Magazine Schedule, Dates and Deadlines
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Magazine Schedule, Dates and Deadlines

Dates and information

Below is the current list of issues and relevant dates. Please note: issue close dates are subject to change as we continue to update our production schedules for market/editorial reasons.

Contact your MacTech Magazine advertising rep for more information.

Issue Ad Close Materials Due Release of Issue
Issue 354 06-Mar-17 13-Mar-17 31-Mar-17
Issue 355 03-Apr-17 10-Apr-17 28-Apr-17
Issue 356 01-May-17 08-May-17 26-May-17
Issue 357 26-May-17 05-Jun-17 23-Jun-17
Issue 358 22-Jun-17 29-Jun-17 21-Jul-17
Issue 359 24-Jul-17 31-Jul-17 18-Aug-17
Issue 360 18-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 15-Sep-17
Issue 361 18-Sep-17 25-Sep-17 13-Oct-17
Issue 362 13-Oct-17 20-Oct-17 09-Nov-17
Issue 363 08-Nov-17 15-Nov-17 07-Dec-17
Issue 364 29-Nov-17 06-Dec-17 28-Dec-17
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