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Friday August 16

Amazon and B&H drop MacBook Air laptops to just...

After cutting prices on MacBook Pro laptops, Amazon and B&H Photo have done it again with Apple's 2018 MacBook Air. Now $899 while supplies last, this discount delivers the lowest online price for the ultraportable laptop.

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YouTube Originals will be free to watch starting on...

Earlier this year, YouTube promised to make its original shows -- exclusive to paying Premium members at the moment -- available to the public as ad-supported programming. Now, the Google subsidiary is staying true to its word and making all original...

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Nintendo will replace a newly purchased Switch with...

Switch owners may be able to replace their consoles with the model that has better battery life if it's only been a month or less since they've purchased their device. According to some posts on Reddit, Nintendo of America has been telling customers...

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Unboxing and activating Apple's titanium Apple...

Apple is slowly ramping up its Apple Card Preview in anticipation of a wide launch sometime in August, which means U.S. customers lucky enough to be invited -- and accepted -- to the program are receiving physical versions of the card. AppleInsider goes hands on.

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President Trump to dine with Tim Cook, says Apple...

President Donald Trump in a tweet on Friday said he plans to have dinner with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The pair have met on multiple occasions to discuss topics ranging business to human rights.

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Siri, Privacy, and Trust

Three weeks ago, writing for The Guardian, Alex Hern reported:

Apple contractors regularly hear confidential medical information,
drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their
job providing quality control, or “grading”, the company’s Siri
voice assistant, the Guardian has learned.

Although Apple does not explicitly disclose it in its
consumer-facing privacy documentation, a small proportion of Siri
recordings are passed on to contractors working for the company
around the world. They are tasked with grading the responses on a
variety of factors, including whether the activation of the voice
assistant was deliberate or accidental, whether the query was
something Siri could be expected to help with and whether Siri’s
response was appropriate.


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Developers say Apple's limitations on location...

A group of iOS app developers have taken issue with new privacy policies Apple is set to debut with iOS 13 this fall, saying location tracking restrictions placed on third parties are anti-competitive and could harm their respective businesses.

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How the iMac Saved Apple and May Yet Live Forever

The iMac, in 1998, saved Apple from an extinction event. Today, it endures and embodies the best of desktop computing. Here’s the story.

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Word Processors vs. Writing

Dr. Mac says most (or at least many) people compose longer written prose in a word processor… and that may be a mistake. He believe that you’ll do better work and finish it faster if you use a text editor instead of a word processor or page layout program for all but final drafts.

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Group of app developers say upcoming iOS changes...

Apple says upcoming changes to iOS will better protect the privacy of users. However, according to The Information, a group of app developers have told the tech giant that some of the changes will hurt their businesses, while accusing the company of anti-competitive behavior in the way it subjects its own software to the new rules.

The article says that, in an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the leaders of seven app developers outlined their concerns about the company’s new restrictions on location-tracking apps in a forthcoming version of the iOS operating system. They claim Apple has a “double standard” for how apps can use location data in the update of iOS.

With iOS 13, there’s no longer an option for apps to ask to "Always Allow" location tracking. Instead, Apple users must select "Allow While Using the App," "Allow...

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YouTube is testing paid online hangs with influencers

Google is expertimenting with an events-focused crowdfunding service for YouTube creators, according to a recent report from Variety. The new effort, called Fundo, allows YouTubers to set up online meet and greet sessions and other events that fans c...

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Patent trollin’: a company called Post Media sues...

Another day, another lawsuit. As noted by AppleInsider, a lawsuit leveled by the non-practicing entity of Post Media alleges Apple Music infringes on four patents covering methods of broadcasting audio files over shared networks. 

The patents are claimed to address technical hurdles related to posting, sharing and playing back media through the internet and other networks. The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Post Media is almost certainly a patent troll. 

A “patent troll” is an individual or an organization that purchases and holds patents for unscrupulous purposes such as stifling competition or launching patent infringement suits. In legal terms, a patent troll is a type of non-practicing entity: someone who holds a patent but is not involved in...

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Judge orders Georgia to ditch 'vulnerable...

A federal judge has ordered Georgia to stop using its old, "vulnerable" paperless voting machines by next year. US District Court Judge Amy Totenberg will allow the state to use the machines for special and municipal elections in November, accepting...

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Apple Music sued by non-practicing entity that also...

A non-practicing entity with what appears to be an abysmal track record of leveraging assigned patents to milk money out of popular music streaming services is suing Apple Music, claiming the product infringes on four patents.

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Air travelers entering US face long delays as CBP...

Air travellers entering the US were delayed on Friday after a computer issue prevented customs officials from processing their immigration information. The CBP is reportedly investigating the problem but have yet to identify the cause.

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News round-up: HomePod coming to Japan, Taiwan on...

Apple says the HomePod will launch in Japan and Taiwan on Friday, Aug. 23. Pre-orders are being taken.

Bloomberg reports that the 3 billion-euro ($14.4 billion) battle with the European Union reaches the bloc’s courts next month in a hearing set to throw the spotlight on antitrust commissioner Margrethe Vestager’s crackdown on tax deals doled out to big companies.

Per a blog post by Apple chip partner TSMC, Moore's Law "is not dead.” Moore's Law is a prediction that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit will double about every two years.


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Amazon sent 20 order confirmations to the wrong...

Twenty Amazon customers in the US had their order updates sent via email to the wrong person thanks to a "technical issue." Amazon confirmed the snafu after a report from TechCrunch exposed the issue. In addition to an individual's order, these email...

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IKEA HomeKit blinds unboxing shows off rechargeable...

IKEA’s highly anticipated HomeKit blinds are expected to launch sometime this month or next in the US and they’ve just become available in the retailer’s home country of Sweden as well as other European countries. With the launch of the highly affordable HomeKit blinds we’ve now got our first hands-on look with a YouTube unboxing and teardown.


The post IKEA HomeKit blinds unboxing shows off rechargeable battery and more ahead of expected US launch this month appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple sued because iCloud storage could use third-...

Apple is being sued by two customers who argue that when they signed up for iCloud services, it did not properly disclose that their information could be stored on third-party cloud services. Thereby, it commited breach of contract, false advertising and violated California’s Unfair Competition Law.

I feel like this is just another reason to go after Apple and hopefully score. What I expect from Apple is complete privacy and security with its cloud services. As far as I can tell, they are still providing me with that. I’m happy.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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13:06 defeats IRS Inc on Friday defeated an appeal by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in what the online retailer has called a $1.5 billion dispute over its tax treatment of transactions with a Luxembourg subsidiary.

Tax laws are so bloody confusing.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Siri and Spotify is nice and all, but here’s why...

iOS 13 is just a few weeks away, and Spotify fans might be in for a treat. Thanks to the launch of SiriKit, The Information reports that the Apple Music competitor is in talks with Apple to let users control Spotify music playback with Siri without jumping through any AirPlay hoops, which could change iOS in a big way.

But I say, why stop there? On Thursday, 9to5Mac’s Ben Lovejoy responded with a strong editorial arguing that Apple should let users set Spotify as the default music player for all of iOS. But if Apple lets users choose the default music player, then it should let users choose the default apps for email, navigation, and web browsing. Allowing such customization may end up bringing more people into the fold...

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∞ The Dalrymple Report: App Store links, Twitter and...

Apple will now show you information from an App Store link, no matter the device you try to view it on. This is a big step for the App Store. Dave and I also talk about Google Assistant’s new feature of assigning reminders to other people and Twitter topics.

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Blocks ends its modular smartwatch project after...

Blocks' years-long quest to build a modular smartwatch has come to an unfortunate end. The company has revealed (including through a private Kickstarter post) that it's liquidating assets after running out of cash. The company had been looking for...

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Please Vote in the TidBITS 2019 Reader Survey!

After nearly four years, it’s time once again for a reader survey to make sure we’re producing the kind of content you want to read. We’d appreciate it immensely if you would take a few minutes to give us feedback on our articles, Web site, and more.

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News+: Project Catalyst and the Future of the Mac

In the latest issue of Macworld, Jason Snell writes about Project Catalyst and how Apple struggles with the Mac’s future.

iOS app developers are Mac users—it’s the only platform available for iOS app development. They know what the Mac feels like. I think many of them will choose to do the right thing—but it’s a shame they won’t have exemplary Apple apps to inspire them.

This is part of Andrew’s News+ series, where he shares a magazine every Friday to help people discover good content in Apple News+.

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Apple HomePod versus Sonos & Ikea Symfonisk...

After we published our reviews of the Ikea Symfonisk line, we got asked to directly compare the product to Apple's HomePod. So, let's do it.

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Parallels 15 lands ready for macOS Catalina...

Parallels 15 landed this week as a major new version of the Windows virtualization software for Mac. The latest update brings support for macOS Catalina, Apple’s next OS update for Mac coming later this fall, including support for features like Sidecar external display functionality with iPad and Apple Pencil. Parallels 15 also now uses Apple’s Metal API for improved graphics and DirectX 11 to allow compatibility with new CAD apps, PC games, and more.


The post Parallels 15 lands ready for macOS Catalina including Sidecar on iPad, DirectX 11 expands Windows game support using...

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‘Telling Lies’ Game Available for Preorder at $6.99

Annapurna Interactive, makers of games like Donut County, Gorogoa, Gone Home, and more, have a new game coming out called Telling Lies. An investigative thriller game with non-linear storytelling, Telling Lies revolves around a cache of secretly recorded video conversations. Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishé, Angela Sarafyan and directed by Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Telling Lies sits you in front of an anonymous laptop loaded with a stolen NSA database full of footage. The footage covers two years in the intimate lives of four people whose stories are linked by a shocking incident. Explore the database by typing search terms, watch the clips where those words are spoken and piece together your story. Unlike anything you’ve played before, Telling Lies is an intimate and intense experience. A game where you decide the truth. App Store:...

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Police Say an App Called ‘What3words’ Can Save Lives

An app called what3words saved a group of friends after they got lost. Police told them to download the app and they were quickly found.

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Google pulls 85 Android apps with particularly...

Google has removed 85 apps from the Google Play store after security researchers at Trend Micro found a particularly annoying adware scheme hiding inside.The adware, called AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH, was embedded in fully functioning photography and gam...

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∞ Bahubali 2 best scene

This popped up on Twitter last week and is utterly insane. I immediately went to Netflix to watch both of the Bahubali movies.

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A French chateau hoarding the world’s largest...

What an odd place for such a collection. But now I want to go see it.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Very early yesterday morning, I picked up a shiny new Galaxy Note 10+ (in that trippy Aura Glow finish, no less). We'll have our full review completed soon, but after 24 hours of fiddling with it, there are a few features and flourishes that are wort...

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App allows citizen scientists to track monarch...

If you've ever pulled out your phone to take a picture of a butterfly, researchers want your help. A team from the University of Maine is using an app that lets citizens scientists along the East Coast take photos of monarch butterfly migration sites...

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Apple Watch Series 5 to sport OLED screens supplied...

In a note to clients — as noted by MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the Apple Watch Series 5 will launch this fall with OLED displays supplied by Japan Display.

He predicts the tech giant will gradually increase its proportion of OLED display orders for the Apple Watch, starting with 15-20% of orders in 2019 and reaching 70-80% in 2021. 

Chances Kuo is right, according to the Sellers Research Group (that’s me): 100%. Apple has invested in Japan Display, and obviously had a good reason for doing so. Expect to see the Apple Watch Series 5 roll out at a September media event, along with new iPhones and iPad Pros.

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Apple sues company that sells “perfect replicas” of...

Enlarge / An image from Apple's lawsuit shows a real iPhone X and Corellium's service running a virtual iPhone X. (credit: Apple)

Apple yesterday sued Corellium, a company that sells access to virtual machines that run copies of the operating system used in iPhones and iPads.

Corellium markets iOS virtualization as "a research tool for those trying to discover security vulnerabilities and other flaws in Apple's software," according to Apple's complaint (PDF) filed in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. But "Corellium's true goal is profiting off its blatant infringement," Apple wrote. "Far from assisting in fixing vulnerabilities, Corellium...

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Moto’s 5G Mod is now compatible with the two-year-...

Back when Motorola announced the Moto Z in 2016, one way the company tried to sell consumers on Moto Mods was to promise that they would extend the life of the phone. In a way, Motorola is delivering on that promise with a new update to its 5G Moto M...

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Apple says it’s responsible for 2.4 million U.S. jobs

In an article on its Newsroom web page, Apple says it open a collective $60 billion dollars with 9,000 American suppliers in 2018, supporting 450,000 jobs.

Altogether, the tech giant says it’s responsible for creating and supporting 2.4 million U.S. jobs across all 50 states, four times the number of American jobs attributable to the company eight years ago. Apple is on pace to directly contribute $350 billion to the US economy by 2023, which the company announced in January of 2018.

A lot of the jobs Apple supports in the U.S. are found in the app economy, which is currently responsible for 1.9 million American jobs — an increase of 325,000 in the last two and a half years. Several states saw double-digit growth during that period, including a 43% increase in North Carolina, representing almost 15,000 new jobs, and a...

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iOS 13: How to Block Email From Certain People

One of the new features coming in iOS 13 is the ability to block emails from people in Mail. Andrew shows you how to do that.

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Sticker sensor monitors your body using wireless...

Wearable body sensors have a common problem: they need power and antennas, and all that equipment leads to bulky devices that influence your behavior. Stanford researchers, however, have developed a system that could be almost imperceptible. Their Bo...

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Apple’s Job Footprint, EU Tax Case – TMO Daily...

Bryan Chaffin and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to talk about Apple’s job footprint report, and the latest news in the EU tax case.

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Expand your Mac’s storage with the WD 4TB external...

Data storage space is absolutely essential- sooner or later, you’ll need more. For this reason, it always pays to be on the lookout for deals that could save you a…

The post Expand your Mac’s storage with the WD 4TB external hard drive for $89 appeared first on iLounge.

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WOM Adjustable Tabletop Standing Desk Converter: $115

We have a deal on the WOM Adjustable Tabletop Standing Desk Converter. This standing desk is designed to sit on your desk (or other table), and lifts with a single-handle height adjustment lever. It also has an integrated removable keyboard tray. It comes in black or white, and you can get it for $115 through our deal.

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A popular immigration bill is bad news for US esports

"What makes me nervous is the fact that it just sailed through the House."

Genie Doi is an immigration lawyer with Electronic Sports and Gaming Law, an esports-specific law firm in Los Angeles. She's talking about S.386, or the Fairness for High-Ski...

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Apple says virtualization software company Corellium...

Apple has sued virtualization software company Corellium with a copyright infringement suit ripping into the developer's "illegal replication" of "everything" that makes up Apple's copyrighted operating system and applications, according to Law 360.

In the Apple lawsuit, the tech giant says Corellium’s business is based entirely on commercializing the illegal replication of the copyrighted operating system and applications. Apple says the product Corellium offers is a “virtual” version of Apple mobile hardware products that’s accessible to anyone with a web browser. Specifically, the tech giant says Corellium “serves up what it touts as a

 perfect digital facsimile of a broad range of Apple’s market-leading devices—recreating with fastidious attention to detail not just the way...

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Parallels Desktop 15.0

Addresses issues with Insider Preview beta releases of Windows 10 and Office for Windows. ($79.99 anual subscription for standard edition, $99.99 annual subscription for Pro and Business Editions, 204 MB)

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The best portable solar battery charger

By Sarah Witman

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full guide to portable solar battery cha...

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Microsoft Office for Mac 16.28

Monthly maintenance release brings new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. ($149.99 new for one-time purchase, $99.99/$69.99 annual subscription options, free update)

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AI Tech Like Neuralink Could be ‘Suicide For the...

Some scientists are worried about technology like Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Cognitive psychologist Susan Schneider wrote an op-ed (paywall) that it could be “suicide for the human mind.”

The worry with a general merger with AI, in the more radical sense that Musk envisions, is the human brain is diminished or destroyed. Furthermore, the self may depend on the brain and if the self’s survival over time requires that there be some sort of continuity in our lives — a continuity of memory and personality traits — radical changes may break the needed continuity.

I’m no neuroscientist but I subscribe to emergentism, which is the idea that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain. An easy...

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 238: iPhone 11 rumors, Spotify on...

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss using the new Apple Maps experience, the release of iOS 13 beta 7, a potential iPhone 11 event date, an improvement to Mac App Store stories, the possibility of Spotify working with Siri, our review of the new Sonos IKEA AirPlay 2 speakers, and much more.

9to5Mac Happy Hour is available Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneInGoogle Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.

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Epic added the hated mechs to 'Fortnite'...

When Fortnite's Season X started two weeks ago, developer Epic Games introduced a new mechanic that significantly changed how matches play out. The two-player B.R.U.T.E. mechs caused uproar, with many players suggesting the machines are overpowered....

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Apple chip partner TSMC declares Moore's Law is...

Moore's Law, the name given to the principle that the speed and capability of computers is expected to double every two years due to advances in microchip technology, is not dead according to Apple A-series chip foundry TSMC, which reasons it is very much still relevant today for a number of reasons.

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'Rocko's Modern Life' is a self-aware...

As far as boundary-pushing '90s Nickelodeon cartoons go, Rocko's Modern Life has aged the best. It punched way above the heads of the network's young audience when it aired, and it was far more grounded in real-world issues than the likes of Ren and...

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'Apple Watch Series 5' screen expected to...

Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting that the "Apple Watch Series 5" is just around the corner, and will use some of the first OLED screens from Japan Display.

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Best Buy Anniversary Sale features best of 2019...

The annual Best Buy Anniversary Sale is now live with some of this year’s best prices on the latest iPads, MacBooks and more. Apple’s official iPhone cases are also on sale today from $17. Hit the jump for all that and more in this latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.


The post Best Buy Anniversary Sale features best of 2019 pricing on iPads, MacBooks, and more appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Investigative thriller game 'Telling Lies...

Telling Lies, the spritual successor of indie darling Her Story, will officially be available for PC, Mac and iOS devices on August 23. Gamers excited to get their hands on the new title from developer Sam Barlow can pre-order the investigative thril...

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Best Buy’s weekend sale takes up to $200 off the...

Best Buy is running another massive 3-day weekend sale. If that sounds familiar, it's because the retailer slashed prices just a few weeks ago. This time around, Best Buy is cutting prices on the latest entry-level MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It's o...

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YouTube Changes Music Copyright Enforcement to Help...

YouTube said copyright owners will not be able to monetize videos using short or unintentional bits of music via its Manual Claiming tool.

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Editorial: Apple's use of 'iPhone Pro...

Rumors of Apple releasing an 'iPhone Pro' are again sparking debate over who is a Pro user and who is 'just' a consumer. This is a pointless yet damaging argument to have, and always will be.

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Each Apple Card customer cost Goldman Sachs $350

Analysts claim that Goldman Sachs is spending approximately $350 for each successful Apple Card signup and that the bank won’t be making profits until they retain a customer for an…

The post Each Apple Card customer cost Goldman Sachs $350 appeared first on iLounge.

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The apps and software we recommend to students

Please enjoy this guide to the best creative and productivity apps for students, just one part of our larger 2019 back-to-school guide. In addition to top picks in 11 categories -- everything from laptops to smartphones to gaming and dorm gear -- we...

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Back to school iPhone deals deliver cash savings and...

We've rounded up the best iPhone deals this August, with free device offers and cash back savings across top wireless carriers.

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Pokémon Masters Has 5 Million Pre-Orders Already

Forthcoming game Pokémon Masters had already been pre-order five million times across iOS and Android, Cult of Mac reported. The game is not set to be released for another two-weeks. Well, people just gotta catch ’em all I guess….

With two weeks to go until Pokémon Masters launches on iOS and Android, it has already racked up 5 million pre-orders. The game is developed by DeNA, the same company behind the majority of Nintendo’s mobile games. Pokémon Masters focuses on real-time Pokémon battles, with teams of Trainers taking part in 3-on-3 battles. The game takes place on an artificial island, where DeNA says, “the rules of battle are different.” You choose three pairs for your squad and then use them to battle your opponents.

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What makes the Mac Mini a great computer?

When Apple released a refreshed Mac Mini last year, it had been four years since the last iteration. The 2018 update kept the same sleek unibody but included significant spec boots like an eighth-gen Intel processor and a variety of ports (ethernet,...

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Instagram is testing new Boomerang modes and Layouts...

Your Instagram Stories could soon be flooded by a greater variety of Boomerangs than ever before, according to Jane Manchun Wong. The app researcher found evidence that suggests Instagram is developing five new Boomerang modes. One called "Hold" adds...

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EU vs Apple Irish Tax Case Heading to Court

Apple’s court case against versus the EU over its Irish tax affairs will take place on September 17 and 18 in Luxembourg.

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Netflix Has an Overblown Reputation for Show...

Netflix has earned a reputation for butchery. Fans and showrunners alike have been left reeling as seeming popular shows are cancelled. But is the streaming service’s cancellation rate really worse than traditional TV networks? Bloomberg News investigated.

Competing networks order pilot episodes to determine a show’s potential. And they don’t churn out the same volume of shows as Netflix, so it’s easier to forget their cancellations. The same year HBO released “Game of Thrones,” it introduced a trio of programs that lasted only a couple seasons. Until a few years ago, Netflix had never made a TV series. Netflix bases its decisions on numbers just like most TV networks. But the metrics differ from the usual Nielsen data shared widely in the industry, according to Netflix employees, TV producers and executives who’ve worked with them. And unlike traditional broadcasters the company doesn’t provide much information about what drives decisions.


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Apple Sues Corellium Over Virtual iOS Copies

Corellium is a mobile device virtualization company that offers iOS and Apple’s apps in the cloud. Apple is suing the company for damages.

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Serious Bluetooth security flaw officially...

A serious Bluetooth security flaw has been acknowledged by Bluetooth SIG, the official body in charge of standards for the wireless communications technology. It is sufficiently dangerous that the official Bluetooth specification has been changed.

The vulnerability would make it far easier for an attacker to brute-force a pairing with your devices…


The post Serious Bluetooth security flaw officially acknowledged; now patched by Apple appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple & Ireland head to court to battle $14.4B...

The battle between Apple and the European Commission over the iPhone maker's tax affairs with Ireland will be heading to court in September, with the legal challenge set to determine whether Apple will be paid back any of its 13 billion ($14.4 billion) back tax payment.

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iCloud Lawsuit Says Terms of Service are Misleading

Two Apple users have filed a class action iCloud lawsuit against the company for misleading terms of service.

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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' fined $395,000 for...

The FCC has just demonstrated that it's not messing around with emergency alerts. The agency fined ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live $395,000 for using the real tones during a skit which mocked the idea of President Trump having access to the system. AMC's The...

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Apple launches huge $5 comedy movie sale for the...

Following Tuesday’s notable $8 animated movie sale, Apple is back again with a fresh batch of discounts. This time around you’ll find a wide-ranging $5 comedy sale including some of the biggest hits from the last 20 years. Of course, each of these titles will become a permanent addition to your collection. Hit the jump for all of our top picks.


The post Apple launches huge $5 comedy movie sale for the weekend appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Serious Bluetooth flaw leaves devices open to attack

A group of researchers has discovered a critical Bluetooth vulnerability that leaves tons of wireless devices exposed to digital intrusions. The Bluetooth SIG, an organization that oversees the technology's standards, has issued a security notice for...

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Apple’s appeal against €13B Irish tax ruling finally...

Apple’s appeal against the European Commission’s (EC) ruling that it must pay a massive €13B ($14.4B) in underpaid taxes to the Irish government will finally make it to court next month. The appeal has been scheduled for two days, on September 17-18.

Both Apple and the Irish government appealed the ruling that the sweetheart tax deal offered to the Cupertino company by Ireland...

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The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Bundle: $4...

Love games? We have two critically-acclaimed Star Wars games on sale today. The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Bundle gives you two powerful games based on the Star Wars mythology for $4.99 - that’s 75% off the usual price.

STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic

It's 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire will be established, and the Jedi Knights are in an all-out war against the ruthless Sith. As the last hope of the Jedi, you must lead a band of freedom fighters in an epic struggle to save the galaxy. Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Republic? Or will you...

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Kaspersky Antivirus Injected Unique Javascript Into...

Back in 2015, Kaspersky antivirus added a feature that made it possible for users to be tracked across websites, even in incognito mode.

The identifier, as reported Thursday by c’t Magazine, was part of a blob of JavaScript Kaspersky products injected into every page a user visited. The JavaScript, presented below this paragraph, was designed to, among other things, present a green icon that corresponded to safe links returned in search results…Kaspersky stopped sending the identifier in June, after Eikenberg privately reported the behavior to the AV company.

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Apple’s U.S. Job Footprint is Now 2.4 Million

Apple’s U.S. job footprint is 2.4 million, including 90,000 employees, 450,000 jobs with suppliers, and 1.9 million jobs in the app economy.

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Apple Card, 'iPhone 11' leaks, &...

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, William and Victor talk about the Apple Card, whether you should trust the latest iPhone leaks, and about how Facebook has been listening to your voice chats on Messenger.

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Microsoft isn’t working on a streaming-only Xbox...

Rumors may have pointed to Microsoft working on a cloud-centric Xbox console, but Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has confirmed that is not that the case. In an interview, the executive told Gamespot that his team is "not working on a streaming-only cons...

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Recalled MacBook Pros deemed ‘fire hazards’ by FAA

The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued a notice to airlines regarding recalled batteries, stating that the recently recalled 15-inch MacBook Pro should not be allowed on flights as carry-on…

The post Recalled MacBook Pros deemed ‘fire hazards’ by FAA appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple demands review of Red's Rawcode format...

Apple has requested for a review to potentially invalidate a patent owned by high-performance camera maker Red relating to its proprietary Rawcode RAW recording format, a legal argument that could enable Apple to use Rawcode in its products without paying a licensing fee.

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Apple demands review of Red's Rawcode format...

Apple has requested for a review to potentially invalidate a patent owned by high-performance camera maker Red relating to its proprietary Rawcode RAW recording format, a legal argument that could enable Apple to use Rawcode in its products without paying a licensing fee.

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Activity challenge on Apple Watch commemorates Grand...

Apple has declared an Activity Challenge on August 25, the same day that marks the Grand Canyon National Park’s 100th year anniversary. The Apple Watch Activity Challenge will require Apple…

The post Activity challenge on Apple Watch commemorates Grand Canyon National Park’s anniversary appeared first on iLounge.

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How to get a Safari password to save it in a...

Apple has been a fantastic promoter of better password security by suggesting strong passwords and auto-filling them in Safari for macOS and iOS. These passwords are long, complex, automatically stored, stored securely, and—if you have iCloud Keychain—synchronized across all your devices linked to the same iCloud account that also have iCloud Keychain enabled.

However, there’s one small flaw: Third-party password managers in Safari for macOS won’t pick up the entered password and offer to store it for you in their database. I rely on 1Password, and there are a few other highly regarded password-management systems that have features that stretch beyond the strong but limited options with Safari and iCloud Keychain.

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Motorola's latest cheap phone tries to double...

Apart from its real-but-not-ready foldable, Motorola is best known these days for churning out respectable smartphones for people on a budget. Those devices — like those in the Moto G and E series — offer some of the best performance...

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Self-driving cars predicted to take off by 2021

I’m still dubious that we’ll ever see an Apple-branded car, but, if we do, Apple needs to at least start talking it up soon, as Juniper Research has forecast almost 20 million fully autonomous or self-driving vehicles on the road by 2025, with consumer adoption set to take off in 2021.

The research group found that consumer usage of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) technologies such as adaptive cruise control and automated braking will become key. Juniper says that these systems will serve to prepare drivers for the psychological change from the role of driving a car to operating a driverless car.

The research group ranked the top five most promising players in the driverless car sector. They were scored on a number of key factors such as: live trials; miles tested on road; technology development; project scale and scope; future potential and market opportunities. The...

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Facebook warned staff of 2018 hack risk, but not...

A court filing says that Facebook warned staff of the risk that led to a huge security breach that last year allowed hackers to access almost 29 million accounts — but failed to warn its users…


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Twitter testing compromise way to hide abusive...

Twitter is testing a new way to hide abusive direct messages that should be particularly useful for those whose account is set to accept messages from anyone, not just those you follow.

The social network already offers one way to do this, but it’s a bit of a blunt instrument. There’s a “Quality filter” toggle in Message Settings that completely hides what it believes to be abusive messages from those you don’t follow. The new approach is more refined…


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Traveling with Apple tech: What soars, what falls...

Travel has a way of opening your eyes to new possibilities. For the last three weeks, I’ve been away from home, spending time in a few European countries. During this trip, I found myself thinking about the different ways that we use technology when we’re outside of our daily routine, and how it brings to light not only things that work well, but also the areas where there’s still a decent amount of friction.

As I’ve been making the rounds, I’ve made note of a few places where I think Apple technologies have worked particularly well, as well as where there’s some room for improvement.

Contactless payments

If this trip has drilled home one thing, it’s that contactless payments are king. Apple Pay has been a godsend—it’s even easier than digging out your card and fumbling with an unfamiliar system. It’s clearer than ever that digital payments are the way of the future and, if anything, it’s a future where the U.S. is still lagging behind.


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Elevenpine Men’s Uprising Short good for the athlete...

Word sometimes gets around that I’m avid runner, softball/basketball player, so I get requests to review products that aren’t exactly electronics/computer-related. Today’s critique is one of them, so if you’re not like me (a “geekalete”?), feel free to skip this one.

Elevenpine Men’s Uprising Short & Liberator Liner combo is an excellent, though not inexpensive (it’s $129.99) investment for biking, running, hiking, working out, yoga, and just wearing on casual outings (as long as you don’t need more than two zippered pockets). The patented, dual-fit shorts are extremely comfortable thanks to an elastic waistband and breathable, stretch fabric. They also appear to be very durable. 

Some of the Uprising Shorts’ unique features are optional side leg ventilation, which can help cool you if you’re on a long run, long...

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Daily Deal: KeepSolid App Bundle Ft. VPN Unlimited...

We at iLounge have a special deal on the KeepSolid App Bundle, which allows you access to superb tools from reputable developer KeepSolid. The App Bundle from KeepSolid includes VPN…

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iOS 13 beta 7 asset hints at possible September 10th...

Sometimes it’s the beta code that gives away the coolest tidbits of information.

Apple’s iOS 13 beta 7, which was released to the developer community on Thursday, apparently contains a new asset that suggests an event date of September 10th.

The asset shows an image of Tuesday, September 10th, and it named “HoldForRelease.” This is also a precedent set and held to by Apple in previous years.

Apple is currently expected to unveil three new iPhone models, including the ‘iPhone 11 Pro‘ at its September event. An analyst earlier this week suggested that Apple is on track to release all three new iPhone models at the same time this year. As you may remember, the past two years of iPhone releases have been slightly staggered.

The 2019 iPhone lineup is expected to consist of the iPhone 11 as well as a followup to the iPhone XR. The followup model will reportedly feature two cameras on the back, an upgrade from the single camera on the current iPhone XR.

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Daily Deal: Get the DarwinMail Pro lite plan for $9....

We at iLounge have a special deal on the DarwinMail Pro lite plan, which allows you to transform your regular Gmail client into a turbo-charged wonder. DarwinMail Pro introduces a…

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Apple releases developer beta 7 versions of iOS 13,...

It was a day of developer betas.

On Thursday, Apple seeded developer beta 7 versions of each of its operating systems with the exception of macOS Catalina.

First and foremost, iOS 13 and iPadOS 13’s seventh developer beta includes the following fixes and changes:

  • Greater outward-facing use of Dark Mode
  • An overhauled Photos app, which introduces a new Photos tab that curates your entire Photos library and shows you a selection of highlights organized by day, month, or year, and there are revamped Photo editing tools
  • Users can now edit video in the Photos app, alongside cropping, rotating, filtering, and adjustment tools for lighting and color
  • The Photos app contains a new High-Key Mono lighting effect, and for Portrait Lighting in general, intensity can be adjusted
  • There’s now a less obtrusive volume heads up display
  • A new Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends and lets you track your devices...
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Deep Sentinel Home Security review: More than just...

Real people monitor these security cameras on your behalf, and they'll let any potential intruder know they're being watched.

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Get 95% off on the ThunderDrive cloud storage with...

We at iLounge have a special deal on the ThunderDrive cloud storage with a lifetime subscription, which allows you to securely manage your personal files via the cloud. Is limited…

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 August 16, 2019 12:46:00 AM PDT

We're investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior.

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How to cancel your Netflix subscription on iPhone...

Ready to call it quits or take a break from Netflix? Follow along for how to cancel your Netflix subscription from iPhone, iPad, and other devices in a few steps.


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Thursday August 15

Apple Files Lawsuit Against Corellium For iOS...

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Corellium, accusing the software company of illegally selling virtual copies of iOS under the guise of helping discover security flaws. "Apple said the software company Corellium has copied the operating system, graphical user interface and other aspects of the devices without permission, and wants a federal judge to stop the violations," reports Bloomberg. From the report: Apple said it supports "good-faith security research," offering a $1 million "bug bounty" for anyone who discovers flaws in its system and gives custom versions of the iPhone to "legitimate" researchers. Corellium, the iPhone maker said, goes further than that. "Although Corellium paints itself as providing a research tool for those trying to discover security vulnerabilities and other flaws in Apple's software, Corellium's true goal is profiting off its blatant infringement," Apple said in the complaint. "Far from assisting in fixing vulnerabilities, Corellium encourages its...

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TechTool Pro 11.0.5 - Hard drive and sys...
TechTool Pro has long been one of the foremost utilities for keeping your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. With the release of version 11, it has become more proficient than ever. Main... Read more
TextMate 2.0.rc.30 - Code/markup editor...
TextMate is a versatile plain text editor with a unique and innovative feature set which caused it to win an Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Developer Tool in August 2006 A rapidly growing... Read more
MacFamilyTree 9.0.6 - Create and explore...
MacFamilyTree gives genealogy a facelift: modern, interactive, convenient and fast. Explore your family tree and your family history in a way generations of chroniclers before you would have loved.... Read more
Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.10 - Easy-to-use...
Carbon Copy Cloner backups are better than ordinary backups. Suppose the unthinkable happens while you're under deadline to finish a project: your Mac is unresponsive and all you hear is an ominous,... Read more
Tidy Up 5.2.2 - Find duplicate files and...
Tidy Up is a full-featured duplicate finder and disk-tidiness utility. Features: Supports Lightroom: it is now possible to search and collect duplicates directly in the Lightroom library. Multiple... Read more
TeamViewer 14.5.1691 - Establish remote...
TeamViewer gives you remote control of any computer or Mac over the Internet within seconds or can be used for online meetings. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer! Free for non... Read more
Vivaldi 2.7.1628.30 - An advanced browse...
Vivaldi is a browser for our friends. We live in our browsers. Choose one that has the features you need, a style that fits and values you can stand by. From the look and feel, to how you interact... Read more
Slack 4.0.2 - Collaborative communicatio...
Slack is a collaborative communication app that simplifies real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern working teams. Version 4.0.2: Bug Fixes: When opening your computer, Slack is now... Read more
BetterTouchTool 3.182 - Customize multi-...
BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom)... Read more
Sound Studio 4.9.1 - Robust audio record...
Sound Studio lets you easily record and professionally edit audio on your Mac. Easily rip vinyls and digitize cassette tapes, or record lectures and voice memos. Prepare for live shows with live... Read more

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Apple is now offering 2019 15″ MacBook Pros,...
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B&H Photo has dropped prices on 2018 4-Core Mac minis to $100 off MSRP, only $699. They’re also offering a $100 discount on the 6-Core Mac mini. Shipping is free: – 3.6GHz Quad-Core mini: $699 $... Read more
Amazon is offering a 37% discount on Apple Sm...
Amazon has Apple Smart Keyboards for current-generation 10″ iPad Airs and previous-generation 10″ iPad Pros on sale today for $99.99 shipped. That’s a 37% discount over Apple’s regular MSRP of $159... Read more
12″ iPad Pros on sale today for up to $400 of...
Amazon has new 2018 Apple 12″ iPad Pros in stock today and on sale for up to $400 off Apple’s MSRP. These are the same iPad Pros sold by Apple in its retail and online stores. Be sure to select... Read more
Apple has 2019 iMacs, Certified Refurbished,...
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Sale! New 11″ WiFi iPad Pros for up to $400 o...
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B&H has new 4-Core and 6-Core Mac minis o...
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…the desktop. Ideal candidates will have experience supporting Mac OS and Apple devices OneIS Values: Integrity & Trust, Partnership, Quality Promotes trust, respect, Read more
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