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Friday September 15

Goldman Sachs Overhauls Apple Savings Procedures to Cut Do...

Apple Savings account partner Goldman Sachs has changed its system to prevent Apple Card customers from running into extended delays when attempting to withdraw money, reports The Information.

When the Apple Savings account launched earlier this year, there were complaints from customers who had long wait times when trying to withdraw money from their accounts. Some people had to wait weeks for money transfers, and in some cases, money disappeared between banks. Goldman Sachs at the time said that the transfers were delayed because of security flags that were meant to help protect user accounts.

Goldman Sachs has since adjusted its system to make it less likely to flag legitimate customer...

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Apple Card Promo Offers 10% Daily Cash Back on Gas and Ele...

Apple's latest Apple Card promotion provides select ‌Apple Card‌ users with 10 percent total Daily Cash on gas and electric vehicle charging. The bonus can be collected on up to $6,000 worth of gas or charging, for a total reward of $600.

‌Apple Card‌ holders can pay for gas and charging with Apple Pay, a virtual card number in apps, or the ‌Apple Card‌ in person to get the extra cash back reward.

Apple is offering the promotion through October 5. Details can be found in the Daily Cash hub in the Wallet app for those who are eligible.Tag: Apple Card
This article, "Apple Card Promo Offers 10% Daily Cash Back on Gas and Electric Vehicle Charging" first appeared on

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Some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Pre-Orders Now 'Prep...

Apple this morning began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, and now just hours later, the first orders have moved into the "preparing to ship" phase as Apple prepares to send the new iPhones out to customers.

Customers in the United States should soon be able to begin tracking their orders through the UPS My Choice feature, or through the UPS website using a reference number like a phone number or the Apple order number. Orders typically ship from China and Apple does not change the shipping status until they are scanned into a central distribution hub in the United States.

iPhone shipments will begin...

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Apple's Latest Transparency Report Includes Geofence...

Apple today shared a new Transparency Report providing information on customer data requests that the company received from the U.S. government in the first half of 2022.

For the first time ever, Apple has reported the total number of "geofence requests" that it received from the U.S. government. These requests are meant to include specific latitude and longitudes coordinates for a specified time period, but Apple does not collect this information as part of its commitment to customer privacy, and therefore does not provide it to law enforcement, while fully respecting the legal process.

From the Transparency Report:Apple may also receive requests from government agencies seeking customer data related to specific latitude and longitudes coordinates (geofence) for a specified time period. Apple does not have any data to provide in response to geofence requests.For additional information...

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 Advertised With 72-Hour Battery Life i...

While the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is advertised with up to 72 hours of battery life in Low Power Mode, compared to 60 hours for the original Ultra model, there is a catch.

According to fine print on Apple's website, the testing parameters for the Ultra 2 in Low Power Mode were different than those for the original Ultra.

The fine print for the original Apple Watch Ultra said:Multi-day adventure battery life is based on the following use while in Low Power Mode and with workout settings enabled for fewer GPS and heart rate readings: 15 hours of hiking workout, over 600 time checks, 35 minutes of app use, 3 minutes of talk, and 15 hours of sleep tracking, over the course of 60 hours.The fine print for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 says:Battery life in Low Power Mode is based on the following use: 360 time checks, 360 notifications, 180 minutes of app use, and two 60-minute workouts with music...

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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 Battery Capacities Reveal...

Apple does not list battery capacities for the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models, but MacRumors has discovered this information in a Chinese regulatory database today, and we have outlined our findings below.

According to the database, which only provides Apple model numbers instead of product names, the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 models appear to be equipped with 282 mAh and 308 mAh batteries, respectively. These capacities are unchanged compared to the equivalent Apple Watch Series 8 models, which makes sense given that Apple says the Series 9 models have the same 18-hour battery life as Series 8 models.

As for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, it appears to be equipped with a 564 mAh battery, which is approximately 4% larger than the 542 mAh battery in the original Apple Watch...

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MacRumors Giveaway: Win an iPhone 15 and Accessory Prize P...

For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with accessory maker Speck and Best Buy to offer MacRumors readers a chance to win an iPhone 15 and a set of cases and accessories from Speck.

Speck is well-known for its range of case options for Apple's iPhones, and though the ‌iPhone 15‌ models have just been announced this week, Speck is ready with a whole iPhone 15 case lineup and a selection of ClickLock MagSafe grips and mounts that work with the cases.

If you're not a fan of Apple's new FineWoven cases or don't care for the color options that Apple has available, Speck has debuted...

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The MacRumors Show: iJustine Talks iPhone 15 and Apple Wat...

Following Apple's "Wonderlust" event, Justine Ezarik joins us on this week's episode of The MacRumors Show to talk through our reactions to the announcement of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Justine and Dan attended this week's event at Apple Park and were able to spend some time with the new devices. They talk us through how the new,...

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Best Apple Deals of the Week: First iPhone 15 Promotions H...

Today we're tracking the first offers for Apple's new line of smartphones, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Additionally, the first discounts have arrived on iPhone 15 accessories like cases and USB-C chargers, and Verizon has all-time low prices on MagSafe chargers.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

iPhone 15

  • What's the deal? Take up to $1,000 off iPhone 15
  • Where can I get it? AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile
  • ...
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Review: CalDigit's Thunderbolt Station 4 Offers 18 Po...

CalDigit's Thunderbolt Station 4 (TS4) is a dock with 98W charging power and an impressive array of 18 ports, ideal for Mac setups with a wide range of connection requirements.

The dock comes with a price tag of $399.99, reflective of its high-speed data transfer, expansive connectivity, and powerful charging abilities. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, its performance and convenience make a compelling case for professionals with demanding workloads and complex Mac setups. In this review, we delve into the TS4's capabilities to determine whether its cost is justified, and help you understand if it is the right fit for your specific needs.

The dock comes with a 0.8m Thunderbolt 4 Cable, two rubber feet strips, one power cord, one 230W power supply, and a two-year CalDigit warranty.


The CalDigit TS4 dock features a high-quality, durable aluminum...

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iPhone 15 Models Have 'Completely Standard' USB-...

Apple's new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are equipped with a "completely standard" USB-C port without any restrictions on cables or accessories, according to Ars Technica's Andrew Cunningham.

For previous iPhones with the Lightning connector, Apple limits the functionality of some cables and accessories that are not certified through its "Made for iPhone" program. It was rumored that Apple might apply similar limitations to the USB-C port on iPhone 15 models, but this report confirms that is not the case.

As with iPads and Macs with USB-C ports, the report said all existing USB cables, chargers, and accessories will work normally with the iPhone 15 models.


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iPhone 15 Pro Color Options: Which Did You Choose?

The iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are available in an entirely refreshed range of colors thanks to a new titanium design. The iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ families have different color options, so if you have your heart set on a particular shade, you may not be able to get your preferred model in that color.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are available in four colors, all of which are different from those available on last year's iPhone 14 Pro models. This year's iPhone color options are quite different from those offered in previous years because the device now features a titanium frame with a brushed texture and contoured edges, as opposed to the...

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iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Shipping Estimates Extending Int...

Apple began accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max today, and shipping estimates for the devices on Apple's online store are already beginning to slip into October for many configurations.

As of 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time in the U.S., the iPhone 15 Pro Max was facing a 2-3 week shipping estimate for many configurations on Apple's online store, while the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus faced shorter to no delays.

Inventory will inevitably continue to tighten for both delivery and Apple Store pickup as the day progresses, so order quickly if you are planning to.

As is common when iPhone pre-orders begin, some customers have encountered errors while attempting to place their orders on Apple's website or in the Apple Store app, amid the influx in demand. The issues will likely resolve as the day progresses.

iPhone 15 Pro models have...

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iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Models Now Available for Pre-O...

Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max through its online storefront and the Apple Store app. The Apple Store app is typically the quickest way to get a pre-order in as it is often accessible before the website comes up.

Pre-orders are being accepted in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and those who used Apple's "Get Ready" feature should be able to hit a button to get their orders in without hassle.

Pricing on the ‌iPhone 15‌ starts at $799 or $33.29 per month in the United States, while pricing on the ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus starts at $899 or $37.45 per month. The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ is available...

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iPhone 15 Battery Capacities Revealed in Regulatory Databa...

Apple does not advertise battery capacities for its new iPhone 15 lineup, but MySmartPrice has obtained this information from a Chinese regulatory database.

The Chinese regulatory listing reveals that the iPhone 15 has a 3,349mAh battery (rated capacity) and a wattage of 12.981Wh, while the iPhone 15 Pro has a 3,274mAh battery and a wattage of 12.70Wh.

Battery capacities for the full iPhone 15 lineup:

  • iPhone 15: 3,349mAh
  • iPhone 15 Plus: 4,383mAh
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 3,274mAh
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4,422mAh

Battery capacities for the 2022 iPhone 14 lineup:

  • iPhone 14: 3,279 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 4,325 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 3,200 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 4,323 mAh


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Apple to Issue iPhone 12 Software Update in France to Addr...

Apple said on Friday it would issue a software update for iPhone 12 users in France to address radiation concerns raised by the country's regulators (via Reuters).

"We will issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators. We look forward to ‌iPhone 12‌ continuing to be available in France," Apple said in a statement.

"This is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern," it said.

The French regulator ANFR said it would test the software update, which would eventually bring the model into compliance with European standards applied in France, and lift the marketing withdrawal order...

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Thursday September 14

Apple Showcases iPhone 15 Pro's Titanium Chassis in N...

Apple today shared an ad for the iPhone 15 Pro, exclusively highlighting the new titanium finish of the devices.

The 38-second spot depicts a titanium fragment exploding into view and torpedoing through the Solar System towards the surface of the Earth. "From the edge of the universe... to the palm of your hand," reads the ad's tagline.

Might meets light. Introducing the new titanium iPhone 15 Pro. Featuring a whole new level of gaming performance with the A17 Pro chip. A more versatile, more advanced Pro camera system. And an aerospace-grade titanium design. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are our lightest, most powerful Pro models ever.For the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌ Max, Apple is using a new titanium frame rather than a stainless steel frame, which cuts down on weight. The ‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌ and ‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌ Max are...

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Apple Store Down Ahead of iPhone 15 Pre-Orders

Apple's online store is down ahead of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro pre-orders, which are expected to be available at 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time in the United States.

"We can't wait either," reads the Apple Store's message when visiting the U.S. website. "Pre-order begins at 5:00 a.m. PDT. See you then." Apple has been doing 5:00 a.m. pre-orders for the last several years instead of the 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time pre-orders that it used to have.

Customers in more than 40 countries and regions, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the UAE, the U.K., and the U.S., will be able to pre-order ‌iPhone 15‌ models when the store comes back online.

The ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus will...

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Here's When You Can Pre-Order the iPhone 15, iPhone 1...

Pre-orders for the iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are set to begin on Friday, September 15 at 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time, with the new devices set to become available in multiple countries around the world simultaneously.

We've created a list of when pre-orders will take place in various countries so MacRumors readers can be some of the first to place an order. Note that we have not listed every time zone for all countries, nor have we listed all of the available pre-order countries, so you should double check your specific time zone to know when pre-orders are happening where you're located.

  • Australia West - 8:00 p.m. AWST
  • Australia East - 10:00 p.m. AEST
  • Austria - 2:00 p.m. CEST
  • ...
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Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.6, Downgrading From iOS 16.6.1...

Following the launch of iOS 16.6.1 on September 7, Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.6, the previously available version of iOS. Now that iOS 16.6 is no longer being signed, it is not possible to downgrade to that version of iOS after upgrading to iOS 16.6.1.

Apple routinely stops signing older versions of iOS after new releases come out to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date, so it is not unusual that the iOS 16.6 update is no longer being signed.

iOS 16.6.1 is an update that addresses a zero-day security vulnerability that Apple says was actively exploited in the wild. If you have not updated, it is a good idea to do so.Related Roundups: iOS 16, iPadOS 16...

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Blackmagic Announces New iOS Camera App That Ties Into DaV...

Blackmagic Design today announced the launch of Blackmagic Camera, a new iPhone app that integrates with Blackmagic Cloud and uploads content directly to the DaVinci Resolve video editing app.

The app features the same digital film camera controls and image processing functions that are available with Blackmagic Design's cameras. The company says that users can create YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram content with a "Hollywood" cinematic look and feel.

All settings are adjustable, including frame rate, shutter angle, audio levels, tint, shutter speed, lens, white balance, and ISO, with a simple tap-based interface. The interface includes record parameters, histogram, focus peaking, levels, and frame guides, and it can be brought up with a swipe. Focusing can be done by tapping on the screen, and there are options for shooting in 16:9 or vertical...

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Apple Watch Blood Glucose Team Gains New Lead

Apple has done some internal shuffling and appointed Tim Millet, vice president of platform architecture, to lead the team that is working on blood glucose monitoring functionality for the Apple Watch.

According to Bloomberg, Millet is now in charge of the Exploratory Design Group or XDG that has been developing noninvasive blood glucose testing for years. The team was previously led by longtime Apple employee Bill Athas, but he unexpectedly died in late 2022.

Millet has been at Apple for almost 20 years, and he reports to Apple chip chief Johny Srouji. Bloomberg says that Millet has played a key role in the transition to Apple silicon, leading several teams that work on the processors.

Apple's work on blood glucose monitoring is being overseen by the semiconductor team rather than a health team because it requires...

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iPhone 15 Pro Available to Order Tomorrow With These 12 Ne...

Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max this Friday, September 15 at 5 a.m. Pacific Time. As usual, the Pro models have a long list of new features, including a USB-C port, lightweight titanium frame, customizable Action button, and much more.

Below, we have highlighted 12 new features on the iPhone 15 Pro models:

  • Lightning has been replaced with a USB-C port for a more universal charging standard and faster data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • All four iPhone 15 models support DisplayPort for up to 4K HDR video mirroring and video output to an external display or TV with a...
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Apple Now Sells EarPods With USB-C, Lightning, or Headphon...

In addition to updating the AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case, Apple has made its wired EarPods headphones available with a USB-C connector for use with the new iPhone 15 models. The earbuds are $19 on Apple's online store.

Apple now sells three versions of EarPods, including ones with a USB-C connector, Lightning connector, and a 3.5mm headphone plug.

Released in 2012, the EarPods have become far less popular since Apple launched wireless AirPods in 2016. Starting with the iPhone 12 series in 2020, Apple...

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Apple Surveys Devs With Vision Pro About Digital 'Per...

While the Apple Vision Pro headset is not launching until early 2024, some developers have access to the device in order to develop visionOS apps. Though Feedback Assistant, Apple is collecting opinions on the Vision Pro "Persona" that is created for each person for use with FaceTime.

The Persona is a digital representation of the user, with Apple using the headset's cameras to recreate the face and hands. While the ‌FaceTime‌ call is ongoing, the Persona is able to make the same facial expressions and hand movements as the user, so that ‌FaceTime‌ calls feel more like a person-to-person interaction.

There is likely some degree of uncanny valley with this experience, so it is no surprise that it is a feature that Apple is working to refine. Apple is asking developers a number of questions...

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iOS 17: How to Send Files and Photos With AirDrop Proximit...

In iOS 17, Apple has made sharing files and media easier than ever, thanks to a cool new AirDrop proximity feature that does most of the work for you.

In prior versions of iOS, transferring a file or photo between Apple devices involves opening the file in question, tapping the Share button, selecting AirDrop, then choosing the nearby device you want to send the file to.

With ‌iOS 17‌ and iPadOS 17, this procedure still exists for sharing between Apple devices, but if you're transferring between iPhones or iPads then you can cut out some of the typical sharing steps by using AirDrop's new proximity feature.

To initiate a transfer, select the photo or file that you want to share with someone. From there, simply bring your unlocked ‌iPhone‌ (or ...

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Apple Watch Ultra vs. Ultra 2 Buyer's Guide: 12 Diffe...

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 replaces the first-generation model that was introduced last year in Apple's smartwatch lineup, but how different are the two successive smartwatch generations?

In 2023, Apple unveiled the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌, introducing a more durable design and titanium casing, a larger and brighter display, additional speakers and microphones, considerably longer battery life, and more. The first-generation ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ has now been discontinued by Apple, and as a year-old model, prices at third-party resellers are falling. As such, some customers may be weighing up whether to upgrade to a first- or second-generation Ultra‌.

The two ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ models share the overwhelming majority of their features, so should you consider buying or sticking with the first-generation to save money? This...

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Get Ready for iPhone 15 Pre-Orders With This List of the B...

Following the announcement of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro at this week's "Wonderlust" event, carrier discounts and offers have quickly emerged for the latest generation of iPhone. In this article we're highlighting all of the best carrier deals you can expect ahead of pre-order day on Friday.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Remember that for all of the links and deals below, you won't be able to add the iPhone 15 to your cart and get the discounts until pre-orders go live at 5 a.m. Pacific Time on September 15. The smartphones will then launch on September 22.

Like years past, most of the carriers are all offering similar discounts. Apple even mentioned these sales during its keynote, stating it was working...

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These Apple Products Are Still Sold With Lightning Followi...

As widely expected, all four iPhone 15 models are equipped with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port. Apple also made the AirPods Pro available with a USB-C charging case, and released wired EarPods with a USB-C connector.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of Apple devices and accessories that are still sold with Lightning, which debuted on the iPhone 5 back in 2012:

  • iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE
  • Ninth-generation iPad
  • Second-generation and third-generation AirPods
  • AirPods Max
  • First-generation Apple Pencil
  • Magic Keyboard (Mac version)
  • Magic Mouse
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Various cables and adapters

Apple did...

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Buy a Large Product at an Apple Store? You Can Now Choose...

Have you ever been into an Apple Store to purchase something small, like a new iPhone case or Apple Watch band, but passed by that colorful iMac or pixel-perfect Studio Display along the way and just couldn't resist buying one?

For those spur-of-the-moment purchases, Apple today announced a new solution called Easy Pay Online Ordering that gives customers the option to have the products they purchase in store delivered to their home. Apple said its retail stores are also now able to sell out-of-stock items to customers that are delivered to their home at a later date.

This new option means that customers will no longer have to drag heavy, large-boxed products to their vehicle in the parking lot or on public transportation. Alternatively, ordering via Apple's online store remains an option to avoid this dilemma as well.


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iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 15 Buyer's Guide: 20 Upgrades Co...

The iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus are Apple's latest standard iPhone models, sporting some bigger upgrades than seen in recent years, but how different really are the two successive ‌iPhone‌ generations?

In 2022, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 as the successor to the popular iPhone 13, offering 2GB more memory, longer battery life, the Photonic Engine, Action mode, Emergency SOS via satellite, Crash Detection, and more. As devices that are more affordable than the "Pro" models, but more full-featured than the low-cost iPhone SE, the ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus will likely be the most popular option for many customers, starting at a price of $799 for the 128GB model. The ‌iPhone 14‌ and...

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 Already Facing 6-7 Week Shipping Delay...

The all-new Apple Watch Ultra 2 is available to order in the U.S. and more than 40 other countries, with pricing set at $799. The high-end Apple Watch will launch in stores and begin arriving to customers on September 22, but some configurations are already facing lengthy shipping delays as of late Wednesday.

A quick spot check of Apple's online store in the U.S. reveals that models with an Alpine band in Blue in Medium/Large sizes face 2-3 week shipping estimates for orders placed on late Wednesday, while models with the Trail Loop in Orange and Beige for both S/M and M/L sizes face an even lengthier 6-7 week delay at this time. That said, there are still at least a half-dozen band options available with September 22 launch day delivery overall.

The second-generation Apple Watch Ultra offers all of the features...

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Apple Selling New 60W and 240W USB-C Woven Charge Cables

Following its iPhone 15 event on Tuesday, Apple released a few related accessories, including a USB-C to Lightning adapter and a one-meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable. It turns out the company has also made available a new 60W 1-meter USB-C Charge Cable ($19) and a 240W 2-meter USB-C Charge Cable ($29), designed for charging iPhone 15 models, iPads, and Macs.

Apple advertises the new woven charge cable with USB-C connectors on both ends "ideal for charging, syncing, and transferring data between USB-C devices." It supports charging of up to 240 watts and transfers data at USB 2 rates.

Compatible with all...

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Apple Makes iPhone Battery Replacements Cheaper in the UK

Alongside iPhone 15 price drops in the United Kingdom compared to last year's iPhone 14 models, Apple has also reduced the cost of its iPhone Battery Servicing program for several earlier models.

The biggest savings can be found for ‌iPhone 14‌ models. Prior to Tuesday's iPhone 15 announcement, Apple charged £105 for ‌iPhone 14‌ battery replacements, whereas now it lists £95, or a £10 reduction.

New batteries for iPhone XR through iPhone 13 models are now £85 compared to £89 previously, and new batteries for ...

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iPhone 15 Pro Geekbench Scores Confirm Apple's Faster...

The first Geekbench scores for the iPhone 15 Pro have confirmed Apple's performance improvement claims for its new A17 Pro chip over last year's A16 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 14 Pro.

As spotted by MySmartPrice, the benchmarking platform has recorded an ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ tested in the wild with the model number iPhone 16,1 and a six-core CPU with a base frequency of 3.78GHz.

In the test result, the device scored 2,908 and 7,238 points in the single-core and multi-core tests, while last year's ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ scored 2,642 and 6,739, respectively.

Meanwhile, an ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max with the model number...

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Wednesday September 13

All iPhone 15 Models Support DisplayPort for Up to 4K HDR...

The new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max all support DisplayPort for up to 4K HDR video mirroring and video output to an external display or TV, according to Apple's tech specs for the devices.

DisplayPort support is built into the USB-C port on all iPhone 15 models, meaning that the devices can output video at up to 4K/60Hz natively to a DisplayPort-equipped external display or TV with a supported USB-C to DisplayPort cable. Alternatively, you can use Apple's $69 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to mirror video from any iPhone 15 to an HDMI-equipped TV or display at up to 4K/60Hz, but HDR is not supported this way.

On previous iPhones with a Lightning port, video mirroring is limited to 1080p with Apple's Lightning-to-HDMI or Lightning-to-VGA adapters.

Unfortunately for fans of...

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iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button to Support Translate Ap...

The new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are equipped with a customizable Action button that replaces the traditional mute switch on previous iPhones. By default, the button is set to toggle between Ring and Silent modes, but it can also be assigned to a different action for quick access to the camera, flashlight, Voice Memos, and more.

One of the options for the Action button will be the Translate app, allowing you to quickly start translating between two languages without having to open the app. However, fine print on Apple's website says the Translate option will not be available for the Action button until later this year, suggesting that it will be enabled in a future iOS 17 update.

A recap of the other options that will be available for the Action button immediately:

  • Ring/Silent
  • Focus
  • Camera
  • ...

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iOS 17 Adds 20+ New Ringtones and Text Tones for Calls, Me...

In iOS 17, Apple is overhauling its entire offering of ringtones and text tones, debuting more than 20 new sounds that can be used for phone calls, texts, alarms, and more. Almost all of the Ringtones listed in the Sounds & Haptics menu are new, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

The new ringtones include Arpeggio, Breaking, Canopy, Chalet, Chirp, Daybreak, Departure, Dollop, Journey, Kettle, Mercury, Milky Way, Quad, Radial, Scavenger, Seedling, Shelter, Sprinkles, Steps, Storytime, Tease, Tilt, Unfold, and Valley. Reflection continues to be the default ringtone option.

Compared to the old ringtones, many of the new ringtones are longer in length and sound more modern. Apple has moved all of the prior ringtones to the "Classic" section so they are still accessible for those who prefer options like Illuminate, Night Owl, Constellation, and Twinkle.

Ringtones activate when the...

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iOS 17 Includes 'Grid Forecast' Feature to Let Y...

With the iOS 17 release candidate that came out yesterday, Apple added a new "Grid Forecast" section to the Home app. The feature is designed to use your location to tell you when "clean" energy is available to use, so you can be mindful of when you're using energy.

According to Apple, the energy sources that are used to power a home can change throughout the day. When the forecast reads "Cleaner," it means that the available energy sources may have lower carbon emissions. When it reads "Less Clean," available energy sources that are powering the grid may emit more carbon into the atmosphere.

Apple suggests that users can take advantage of this forecast to decide when to use electricity in situations where energy usage can be timed. Choosing to run the washing machine, the dryer, or the dishwasher during the "Cleaner" time will cut down on carbon emissions.

The Grid Forecast is based...

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Lossless Audio With Apple Vision Pro Will Be Limited to US...

Alongside the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, Apple yesterday debuted a new version of the AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C charging case. The swap to USB-C instead of Lightning is the primary new feature, but Apple also updated audio quality in a way that may upset some of its customers.

As we highlighted yesterday, the new ‌AirPods Pro‌ feature additional dust resistance and support for 20-bit 48kHz lossless audio when connected to the Vision Pro headset. At the time, it seemed unusual that Apple would limit a key audio feature to the new ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 when the original version is just a year old, but that's exactly what Apple has done.

Apple confirms to Power On: The new Vision Pro...

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New Apple ID Sign-In Options: Phone Number on File or Trus...

The upcoming iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma updates for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac include a couple of new sign-in methods for an Apple ID account.

First, it is now possible to sign into an Apple ID with any phone number or secondary email address on file with the account. We were able to sign into an Apple ID with a phone number on the Apple ID website using a Mac running macOS Ventura, so it's unclear if this feature specifically requires the new software updates or is simply a backend change.

Second, starting with an iOS 17 update coming later this year, there will be a new Apple ID proximity sign-in feature. This will allow you to bring an existing signed-in and trusted iPhone or iPad into proximity with a new device being set up, pair the devices by scanning an on-screen "particle cloud," and complete sign-in automatically.

iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma...

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iPhone 15 Pro Supports Recording ProRes Video Directly to...

Apple's iOS 17 release candidate build that was released yesterday includes code that reveals the new requirements for recording ProRes video with an iPhone 15 Pro directly to external storage.

During yesterday's event, Apple said that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ could record up to ProRes 4K at 60 fps to external storage thanks to the new USB-C port. The code reveals that ProRes 2.8K at 60 fps is also supported when recording to external storage devices. This is a significant improvement over the iPhone 14 Pro, which only supported ProRes 2.8K and 4K at 30 fps, and did not allow for recording directly to a storage device. Also, according to the code, external storage devices must be formatted to either exFAT or APFS for this feature to work, but there is no word on whether there are disk speed...

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iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Feature More Repairable Design W...

During its event this week, Apple announced that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max feature a more repairable internal design, with a redesigned frame that allows for the back glass panel to be easily removed from the devices.

Apple already applied this change to the lower-end iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus last year, making them the first iPhone models that can officially be opened from both the front and back sides of the device for repairs since the iPhone 4S, released in 2011. The internal redesign did not extend to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Removable back glass will likely result in significantly lower repair fees for iPhone 15 Pro models with cracked back glass for customers without AppleCare+ coverage. Apple's out-of-warranty fees for the more repairable iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus...

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You Can Now Use Your iPhone to Find a Lost Siri Remote in...

Apple yesterday released new firmware for the second and third-generation Siri Remotes, and the update appears to enable the tvOS 17 feature that is designed to allow an iPhone to locate a misplaced Apple TV remote.

With the new firmware, tvOS 17, and iOS 17, if a ‌Siri‌ Remote becomes lost, the ‌Apple TV‌ remote control available in the Control Center on an ‌iPhone‌ can be used to locate the missing remote.

Users will see a Find My-like interface that guides them toward the remote, with the size of the onscreen circle increasing to guide movement in the correct direction.

Find My for the ‌Siri‌ Remote is available on the second and third-generation ‌Siri‌...

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Apple Releases iTunes for Windows Update With Support for...

Apple today released an iTunes 12.12.10 update for Windows users, and the new software adds both security improvements and support for new devices that include the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

iTunes for Windows is not updated on a regular basis, and this is the first new software release since May when Apple addressed a major security vulnerability.

Following the update, Windows users should be able to connect the new iPhone models to their PCs for device management purposes.

iTunes has been phased out on the Mac for several years now and it has been replaced with Finder and the TV app, but Apple has continued to keep the Windows version available.

iTunes for Windows can be downloaded from the...

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Deals: First iPhone 15 Accessory Sales Hit With Up to 30%...

With the imminent launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, popular third-party Apple accessory companies have introduced all-new accessories for Apple's latest smartphones. Today we're tracking all of the new accessories that you can already get on sale, thanks to deals from Casely, Hyper, OtterBox, Pad & Quill, and Satechi.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

There are a few iPhone 15 case sales in the list below, including 15 percent off at Casely, 15 percent off at Pad & Quill, and 25 percent off at...

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Apple Reveals More iOS 17 Features Not Available Until Lat...

Apple announced that iOS 17 will be released on Monday, September 18 for the iPhone XS and newer. The free software update includes a wide range of new features, but not all of them will be available right away, according to Apple.

Below, we have listed three features that Apple's website says are "coming later this year" as part of a future update, such as iOS 17.1 or iOS 17.2. In addition, Apple shared a PDF this week outlining even more iOS 17 features that are now labeled as "coming later this year," and we have listed those additions below.

Journal App

An all-new Journal app will allow iPhone users to reflect on their day and memories, complete with text, photos, music, audio recordings, and more. The app will provide personalized suggestions based on recent on-device activity....

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Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Series 9 Buyer's Guide: 10+...

The Apple Watch Series 9 replaces the Apple Watch Series 8 in Apple's smartwatch lineup, so how different are the two successive smartwatch generations?

In 2022, Apple unveiled the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌, introducing features like body temperature sensing and Crash Detection. The ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ has now been discontinued by Apple, and as year-old models, prices at third-party resellers are falling. As such, some customers may be weighing up whether to upgrade to a discounted Series 8‌ or the latest Series 9‌.

The ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ and Series 9 share the overwhelming majority of their features, so should you consider buying or sticking with the Series 8 to save money? This breakdown also serves as a way to see all the differences that the new Apple Watch brings to the table.

‌Apple Watch Series 8‌


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iPhone 15 Rumor Report Card: The Biggest Hits and Misses

Apple this week unveiled four new iPhone 15 models at its "Wonderlust" event. As always, there were many rumors leading up to the event that gave us an idea of what to expect from the devices, but not all of them were accurate.

Below, we have recapped some of the bigger hits and misses from the iPhone 15 rumor mill.


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Apple to Release watchOS 10 on Monday, September 18

Apple revealed during Tuesday's "Wonderlust" event that watchOS 10 will be released for Apple Watch Series 4 and later models on Monday, September 18.

When the update rolls out, users will immediately have to familiarize themselves with new functions assigned to the common gestures and physical buttons on their Apple Watch.

In ‌watchOS 10‌, Control Center is now accessed by pressing the side button, while swiping up from any watch face reveals widgets in a customizable Smart Stack that can be swiped through to see relevant information. Turning the Digital Crown achieves the same thing.

Many stock apps have been entirely revamped with a simpler, information-forward design. Weather, for example, shows the temperature and conditions of your current location, with a quick scroll offering an hourly forecast so...

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iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro Buyer's Guide: 35+ Up...

The iPhone 15 Pro succeeds 2022's iPhone 14 Pro, bringing over 35 new features and improvements to Apple's high-end smartphones. This buyer's guide breaks down every major difference you should be aware of between the two generations.

In 2022, Apple unveiled the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ as the successor to the popular iPhone 13 Pro, introducing an always-on display, the Dynamic Island, a 48-megapixel camera, the A16 Bionic chip, longer battery life, and more. The ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max have now been discontinued by Apple, and as slightly older models, lower prices can be found for the device at third-party resellers. As such, some customers who own an older device may be weighing up whether to upgrade to an ‌iPhone 14 Pro...

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A new Supply Chain report reveals Apple's initial OLE...

A new supply chain report this morning states that the outline of Apple's first OLED iPad, which will become an OLED test bed for IT, has been revealed.

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mmWave 5G on iPhone 15 Remains Limited to U.S. Models

Apple's cellular band page confirms that only U.S. models of the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max support mmWave 5G bands, as has been the case since the iPhone 12 series was released in 2020.

mmWave is a set of 5G frequencies that promise ultra-fast speeds at short distances, which is ideal for dense urban areas. By comparison, sub-6GHz 5G is generally slower than mmWave, but the signals travel further, better serving suburban and rural areas. All four iPhone 15 models support sub-6GHz 5G outside of the U.S., and sub-6GHz networks are still more common than mmWave networks in countries that have rolled out 5G.

Australia, China, Japan, and Singapore are some of the countries outside of the U.S. that have deployed mmWave networks so far.

Apple announced the iPhone 15 series on...

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iOS 17: How to Create Your Own Contact Poster

In iOS 17, due for release on Monday, September 18, Apple is bringing a big update to its Phone app, and one of the headlining new features is Contact Posters. Keep reading to learn what they are and how to use them.

Apple in ‌iOS 17‌ is offering iPhone users a new way to express themselves when it comes to calls, with personalizable Contact Posters.

Contact Posters allow you to customize how you're represented when you give people a call. You can use photos and emoji to personalize your Contact Poster, which appears on a person's ‌iPhone‌ when you phone them. And like the ‌iPhone‌ Lock Screen, you can match images with eye-catching typography.

But your Contact Poster doesn't just show up in calls. It's also part of your contact card in the Contacts app, giving...

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Apple won patents for keyboards that's operate in bo...

Yesterday the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published two granted patents from Apple that relate to future keyboards that may be able to operate in both text & gesture modes plus another patent covering Input Location Correction based on device motion. The latter patent could also apply to CarPlay systems assisting users hit the intended target icon should the vehicle hit a bump in the road.

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Hermès Debuts Apple Watch Series 9 Collection Including Le...

Hermès has debuted its new Apple Watch Series 9 case and band collection, including some new leather band options not available from Apple's website.

Apple has removed all leather iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands – including Hermès bands – from its website as part of a significant new sustainability push. However, as part of the continuing partnership between Apple and Hermès, the luxury watch boutique is free to continue selling ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ models with bands made of calfskin.

Among several new Hermès Single Tour and Double Tour bands made of knitted nylon and woven nylon, several color options made of calfskin can be found. Prices for Hermès ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ bands range from $349 to $589, while watch and band combinations range from $1,249 to $...

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France Orders End to iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation Level...

France on Tuesday ordered Apple to halt iPhone 12 sales and "fix" existing devices over fears the devices emit too much electromagnetic radiation (via France24).

The French agency that regulates radio frequencies, the ANFR, said on its website that testing found the ‌iPhone 12‌ emits more electromagnetic waves susceptible to be absorbed by the body than permitted.

The ANFR ordered Apple to "remove the ‌iPhone 12‌ from the French market from September 12 due to the model exceeding the limit" for electromagnetic absorption by the body. The agency also told Apple to recall every ‌iPhone 12‌ it has ever sold in the country....

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Apple Not Offering USB-C AirPods Pro Cases As a Standalone...

Apple on Tuesday made second-generation AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case available to order, but unlike its move to wireless charging cases, the company isn't offering the USB-C case as a standalone purchase.

Apple's decision not to offer the USB-C case as a separate purchase is likely a marketing one related to the fact that the updated second-generation AirPods Pro feature improved IP54-rated dust resistance, and will support up to 4 hours of lossless audio with ultra-low latency when connected to the Apple Vision Pro headset launching in early 2024.

Similarly odd (but unsurprising?) that if you want a USB-C charging case you need a whole new $249 pair. Apple isn't selling a standalone case like they did with the move to wireless charging cases. ...

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Tuesday September 12

Emergency SOS via Satellite Coming to Spain and Switzerlan...

Apple announced during its "Wonderlust" event that Emergency SOS via Satellite and Find My via Satellite will be available in Spain and Switzerland later in September.

Both features are currently available in 14 countries and regions, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, the U.K., and the U.S.

Emergency SOS via Satellite was introduced with the iPhone 14 models and can be activated when an emergency situation occurs and there is no WiFi or cellular connection available. While the feature is geared to help users in a genuine emergency, Apple's satellites also make it possible for anyone to share their location whenever they are off the grid via Find My.

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Hands-On With the New Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch...

Apple today gave members of the media that were at Apple Park for the "Wonderlust" event a chance to take a look at the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 models ahead of their release. MacRumors videographer Dan attended, getting a first look at the new color options, Double Tap, and more.

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The major new feature for both the Series 9 and the Ultra 2 is the updated S9 chip, a welcome update because prior to this, the chip in the Apple Watch hadn't been updated since the Series 6 even though Apple was changing the S-name with each generation. The S9 chip has 60 percent more transistors than the S8 chip in the...

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iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Feature Increased 8GB...

Apple never publicly advertises the amount of RAM included in iPhones, but MacRumors has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are equipped with 8GB of RAM, up from 6GB in the iPhone 14 Pro models. Along with the new A17 Pro chip, extra RAM benefits overall system performance, particularly for multitasking.

In the Xcode 15 Release Candidate made available today, there are files confirming that the lower-end iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are equipped with 6GB of RAM, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max each have 8GB of RAM. This information was obtained with assistance from software code researcher @aaronp613.

Previous RAM amounts:

  • iPhone 14: 6GB
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 6GB
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 6GB
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 6GB

New RAM amounts:

  • iPhone...

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New AirPods Pro Feature Lossless Audio With Vision Pro and...

While the new AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case are still classified as second-generation AirPods Pro, the earbuds have a few other new features.

In a press release today, Apple announced that the updated second-generation AirPods Pro will support 20-bit, 48 kHz lossless audio with ultra-low latency when the earbuds are connected to Apple's new Vision Pro headset launching in early 2024.

"When Apple Vision Pro is available early next year in the U.S., customers will be able to enjoy the most advanced wireless audio experience in the industry with the new AirPods Pro for exceptional entertainment, gaming, FaceTime calls, and so much more," said Apple.

Apple also said the updated...

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iPhone 15's USB-C Port Can Charge Your Apple Watch an...

Now that the iPhone 15 models have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, it is possible to use an ‌iPhone 15‌ to charge the AirPods or Apple Watch directly.

You'll need an appropriate cable to charge with an iPhone, such as a USB-C to USB-C cable for the new AirPods Pro 2 USB-C Charging Case, or a USB-C Apple Watch charging puck, but it's a useful function that wasn't available with Lightning.

Apple highlighted the new functionality in its iPhone 15 Pro announcement and it makes sense because USB-C Macs can be used for charging the AirPods and Apple Watch, but it is novel because we aren't accustomed to charging accessories with an ‌iPhone‌.

If your AirPods or Apple Watch run out of...

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Everything Apple Announced at Today's Event in Six Mi...

Apple today held its "Wonderlust" fall event, introducing the iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2. It took Apple an hour and a half to introduce all of the new devices, but we've recapped everything in a super quick six minute video for our readers who want a short but detailed overview of all of the new announcements.

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We've also rounded up all of our event coverage, so make sure to take a look at our articles to avoid missing any new details about Apple's latest devices.

iPhone 15 Pro...

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Apple Lets Customers 'Get Ready' For iPhone 15 L...

Following the introduction of the iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, Apple is letting customers prepare for pre-orders, which are set to begin on Friday, September 15 at 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Prospective ‌iPhone 15‌ buyers can use the Apple Store app to select their preferred phone, confirm their status with their carrier, add accessories, choose an AppleCare+ plan, and add a preferred payment method ahead of when pre-orders go live. Payment in full and other payment options are supported.

iPhone Upgrade Program members are able to select their iPhones and complete pre-approval steps like checking upgrade eligibility, securing credit lines, and...

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Hands-On With the New iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Models

Following today's keynote event that saw Apple introducing the new iPhone 15, ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, Apple allowed members of the media in attendance to spend some hands-on time with the new devices. MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera was at Apple Park for the event, so he's able to give us an early look at the ‌iPhone 15‌ lineup, as well as his first thoughts.

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The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models are made from titanium, and they are noticeably lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro models. There are contoured edges that improve the feel of the...

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Apple Shares Lists of All New Features in iOS 17 and macOS...

Apple today shared in-depth lists of all new features coming with the iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma software updates, which are all set to be released later this month. The lists are available as PDFs on Apple's website.

A key new feature of iOS 17 is StandBy, a new full-screen view that provides glanceable information designed to be viewed from a distance when an iPhone is on its side and charging. The customizable interface can show a clock in various styles, a calendar, favorite photos, the weather forecast, music playback controls, widgets, and more.

Additional new features on iOS 17 include Contact Posters, NameDrop, Live Voicemail, Check In...

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Apple Adds Thread Networking Technology to iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max include support for the Thread mesh networking protocol. Thread networking technology is listed as a new feature for the Pro models, but it is not included in the iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus.

Apple says that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ is the first smartphone with a Thread radio, which can be used to directly control Thread-enabled smart home products. Thread has previously been added to the HomePod mini and Apple TV, but no other Apple devices have Thread connectivity.

In the press release for the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models, Apple explains that Thread opens up "future opportunities for Home app integrations."

Thread is a mesh smart home network system that improves the connectivity and...

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iPhone 15 Pro Models Support Wi-Fi 6E

The iPhone 15 Pro and the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are the first iPhones to support next-generation Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, with the standard iPhone 15 models continuing to be limited to Wi-Fi 6.

With Wi-Fi 6E support, the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and Pro Max can connect to the 6GHz band offered by Wi-Fi 6E routers for faster speeds, improved latency, and less interference from other devices.

Connecting to Wi-Fi 6E does require a Wi-Fi 6E router, but there are multiple options on the market now. There are still a limited number of devices that have Wi-Fi 6E support, so for now, the 6GHz band has a lot less congestion.

Apple has been adding Wi-Fi 6E support to its devices since 2022. It is available in the latest iPad Pro models, the 14 and 16-...

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Apple Announces New Roadside Assistance via Satellite Feat...

At today's iPhone 15 event, Apple introduced an add-on feature to Emergency SOS via Satellite called Roadside Assistance via Satellite. The feature is similar to Emergency SOS, but it allows iPhone users to contact roadside assistance if they have car trouble in an area without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Roadside Assistance via Satellite is available for the ‌iPhone 15‌ models, but it is also a feature that is retroactively available for the iPhone 14 lineup. Available in the United States, roadside assistance is being offered through a partnership with AAA.

The functionality is included in an AAA membership, but Apple said that ‌iPhone‌ users can also get access separately. The company did not provide details on what it would cost without an AAA membership, but AAA is priced starting at $65...

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iPhone 15 Pro Max's 5x Optical Zoom Lens Enables 25x...

The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a new Telephoto lens that uses a tetraprism design to enable 5x optical zoom, an improvement over the 3x zoom that's available in the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and the prior-generation iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

5x optical zoom allows for 25x digital zoom, and while that's the most zoom an Apple device has offered, it still falls below the competition.

Samsung's latest Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone has 100x Space Zoom that can capture images from 330 feet away. The Pixel 7 Pro has 30x digital "Super Res Zoom" with its 5x optical zoom lens. Apple has never leaned into digital zoom because the quality is poor. Optical zoom provides a crisp, clear image using the camera hardware, but digital zoom uses software enhancement to crop in.

5x optical zoom is an ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max-specific feature that is not...

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iPhone 15 Models Sold Outside U.S. Still Have Physical SIM...

Apple's new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models all remain equipped with a physical SIM card tray outside of the United States, as a rumored eSIM-only expansion with the devices failed to materialize.

Tech specs on Apple's website confirm that all four iPhone 15 models remain compatible with nano-SIM cards in countries such as the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Singapore, Turkey, and everywhere else they are sold. In most countries, the devices also continue to support eSIM as well, allowing for dual-SIM functionality with cellular networks.

Apple removed the SIM card tray from all iPhone 14 models in the U.S. last year,...

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Here is Every Apple Watch Band That Launched Today

During Apple's "Wonderlust" event today the company unveiled new models of the Apple Watch and iPhone, and as is customary, we're also getting a fresh batch of accessories to match the new hardware. We've already covered all of the iPhone cases that debuted today, and this article will focus on Apple Watch bands.

Starting with the Sport Loop ($49.00), the new 2023 colors include Cypress, Winter Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and Light Pink.

Sport Band ($49.00) colors include Winter Blue, Mulberry, Storm Blue, Clay, and Light Pink.

Apple's new FineWoven material comes in two options for Apple Watch bands: Magnetic Link and Modern...

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iPhone 15 Models Still Limited to 7.5W on Qi Chargers, Fas...

When the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models were introduced today, Apple's Kaiann Drance mentioned that they support the next-generation Qi2 charging standard, but that apparently does not mean that Qi charging will be faster.

Apple's technical specifications page for the ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models says that Qi-based charging is still limited to 7.5W, while MagSafe charging is 15W.

Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard built on ‌MagSafe‌ charging technology supplied by Apple. It includes a Magnetic Power Profile that ensures that smartphones are "perfectly aligned with charging devices" and it is meant to offer "improved energy efficiency and faster charging."


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Apple Discontinues MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Ch...

Apple today discontinued the MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger immediately following its iPhone 15 event. Both accessories are no longer available to order on Apple's online store, with the product listings completely removed.

Both the MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger were equipped with a Lightning port, so it is not too surprising that they were discontinued after Apple introduced four new iPhone 15 models with USB-C ports. Last year, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that the MagSafe Battery Pack would transition to USB-C eventually, but it's unclear if that will ever happen or if the accessory has been retired for good.

Released in 2021, the ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌ was priced at $99 and attaches magnetically to the back of the iPhone 12 and newer, providing...

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iPhone 15 Models Do Not Come With Rumored Color-Matched Br...

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, rumors from leakers like Majin Bu and Kosutami suggested that the new iPhones would be sold with color-matched braided USB-C to USB-C cables, but that didn't happen.

The cable that comes with the new ‌iPhone 15‌

Apple did update the ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ with a USB-C port, but they are sold with standard, plain white braided USB-C to USB-C cables.

Images of the supposed "color-matched" cables were in the soft pastel colors that the iPhones were rumored to come in, but looking back, the colors were slightly off. Leaks also suggested that the cables could be 50 percent longer at 1.5m in length, but that...

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Olivia Rodrigo Debuts First Music Video Shot on iPhone 15...

Following today's "Wonderlust" Apple event, singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo released the first music video shot on Apple's all-new iPhone 15 Pro. The video is for Rodrigo's song "get him back!", from her sophomore album "GUTS," which released last week.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max feature an improved camera system, including a main camera with a larger sensor, a new coating to reduce lens flare, and better low light performance for Portraits and Night mode. The main camera allows users to switch between three focal lengths (24mm, 28mm, and 35mm) and choose one as a new default.

the ‘get him back!’ music video, made with the amazing jack begert and @apple, is out now!!!

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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 Feature 64GB of Storage

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 feature 64GB of storage, double the amount of previous generations.

As listed on Apple's specifications page, all versions of the ‌Apple Watch Series 9‌ and ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ 2 feature twice as much storage as their predecessors. The increase offers substantially more space for apps and media, and is presumably related to the all-new S9 chip, which brings significant performance and efficiency improvements to the Apple Watch.

The original Apple Watch, Series 2, and Series 3, had just 8GB of storage, increasing to 16GB on the Apple Watch Series 4. The Apple Watch Series 5 increased storage once more to 32GB, where it has remained through the Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8, making the Series 9 the first time the Apple has increased...

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Pricing on iPhone 15 Pro Models Technically Didn't Ch...

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro models, there were rumors that said both devices would see a price increase. It was speculated that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ could start at $1,099 and the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max could start at $1,199, which, as it turns out, isn't quite right.

Apple did not change the price of the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌, and it is still priced starting at $999 for 128GB of storage.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max is priced starting at $1,199, but that's only because Apple has eliminated the 128GB storage tier for that device. It now starts at 256GB, and $1,199 is the same price Apple charged for the 256GB iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple is charging $1,399 for the 512GB ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max and $1,599 for the 1TB ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, so the pricing is the same as the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max for all storage capacities.

The standard...

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iPhone 15's USB-C Port Remains Limited to Lightning S...

While the new standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are equipped with a USB-C port, data transfer over a cable remains limited to USB 2.0 speeds of up to 480 Mbps, which is equal to the Lightning port on previous iPhones. Apple confirmed this detail in its tech specs for the devices posted on the company's website.

The higher-end iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are also equipped with a USB-C port, but those devices support USB 3 data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps over a cable. Unlike recent iPad Pro models, this means that the Pro models unfortunately do not support Thunderbolt, which theoretically supports speeds up to 40 Gbps.

iPhone 15 Pro models will require a supported cable, such as Apple's one-meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable, to achieve USB 3 data transfer speeds.

All four iPhone 15 models are available to pre-order this Friday and launch September...

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iPhone 15 Pro £100 Cheaper in the UK Than Last Year's...

In the United Kingdom, Apple has made the price of the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models £100 cheaper across all configuration options than the equivalent iPhone 14 Pro models when they were launched last year.

Last year's iPhone 14 Pro started at £1,099, but the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro starts at £999. The full price range is as follows:

  • iPhone 15 Pro – 128GB - £999
  • iPhone 15 Pro – 256GB - £1,099
  • iPhone 15 Pro – 512GB - £1,299
  • iPhone 15 Pro – 1TB - £1,499
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – 256GB - £1,199
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – 512GB - £1,399
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1TB - £1,599

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max is priced starting at £1,199, but that's only...

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Apple Adds 6TB and 12TB iCloud+ Storage Tiers

Apple today announced new 6TB and 12TB storage tiers for its iCloud+ subscription service, pushing past 2TB for the first time.

Every Apple ID receives 5GB of free cloud storage, but users can upgrade to a paid ‌iCloud‌+ storage subscription plan to get 50GB, 200GB, 2TB, 6TB, or 12TB of storage. All paid ‌iCloud‌+ storage plans include features like ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay, Hide My Email, and Custom Email Domains. Currently, subscribers pay $0.99 per month for 50GB of cloud storage, $2.99 per month for 200GB, and $9.99 per month for 2 TB.

The new 6TB ‌iCloud‌+ will be priced at $29.99 per month and while the 12TB plan costs $59.99 per month. For comparison, Google's 5TB and 10TB cloud storage plans cost $24.99 and $49.99 per month.

The higher storage tiers provide an option for those who had already filled 2TB of storage from ‌iCloud‌+ and 2TB of...

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Apple Unveiled their Hot new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 P...

Today, Apple debuted iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, designed with aerospace-grade titanium that’s strong yet lightweight to deliver Apple’s lightest Pro models ever. The new design also features contoured edges and a customizable Action button, allowing users to personalize their iPhone experience and more

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Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Weighs 19 Grams Less Than iPhone 14...

For the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, Apple is using a new titanium frame rather than a stainless steel frame, which cuts down on weight. The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max are approximately nine percent lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ weighs 187 grams, down from 206 grams for the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max weighs 221 grams, down from 240 grams for the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max.

Apple's iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus continue to feature a chassis made from aluminum, so there has been no notable weight change with those devices compared to the prior-generation.

Along with lowering the weight of the iPhone, the titanium material is also less prone to...

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iPhone 15 Pro: Here's Everything the New Action Butto...

Apple's newly announced iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max models introduce a new Action button that replaces the traditional Ring/Silent switch – a staple of the iPhone since it launched in 2007. Here's a rundown of its functions.

The all-new Action button replaces the single-function switch used to toggle between ring and silent, offering additional options so users can choose between quickly accessing the camera or flashlight, activate Voice Memos, Focus modes, Translate, and accessibility features like Magnifier. Users can also associate it with Shortcuts for more options.

A press-and-hold gesture with fine-tuned haptic feedback and visual cues in the Dynamic Island ensure the new Action button launches...

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Here is Every iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Case That Launch...

Apple's "Wonderlust" event has wrapped up, and with it we have a new generation of iPhones and Apple Watches. In this article, we're taking a look at all of the new case and accessories Apple has launched for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

Starting with the ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus models, we have an array of the usual case styles this year. You can get the Clear Case ($49.00) for both models.

The iPhone 15 Silicone Case with...

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Apple Releases Studio Display 17 Firmware Release Candidat...

Apple today released a the release candidate of the Studio Display 17 firmware beta, with the update coming two weeks after the fourth beta.

All Studio Display models are able to receive over-the-air firmware updates, but this firmware update is limited to Macs that are running the new macOS Sonoma operating system at the current time.

Studio Display owners running ‌macOS Sonoma‌ can go to System Settings > Software Update to install the firmware.

Both ‌macOS Sonoma‌ and the new Studio Display firmware will see a release on September 26. Related Roundups: Apple Pro Display XDR, Apple Studio DisplayRelated Forum: Mac Accessories
This article, "...

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All of Apple's New Devices Feature the Same Battery L...

All of the new devices Apple today announced at its "Wonderlust" event feature no battery life improvements at all compared to their direct predecessors.

This comes contrary to a multitude of rumors prior to Apple's event, which suggested that the major efficiency improvements of the S9 and A17 chips would bring battery life improvements. The approximate battery life of each of the new devices Apple unveiled today is as follows:

  • Apple Watch Series 9: 18 hours/36 hours in Low Power Mode
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2: 36 hours/72 hours in Low Power Mode
  • iPhone 15: 20 hours
  • iPhone 15 Plus: 26 hours
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 23 hours
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 29 hours

This is exactly the same as the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Of course, efficiency improvements may still result in slightly better real-...

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Apple Releases USB-C to Lightning Adapter for iPhone 15 an...

Following the iPhone 15 event today, Apple has released a few related accessories, including a USB-C to Lightning adapter and a one-meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable.

Priced at $29, the USB-C to Lightning Adapter allows for Lightning accessories to be connected to the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models with USB-C ports for charging, data transfer, and audio connectivity. Apple says the adapter has a braided cable for added durability. It is also compatible with USB-C iPads.

Apple's previously-existing Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable is now available in a shorter one-meter size for $69. The cable has a black braided design and can be used to connect an iPhone 15 Pro...

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Apple Releases New Firmware for AirPods Pro, AirPods, and...

Apple today introduced a new firmware update for the AirPods Pro, ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max. The new firmware is 6A301 for the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 and 6A300 for the first-generation ‌AirPods Pro‌, the standard AirPods, and the ‌AirPods Max‌.

Apple does not provide details on what features might be included in the refreshed firmware, so it is unclear what's new. There are multiple new ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 features coming in iOS 17, so the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 update likely brings that functionality.

Apple has been testing an ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 firmware beta for the last few months, and it has been available to developers. ‌iOS 17‌ brings Adaptive Audio, which combines ANC and Transparency to deliver an ideal audio...

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Apple Seeds Release Candidate Version of macOS 14 Sonoma t...

Apple today seeded the release candidate version of the upcoming macOS 14 Sonoma update to developers for testing purposes. The software update comes a week after the launch of the seventh beta.

Registered developers can download the beta through the Apple Developer Center and after the appropriate profile is installed, with the betas available through the Software Update mechanism in System Settings.

macOS Sonoma introduces new Apple TV-like screen savers that also serve as wallpapers after you log in, plus it moves widgets to the desktop. You can use the new widget gallery to choose from a range of widgets, and then drag them to your Mac's desktop.

Widgets can be arranged in any way that's useful, and when you're using an app, they are designed to fade into...

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Apple Seeds Release Candidate Versions of iOS 17 and iPadO...

Apple today seeded release candidate versions of upcoming iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming almost two weeks after the release of the eighth betas. The release candidates, or RCs, represent the final versions of the software that will be released to the public.

Registered developers are able to opt into the betas by opening up the Settings app, going to the Software Update section, tapping on the "Beta Updates" option, and toggling on the ‌iOS 17‌ Developer Beta. Note that an Apple ID associated with a developer account is required to download and install the beta.

‌iOS 17‌ is a major update that introduces a customized look for each person that...

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Apple Seeds Release Candidate Version of watchOS 10 to Dev...

Apple today seeded release candidate version of an upcoming watchOS 10 update to developers for testing purposes, with the software update coming over a week after the eighth beta. The release candidate, or RC, represents the final version of the software that will be released to the public.

To install the ‌watchOS 10‌ update, developers will need to open the Apple Watch app, go to the Software Update section under "General" in Settings, and toggle on the ‌watchOS 10‌ Developer Beta. Note that an Apple ID linked to a developer account is required.

Once beta updates have been activated, ‌watchOS 10‌ can be downloaded under the same Software Update section. To install software, an Apple Watch needs to have 50 percent battery life and it must be placed on an Apple...

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Apple Seeds Release Candidate Version of tvOS 17 to Develo...

Apple today seeded the release candidate (RC) version of the upcoming tvOS 17 beta to developers for testing purposes, with the update coming a week after Apple released the ninth beta. The RC represents the final version of tvOS that will be provided to the public.

Registered developers are able to download the tvOS 17 update by opting in to the beta through the Settings app on the Apple TV. A registered developer account is required.

tvOS updates don't typically garner as much attention as updates to iOS and macOS, and are never as feature rich, but tvOS 17 brings FaceTime to the TV for the first time. The ‌Apple TV‌ 4K can connect to an iPhone or iPad that serves as...

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macOS Sonoma to Launch on September 26, Featuring Desktop...

Apple today at its "Wonderlust" event announced that macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its Mac operating system, will be available to all users with compatible Mac models starting on Tuesday, September 26.

‌macOS Sonoma‌ includes several new features, including interactive desktop widgets, Apple TV-like aerial screensavers, enhancements to apps like Messages and Safari, a new Game mode that prioritizes CPU and GPU performance for gaming, and more.

New interactive widgets can now be placed right on your desktop, blending into your desktop wallpaper to not be obtrusive when you're working, and thanks to Apple's Continuity feature you can use the same widgets from your iPhone on your Mac.

‌macOS Sonoma‌ also...

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Now Starts at 256GB of Storage for $1,19...

Apple today announced that the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1,199 in the U.S. with 256GB of storage, which means the 128GB configuration for $1,099 that was offered for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is no longer available.

The smaller iPhone 15 Pro continues to start at $999 with 128GB of storage in the U.S., just like the iPhone 14 Pro.

All of the new iPhone 15 models are available to order starting Friday, September 15, and will launch on Friday, September 22 in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, Apple said.

To learn what's new with the iPhone 15 Pro models, read our announcement coverage.Related Roundup: iPhone 15 ProTag: September 2023 Apple Event
This article, "...

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iOS 17 to Launch on September 18, Featuring StandBy Mode,...

Apple today at its "Wonderlust" event announced that iOS 17 will be available to all users with compatible iPhone models starting on Monday, September 18.

‌iOS 17‌ adds a new StandBy option for the ‌iPhone‌, allowing it to serve as an information hub when it is in a horizontal position and connected to a charger. StandBy mode displays the time, Live Activities, incoming notifications, and tons of widgets.

Staying on the topic of widgets, widgets you use on the Lock Screen and Home Screen are interactive, so you can do things like control a smart light or check off a Reminder without opening an app. Autocorrect is smarter than before, and it's easier to correct mistakes with a quick tap.

AirDrop has a new NameDrop feature for quickly sharing contact information with a person nearby, and the...

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Apple Discontinues 5.4-Inch iPhone 13 Mini, Still Sells iP...

With the launch of the new iPhone 15 models, Apple has discontinued the iPhone 13 mini, the last remaining flagship iPhone under six inches. Apple only made two 5.4-inch ‌iPhone‌ minis, the iPhone 12 mini and the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini.

The ‌iPhone 12 mini‌ was discontinued with the launch of the iPhone 14, leaving the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini as the only smaller flagship option. The iPhone SE is still available to those who want something smaller than 6.1 inches, but it does not have modern features like Face ID.

Apple is continuing to sell the ‌iPhone 13‌ and the ‌iPhone 14‌ as...

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Apple Reveals New iPhone 15 Pro Colors: Black Titanium, Wh...

Apple's just-announced iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max introduce four new color options: Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium.

The new titanium design is the most premium material ever used in an iPhone enclosure, according to Apple. It's said to be stronger and more durable, yet lighter.

The iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15 Plus, on the other hand, are available in a light pink shade, yellow, blue, green, and black.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro will start at $999 with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB of storage, while ‌iPhone 15 Pro Max will start at $1199 with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB options. Pre-orders for the new ‌iPhone 15‌ Pro models are expected to open on Friday, September 15, with shipping expected to begin on Friday, September 22.

More to follow...Related...

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Apple Announces iPhone 15 Pro With Titanium Design, Action...

Apple today announced the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, its latest flagship smartphones. The devices sport an array of new features, including a titanium frame, the A17 Pro chip, an Action Button, and more.

The new titanium chassis has a brushed finish. It makes the iPhone lighter than any previous Pro model, while enhancing durability. The frame has a contoured edge for a more comfortable feel in the hand. The bezels around the display are also substantially slimmer.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ features an Action button in place of the mute switch. With a press and hold, users can toggle between ring and silent, with haptic feedback to indicate a change of state. Users can switch between different actions, allowing them to start recording in voice...

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