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Sunday June 30

Best MagSafe wireless chargers for iPhone 2024


We’ve rounded up the best MagSafe, Qi2 and MagSafe-compatible magnetic chargers, from the plain pad to multi-functional stands (up to six devices charged), and even the most colorful—from snap-on chargers and modular stands to foldable power banks and full desk mats.

Apple’s MagSafe technology, supported by all models of iPhone 12/13/14/15, presents a more efficient way of wirelessly charging compatible iPhones. MagSafe is the ring of magnets around the iPhone 12, 13, 14 and 15’s internal charging coil that senses compatible accessories and magnetically snaps securely into the most efficient charging position with the right accessories. With MagSafe, you’re less likely to wake up to find your phone wasn’t correctly placed on the wireless charger so didn’t charge at all!...

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Security Bite: Ranking my favorite new privacy...

9to5Mac Security Bite is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Making Apple devices work-ready and enterprise-safe is all we do. Our unique integrated approach to management and security combines state-of-the-art Apple-specific security solutions for fully automated Hardening & Compliance, Next Generation EDR, AI-powered Zero Trust, and exclusive Privilege Management with the most powerful and modern Apple MDM on the market. The result is a totally automated Apple Unified Platform currently trusted by over 45,000 organizations to make millions of Apple devices work-ready with no effort and at an affordable cost. Request your EXTENDED TRIAL today and understand why Mosyle is everything you need to work with Apple.

When Apple unveiled iOS 18 earlier this...

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Friday June 28

Apple Developing New Way To Make iPhone Batteries...

According to a report from The Information, Apple is developing a new "electrically induced adhesive debonding" technology that would make iPhone batteries easier to replace. 9to5Mac reports: Currently, replacing an iPhone battery requires using tweezers to remove the existing battery, which is held in place by adhesive strips. Then, you must use a "specialized machine and tray" to press the new battery into place. The new process uses metal instead of foil to cover the battery, as The Information explains: "The new technology --- known as electrically induced adhesive debonding -- involves encasing the battery in metal, rather than foil as it is currently. That would allow people to dislodge the battery from the chassis by administering a small jolt of electricity to the battery, the people said. Consumers still have to pry open the iPhone themselves, which is not an easy process because of the adhesives and screws that keep the iPhone's screen sealed in place."

Even with...

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Apple’s Vision Pro goes on sale outside the US for...

Enlarge / A Vision Pro on display at an Apple Store in Tokyo. (credit: Apple)

Apple's Vision Pro headset went on sale outside the United States for the first time today, in the first of two waves of expanded availability.

The $3,499 "spatial computing" device launched back in February in the US, but it hasn't taken the tech world by storm. Part of that has been its regional launch, with some of the biggest markets still lacking access.

Apple announced that the product would be sold internationally during its keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month.

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Quicken 7.8

Adds a Watchlist feature that allows monitoring of specific securities for potential trading or investing opportunities. ($59.88/$83.88/$119.88 annual subscription, free update, 3.2 MB, macOS 11+)

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Final Cut Pro 10.8, Compressor 4.8, and Motion 5.8

Adds new machine learning-powered Enhance Light and Color effect to Final Cut Pro and Motion. ($299.99/$49.99/$49.99 new, free update, various sizes, macOS 13.5+)

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OmniFocus 4.3.1

Brings improvements and stability fixes to the task management app. ($74.99 new, free update, 31.5 MB, macOS 13+)

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Lightroom Classic 13.4

Updates support for new cameras and lenses, including the front and back cameras of the recently released iPad Air and iPad Pro. ($9.99/$19.99/$59.99 monthly Creative Cloud subscription, free update, macOS

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Fantastical 3.8.19 and Cardhop 2.2.18

Refreshes Cardhop's contact card design and improves Openings Editor accessibility support in Fantastical. $56.99 annual subscription, free update, 66.1/30.2 MB, macOS 11+)

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Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker subscription price to...

Sometimes the subscription price for an app you love with all your heart goes through the roof. Per Reddit, Apple has sent out a warning that the subscription price for Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker is about to jump from $39.99 per year to $89.99 per year with next to no warning. The price hike will […]


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Thursday June 27

Apple’s “Longevity, by Design” argues its huge scale...

Enlarge / Apple has a lot to say about the third-party battery market in "Longevity, by Design," specifically about how many batteries fail to meet testing standards. (credit: Apple)

Earlier this week, Apple published a whitepaper titled "Longevity by Design." The purpose, Apple says, is to explain "the company's principles for designing for longevity—a careful balance between product durability and repairability." It also contains some notable changes to Apple's parts pairing and repair technology.

Here is a summary of the action items in the document's 24 pages:

  • The...
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Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair program...

If you’re living in Europe and wish to repair your own Apple hardare, you’re going to like this. Apple on Tuesday announced that the Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair are now available in 32 European countries. When you take a faulty device to an Apple Store, or an Apple authorized service provider, they are […]


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iOS 18, macOS Sequoia betas point towards iCloud...

While iCloud Drive is a handy way to manage files and store data, it looks like Apple’s upcomig iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia operating systems will allow you to keep large downloads directly on your device. Per MacRumors and Macworld, Apple is adding a “Keep Downloaded” option that prevents the file from being moved to […]


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Wednesday June 26

In Your Face Provides Persistent Notifications for...

Tired of being late to meetings because you were focused on a task and missed a subtle notification in the corner of the screen? The In Your Face app takes over the entire Mac screen for its alerts, ensuring you never miss an event again.

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Apple rejects PC emulators on the iOS App Store

Enlarge / Don't get your hopes up—this iOS version of Doom was ported from open source code, not run via a classic PC emulator. (credit: Tom Kidd)

Earlier this year, Apple started officially allowing "retro game emulators" on the iOS App Store without the need for cumbersome jailbreaking or sideloading. But if you want to emulate retro PC games on your iOS device, you are apparently still out of...

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ChatGPT for Mac now available for all users

If you’re hankering for AI goodness ahead of the release of macOS Sequoia’s and Apple Intelligence, you’re going to like this. The new ChatGPT app for Mac is now available for all users beyond the Plus subscribers, and can readily perform functions such as taking screenshots, analyzing files, and reviewing text with just a keyboard […]


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macOS 15 beta 2 notes point towards less drive space...

This should come in handy, or at least alleviate a minor headache when installing the macOS or applications. Apple on Tuesday announced that beginning with macOS Sequoia, app downloads and installations from the Mac App Store will no longer require double the amount of local storage space available. Instead, the free space requirement now matches […]


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Tuesday June 25

OpenAI’s ChatGPT for Mac is now available to all...

Enlarge / The app lets you invoke ChatGPT from anywhere in the system with a keyboard shortcut, Spotlight-style. (credit: Samuel Axon)

OpenAI's official ChatGPT app for macOS is now available to all users for the first time, provided they're running macOS Sonoma or later.

It was previously being rolled out gradually to paid subscribers to ChatGPT's Plus premium plan.

The ChatGPT Mac app mostly acts as a desktop window version of the web app, allowing you to carry on back-and-forth prompt-and-response conversations. You can select between the GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4o models. It also supports the more specialized GPTs available in the web version, including the DALL-E image generator and custom GPTs...

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Monday June 24

Apple Says It Won’t Ship Apple Intelligence for EU...

Apple has said the Digital Markets Act’s interoperability requirements will prevent it from shipping Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring, and SharePlay Screen Sharing for EU users in 2024. 

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Experiencing Art Immersion with the Vision Pro

Using the Art Authority Museum app for the Vision Pro, you can virtually wander among many masterpieces of Western art. Michael Cohen reports on his explorations.

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iOS 18’s drive-formatting option shows how far...

Enlarge / The 2024 iPad Pro. (credit: Samuel Axon)

Apple has added the ability to format external drives in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, the major software updates for iPhones and iPads due later this year.

While the feature likely won't be tapped by all that many users, its inclusion is fascinating in that it shows just how far Apple has moved away from its original sensibilities with the iPhone and the iPad.

The feature was discovered in the iPadOS 18 beta by artist and developer Kaleb Cadle, who posted about it to his Substack ByteBits a couple of days ago. It was later found in iOS 18 as well.

Read 6 remaining paragraphs |...

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Slack to Stop Storing Historical Content for Free...

Slack will be reducing its data storage needs and trying to incentivize free teams to upgrade by deleting data older than a year from free workspaces. Only the last 90 days of data is visible anyway; the change affects only those who upgrade to a paid plan and would previously have recovered all old data.

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Microsoft Office for Mac 16.86.1

Brings improvements and bug fixes to Outlook. ($149.99 new for one-time purchase, $99.99/$69.99 annual subscription options, free update, macOS 12+)

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Mactracker 7.12.17

Adds updates for the recent iPad releases. (Free, 220.6 MB, macOS 10.12+)

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Friday June 21

Apple Intelligence and other features won’t launch...

Enlarge / Features like Image Playground won't arrive in Europe at the same time as other regions. (credit: Apple)

Three major features in iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia will not be available to European users this fall, Apple says. They include iPhone screen mirroring on the Mac, SharePlay screen sharing, and the entire Apple Intelligence suite of generative AI features.

In a statement sent to Financial Times, The Verge, and others, Apple says this decision is related to the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA). Here's the full statement, which was attributed to Apple...

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Thursday June 20

Pirate Ship Reduces Shipping Cost and Complexity

If shipping packages via USPS or UPS frustrates you, check out Pirate Ship. It offers steeply discounted shipping rates, an elegant interface with many shortcuts, and bits of humor.

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Wednesday June 19

Talking about WWDC with Allison Sheridan on the...

Looking for some more insight into Apple’s WWDC keynote announcements? Listen to Adam Engst and Allison Sheridan delve into the more exciting features on her NosillaCast podcast.

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Tuesday June 18

Reports: Apple is halting its next high-end Vision...

Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon)

A report by tech news site The Information suggests that Apple is shifting its augmented reality priorities. The next high-end version of the Vision Pro has purportedly been canceled while work continues on a more affordable version with a reduced feature set.

Citing both an employee in Apple's headset supply chain and one working in headset manufacturing for Apple, the report claims that the cheaper Vision product—perhaps around the $1,600 mark—is due before the end of 2025. Apple had originally intended to present this headset alongside the Vision Pro, similar to the models available in each iPhone...

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Apple abruptly abandons “buy now, pay later” service...

Enlarge (credit: sesame | DigitalVision Vectors)

Apple has abruptly discontinued its "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) service, Apple Pay Later, which turned Apple into a money lender when it launched last March in the US and became widely available in October.

The service previously allowed users to split the cost of purchases of up to $1,000 into four installments that were repaid over six weeks without worrying about extra fees or...

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MacBook Air gets hosed, other models hold steady in...

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson)

As the Intel Mac era has wound down over the last couple of years, we've been painstakingly tracking the amount of software support that each outgoing model is getting. We did this to establish, with over 20 years' worth of hard data, whether Intel Mac owners were getting short shrift as Apple shifted its focus to Apple Silicon hardware and to software that leveraged Apple Silicon-exclusive capabilities.

So far, we've found that owners of Intel Macs made in the mid-to-late 2010s are definitely getting fewer major macOS updates and fewer years' worth of security updates than owners of Intel Macs made in the late 2000s and early 2010s but that these systems are still getting more generous support than old PowerPC Macs did after Apple...

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MLX project looks to revive Xgrid cluster processing...

If you loved the Xgrid project from several years ago, you’re going to like this. Per an excellent article by AppleInsider’s Mike Wuerthele, a new project continues the efforts wherein cluster-based computing was created by connecting Macs together. The Xgrids, which worked well in extremely specific circumstances, were both corporate and federally-funded efforts with some […]


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Apple discontinues Apple Pay Later program, looks to...

Financial tools always shift, and a loan is just another form of paying later. Apple on Monday announced plans to discontinue its Apple Pay Later program, which launched in October 2023. The program ended on Monday, though customers who have existing ‌Apple Pay‌ Later loans will be able to continue to pay them off and […]


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Apple's Battery Supplier TDK Says It Made a Big...

Rocio Fabbro reports via Quartz: TDK, the largest maker of smartphone batteries in the world, said Monday that it has successfully developed a material that could be used in a new battery with "significantly higher energy density" than its existing cells. Energy density refers to how much energy a battery can store relative to its size or weight. The material will be used in TDK's CeraCharge solid-state battery, which it says has an energy density of 1,000 watt-hours per liter -- approximately 100 times more than its conventional solid-state battery. These batteries use an oxide-based solid electrolyte, in contrast with the liquid electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries that are widely found in electronic devices, making them "extremely safe." Solid-state batteries are smaller, charge faster, last longer, and have a lower risk of damage from temperature changes. "Smaller size and higher capacitance contribute to smaller device size and longer operating time," the Tokyo-based...

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Traveling to Europe this summer? Learn your...


Whether you’re studying a new language for fun or to prep for your upcoming European getaway, let Babbel help you. For a limited time, lifetime access to this Forbes-featured learning platform is only $149.97 (reg. $599).

Babbel’s courses aren’t like the ones you took in high school. It offers a more intuitive and sustainable approach, providing lessons ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. Just pick one of Babbel’s 14 languages to begin. Choose from French, Portuguese,...

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Monday June 17

New ad hints at Beats Pill speaker to be unveiled...

We’ve seen a lot of evidence about a new generation of the Beats Pill speaker, which was discontinued by Apple in 2022 without a replacement. Now it looks like the company is finally ready to unveil the new product, as it was teased in an ad published by Beats by Dre on X.


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RESOLVED: **Summary:** Multiple Workspace products...

Incident began at 2024-06-17 16:00 and ended at 2024-06-17 22:27 (times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).

The issue with Google Chat is mitigated. Please find the details in the below link.

Affected products: Google Chat

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RESOLVED: **Summary:** Multiple Workspace products...

Incident began at 2024-06-17 16:00 and ended at 2024-06-17 22:27 (times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).

The issue with Google Drive is mitigated. Please find the details in the below link.

Affected products: Google Drive

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RESOLVED: **Summary:** Multiple Workspace products...

Incident began at 2024-06-17 16:00 and ended at 2024-06-17 22:27 (times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).

The issue with Google Calendar is mitigated. Please find the details in the below link.

Affected products: Google Calendar

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RESOLVED: **Summary:** Multiple Workspace products...

Incident began at 2024-06-17 16:00 and ended at 2024-06-17 22:27 (times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).

The issue with Google Meet is mitigated. Please find the details in the below link.

Affected products: Google Meet

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RESOLVED: **Summary:** Multiple Workspace products...

Incident began at 2024-06-17 16:00 and ended at 2024-06-17 22:27 (times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).


Multiple Workspace products are experiencing elevated error rates and latency


The issue with Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet has been resolved for all affected users as of Monday, 2024-06-17 15:27 US/Pacific.

We thank you for your patience while we worked on resolving the issue.

Affected products: Google Docs

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Examining Apple Intelligence

Apple devoted a large part of its WWDC keynote to Apple Intelligence, a collection of new AI-driven features that it plans to introduce throughout the next year in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 Sequoia. 

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Apple Developing Thinner MacBook Pro, Apple Watch,...

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple appears ready to embrace a thinner design language with the upcoming MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone. MacRumors reports: When the M4 iPad Pro was unveiled last month, Apple touted it as the company's thinnest product ever, and even compared it to the 2012 iPod nano to emphasize its slim dimensions. Writing in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman says that like the iPad Pro, Apple is now focused on delivering the thinnest possible devices across its lineups without compromising on battery life or major new features. Gurman writes that the new iPad Pro is the "beginning of a new class of Apple devices," and that Apple's aim is to offer "the thinnest and lightest products in their categories across the whole tech industry." Apple now reportedly has its sights on making thinner versions of iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro over the next couple of years.

Gurman's sources tell him Apple is now focused on...

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Apple to Discontinue Apple Pay Later

We’re not mourning the loss of the Apple Pay Later service for delaying payment on purchased items.

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Apple Discontinues 'Buy Now, Pay Later'...

Apple said on Monday it will no longer offer its "buy now, pay later" service, Apple Pay Later, in the United States, and will instead focus on bringing installment loan offerings to Apple Pay users globally later this year. The company told 9to5Mac that the new feature will allow users to access installment loans from eligible credit and debit cards, as well as lenders, when checking out with Apple Pay.

Existing Apple Pay Later users in the U.S. will still be able to manage their loans through the Wallet app. Apple Pay Later, which launched in the U.S. in March last year, allowed users to split purchases of $50 to $1,000 into four equal payments over six weeks without fees or interest. The company said the shift to a global installment loan offering will enable it to provide flexible payments to more users worldwide in collaboration with Apple Pay enabled banks and lenders.


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Block SMS Text Spam with Nomorobo

SMS text spam was driving David Shayer crazy, and with the US election season heating up, the problem was only getting worse. After trying various strategies, he managed to rein in the problem with Nomorobo. 

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After a few years of embracing thickness, Apple...

Enlarge / Apple bragged about the thinness of the M4 iPad Pro; it's apparently a template for the company's designs going forward. (credit: Apple)

Though Apple has a reputation for prioritizing thinness in its hardware designs, the company has actually spent the last few years learning to embrace a little extra size and/or weight in its hardware. The Apple Silicon MacBook Pro designs are both thicker and heavier than the Intel-era MacBook Pros they replaced. The MacBook Air gave up its distinctive taper. Even the iPhone 15 Pro was a shade thicker than its predecessor.

But Apple is apparently planning to return to emphasizing thinness in its devices,...

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Zoom Workplace 6.1

Brings various improvements and bug fixes to the video conferencing app. (Free, 123.3 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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Arc 1.47

Introduces a Live Calendar feature compatible with Google Calendar. (Free, 387 MB, macOS 12.1+)

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1Password 8.10.34

Enables you to generate recovery codes for family accounts directly in the app. ($35.88 annual subscription, free update, 4.8 MB, macOS 10.15+)

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Little Snitch 6.0.1

Maintenance update for the network traffic management utility following its recent major upgrade. ($59 new, $39 upgrade from previous licenses, free update, 36.1 MB, macOS 14+)

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BusyCal 2024.2.5

Adds support for syncing tags and their assigned colors over iCloud. ($49.99 new, free update, 68.2 MB, macOS 10.15+)

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iOS 18 Emergency SOS feature to support live video

Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18 update will offer live video support for its Emergency SOS feature. Once the Emergency SOS feature has been activated, streaming video and recorded media can be sent to emergency personnel. Emergency dispatchers can send a request for a user to share either live video or a video from the camera roll, […]


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Friday June 14

Apple Set To Be First Big Tech Group To Face Charges...

An anonymous reader shares a report: Brussels is set to charge Apple over allegedly stifling competition on its mobile app store, the first time EU regulators have used new digital rules to target a Big Tech group. The European Commission has determined that the iPhone maker is not complying with obligations to allow app developers to "steer" users to offers outside its App Store without imposing fees on them, according to three people with close knowledge of its investigation.

The charges would be the first brought against a tech company under the Digital Markets Act, landmark legislation designed to force powerful "online gatekeepers" to open up their businesses to competition in the EU. The commission, the EU's executive arm, said in March it was investigating Apple, as well as Alphabet and Meta, under powers granted by the DMA. An announcement over the charges against Apple was expected in the coming weeks, said two people with knowledge of the case.


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Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men...

Enlarge (credit: Marcos del Mazo / Contributor | LightRocket)

Apple has spent years "intentionally, knowingly, and deliberately paying women less than men for substantially similar work," a proposed class action lawsuit filed in California on Thursday alleged.

A victory for women suing could mean that more than 12,000 current and former female employees in California could collectively claw back potentially millions in lost wages from an apparently ever-...

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Intel-based Macs capable of running macOS Sequoia...

Apple’s forthcoming macOS Sequoia operating system helps move beyond the company beyond Intel-based processors, and it’s been four years since Apple silicon was introduced, but there are still a number of Intel-based Macs that will be able to run the upcoming operating system. To that point, Apple has published the following macOS Sequoia compatibility list: […]


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Thursday June 13

Apple ID to Be Renamed to Apple Account, Disrupting...

Starting later this year, Apple will replace all instances of “Apple ID” in its operating systems and documentation with “Apple Account.” Documentation that covers multiple versions of Apple operating systems will become more awkward.

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Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT...

Enlarge (credit: OpenAI / Apple / Benj Edwards)

On Monday, Apple announced it would be integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT AI assistant into upcoming versions of its iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems. It paves the way for future third-party AI model integrations, but given Google's multi-billion-dollar deal with Apple for preferential web search, the OpenAI announcement inspired speculation about who is paying whom. According to a ...

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These features won’t be part of iOS 18 when it...


There are big, big things coming to iOS 18. You’ll be able to customize your iPhone like never before, every app gets good quality-of-life updates, and of course, Apple Intelligence permeates the entire system (if you have one of the newest iPhones capable of running it).

Given all the hype out of WWDC for all the new features, you might be a little disappointed with September rolls around and iOS 18 is released. That’s because some of the best features won’t be in it–by design. Apple has announced that some of the features are “coming later this year,” which is usually Apple-speak for “we’ll add these in iOS 18.1, 18.2, or 18.3.”

Here’s a quick list of the...

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WWDC: iOS 18 code strings point to Apple...

If you were eager to get your hands on Apple Intelligence during its beta and are a developer outside of the United States, you may have to wait a while. Per code found inside the iOS 18 developer beta, there will be a waitlist for access, and international developers may have to put up with […]


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WWDC: Tim Cook discusses Apple Intelligence in post-...

The forthcoming Apple Intelligence feature is getting a monumental amount of attention, and following the WWDC keynote speech on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the forthcoming artificial intelligence technology. Cook touched on how Apple Intelligence features are designed to improve customers’ lives, with strong privacy safeguards in place. Upon its release, Apple Intelligence will […]


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Wednesday June 12

Apple To 'Pay' OpenAI for ChatGPT Through...

Mark Gurman, reporting for Bloomberg: When Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and his top deputies this week unveiled a landmark arrangement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into the iPhone, iPad and Mac, they were mum on the financial terms. Left unanswered on Monday: which company is paying the other as part of a tight collaboration that has potentially lasting monetary benefits for both. But, according to people briefed on the matter, the partnership isn't expected to generate meaningful revenue for either party -- at least at the outset.

The arrangement includes weaving ChatGPT, a digital assistant that responds in plain terms to information requests, into Apple's Siri and new writing tools. Apple isn't paying OpenAI as part of the partnership, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the deal terms are private. Instead, Apple believes pushing OpenAI's brand and technology to hundreds of millions of its devices is of equal or greater value than...

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Apple not paying OpenAI to use ChatGPT in iOS 18:...

At WWDC on Monday, Apple announced its highly-anticipated partnership with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to iOS 18. While Apple and OpenAI have been silent on the details of the agreement, a new report from Bloomberg gives us a glimpse behind the scenes. According to the report, Apple isn’t paying OpenAI as part of this agreement.


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Japan Enacts Law Forcing Third-Party App Stores On...

Following in the European Union's footsteps, Japan's parliament has enacted a law on Wednesday that will prohibit big tech from blocking third-party app stores. AppleInsider reports: The intention of the bill is that it will facilitate competition and reduce app prices. Japan's government reportedly believes that Apple and Google are a duopoly, and that they charge developers high fees that are then passed on to users. Big tech companies with App Stores will also prohibit companies from prioritizing their own services. Google is likely to be hit hardest by this. Violators will initially be fined up to 20% of the domestic revenue of the specific service that broke the law. The fee can increase to 30%, if the behavior continues.

The Japanese government's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) will choose which firms to apply it to. Companies that will be regulated will be required to submit compliance reports annually. While it hasn't been explicitly said that Apple and Google must...

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My favorite macOS Sequoia feature so far might be...

Enlarge / The classic Mac OS wallpaper in macOS 15 Sequoia mimics the monochrome user interfaces used in System 1 through 6. (credit: Apple)

I'm still in the very early stages of poking at macOS 15 Sequoia ahead of our customary review later this fall, and there are quite a few things that aren't working in this first developer beta. Some of those, like the AI features, aren't working on purpose; I am sure some of the iCloud sync issues I'm having are broken by accident.

I've already encountered a few functional upgrades I like, like iCloud support inside of virtual machines, automated window snapping (at long last), and a redesigned AirDrop interface in...

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Apple Quietly Improves Mac Virtualization in macOS...

Apple's upcoming macOS 15 Sequoia will allow users to sign into iCloud and other Apple ID-related services from within virtual machines. This feature will be available for VMs running macOS 15 or newer, hosted on a Mac with macOS 15 or newer. ArsTechnica adds: But up until now, you haven't been able to sign into iCloud using macOS on a VM. This made the feature less useful for developers or users hoping to test iCloud features in macOS, or whose apps rely on some kind of syncing with iCloud, or people who just wanted easy access to their iCloud data from within a VM.


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WWDC: Apple highlights forthcoming changes in...

During Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple highlighted several major features and revisions en route for visionOS 2, the operating system for its Vision Pro wearable headset. Upcoming features include the following: The first visionOS 2 beta is now available to developer beta testers and the update will be released to the public in the fall. Stay […]


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WWDC: iOS 18 to allow for additional iPhone 15...

Sometimes it’s the betas that show the really cool stuff that’s coming down the line. After a quick look at the iOS 18 developer beta, all four iPhone 15 models will use a setting that prevents the devices from charging beyond 80 percent while toggled on, which can potentially improve an iPhone battery’s lifespan by […]


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WWDC: Apple announces iOS 18, highlights Home Screen...

Monday’s keynote speech at WWDC marked a fair amount to come, complete with Apple previewing its iOS 18 update for its iPhone. The forthcoming operating system offers new customization tools for the Home Screen, including Dark Mode, which can use a color tint to create a personalized look. Apps can also now be placed anywhere […]


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Tuesday June 11

Craig Federighi Says Apple Hopes TO Add Google...

Yesterday, Apple made waves in the media when it revealed a partnership with OpenAI during its annual WWDC keynote. That announcement centered on Apple's decision to bring ChatGPT natively to iOS 18, including Siri and other first-party apps. During a followup interview on Monday, Apple executives Craig Federighi and John Giannandrea hinted at a possible agreement with Google Gemini and other AI chatbots in the future. 9to5Mac reports: Moderated by iJustine, the interview was held in Steve Jobs Theater this afternoon, featuring a discussion with John Giannandrea, Apple's Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and AI Strategy, and Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. During the interview, Federighi specifically referenced Apple's hopes to eventually let users choose between different models to use with Apple Intelligence.
While ChatGPT from OpenAI is the only option right now, Federighi suggested that Google Gemini could come as an option down the...

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Elon Musk drops claims that OpenAI abandoned mission

Enlarge (credit: JC Olivera / Stringer | WireImage)

While Musk has spent much of today loudly criticizing the Apple/OpenAI deal, he also sought to drop his lawsuit against OpenAI, a court filing today showed.

In the filing, Musk's lawyer, Morgan Chu, notified the Superior Court of California in San Francisco of Musk's request for dismissal of his entire complaint without...

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Elon Musk is livid about new OpenAI/Apple deal

Enlarge (credit: Anadolu / Contributor | Anadolu)

Elon Musk is so opposed to Apple's plan to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT with device operating systems that he's seemingly spreading misconceptions while heavily criticizing the partnership.

On X (formerly Twitter), Musk has been criticizing alleged privacy and security risks since the plan was ...

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Four More States Join US Monopoly Lawsuit Against...

Four more U.S. states on Tuesday joined the Justice Department's lawsuit against Apple alleging the iPhone maker is monopolizing smartphone markets, the department said in a statement. From a report: The four states are Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington, the Justice Department said. The original lawsuit was filed in March, and 15 states and the District of Columbia joined the lawsuit at the time.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple uses its market power to get more money from consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses and merchants. The civil lawsuit accuses Apple of an illegal monopoly on smartphones, maintained by imposing contractual restrictions on, and withholding critical access from, developers.

The Justice Department has previously said Apple charges as much as $1,599 for an iPhone and makes a larger profit than any rival. Officials also said Apple imposes hidden charges on various business partners - from software...

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Apple quietly improves Mac virtualization in macOS...

Enlarge / Macs running a preview build of macOS 15 Sequoia. (credit: Apple)

We’ve written before about Apple’s handy virtualization framework in recent versions of macOS, which allows users of Apple Silicon Macs with sufficient RAM to easily set up macOS and Linux virtual machines using a number of lightweight third-party apps. This is useful for anyone who needs to test software in multiple macOS versions but doesn’t own a fleet of Mac hardware or multiple boot partitions. (Intel Macs support the virtualization framework, too, but only for Linux VMs, making it less useful.)

But up until now, you haven’t been able to sign into iCloud using...

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Apple and OpenAI currently have the most...

Enlarge / He isn't using an iPhone, but some people talk to Siri like this.

On Monday, Apple premiered "Apple Intelligence" during a wide-ranging presentation at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California. However, the heart of its new tech, an array of Apple-developed AI models, was overshadowed by the announcement of ChatGPT integration into its device operating systems.

Since rumors of the...

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Monday June 10

14 Compelling Features Coming to Apple’s Operating...

Apple doesn’t skimp when it comes to adding features to its operating systems each year. Here are the 14 features that most caught our attention.

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The Ineffable Importance of Corporate Communications

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen three examples of companies failing to communicate with their customers effectively and suffering the slings and arrows of online ire.

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Apple Introduces Standalone 'Passwords' App

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MacRumors: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia feature a new, dedicated Passwords app for faster access to important credentials. The Passwords app replaces iCloud Keychain, which is currently only accessible via a menu in Settings. Now, passwords are available directly via a standalone app for markedly quicker access, bringing it more in line with rival services. The Passwords app consolidates various credentials, including passwords, passkeys, and Wi-Fi passwords, into a single, easily accessible location. Users can filter and sort their accounts based on various criteria, such as recently created accounts, credential type, or membership in shared groups.

Passwords is also compatible with Windows via the iCloud for Windows app, extending its utility to users who operate across different platforms. The developer beta versions of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia are available today with official release to the public scheduled...

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Apple Announces visionOS 2 With 3D Photo...

Apple has announced visionOS 2 for its Vision Pro spatial computing headset, bringing mouse support, an ultrawide virtual Mac display option, and new Photo features. The company says it's expected to launch "later this year." The Verge reports: The most significant update, for all the productivity heads out there, is a new ultrawide virtual display feature. Apple says that in visionOS 2, you'll be able to connect a Vision Pro to a Mac to generate a dual 4K-equivalent curved ultrawide display. Right now, the virtual display feature only does a single up to 5K one. Also, the company will finally add mouse support to the Vision Pro -- at launch, the headset could work with trackpads like the one on a MacBook Air or the standalone Magic Trackpad 2, but oddly left out mouse support. You can still use one inside a mirrored display in the Vision Pro, but not outside of that screen in, say, an iPad or Vision Pro app.

Apple says that in the new update, users will be able to convert...

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Apple Brings ChatGPT To Its Apps, Including Siri

Apple is bringing ChatGPT, OpenAI's AI-powered chatbot experience, to Siri and other first-party apps and capabilities across its operating systems. From a report: "We're excited to partner with Apple to bring ChatGPT to their users in a new way," OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in a statement. "Apple shares our commitment to safety and innovation, and this partnership aligns with OpenAI's mission to make advanced AI accessible to everyone." Soon, Siri will be able to tap ChatGPT for "expertise" where it might be helpful, Apple says. For example, if you need menu ideas for a meal to make for friends using some ingredients from your garden, you can ask Siri, and Siri will automatically feed that info to ChatGPT for an answer after you give it permission to do so. You can include photos with the questions you ask ChatGPT via Siri, or ask questions related to your docs or PDFs. Apple's also integrated ChatGPT into system-wide writing tools like Writing Tools, which lets you create content...

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These are all the devices compatible with iOS 18 and...

Enlarge (credit: Apple)

Apple's new iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 updates are mostly good news for users of older Apple devices—with the exception of a handful of iPads, the new updates will run on most of the same hardware that can run iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

For iPhones, that will cover everything from the iPhone XR/XS and newer, including the 2nd-gen iPhone SE; the 7th-gen iPad and newer; the 3rd-gen iPad Air and newer; the 5th-gen iPad mini and newer; all 11-inch iPad Pros; and the 3rd-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro...

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Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” AI features for...

Enlarge (credit: Apple)

On Monday, Apple debuted "Apple Intelligence," a new suite of free AI-powered features for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia that includes creating email summaries, generating images and emoji, and allowing Siri to take actions on your behalf. These features are achieved through a combination of on-device and cloud processing, with a strong emphasis on privacy. Apple says that Apple Intelligence features will be widely available later this year and will be available as a beta test for developers this summer.

The announcements came during a livestream WWDC keynote and a simultaneous event...

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Apple’s AI promise: “Your data is never stored or...

Enlarge / Apple Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi announces "Private Cloud Compute" at WWDC 2024. (credit: Apple)

With most large language models being run on remote, cloud-based server farms, some users have been reluctant to share personally identifiable and/or private data with AI companies. In its WWDC keynote today, Apple stressed that the new "Apple Intelligence" system it's integrating into its products will use a new "Private Cloud Compute" to ensure any data processed on its cloud servers is protected in a transparent and verifiable way.

"You should not have to hand over all the details of your life to be warehoused and analyzed in someone's AI cloud," Apple Senior VP of Software...

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Apple is Bringing RCS To the iPhone in iOS 18

Apple has announced that its Messages app will support RCS in iOS 18. From a report: The new standard will replace SMS as the default communication protocol between Android and iOS devices. The move comes after years of taunting, cajoling, and finally, some regulatory scrutiny from the EU. Right now, when people on iOS and Android message each other, the service falls back to SMS -- photos and videos are sent at a lower quality, messages are shortened, and importantly, conversations are not end-to-end encrypted like they are in iMessage. Messages from Android phones show up as green bubbles in iMessage chats and chaos ensues.


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Apple Unveils Apple Intelligence

As rumored, Apple today unveiled Apple Intelligence, its long-awaited push into generative artificial intelligence (AI), promising highly personalized experiences built with safety and privacy at its core. The feature, referred to as "A.I.", will be integrated into Apple's various operating systems, including iOS, macOS, and the latest, VisionOS. CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Intelligence goes beyond artificial intelligence, calling it "personal intelligence" and "the next big step for Apple."

Apple Intelligence is built on large language and intelligence models, with much of the processing done locally on the latest Apple silicon. Private Cloud Compute is being added to handle more intensive tasks while maintaining user privacy. The update also includes significant changes to Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, which will now support typed queries and deeper integration into various apps, including third-party applications. This integration will enable users to perform complex...

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Apple Unveils macOS 15 'Sequoia' at WWDC,...

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple formally introduced macOS 15, codenamed "Sequoia." The new release combines features from iOS 18 with Mac-specific improvements. One notable addition is automated window tiling, allowing users to arrange windows on their screen without manual resizing or switching to full-screen mode. Another feature, iPhone Mirroring, streams the iPhone's screen to the Mac, enabling app use with the Mac's keyboard and trackpad while keeping the phone locked for privacy.

Gamers will appreciate the second version of Apple's Game Porting Toolkit, simplifying the process of bringing Windows games to macOS and vice versa. Sequoia also incorporates changes from iOS and iPadOS, such as RCS support and expanded Tapback reactions in Messages, a redesigned Calculator app, and the Math Notes feature for typed equations in Notes. Additionally, all Apple platforms and Windows will receive a new Passwords app, potentially replacing standalone password...

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iPadOS 18 adds machine-learning wizardry with...

CUPERTINO, Calif.—After going into detail about iOS 18, Apple took a few moments in its WWDC 2024 keynote to walk through some changes.

There are a few minor UI changes and new features across Apple's first party apps. That includes a new floating tab bar. The bar expands into the side bar when you want to dig in, and you can customize the tab bar to include the specific things you want to interact with the most. Additionally, SharePlay allows easier screen sharing and remote control of another person's iPad.

But the big news is that the Calculator app we've all used on the iPhone to the iPad, after years of the iPad having no first-party calculator app at all. The iPad...

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Apple announces macOS 15 Sequoia with window tiling...

Enlarge / Using macOS S15 Sequoia to stream an iPhone's screen to a Mac while the iPhone stays locked. (credit: Apple)

Apple has formally announced macOS 15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Codenamed Sequoia, the new release brings a combination of iOS 18 features and a few Mac-specific things to the devices it supports.

Users who split their time between Windows and macOS will be the most excited to see that Apple has finally implemented a form of automated window tiling in macOS. This makes it easier to arrange windows automatically on your screen without manually dragging and resizing each one individually or...

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iOS 18 adds Apple Intelligence, customizations, and...

Enlarge (credit: Apple)

The biggest feature in iOS 18, the one that affects the most people, was a single item in a comma-stuffed sentence by Apple software boss Craig Federighi: "Support for RCS."

As we noted when Apple announced its support for "RCS Universal Profile," a kind of minimum viable cross-device rich messaging, iPhone users getting RCS means SMS chains with Android users "will be slightly less awful." SMS messages will soon have read receipts, higher-quality media sending, and typing indicators, along with better security. And RCS messages can go over Wi-Fi when you don't have a...

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Apple’s new Vision Pro software offers an ultrawide...

Enlarge / A Mac virtual monitor in visionOS 2. (credit: Samuel Axon)

CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple kicked off the keynote for its annual developer conference by announcing a new version of visionOS, the operating system that runs on the company's pricey but impressive Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

The updates in visionOS 2 are modest, not revolutionary—mostly iterative changes, quality-of-life improvements, and some features that were originally expected in the first version of visionOS. That's not too surprising given that visionOS just went out to users four months ago.

Vision Pro users hoping for multiple virtual Mac monitors will be disappointed that's not planned this time around, but Apple plans to add the next-best thing: Users will be able...

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Apple Store is down ahead of iOS 18 and Apple...

The Apple Store is down ahead of the WWDC keynote in just twenty minutes time. We are expecting Apple to announce iOS 18, watchOS 11, visionOS 2, new macOS, and more.

AI is believed to be the center of the announcements, with Apple branding its new endeavour as ‘Apple Intelligence’.


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WWDC 2024 live blog and news hub: iOS 18, ‘Apple...

9to5Mac is brought to you by the all-new iMazing 3. The world’s most trusted app for managing Apple devices from a Mac or PC is now even betterTry it now.

Happy WWDC 2024 day! This year, Apple is expected to debut iOS 18, its new “Apple Intelligence” suite of AI features, and more. Head below to follow along with everything in real-time. It’s going to be a busy day!


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Fantastical 3.8.17

Improves the handling of delegated calendars when using the Microsoft Graph API. ($56.99 new, free update, 65.9 MB, macOS 11+)

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Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher 2.5.2

Maintenance update with several bug fixes and crash resolvers. (Various prices new, free update, various sizes, macOS 10.15+)

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Apple’s 15-inch 16GB M3 MacBook Air $1,489 low, M2...

Your Monday morning WWDC edition of today’s best deals is now at the ready. Headlined by new all-time lows on Apple’s 15-inch M3 MacBook Air with 16GB memory and a 512GB SSD alongside models , we also spotted one of the best prices ever on the latest Mac mini with the M2 Pro chip and the lowest price yet on the new Beats Solo 4 headphones from $130. Those offers join some light deals on Apple Pencil Pro, the new Apple Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro M4, and...

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BBEdit 15.1.1

Adjusts the default width proportions of new windows to make them a little wider. ($59.99 new, free update, 29.7 MB, macOS 11+)

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watchOS 11 will reportedly drop support for these...

Apple has some big changes in store for Apple Watch device compatibility this year. According to a new report today, watchOS 11 will drop support for the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, and the original Apple Watch SE.


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Here’s the WWDC 2024 swag: pins, water bottle, and...

As it does every year, Apple is distributing some limited-edition swag to people in attendance at WWDC 2024. This year, the goodies include a special tote bag, water bottle, enamel pins, and more.


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Report: Apple’s 7.9-inch foldable iPhone will have a...

While Apple hasn’t entered the foldable fray yet, it’s hard at work investigating the technology behind the scenes. In a new investor note seen by 9to5Mac, Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu has more details on Apple’s plans. Pu says that Apple’s 7.9-inch foldable device, currently expected in 2026, will feature a “wrap around foldable design.”


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Hurry and get the MacBook Air M3 for an unbeatable $...


It’s WWDC week and Amazon is celebrating by slashing the price of the new MacBook Air by $200 for the very first time. That means you can get the M3 MacBook Air for $899, $100 less than Apple charges for the M2 model and the best price we’ve ever seen.

Usually available with an MSRP of $1,099, this laptop is a powerhouse that won’t weigh you down because it’s super light. Even better, it’s also super slim since it’s about half an inch thick. The M3 chip ensures you can breeze through any task, whether we’re talking about work projects, spending forever trying to pick something to watch on Netflix, or doing research.

The laptop features a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display and Apple’s latest MacBook design with super-slim bezels and a notch for the camera. It has a 256GB drive, two...

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Replacing the iPhone remains a stretch, but AI will...

Replacing the iPhone might seem a strange goal for Apple; it’s been the most successful product the company has ever made, and one of the most successful premium products any company has ever made. But it’s been reported that this is the company’s long-term goal.

Specifically, Apple execs were said to believe back in 2019 that an Apple Glasses product would replace the iPhone in roughly a decade


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