of stripe magnets in the Folio Case, thereby achieving a wider range of viewing angle adjustment.

    The magnet paper also reveals that, because of how thin the new iPad Pro is compared to the previous generation model, Apple has had to use flatter, more circular speaker drivers, which appear to be closer to the top of the device.

    Apple is selling the new Smart Folio for the 11-inch iPad Pro in Denim, Black, and White. There's also a...

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    Wednesday May 15

    40 Million People Subscribe to Netflix's Ad-Supported...

    Netflix's ad-supported streaming tier has 40 million global monthly active users, up 35 million from a year ago, Netflix said today at its Upfront advertising presentation. Netflix has 270 million total subscribers worldwide, so the majority of its users are still on the ad-free tiers.

    Netflix resisted implementing an ad-supported tier for many years, but confirmed in 2022 that it had plans to implement a cheaper option in order to boost revenue. The Standard with ads plan launched in late 2022, and it has grown more popular as Netflix has increased the pricing of its ad-free tiers.

    In the United States, the Standard with ads plan is priced at $6.99 per month for HD streaming on...

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    RetroArch iOS and tvOS Emulator for Atari, Commodore, Nint...

    With Apple's decision to allow game emulators on the App Store, several popular emulators like Delta have now launched for iPhone and iPad. RetroArch is the latest emulator to come to the ‌App Store‌, allowing gamers to play games from a wide range of systems.

    RetroArch supports multiple versions of Atari and Commodore systems, as well as the Nintendo DS, Game Boy, NES, SNES, and Virtual Boy. Multiple Sega and Sony systems are also included, as are the NEC PC Engine and Neo Geo Pocket.

    RetroArch is free to download, has no ads, and is open source. It supports save states, cheats, custom overlays, fast forward and rewind, AI translations, and RetroAchievements. RetroAchievements adds trophies to all manner of classic games, providing incentives to unlock new content and top leaderboards.


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    Goodnotes Adds New Features That Work With Apple Pencil Pr...

    Popular note taking app Goodnotes today announced new features that are designed to work with the Apple Pencil Pro that launched alongside the 2024 iPad Pro models. The ‌Apple Pencil‌ Pro supports a squeeze gesture with haptic feedback, as well as a barrel roll for better control over shaped pen and brush tools.

    Palette is a set of tools that pops up in Goodnotes with a squeeze of the ‌Apple Pencil‌ Pro. It allows users to swap between essential tools, undo, and change ink stroke, thickness, and color. Normally these features would need to be accessed through a tool panel, but the Palette makes it much quicker to swap between options without interrupting a workflow.

    Goodnotes' Fountain Pen now includes Dynamic Ink with an ink flow that is able to respond to the rotation of the ‌Apple Pencil‌. Instead of just responding to pressure sensitivity, the...

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    Astropad's Paper-Like Screen Protector and Apple Penc...

    Astropad today confirmed that its updated version of Rock Paper Pencil is compatible with the 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Rock Paper Pencil is a screen protector and Apple Pencil tip duo designed to mimic the feel of writing on paper with a pen.

    Rock Paper Pencil combines a removable screen protector with a unique ‌Apple Pencil‌ tip to replicate the feel of writing on paper. The NanoCling Screen Protector adheres to the iPad's display using static cling, and it can easily be put on and taken off when it's not needed, with no adhesive residue.

    The Pencil tip can hold up to heavy daily use with a wear-resistant copper alloy core and palladium coating. The tip is equivalent to a standard 0.7mm ballpoint pen for a pleasant note taking...

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    Music Publishers Accuse Spotify of Copyright Infringement

    The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) today sent a cease and desist letter to Spotify, accusing the music streaming service of using its members' copyrighted content without appropriate licensing. The letter was shared by Billboard, and it suggests that Spotify is "hosting unlicensed musical works in its lyrics, videos, and podcasts."

    Spotify has been asked to remove the unlicensed content from its platform or face a "copyright liability" for its continued use. The NMPA is a trade association that represents music publishers and songwriters in the U.S., and the group focuses on protecting music copyrights.

    The NMPA claims that while Spotify has mechanical and public performance licenses, the use of lyrics and music in videos and podcasts requires rights that must be negotiated directly with rightsholders.


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    Assassin's Creed Shadows Coming to Apple Silicon Macs...

    Ubisoft today announced plans to release Assassin's Creed Shadows, the next game in the Assassin's Creed franchise, on November 15. It will be available on Macs with Apple silicon through the Mac App Store, as well as Windows PCs, the Xbox Series X or Series S, and the PlayStation 5.

    Assassin's Creed Shadows takes place in 16th century Japan, with players set to take on the role of Naoe, a shinobi assassin from the Iga Province and Yasuke, a powerful samurai. Each character offers a different playstyle, progression path, skills, weapon options, and stats. Naoe focuses on stealth skills, while Yasuke excels at combat.

    The game has a vast open world to explore, and Ubisoft says players can expect a variety of landscapes that have evolving weather and seasons. There will be castle towns, bustling ports, pastoral landscapes, and peaceful shrines...

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    Amazon Takes Up to $200 Off M1 iPad Air With New Record Lo...

    Apple's previous generation M1 iPad Air has dropped further in price this week on Amazon, now available at $399.00 for the 64GB Wi-Fi model, down from $599.00. These price drops follow just one week after Apple unveiled the new M2 iPad Air.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    You can also get the 256GB Wi-Fi M1 iPad Air on sale for $599.00, down from $749.00. Both of these deals are new all-time low prices on the 2022 tablet, and right now only Amazon has the discounts.

    $200 OFF64GB Wi-Fi M1 iPad Air for $399.00

    $150 OFF256GB Wi-Fi M1 iPad Air for $599.00

    Additionally, both cellular models...

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    Apple Still Sells These Devices With Lightning After Disco...

    Apple discontinued the ninth-generation iPad with a Lightning port last week, meaning that its entire iPad lineup now uses USB-C. However, the company still sells a handful of devices and accessories with Lightning for now.

    The list of products that Apple still sells with a Lightning port or connector includes some older iPhone models, the standard AirPods, the over-ear AirPods Max, the first-generation Apple Pencil, and a trio of Magic accessories for the Mac:

    • iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE
    • Second-generation and third-generation AirPods
    • AirPods Max
    • First-generation Apple Pencil
    • Magic Keyboard
    • Magic Mouse
    • Magic Trackpad

    Apple has been gradually switching most of its products to USB-C, including the entire iPhone 15 series and the...

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    Hands-On With the New M4 OLED iPad Pro

    Today is the official launch day of the new iPad Pro models, and these updated tablets mark the biggest feature and design refresh that we've seen for the ‌iPad Pro‌ in several years. We picked up one of the new 13-inch models to check out everything new.

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    When it comes to design, Apple is still offering 11-inch and 13-inch size options and the look hasn't changed a whole lot, but the bezels are slimmer and the iPads themselves are super thin. The 13-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ is the thinnest device Apple has made to date at 5.1mm, while the 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ is 5.3mm.

    With the 13-inch model weighing in just over a pound, the decrease in weight and size is noticeable and makes it feel much more portable. The 11-inch model is under a pound, so it's even easier to carry...

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    Apple Previews iOS 18's Upgraded Magnifier App With N...

    One of the new iOS 18 accessibility features that Apple previewed today is a Reader Mode in the Magnifier app, which will convert words in images to uniform lines of text. Apple did not provide any specific details about the feature, but it shared a screenshot showing that users will be able to change the font and have the text read aloud.

    Apple also revealed that iOS 18 will allow iPhone users to easily launch the Magnifier app's Detection Mode with the Action button, which debuted on the iPhone 15 Pro models and is rumored to expand to the entire iPhone 16 lineup later this year. Detection Mode can identify and read aloud all text within an iPhone camera's field of view.

    It is already possible to set the Action button to open the Magnifier app in general, so this will be an expansion of the app's...

    | Read more »
    Apple Previews Three New CarPlay Features Coming With iOS...

    Apple today previewed new accessibility features coming with iOS 18 later this year, and this includes some new options for CarPlay.

    Apple highlighted three new features coming to CarPlay:

    • Voice Control: This feature will allow users to navigate CarPlay and control apps with just their voice.
    • Color Filters: This feature will make the CarPlay interface visually easier to use for individuals with color blindness.
    • Sound Recognition: This feature will enable drivers or passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing to receive notifications on CarPlay for driving-related sounds, such as car horns and sirens.

    All three of these features are already available on the iPhone and iPad.

    iOS 18 is expected to be unveiled at Apple's developers conference WWDC...

    | Read more »
    Apple to Reduce Motion Sickness With Vehicle Motion Cues o...

    Apple today announced new accessibility features coming to its devices later this year, and one feature in particular that is likely to have widespread appeal among vehicle passengers is Vehicle Motion Cues, which aims to prevent motion sickness when looking at an iPhone or iPad.

    According to Apple, research shows that motion sickness is commonly caused by a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel, which can prevent some users from comfortably using ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ while riding in a moving vehicle.

    Vehicle Motion Cues are designed to avoid this sensory conflict with the use of visual elements on the display that indicate real-time changes in motion. Apple explains:

    With Vehicle Motion Cues, animated...

    | Read more »
    Apple Announces iOS 18 Accessibility Features, Including E...

    Apple today previewed many new accessibility features coming later this year with software updates like iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, and visionOS 2. The announcement comes one day ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

    The new accessibility features for the iPhone and/or iPad will include:

    • Eye Tracking
    • Music Haptics
    • Vocal Shortcuts
    • Vehicle Motion Cues

    CarPlay will be gaining Voice Control, Color Filters, and Sound Recognition.

    Mac users will gain the ability to customize VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts and Mandarin support for Personal Voice, while the Vision Pro will get systemwide Live Captions, Reduce Transparency, Smart Invert, and Dim Flashing Lights.

    Eye Tracking

    Apple says Eye Tracking on the iPhone and iPad will allow users to navigate system...

    | Read more »
    VMware Fusion Pro 13 Now Freely Available for Personal Use

    VMware has announced that its Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro virtualization software is now free for personal use. For those unfamiliar with Fusion, it is designed to allow Mac users to operate virtual machines to run non-macOS operating systems like Windows 11.

    The decision to make the software free was made by Broadcom, which acquired VMware in November 2023. In a blog post announcing the change, Broadcom said the move was part of a plan to simplify how the company brings VMware apps to market:

    Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will now have two license models. We now provide a Free Personal Use or a Paid Commercial Use subscription for our Pro apps. Users will decide based on their use case whether a commercial subscription is required.


    | Read more »
    Troubling iOS 17.5 Bug Reportedly Resurfacing Old Deleted...

    There are concerning reports on Reddit that Apple's latest iOS 17.5 update has introduced a bug that causes old photos that were deleted – in some cases years ago – to reappear in users' photo libraries.

    After updating their iPhone, one user said they were shocked to find old NSFW photos that they deleted in 2021 suddenly showing up in photos marked as recently uploaded to iCloud. Other users have also chimed in with similar stories. "Same here," said one Redditor. "I have four pics from 2010 that keep reappearing as the latest pics uploaded to iCloud. I have deleted them repeatedly."

    "Same thing happened to me," replied another user. "Six photos from different times, all I have deleted. Some I had deleted in 2023." More reports have been trickling in overnight. One said: "I had a random photo from a concert taken on my Canon camera reappear in my phone...

    | Read more »
    Extend M4 iPad Pro Battery Lifespan With This New Feature

    Apple's new M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air models feature a battery health setting that is new to iPads and when enabled prevents the devices from charging beyond 80% at all times, which can extend battery lifespan.

    When the 80% hard limit is enabled, the iPad will never charge beyond that percentage, except on rare occasions to "maintain accurate battery state-of-charge estimates," according to Apple. Apple says reducing the time that a battery is fully charged can reduce the wear on the battery and improve its lifespan.

    From Apple's support document:

    Reducing the time that your iPad spends fully charged reduces the wear on your battery. With iPad Pro (M4) and iPad Air (M2), you can...

    | Read more »
    M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air Models Now Available for Same-...

    Starting today, Apple's new M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro models are available for same-day or next-day pickup at Apple Stores, with no pre-order required. Online orders are also beginning to arrive to customers today.

    Customers across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and other regions can now place an order on Apple's website or in the Apple Store app and arrange for in-store pickup at a local retail location.

    To order a product with ‌Apple Store‌ pickup, add the product to your bag on, proceed to checkout, select the "I'll pick it up" option, enter your ZIP code, choose an available ‌Apple Store‌ location, and select a pickup date. Payment is completed online, and a valid government-issued photo ID and the order number may be required upon pickup.

    The new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro and is Apple's highest-end tablet, featuring the same M-series chips Apple uses for Macs. The latest iPad Pro models feature the M4 chip, a super slim design,...

    | Read more »

    Tuesday May 14

    M4 iPad Pro Models Start Arriving to Customers in New Zeal...

    It's already Wednesday, May 15 in Australia and New Zealand, so customers who pre-ordered one of the new M4 iPad Pro or M2 iPad Air models are starting to receive their devices.

    The new iPads were introduced last week, with the ‌iPad Pro‌ featuring OLED display technology, a next-generation M4 chip, and a thin and light design that makes it even thinner and lighter than the iPad "Air." Meanwhile, the ‌iPad Air‌ has the ‌M2‌ chip that was previously in the ‌iPad Pro‌, providing a nice upgrade over the M1, and Apple has also introduced a new 13-inch display size so you can get the Air in two sizes much like the Pro, but it's just an LCD display rather than an OLED display.

    • ...
    | Read more »
    Latest Version of Android Has Gemini AI at Its Core

    Google today announced several new AI features that it is building into the Android 15 operating system, giving us some insight into what Apple's iPhone operating system will be competing with later this year.

    According to Google, Android has been designed with AI at its core, and Gemini is a foundational part of the Android experience that works at the system level. There is an AI powered search bar that can be used for answering queries and looking up information, and the Circle to Search feature can be used for solving math and physics problems or getting homework help as of today.

    Gemini serves as the AI assistant on Android instead of Google Assistant, and the Gemini AI will be able to be brought up as an overlay on any app that's in use. Gemini is context aware and can anticipate what the smartphone user is doing and provide context in the moment. It can create images for texts and social media, or answer...

    | Read more »
    Vision Pro Appears in Chinese Regulatory Database Before E...

    The Apple Vision Pro has shown up in China's product regulatory database as Apple prepares to bring the headset to additional countries sometime in the near future. Both the Vision Pro (A2117) and its Battery Pack (A2697) have shown up in the Chinese database, indicating that a launch in China could be coming soon.

    Bloomberg said yesterday that Apple is planning to introduce the Vision Pro in a number of additional countries following the Worldwide Developers Conference, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in February that Vision Pro sales would expand to more countries before WWDC rather than after.

    MacRumors has...

    | Read more »
    Apple Says It Stopped $7 Billion in Fraudulent Transaction...

    Apple today shared its fourth annual fraud prevention analysis, providing insight into how the App Store's rules protect users from fraudulent apps and other security issues.

    Apple says that it prevented over $1.8 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2023 alone, and $7 billion during the period from 2020 to 2023. Apple blocked more than 14 million stolen credit cards and banned more than 3.3 million accounts from further transactions.

    Over 1.7 million apps were rejected in 2023 for not meeting Apple's standards for privacy, security, and content. 118,000 developer accounts were terminated, down from 428,000 last year. The drop came from new efforts to prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts in the first place, plus more than 91,000 developer enrollments were rejected for fraud...

    | Read more »
    New iPad Pro and iPad Air Will Have Day-One Software Updat...

    The new iPad Pro and iPad Air will begin arriving to customers over the next 24 hours. It appears that the initial batch of the devices will have a special build of iPadOS 17.4 preinstalled, but an iPadOS 17.5 software update will be available in the Settings app right away, according to MacRumors contributor Aaron Perris.

    iPadOS 17.5 has a special build number of 21F84 on the new iPads, and modified release notes that mention improved document scanning:Apple News+

    • Offline mode in Apple News+ gives you access to the Today feed and News+ tab, even when you don't have an internet connection

    • Quartiles is a new and original daily word game that is now available in Apple News+

    • Scoreboard in News+ Puzzles gives you access to...

    | Read more »
    iOS 17.5 Includes These 15 Security Fixes, But One Causes...

    iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 include 15 security patches for the iPhone and iPad, according to a recently-published Apple support document, but unfortunately one of the patches has led to a software bug affecting alternative app marketplaces.

    According to Mysk, a security patch related to the MarketplaceKit framework has resulted in a bug that prevents iPhone users in the EU from reinstalling an alternative app marketplace like AltStore if they happen to delete the app after initially installing it. Apple will likely fix this issue in a subsequent update, such as iOS 17.5.1.

    In related news, one security researcher ...

    | Read more »
    13-Inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard ~50 Grams Lighter Than Old...

    Apple's new Magic Keyboard accessory for the latest iPad Pro models is "thinner and lighter" than the model it replaces, according to the company.

    Apple typically does not provide weight specifications for iPad accessories, but some early reviewers have effectively confirmed Apple's claims with their own figures for the 13-inch version of the Magic Keyboard.

    Six Colors' Jason Snell weighed the 13-inch Magic Keyboard at 667 grams, while Brian Tong put the accessory at 662 grams and The Verge recorded 658 grams on its scales.

    Despite the small variations, from these figures we can conclude that the 13-inch Magic Keyboard is around 50 grams lighter...

    | Read more »
    Next-Generation iPad Air With M3 Chip Already Rumored

    Apple's next iPad Air will use an M3 processor, according to details posted on X earlier today by a private account with a proven track record of sharing accurate information about Apple's plans.

    Apple just last week announced its latest ‌iPad Air‌ models powered by the company's M2 chip. The two new 11-inch and 13-inch models replaced the previous M1-powered 10.9-inch ‌iPad Air‌, which was released in 2022. Apple also just announced new M4 iPad Pro models that were until recently expected to feature the M3 chip.

    Combined with Apple's surprise debut of the M4, today's rumor suggests that Apple plans to keep the ‌iPad Air‌ one step behind the ‌iPad Pro‌ in terms of processor generations. Given the recent...

    | Read more »
    iPad Pro: How Apple Intends to Avoid Another 'Bendgat...

    Apple's latest iPad Pro is the thinnest device the company has ever made... but does it bend? That's likely to be the question on the mind of anyone who remembers the last iPad Pro "bendgate" controversy.

    In 2018, Apple responded to durability concerns shared by new iPad Pro owners by admitting to shipping its then-new models with a "very slight bend in the aluminum chassis," which it blamed on a "side effect of the manufacturing process."

    Despite videos indicating that the 2018 iPad Pro models bent more easily than other models, Apple said the bend did not worsen over time or negatively affect the iPad's performance, and that concerns over the device's durability were unfounded.

    Nevertheless, some iPad owners...

    | Read more »
    New iPad Air and iPad Pro Feature Battery Health Menu Incl...

    Apple's latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models feature a new Battery Health menu in the Settings app that is not available on older iPads, and which includes options that were once limited to iPhone 15 models.

    As confirmed by iCulture, visiting Settings ➝ Battery on the new iPads shows a new Battery Health menu that lists Battery Health (with a readout such as "Normal"), Maximum Capacity, Cycle Count, and a 80% Limit charging optimization option. Users can also see details about when the battery was produced and when it was first used.

    Code previously found in iPadOS 17.5 beta software referenced the Battery Health menu, and it was indeed suggested that it may be limited to Apple's new iPads. Notably, the Cycle Count...

    | Read more »

    Monday May 13

    iOS 17.5 Features: What's New in iOS 17.5

    Apple recently released iOS 17.5, the newest version of iOS. It brings some major changes to the iPhone if you're in the European Union, and some smaller updates if you're not.

    Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

    In this article, we've rounded up everything new in iOS 17.5.

    App Downloads From Websites (EU Only)

    iOS 17.5 brings support for web-based app distribution in the European Union, letting developers offer their apps for download directly on their websites. ‌iPhone‌ users can download iOS apps from supported websites without using the App Store.

    As with the iOS 17.4 changes...

    | Read more »
    Setapp's EU Alternative iPhone App Marketplace Launch...

    MacPaw today said that its Setapp alternative app marketplace for the iPhone will be launching on Tuesday, May 14 in the European Union.

    A Setapp marketplace has been in the works since February, which is when Apple first announced the alternative app downloading options that would be coming in iOS 17.4.

    For those unfamiliar with Setapp, it is a subscription-based service that lets users access dozens of apps for $9.99 per month. Popular apps like Ulysses, iStat Menus, Spark, Unite, Yoink, and more are available through the current subscription service.

    According to MacPaw, Setapp will provide a "carefully selected assortment of apps" across categories like productivity, design,...

    | Read more »
    iPad Marketing VP: iPad and Mac are Complementary Devices,...

    For her review of the new M4 iPad Pro, The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern spoke with Tom Boger, Apple's vice president of iPad and Mac marketing. Stern focused on comparing the ‌iPad Pro‌ to a MacBook, and asked some targeted questions about the way Apple views the two devices.

    According to Boger, Apple sees the ‌iPad Pro‌ and Mac as devices that are meant to be used alongside one another. "We don't see them as competing devices," he said. "We see them as complementary devices." While the ‌iPad‌ is a "touch-first device," the Mac is designed for "indirect manipulation," with a mouse or keyboard, which is a point that Apple has reiterated several times over the years.

    "macOS is for a very different paradigm of computing," he went on...

    | Read more »

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