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Saturday April 4

Apple eyes video service NextVR for possible $100M...

Apple is looking to expand its augmented reality and virtual reality teams and patent hoard even more, with a rumored acquisition of California VR firm NextVR on the cards that may be worth $100 million.

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Images and code leak reveal iOS 14 wallpaper changes...

Apple's wallpaper settings may offer default images in collections in iOS 14 along with new dynamic wallpapers, while a code leak suggests Apple may be working on widgets for the Home screen itself.

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Review: Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock is a useful...

Logitech has expanded its Powered lineup with the new 3-in-1 dock as well as a standalone pad. Whether you need to just charge your iPhone or your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, Logitech has you covered.

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Leaked iOS 14 screenshot shows new wallpaper...

9to5Mac reported last month that Apple is working on a redesigned wallpaper settings panel for iOS, based on an early build of iOS 14, which includes images separated by categories and more. Now Twitter user DongleBookPro, who often shares some images of Apple’s internal products, has today posted screenshots that shows the new wallpaper settings panel from iOS 14 in action.


The post Leaked iOS 14 screenshot shows new...

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Imagination losing control to state-controlled...

Drama with Apple’s graphics processing unit chip maker partner Imagination has been revived again, but not for the same reason as 2017. Sky News reports that the UK-based chip designer is hastily responding to the likelihood that its state-controlled Chines investor is planning to take over control of Imagination. The issue could have privacy ramifications Apple, an on-again-off-again customer of Imagination GPU chips.


The post...

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Marvel Unlimited now offering free access to iconic...

Sitting at home reading a bunch of comic books sounds like a great idea right now.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Exclusive: Apple likely buyer of NextVR, a live...

It’s no secret that Apple has ambitious plans for augmented reality and a future AR-focused headset. Apple is practically building the platform for its future headset out in the open with ARKit. What’s new is that Apple is believed to be in the process of acquiring a California-based virtual reality company called NextVR, 9to5Mac has learned.


The post Exclusive: Apple likely buyer of NextVR, a live event streaming AR/VR company being sold for ~$100M appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Saturday steals: cheap Mac, Apple Watch, iPad deals...

Bargain hunters this weekend can find rock bottom prices on a variety of Apple devices, from 2018 MacBook Pros to closeout Mac mini and iPad electronics at Amazon-owned Woot. Plus, Amazon itself is discounting Apple Watches to as low as $189.

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Get 60% off on the Restly Sleep App

Ever feel like you are not falling asleep? Sometimes it is difficult to go to sleep, even when you have a boring book to read at night. When all fails, you should try the technology. Yes, the Restly Sleep App is an amazing solution to make you sleep.

Make use of technology and go to sleep within two minutes. Buy the app with this deal and get a 60% discount. With this deal, you can get a lifetime subscription for Restly Sleep App for only $39.99. 

Restly Sleep App

This app uses scientifically proven methods to put a person to sleep. It has both male and female voices that help you to sleep. This scientific method comes directly from the US Army. The App also uses various soothing sounds to create an environment that makes you fall asleep. So, if you are having trouble sleeping, try using this App. 

You can combine various sounds with different voices to make it even easier to fall asleep. The app has several other features such as an alarm clock. It...

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Get 5% off on the Apple Macbook Pro (16-Inch, 16GB...

The latest Macbook Pro is one of the fastest and the most durable Macs that you can buy. With a brilliant Retina display and the latest Intel Core i9 processing power, you can do big and beautiful work.

Macbooks are not easy to find with a discount. But Amazon always has some amazing offers for you. Now with the discount on Amazon, you can buy this latest Macbook only for $2,650.44 instead of $2,799. It means you will save $148.56 when you buy it on Amazon. 

Apple MacBook Pro


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Apple will keep retail stores closed until May

Earlier Apple informed its employees that they have to work from home until the start of May as the retail stores will remain closed till then. 

Deirdre O’Brien who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People told the employees via a memo that the stores will remain closed until May 2020. There will be flexible work arrangements for a few employees who come to work at the office. 

The memo also stated that Apple is constantly monitoring the situation and conditions for Apple facilities. Deirdre O’Brien also said Apple will decide to reopen the retail stores after careful analysis of the situation and also by utilizing guidance from public health experts and the local governments.

Apple Park and several retail stores are located in Sana Clara County, will remain closed until May 3, 2020. Apple has no plans to reopen its corporate stores until further order.

Apple had plans to reopen its stores in April, but in the USA it seems not a viable...

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Apple accidentally confirms AirTags in the new Apple...

Earlier Apple uploaded a support video on its YouTube channel which reveals the existence of AirTags, an unreleased product. The blog, Appleosophy spotted the video which has now been removed. 

The title of the video was “How to erase your iPhone.” It was a tutorial to rest the iPhone. When the video reaches around 1:43 it tells the users to turn off “Find my iPhone.” On the screen that shows this process, there is also another option where the text AirTags is referenced by name. 

The text says:

“Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.”

AirTags allow users to track their belongings. These AirTags will use Bluetooth to find the lost items...

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Apple helps America’s Food Fund

Apple, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ford Foundation and Laurene Powell Jobs have come together to launch America’s Food Fund. The purpose of this initiative is to provide food for those who are needy. 

GoFundMe which is a fundraising platform is hosting this initiative. According to GoFundMe, hunger is a big issue which many families and individuals face all across the USA. Before the coronavirus outbreak, there were more than 37 million people in the USA who were struggling to get the next meal. The number has only increased in the past few weeks. 

To start the fund, Ford Foundation, Apple, Powel, and DiCaprio have donated $12 million. This fundraiser will benefit World Central Kitchen and Feeding America, both these are hunger relief non-profit organizations in the USA. 

According to a...

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Podcast of the Week: Floodlines by The Atlantic

It’s Saturday, so I am back with another podcast recommendation for you to check out. As a reminder, I post ‘Podcast of the Week’ every Saturday to help promote a show I am currently listening to at the moment. This week’s show is Floodlines by the Atlantic. more…

The post Podcast of the Week: Floodlines by The Atlantic appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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2020 iPhone SE: Everything we know so far and what...

After over a year of rumors, we are finally nearing the release of Apple’s highly-anticipated low-cost iPhone. The 2020 iPhone SE, also previously referred to as the iPhone 9 and iPhone SE 2, is expected to be released imminently. Here’s everything we know about it.


The post 2020 iPhone SE: Everything we know so far and what you should expect appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Some Apple TV Channels offer extended free trials

Some streaming services are offering extended trials through Apple TV (the app, not the set-top box or streaming service) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, you can get extended one-month trials of Showtime and other services, as well as completely free access to EPIX via the Channels feature of the app, according to 9to5Mac.

You can access all EPIX content in the Apple TV app for free, without signing up for anything, until May 2. Also, as 9to5Toys notes that:

° Arrow Video Channel – Limited time 1-month trial for new subscribers, then $4.99 per month;

° History Channel Vault – Limited time 1-month trial for new subscribers, then $4.99 per month;

° Lifetime Movie Club – Limited time 1-month trial for new subscribers, then $3.99 per month;

° Noggin –...

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Apple Music subscriptions grow 36% year-over-year

Global online music streaming subscriptions grew 32% year-on-year reaching 358 million subscriptions in calendar year 2019, according to the latest findings from Counterpoint Research. 

The research group says this is driven by the availability of exclusive content like podcasts, originals which attracted people towards the platform and eventually turned them as subscribers. Also, promotional activities like price cuts in subscriptions in emerging markets, bundled offers from telcos added to the growth. 

Counterpoint Research expects that online music streaming subscriptions to grow more than 25% year-on-year to exceed 450 million subscriptions by the end of 2020.

Spotify topped calendar year 2019 grabbing a 31% share of the total revenue and a 35% share of the total paid subscriptions. The...

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March 2020: Apple Stores close, but MacBook Air...

Maybe 2019 was practice for Apple, as it is now used to releasing new products via a press release. That's what it had to do in March 2020 as the whole world self-isolated, and Apple Stores closed their doors.

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Apple TV Channels offering free EPIX access,...

A handful of streaming services are offering extended trials through the Apple TV app during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, you can get extended one-month trials of Showtime and other services, as well as completely free access to EPIX. Read on for the details.


The post Apple TV Channels offering free EPIX access, extended free trials of Showtime and many more appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple Music gains on Spotify in subscribers and...

New data from Counterpoint this week underscores the continued growth of streaming music as the competition intensifies between Apple Music and Spotify. According to the data, Apple Music’s subscriber base grew by 36% in 2019, giving Apple a 19% share of the total paid subscriptions in the industry.


The post Apple Music gains on Spotify in subscribers and revenue, Counterpoint data indicates appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Making the Grade: A firewall is a crucial part of...

Although there are a lot of similarities in K–12 and enterprise networks, K–12 networks will have some requirements that must be considered when overhauling a network. Over the next few weeks, I am going to discuss all the various pieces of building a K–12 network. We will look at firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi, device management, and device selection. This week, I am going to look at picking the best firewall. more…

The post Making the Grade: A firewall is a crucial part of your network, here’s how to pick one appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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A Hacker Found a Way To Take Over Any Apple Webcam

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Wired: Apple has a well-earned reputation for security, but in recent years its Safari browser has had its share of missteps. This week, a security researcher publicly shared new findings about vulnerabilities that would have allowed an attacker to exploit three Safari bugs in succession and take over a target's webcam and microphone on iOS and macOS devices. Apple patched the vulnerabilities in January and March updates. But before the fixes, all a victim would have needed to do is click one malicious link and an attacker would have been able to spy on them remotely.

The bugs Pickren found all stem from seemingly minor oversights. For example, he discovered that Safari's list of the permissions a user has granted to websites treated all sorts of URL variations as being part of the same site, like,...

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OutRun is a simple iPhone run tracker that is...

I’ve been using my iPhone to track my runs since 2010 when I first signed up for RunKeeper when I had an iPhone 3GS. I’ve  only used a GPS watch for varying points in my running career, so for me, the iPhone has always been my primary run tracker. In recent years, many of the popular running apps have been moving towards a subscription model (which is understandable considering the apps need constant development), but I always believed there was room for a simple running that that was private by default and shared the data with Apple Health/Activity app. Finally, there is a simple iPhone Run Tracker, and its called OutRun.


The post OutRun...

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Review: Yobi B3 HomeKit Doorbell is easy to install...

The Yobi B3 HomeKit Doorbell camera was announced at CES 2019, and after a long road through development, has escaped the fate of most products shown at CES. It's now available for pre-order, and we have some hands-on experience to share.

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Apple granted patent for a HomePod audio system with...

Apple has been granted a patent for an “audio system with configurable zones” that hints at future features for paired HomePods in, among other things, a home theater set-up.

In the patent data, the tech giant notes that speaker arrays may reproduce pieces of sound program content to a user through the use of one or more audio beams. For example, a set of speaker arrays may reproduce front left, front center, and front right channels for a piece of sound program content (e.g., a musical composition or an audio track for a movie).

However, Apple says that though speaker arrays provide a wide degree of customization through the production of audio beams, conventional speaker array systems must be manually configured each time a new speaker array is added to the system, a speaker array is moved within a listening environment/area, an audio source is added/changed, or any other change is made to the listening environment. Apple says that this...

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Notable apps and updates, March 30-April 3

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are this week’s picks.


The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator Pro 1.6, codenamed Magenta, an update to its Mac image editor.

The update adds a color picker, includes the ability to quickly choose colors using hex color codes and makes it possible to select multiple objects by simply dragging over them. Along with these changes, Pixelmator Pro 1.6 Magenta brings some significant performance improvements, adds the ability to more easily see RGB color codes, includes a way to view recently used fonts, and features y other improvements and fixes.

Pixelmator Pro 1.6 Magenta is available today from the Mac App Store....

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Intel’s new ‘Comet Lake-H’ processors are best...

Apple has not announced an upgrade to the 16-inch MacBook Pro released late last year. But when it does sometime down the road, it’s likely to include the new CPU that Intel just announced. The “10th Gen Intel Core-H Series,” as it is officially named (or “Comet Lake-H” as the hardware enthusiasts call it) will offer clock speeds over 5GHz.

Intel calls it the “world’s fastest mobile processor” and it’s the latest salvo in a growing battle between Intel and AMD in the laptop market. Apple has stuck with Intel chips for years and, assuming that continues, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is likely to get an upgrade to these processors later this year. Here’s what you can expect.


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'Artemis Fowl' will debut on Disney+

Disney has adjusted the theatrical release dates for its biggest upcoming movies this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, except for Artemis Fowl. Instead of pushing back its opening date from May 29th to a later one, the entertainment giant won&#3...

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How to check if your Mac’s software is 32- or 64-bit

MacOS 10.14 Mojave, the version of the Mac operating system before the new macOS Catalina, is the last version that supports 32-bit software. With Catalina, only 64-bit software will be supported.

Catalina is here and if you decide to upgrade to the new macOS, you need to do a bit more than usual to prepare your Mac. You need to make sure your apps are 64-bit versions. If your app is a 32-bit version, it will not work.


Apple actually started to warn people about the change with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. If you launch a 32-bit app in High Sierra, an alert pops up to tell you that your app needs to...

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Friday April 3

Skype rolls out 'Meet Now' calls that don...

With people forced out of their offices and schools to avoid spreading coronavirus, there are more video calls going on than ever. However, a significant chunk of the action has gone to Zoom, and not Skype, Microsoft's product that has been at th...

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Apple Music subscriber base grew 36% in 2019, second...

Music streaming subscriptions were up 32% globally last year, with Apple Music maintaining a comfortable second place position behind Spotify, according to newly published estimates.

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How Apple's fee exemption program for in-app...

Amazon's Prime Video app now features in-app rentals and purchases across Apple's platforms. While that's new, there's much more to the story -- including the previously obscure Apple initiative that allowed it.

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Google rolls back Chrome feature that blocks cross-...

Google is temporarily rolling back a feature it launched with Chrome 80 to make sure it doesn't break websites in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Back in February, the tech giant started enforcing a new cookie classification system that wa...

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Tim Cook to deliver virtual commencement address for...

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to deliver a "virtual commencement address" for Ohio State University students graduating this spring, the university announced on Friday.

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Tim Cook keeping commencement address streak with...

Tim Cook is known to deliver a commencement address in front of graduating college students every spring. This year is no exception, although the global health pandemic calls for unique measures: a virtual appearance.


The post Tim Cook keeping commencement address streak with virtual Ohio State graduation on May 3 appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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9to5Rewards: Mac Pro Rack giveaway + OWC memory...

We’ve teamed up with OWC this month for our biggest giveaway yet: Apple’s brand new Mac Pro Rack worth $6499 USD. Not only are we giving away Apple’s most expensive desktop machine to date, OWC is also including 384GB of its new memory and its Accelsior 4M2 4TB SSD made for the new Mac Pro (normally worth around $3000 USD combined!).

Head below to enter the giveaway and more on OWC’s new Mac Pro products:


The post 9to5Rewards: Mac Pro Rack giveaway + OWC memory & storage appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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University of Alabama selects Apple Watch to monitor...

The University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football program caused a bit of a stir in the collegiate sports world this week when it was revealed that the team is using Apple Watch to monitor player fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Apple's latest acquisition could help Siri...

The battle between AI voice assistants continues to rage on, and now Apple has acquired a tech firm, Voysis, that is all about helping computers understand natural language. As reported by Bloomberg, the firm's now-deleted website said it could p...

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Apple scoops up Voysis, an AI startup, to beef up...

Apple has acquired Voysis, an artificial intelligence start-up, to improve the natural language skills of Siri, its personal digit assistant.

Bloomberg reports that the Ireland-based Voysis has developed a platform for digital voice assistants to better understand people’s natural language. The goal : improving digital assistants inside online shopping apps, so the software could respond more accurately to voice commands from users. The start-ups website (now gone) said the tech  could narrow product search results by processing shopping phrases such as “I need a new LED TV” and “My budget is $1,000.”

Bloomberg says Apple could use the Voysis’ tech to improve Siri’s understanding of natural language or to offer the Voysis platform to thousands of developers that already integrate with the...

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Bugs that let sites hijack Mac and iPhone cameras...

Enlarge (credit: Ryan Pickren)

A security bug that gave malicious hackers the ability to access the cameras of Macs, iPhones, and iPads has fetched a $75,000 bounty to the researcher who discovered it.

In posts published here and here, researcher Ryan Pickren said he discovered seven vulnerabilities in Safari and its Webkit browser engine that, when chained together, allowed malicious websites to turn on the cameras of Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Pickren privately reported the bugs, and Apple has since fixed the vulnerabilities and paid the researcher $75,000 as part of the company’s bug bounty program.

Apple tightly restricts the access that third...

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Apple acquires AI startup Voysis in apparent push to...

Apple recently purchased Dublin, Ireland-based company Voysis, a startup that conducted work on improving natural language processing in virtual assistants.

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Amidst COVID-19, Disney+ Soars. Apple TV+ Not So Much

Analysis shows that Apple TV+ decisions about new content don’t seem to be resonating with viewers under lockdown.

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Audio Hijack 3.7

Adds the new Live Stream output block for broadcasting audio to services using services that use Real-Time Messaging Protocol (such as Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube). ($49 new, free update, 16.1 MB)

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Apple acquires AI startup Voysis to improve Siri’s...

After the surprise move of Apple buying Dark Sky, the popular hyperlocal weather app, Bloomberg has learned that it has also purchased another company this week called Voysis. The latest is an artificial intelligence startup that could help Apple improve Siri’s skill at understanding natural language.


The post Apple acquires AI startup Voysis to improve Siri’s natural language skills appeared first on...

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Banktivity 7.5

Adds the capability to flip the amounts of transactions when importing from CSV. ($69.99 new, free update, 22.3 MB)

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Fantastical 3.0.9

Fixes bugs and improves performance when resizing Fantastical's window in month view. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 21.9 MB)

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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.16

Brings bug fixes and improvements to the drive-cloning and backup utility. ($39.99 new, free update, 14.5 MB)

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Pages 10, Numbers 10, and Keynote 10

Updates all three iWork apps with new folder sharing capabilities and more. (Free, various sizes)

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Little Snitch 4.5

Brings a redesigned offline Research Assistant and several improvements to the network traffic management utility. ($45 new, free update, 40.5 MB)

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Apple Brings Its Hardware Microphone Disconnect...

Apple has brought its hardware microphone disconnect security feature to its latest iPads. From a report: The microphone disconnect security feature aims to make it far more difficult for hackers to use malware or a malicious app to eavesdrop on a device's surroundings. The feature was first introduced to Macs by way of Apple's T2 security chip last year. The security chip ensured that the microphone was physically disconnected from the device when the user shuts their MacBook lid. The idea goes that physically cutting off the microphone from the device prevents malware -- even with the highest level of âoerootâ device permissions -- from listening in to nearby conversations. Apple confirmed in a support guide that its newest iPads have the same feature. Any certified "Made for iPad" case that's attached and closed will trigger the hardware disconnect.


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Apple Configurator 2.12

Adds support for the 2019 Mac Pro. (Free, 49.1 MB)

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Pixelmator Pro 1.6

Introduces an all-new color picker that improves color selection and management. ($39.99 new, free update, 196.6 MB)

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FCC, FTC give providers 48 hours to block COVID-19...

The US government's quest to fight robocalls is taking on added urgency in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FCC and FTC have demanded that gateway providers cut off COVID-19-related scam robocalls of overseas origin within 48 hours or else fa...

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Alabama football picks Apple Watch for fitness edge...

During the coronavirus pandemic, college football teams are faced with the interesting scenario of trying to get their players in peak physical shape for the fall season…remotely. A new report from The Athletic (paywall) details how Alabama has issued Apple Watch to all of its players before the college was shut down to keep the training of its players going and check in on their sleep and heart rate data, all while walking a tricky line of not breaking SEC rules.


The post Alabama football picks...

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Blackmagic's pro livestreaming switcher can...

If you're devoted enough to livestreaming that you want the kind of features you'd expect from a TV studio, Blackmagic might have your back. It's releasing the ATEM Mini Pro, an enhanced version of the ATEM Mini switcher that's focus...

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Every Zoom Security and Privacy Flaw So Far, and...

The videoconferencing service Zoom has seen a 20-fold increase in usage during the coronavirus pandemic. That extra attention has put a spotlight on poor technical and policy decisions that have exposed Zoom’s users to harm and revealed personal data unnecessarily. But hope blooms with the company’s latest comprehensive apology and roadmap.

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Every Zoom Security and Privacy Flaw So Far, and...

The videoconferencing service Zoom has seen a 20-fold increase in usage during the coronavirus pandemic. That extra attention has put a spotlight on poor technical and policy decisions that have exposed Zoom’s users to harm and revealed personal data unnecessarily. But hope blooms with the company’s latest comprehensive apology and roadmap.

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Review: Satechi’s 108W USB-C Desktop Charger offers...

Satechi launched its latest multi-device USB-C charger at CES back in January and it comes with the most ports and power you’ll find in pretty much any option on the market. Read on for our full review of Satechi’s 108W USB-C PD Desktop Charger.


The post Review: Satechi’s 108W USB-C Desktop Charger offers Apple devices max power and ports appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Porsche's virtual race series starts tomorrow...

It's not just multi-manufacturer racing leagues like NASCAR going digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Porsche is livestreaming its Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition starting on April 4th at 10AM Eastern, when drivers take to a digital version o...

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Senators question Tim Cook about Apple’s new COVID-...

Several Democratic senators asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about the privacy of the company’s new COVID-19 screening app and website, according to Bloomberg.

Senators Bob Menendez, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Richard Blumenthal sent a letter to the tech giant expressing concern “for the safety and security of Americans’ private health data.” They want to know about data-sharing practices and safeguards, and whether the app complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The senators are also seeking information on Apple’s agreements with federal or state governments for the development of the app, according to the letter.

On March 27, Apple released a new screening tool and set of resources to help people stay informed and take the proper steps to protect their health during the spread...

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How to Capture Data with Forms using Numbers for...

During these days of working from home and possibly having some extra spare time, we have some useful tutorials for you that can help build your skills. One of these skills makes use of the Forms feature in Apple’s free Numbers spreadsheet app to capture data wherever you may be. Grab your iPhone or iPad and join in as we create a sample form in Numbers.

Make a Spreadsheet for the Data You Wish to Analyze

You’ll need to know what data you want or need to capture. We’ll create a spreadsheet in Numbers that has the data fields in individual columns, with each row being a separate record. For example, we’ll make a spreadsheet for tracking credit card expenses. Our fields, or data points, are:

  • Date and Time we made a credit card purchase

  • Card...

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Compared: 2020 MacBook Air i3 versus MacBook Air i7

The MacBook Air is again available with an i7 processor. We've benchmarked the base 2020 MacBook Air with i3 processor, and the high-end quad-core i7 MacBook Air to see how much of a performance difference there -- and to see if the i7 is worth the higher price tag.

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Apple’s event calendar: When is the next Apple event?

Updated 4/03/20: Updated with the latest news and predictions about Apple events this year.

Apple doesn’t often participate in big industry-wide events like CES or E3. The most valuable company in the world holds its own events, thank you very much. Several times a year, Apple invites the press and industry professionals out to a theater to hear all about its latest products and services. Apple calls these “Special Events,” and streams them online to its millions of fans.

There’s also WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, a multi-day event in the middle of the year focused on sessions for developers, helping them make the most out of the latest Apple tools and products. It kicks off with a big keynote that serves to announce new products (typically the latest versions of iOS and macOS, as well as a few hardware products).


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How to watch WrestleMania 2020 for free on iPhone,...

While WrestleMania normally has up to 100,000 fans attend the big event, this year due to the coronavirus, it will be held in a more or less empty arena in Orlando. Follow along for how to watch WrestleMania 2020 for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and the web.


The post How to watch WrestleMania 2020 for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the web appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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The forgotten dream of second-screen gaming

The original iPad came out on April 3rd, 2010, at a time when most smartphone manufacturers were making the awkward transition from full QWERTY keyboards to touchscreen-only devices. Apple sold 1 million iPads in that first month, and by the end of 2...

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Senators Question Tim Cook About Apple’s COVID-19 App

Several Democratic senators asked Tim Cook questions about the privacy of Apple’s newly released COVID-19 screening website and app.

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Senators raise privacy concerns over Apple's...

Democratic senators have reached out to Tim Cook to inquire about how Apple handles personal data on its new COVID-19 screening app and website.

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Babbel Language Learning Lifetime Subscription (All...

Have time on your hands to learn a new language or 14? We have a deal for you on a lifetime subscription for Babbel, the language learning software. With Babbel, you get to practice with 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons, and Babbel uses speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point. And, it comes with 10,000 hours of online language education. A lifetime subscription is $159 through our deal, and it covers all 14 of their languages.

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The latest iPad Pro disables mics when its case is...

These days, any connected device with a microphone could arguably be treated with suspicion, from smart speakers to phones to computers. Apple helped to address privacy concerns in 2018 by adding a feature that disconnects MacBook microphones when th...

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US senators are asking Apple how private their COVID...

Apple launched its user-friendly and helpful COVID-19 screening app and website last week. Even though the company publicly detailed it isn’t collecting responses, four US senators have asked Tim Cook for more details on the privacy policy of the app. Here’s what we found in our analysis of the app.


The post US senators are asking Apple how private their COVID-19 app is, so we tested it appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Deadpool is Fortnite's latest playable...

While he's been in the periphery of the game since the start of the current season, Deadpool is finally making his way to Fortnite proper. If you purchased this season's battle pass, you can obtain the skin by finding the mercenary's two...

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Everything known about the 2020 'iPhone SE'

The launch of the so-called 2020 "iPhone SE," largely expected to be an updated iPhone 8-style device, is imminent. Here's what's been discovered about the subject of rumors for the last three years.

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This week's best deals: Sonos speakers, Xbox...

As another week comes to a close, we’re recapping the deals you can still grab now. A major highlight is Sonos’ sale on a trio of speakers — the Beam, the One, and the One SL — that brings prices down to Black-Friday lows. Gamers can grab a 6-month X...

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Get 60% off on the Babbel Language Learning App

Learning various languages is not only fun but also a necessity. If you travel a lot, then you need to learn the languages of the world. You can learn different languages when you travel across the world, but you may not have that much time to stay there and learn their language.

It requires a lot of time. If, however, you want to learn the languages you can download the Babbel Language Learning app.

Babbel Language Learning App

This app is one of the best and the most authentic app with which you can learn various languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, and many others. All you need is to download the app and get started. 

This App gives you lifetime access to 14 languages. It covers several topics that are useful for learning a language. The app also has various levels, from beginner to advance to aid in learning at different levels. There is also an offline mode where you can access lessons and courses.

So, you do not need...

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Buy the Apple Macbook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB)...

Are you looking for one of the latest models of Apple Macbook Air? One of the best places where you can find the Macbook with a discount is Amazon. Amazon offers special discounts for Apple products such as the latest Macbook Air.

With this deal, you can buy the 13-inch model of MacBook Air for $749.99 instead of $999. When you buy it here on Amazon you get 25% off. 

Apple MacBook Air



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Skype ditches account and download requirements,...

Microsoft has made some nice improvements to its Skype video call service. Starting today, users don’t need to sign up for an account or download software to join cross-platform video conferences. There’s also a simpler interface that allows users to start a video call in just one click.


The post Skype ditches account and download requirements, offers link-based option for free video calls appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Facebook tried to buy NSO Group's iOS spyware...

NSO Group, the team behind the 2019 WhatsApp spyware attack, says Facebook proposed buying "Pegasus" software to better keep tabs on iOS users' activity.

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Ten years in, a look at the iPad killers that weren...

Apple's original iPad went on sale 10 years ago today, which means that it's been 10 years since people finally started taking tablets seriously. Hyperbole? Not really. The idea of a tablet computer had been kicked around for years, fueled in large p...

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Apple Store appears to leak new, iPhone 8-like...

The last time the iPhone SE appeared in an Apple presentation was in this 2018 slide showing it being scrapped for materials. (credit: Valentina Palladino)

An apparent leak on the Apple Store suggests that a new phone carrying the iPhone SE name is coming soon.

A product title for a Belkin screen protector in Apple's online store listed the supported devices as iPhone 7, 8, and SE. This seems to indicate that a new SE would be the same size as an iPhone 7 or 8, making the new SE bigger than its 4-inch predecessor from 2016. The product page has since been updated to remove the iPhone SE name; it just says 7 and 8 now.

This leak corroborates a vaguely sourced rumor from 9to5Mac...

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Watch 75 SXSW short films online right now for free

Personally, I’m all in favour of SXSW being canceled but it does hurt the indie filmmakers. If you’ve got the time (and who doesn’t now?), you might find a few cinematic gems in here.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPad at Ten Years On – TMO Daily Observations 2020-...

John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join host Kelly Guimont to discuss the iPad on the tenth anniversary of release. Looking back, and forward, at its impact and potential.

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Watch the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Mythic Quest’ battle...

Mythic Quest arrived on Apple TV+ as the service’s first comedy series in February. Now in light of filming halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cast is having some fun streaming playing the 2D fighter Brawlhalla.


The post Watch the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Mythic Quest’ battle on Twitch live playing Brawlhalla appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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2020 iPad Models Feature a Hardware Microphone...

Apple is now equipping iPads with a feature that cuts off the microphone at the hardware level when an attached case is closed, preventing apps from spying on you.

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US Apple Store Closures to Remain Until Early May

According to a memo Apple sent to employees, it advised that retail store closures in the U.S. will remain until early May.

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SoundCloud has a new way to help users directly...

Musicians who rely on concert ticket sales are hurting -- shows across the world have been cancelled, leaving bands with little recourse. Thankfully, platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud have been softening the blow. The latter is allowing musician...

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Apple discounts HomePod to $149 for employees,...

Apple is currently running a special promotion for employees. The HomePod usually retails for $299 for customers, but Apple retail and corporate employees can pick up a HomePod right now at half price: $149.50 each to be exact.

This special employee discount is not unprecedented, but uncommon. It is possible that Apple is trying to reduce inventory of the HomePod ahead of a rumored product update. Although the HomePod is widely praised for its sound quality, its high price relative to the smart speaker market has meant it has not been a mainstream success.


The post Apple discounts HomePod to $149 for...

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Apple TV+ originals: The first season of Home Before...

Apple is planting its own flag in the streaming wars with Apple TV+, its in-house streaming service that features only original programming—no reruns of hit TV shows or last year’s blockbuster movies.

The company is said to be spending several billion dollars a year on original programming. That’s a lot of TV! Apple is attracting some of the best talent in TV and film production, including huge stars and directors, and locking down the television and movie rights to best-selling books.

Though the service is relatively new and has few shows available, there’s a lot in the works. This is a list of all its content for it that we know of so far, along with details about prominent stars, directors, producers, and release dates.

To read this article in...

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Deezer Data Reveals Need For Mood Music and...

New data from Deezer revealed a growth in listening to radio, as well as mood music, and a shift in the types of devices used to stream audio.

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Facebook Tried to Buy a Hacking Tool to Spy on...

According to court filings, when Facebook was in the early stages of building its spyware VPN called Onavo Protect, it noticed that it wasn’t as effective on Apple devices as it was on Android. So Facebook approached a hacking group called NSO Group to use its Pegasus malware.

According to the court documents, it seems the Facebook representatives were not interested in buying parts of Pegasus as a hacking tool to remotely break into phones, but more as a way to more effectively monitor phones of users who had already installed Onavo.

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How to Use iCloud Folder Sharing Across iOS and macOS

iOS 13.4 brought back iCloud Folder Sharing after Apple had removed it in a previous release. Here’s how to use it on iOS and macOS.

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Twitter is rushing to verify health experts

Twitter is making good on its promise to verify more health experts. Since the company said it would expand verification two weeks ago, more than 1,000 accounts have received the coveted blue checkmark, according to a company spokesperson. The accoun...

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You Can Now Make Purchases in the Amazon Prime Video...

The Amazon Prime Video iOS and Apple TV apps now let you make purchases, a surprising development. But it turns out to be part of an Apple program that isn’t all that new.

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Facebook reportedly tried to buy software to spy on...

Here’s another reason to dislike Facebook (the world’s frenemy): according to a declaration from NSO CEO Shalev Hulio, two Facebook representatives approached NSO in October 2017 and asked to purchase the right to use certain capabilities of Pegasus. In other words, the company wanted to buy an Apple spying tool, according to Motherboard.

NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli technology firm known for its Pegasus spyware enabling the remote surveillance of smartphones. (An interesting side note: in October 2019, instant messaging company WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook sued NSO under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.)

Motherboard says that, three years ago, Facebook was in the early...

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FCC approves $200 million plan to fund COVID-19...

The FCC has approved $200 million in telehealth funding for healthcare providers responding to the coronavirus pandemic. With federal funding made available through the CARES Act, the COVID-19 Telehealth Program will help providers pay for the broadb...

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Everything known about Apple's AirTags

There has been a lot said about Apple's forthcoming AirTags in the last six months, including what we'll be able to do with them and how we'll do it once they're in our hands.

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Looking back at 10 years of the iPad, Apple's...

On April 3, 2010, the iPad wasn't really an iPhone and not quite a Mac. The latest iPads blend the best of both worlds -- and that's been an evolution a decade in the making.

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Facebook tried to buy controversial tool to spy on...

Over the last few years, Facebook has had a slew of privacy and security blunders and more details about one of them have come to light through a new court filing as the social media company is suing the spyware company NSO Group. It turns out Facebook tried to buy controversial government spyware to monitor iPhone and iPad users.


The post Facebook tried to buy controversial tool to spy on iPhone users, court filing reveals appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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A sequel to beloved indie game 'Rogue Legacy...

What at first seemed like a potential April Fool's joke has turned out to be real: almost seven years after the original came out, Cellar Door Games has confirmed it's working on a Rogue Legacy sequel. The indie studio didn't share a rele...

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Here are all the Apple Arcade games that support...

Apple Arcade is here, and you can play some of the subscription service’s many games with select models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers as well as Mfi (Made for iOS) controllers!

During Apple Arcade’s announcement, though, Apple gave the impression that all Apple Arcade games would work with gamepads (in part because the service will eventually also come to macOS and tvOS), but it turns out that’s not entirely true. Some games have interfaces solely designed for touchscreens—at least on iPhone and iPad. 


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9to5Mac Happy Hour 271: Amazon skirts App Store...

Benjamin and Zac unpack the week of news including more features coming to iOS 14 and watchOS 7, Siri for Spotify on Apple Watch, Apple’s COVID-19 app, the Amazon Prime Video App Store situation, new AirTag leaks, Apple buying Dark Sky, breaking 2020 iPhone SE news, and much more.

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iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can: Copy music to and from... Read more
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Clearance 13″ 128GB MacBook Air in stock toda...
Guitar Center has clearance 2019 13″ 1.6GHz/128GB Space Gray MacBook Airs in stock today for $899 shipped. That’s $200 off Apple’s original MSRP for this model and the cheapest price available today... Read more
Weekend sale: 21″ & 27″ iMacs for up to $...
B&H Photo has new 21″ and 27″ 5K iMacs in stock today and on sale for up to $200 off Apple’s MSRP. These are the same iMacs sold by Apple in their retail and online stores, and B&H’s prices... Read more
Here’s how you can save $50 today on one of A...
– 11″ 128GB WiFi iPad Pro: $789 $10 off – 11″ 256GB WiFi iPad Pro: $849 $50 off – 11″ 512GB WiFi iPad Pro: $1049 $50 off – 11″ 1TB WiFi iPad Pro: $1249.99 $50 off – 11″ 128GB WiFi + Cell iPad Pro: $... Read more
Apple AirPods Pro back on sale at Amazon for...
Amazon has Apple’s AirPods Pro in stock and on sale today for $234.98 shipped. Their price is about $15 (6%) off Apple’s MSRP and the cheapest price available for these new models from any Apple... Read more
Apple restocks clearance, previous-generation...
Apple has clearance, Certified Refurbished, 2019 13″ MacBook Airs available for only $779. Each MacBook features a new outer case, comes with a standard Apple one-year warranty, and is shipped free.... Read more
Retro Reading: PowerBook Central Coverage of...
FEATURE: 04.03.20- Welcome to another edition of “Retro Reading,” a series here in my column, “Mac Potpourri,” where we dig deep into the archives for content written on today’s date several years... Read more
Price drop! 21″ 3.6GHz Quad-Core 4K iMac on s...
B&H Photo has the 21″ 3.6GHz Quad-Core 4K iMac in stock today and on sale for $1099.99 including free next day shipping to many locations in the US. That’s $200 off Apple’s MSRP: – 21″ 3.6GHz... Read more
Amazon is again offering $129 Apple AirPods,...
Amazon has Apple AirPods with Charging Case on sale again for $129.98 shipped. Their price is $30 off Apple’s MSRP for these AirPods. Their price is the cheapest available for AirPods from any Apple... Read more
Apple continues to offer iMac discounts rangi...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2019 21″ & 27″ iMacs available starting at $929 and up to $350 off the cost of new models. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, shipping is free, and each iMac... Read more
Apple offers Certified Refurbished iPhone XS...
Apple has Certified Refurbished iPhone XS models available for up to $350 off MSRP, with prices starting at $699. Each iPhone is unlocked and comes with Apple’s standard one-year warranty and a new... Read more

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Sephora Merchandise/Operations Supervisor - Apple Blossom Mall Location:Winchester, VA, United States- Apple Blossom Mall 1850 Apple Blossom Dr Job Read more
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