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Tuesday October 15

'Fortnite' Chapter 2 is here: New map,...

The wait is over: Epic Games made its fanbase stare at a black hole long enough, and has decided to end its cryptic blackout and give Fortnite a huge new update, which the company is calling Chapter 2. As expected, the battle royale shooter features...

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The complete 'Life is Strange 2' is...

If you still enjoy buying physical copies of games, here's one you may want to add to your wishlist: Life is Strange 2 is getting a physical release for the PS4, the Xbox One and PC. Dontnod and Square Enix are releasing a Standard Edition and a Coll...

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Sling TV's free streaming comes to Android and...

Sling TV offers cord-cutting cable packages and movie rentals, but until recently you needed a subscription starting at $25 per month. Earlier this year, however, it unveiled a free streaming option for select episodes of Hell's Kitchen, Project Runw...

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Monday October 14

Walmart will take on Amazon with discounted third-...

Walmart wants some of your holiday shopping money, and it has launched a new program that could make you think twice about buying everything from Amazon. According to Bloomberg, the retail giant plans to offer limited time sales on items from third-p...

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Hulu brings 4K content to the Xbox One

Hulu is still in the midst of returning 4K content to its streaming service. As of today, owners of 4K-capable Xbox One models can play The Handmaid's Tale, Castle Rock and other shows (mostly Hulu originals) at full resolution. You can also expect...

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What's on TV this week: 'Watchmen'

This week YouTube kicks off its book club series with a Malcolm Gladwell roundtable interview on Booktube. The MLB playoffs continue, and Netflix has a slew of new series. Movie fans can stream Hobbs & Shaw or snag Scarface in 4K on Ultra HD Blu-...

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AMC launches new video on demand platform to take on...

AMC Entertainment is going from the theater to the home with the launch of an iTunes-style video on demand service for renting and buying movies.

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Snapchat on iOS adds integration with Reddit for...

Reddit is teaming up with Snapchat to make it easier to share content between platforms. Starting today, when you tap the share sheet in the Reddit app on iOS, you’ll see a new option to share directly to Snapchat.


The post Snapchat on iOS adds integration with Reddit for easy cross-platform sharing appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Ford's remote car starting and unlocking are...

Until now, all of FordPass' connected car features have been locked behind a subscription, no matter how basic -- while you could get up to five years of 'trial' service, it wasn't fun to lose remote unlocking simply because you didn't want to pay up...

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Roundup: Everything we know about the iPhone SE 2,...

Rumors of a new entry-level iPhone have picked up steam lately, thanks in large part to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The new low-cost iPhone will reportedly target people still using older devices like the iPhone 6 that can’t run iOS 13. Read on as we round up what we know so far about the iPhone SE 2 features, specifications, and more.


The post Roundup: Everything we know about the iPhone SE 2, and what not to expect appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Facebook's Libra loses one more member as its...

Facebook couldn't avoid losing another Libra Association member before it formalized the cryptocurrency's council. Booking Holding, the company behind, Kayak and Priceline, has withdrawn from the Libra Association just before the organiz...

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The UK likely got more power from renewables than...

The UK generated more power from renewable sources than from fossil fuels in the third quarter of 2019. This is the first time that's happened since the UK opened its first public electricity-generating station in 1882. The findings, revealed in an a...

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Apple updates AirPort Utility app with iOS 13...

Following complaints of incompatibility with iOS 13, Apple on Monday issued an update to its AirPort Utility app, allowing users of devices running the latest operating system to control and manage the now discontinued first-party routers.

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Productivity Coach Brittany Smith – TMO Background...

Brittany Smith is a productivity coach who provides a variety of consulting services through her business, Devise and Conquer, that includes ADD/ADHD coaching, technology coaching, productivity consulting, and more. She is a self-designated “well-rounded geek.” She holds an M.S. degree in Cognitive Neuroscience.

In our chat Brittany told me about her adventures with home made videos, with a PC, as a youth. Her father was a podiatrist and her mother was a programmer, so there were always computers in the house. But the Vista version of Windows drove her into the arms of the Mac. In the second half of the show we delved into just what cognitive neuroscience is, her productivity and Apple tech coaching. Along the way we chatted about the influence of Star Trek (and Disneyland) on her career. Brittany sparkles in this interview.

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[Sponsor] Addigy: Unified Apple Device Management

Addigy is a cloud-based enterprise Apple device management solution leveraged by more than 3,000 organizations worldwide. Our secure, multi-tenant, SaaS platform provides unmatched oversight into your devices so you know exactly what is going on and can take action when necessary.


  • Multi-tenant: Group devices however you want and enforce policies accordingly
  • Integrations: Enable SSO, Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager, other 3rd party products, or grant access to other apps with Addigy’s API.
  • Software library: Use the 100s of preloaded titles in our system or deliver custom packages
  • Community: Use scripts leveraged by other Addigy users within the platform - all scripts are vetted by our expert support team

Sign up for a 14-day free trial today — 100% risk free....

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One of Linux's most important commands had a...

If you've used the command line in Linux or a Unix-based platform like macOS, you're probably familiar with the "sudo" command -- it lets you run tasks with different (usually elevated) permissions than you'd otherwise have. It's powerful, but it wa...

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Apple orders Ted Lasso series for its upcoming...

Variety says that Apple has given a series order to Ted Lasso for its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service. Jason Sudeikis will star, write, and executive produce the series.

In the series, he’ll play Lasso, an idealistic all-American football coach hired to manage an English football club despite having no soccer coaching experience. 

The character originally appeared in an NBC Sports video in 2013 to help promote the fact that NBC Sports would begin broadcasting English Premier League games. Variety notes that it proved so successful that NBC brought the character back the following year to serve as an analyst.

The Apple TV+ streaming service is due to launch Nov. 1 at a price of $4.99 per month. However, you can get a free year’s subscription with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or...

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Hands-on: Luxaflex PowerView-controlled Pirouette...

Interested in bringing highly functional and sleek smart shades with HomeKit and Siri support to your windows? Below we go hands-on with the Luxaflex Pirouette Shades controlled by the PowerView motor. Follow along for a look at installing, getting set up, and controlling the PowerView-controlled Pirouette Shades with iOS, Siri, and HomeKit. more…

The post Hands-on: Luxaflex PowerView-controlled Pirouette Shades w/ HomeKit [Video] appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple issues rare update to AirPort Utility...

Apple today has issued a rare update for its AirPort Utility application on iOS. While the AirPort hardware itself has long been discontinued, Apple continues to support the ecosystem when necessary.


The post Apple issues rare update to AirPort Utility application on iOS appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple gives series order to ‘Ted Lasso’ comedy...

Apple continues to expand its original content road map as the launch of Apple TV+ nears. Variety reports today that Apple has given a series order to Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudeikis.


The post Apple gives series order to ‘Ted Lasso’ comedy starring Jason Sudeikis appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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New leak shows Google’s Nest Mini comes with a wall...

We're less than a day away from the start of Google's 2019 fall hardware event, but that doesn't mean the leaks have to stop. WinFuture's Roland Quandt, a frequent leaker with a solid track record, just shared official-looking images of Google's upco...

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Harley-Davidson suspends LiveWire production over a...

Harley-Davidson has suspended the production and delivery of its LiveWire electric motorcycles. During final tests, the company discovered a problem related to the vehicle's charging equipment. The company told The Wall Street Journal that tests to p...

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Uber lays off employees from Eats, self-driving cars...

Uber has cut around 350 more employees across several of its divisions. The company said it's the "last wave of a process" that saw layoffs in marketing, then product and engineering over the last few months. This time around, Uber has laid off membe...

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NBA stars tout Powerbeats Pro in new ad

A new Powerbeats Pro ad titled "NBA Unleashed" has gone up on the official Beats by Dre YouTube channel and features some notable NBA players.

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How to check iPad and Mac Sidecar requirements

Sidecar is a slick new feature that’s arrived with macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13 that lets users turn their iPad into an external Mac display either wirelessly or wired. Follow along for how to check iPad and Mac Sidecar hardware requirements and more.


The post How to check iPad and Mac Sidecar requirements appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Nubia’s $529 dual-screen phone is now available in...

While we've seen Android phone manufacturers, particularly ones like Oppo and OnePlus, experiment with pop-up cameras to create phones without any display cutouts, China's Nubia is approaching the challenge in an unusual way. Instead of a pop-up self...

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Developer Offers Tips for How to Handle Getting...

Savannah Reising of Astropad posted a killer blog post (via Dave Mark at The Loop) offering six tips for how to handle being sherlocked by Apple. Getting sherlocked means that Apple just announced the product, software, or feature that you built your business on, and it’s a known risk for Apple ecosystem veterans. It happened to Astropad when Apple announced Sidecar at WWDC this past June. Her lessons include Know your true competition; Don’t wait to diversify; Build a culture of experimentation; Go where your customers go; Seize the narrative; and, When Apple goes wide — dive deep. It’s a very good read, and I strongly recommend it.

But now that the Sidecar dust has settled, I want to share our experience with other players in the Apple ecosystem. My intent is two-fold: On a personal level...

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Apple launches dedicated media site for Apple TV+...

In preparation for the launch of Apple TV+, the iPhone maker has set up a press site dedicated to the content the video streaming service will air, something other streaming services also provides to the media to better inform about upcoming content.

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North Korea Targets Macs with Fake Cryptocurency...

North Korean hacking group “Lazarus Group” has been targeting Macs with a bit of fake website used to promote an open source app that served as a trojan horse. The fake site was called JMT Trading, and was designed to look like a trading platform. To use the trading platform, you had to download an app from Github, but even though the app was open source, it contained malware for Macs, with the whole scheme being part of North Korea’s efforts to steal Bitcoin. Check out Forbes‘s report:

The hackers may then go a step further by contacting administrators and users of cryptocurrency exchanges, asking them to test and review their new app, Wardle told Forbes. If they get lucky, they get a bit of leverage in an official cryptocurrency vendor and start infecting targets.

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Apple launches press site for upcoming Apple TV+...

Apple has launched a new press site for its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service.

The site offers info on 15 upcoming shows. Click on a show’s icon and you can see a summary of the show, videos, photos and info on the cast and crew.

The Apple TV+ streaming service is due to launch Nov. 1 at a price of $4.99 per month. However, you can get a free year’s subscription with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

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Apple Launches Dedicated Press Site for Apple TV+...

This represents the reality that press needs for entertainment are different from the press needs of a technology giant.

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Compared: Apple's iPhone 11 Pro versus Samsung...

AppleInsider pits Apple's latest flagship smartphones -- the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max -- against the comparable Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ to see which truly is the best performer.

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Fortnite Sucks Island into Black Hole in Season ‘The...

Called “The End,” the Season X finale for the world’s most popular game ended with the island that plays host to the game being sucked into a black hole.

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Bitcoin Top Crypto on the Darkweb, but Privacy-...

Bitcoin remains the cryptocurrency of choice on the dark web, according to a report from TheNextWeb. That might be mostly a matter of inertia, however, as privacy-oriented cryptos are gaining steam. Cryptos like Monero and Dash, as well as others, have features baked into their underlying blockchain that can make it much harder to trace transactions. From TheNextWeb‘s coverage:

Bitcoin is still very much the dark web‘s favorite cryptocurrency, but those looking to cover their tracks are slowly learning to use privacy-focused alternatives. […] Authorities say there has been a more “pronounced shift” towards more privacy-orientated cryptocurrencies, and expects this trend to continue as criminals become more security aware.

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This PC Case Headed to Kickstarter Looks a Lot Like...

There’s a new Kickstarter project for a PC case making waves because of its similarity to Apple’s as-yet-unshipped Mac Pro. That mostly because it looks exactly like Apple’s as-yet-unshipped Mac Pro. Honestly, I’d be surprised if Apple doesn’t attempt to squash it, and I’d be only slightly less surprised if they failed to do so. In any event, this case looks like the Mac Pro, but is designed for off-the-shelf PC components. It will come with a front that looks more like Apple’s original cheese grater Mac Pro, but there’s an optional “patent pending” “noise dampener” front and back that looks like Apple’s new cheese grater. The accompanying image would be that optional front, on the left, and the accompanying back plate, on the right. There are many more pics on the rather slick website linked below. No pricing has been announced, but it launches on Kickstarter on October 21st.


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Editorial: Apple's American-made Mac Pro isn...

Apple is radically changing the design of the Mac Pro but still plans to continue building it in the United States. That doesn't mean, however, that it can do the same for everything else it makes. Here's a look at why.

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UBS: Overall iPhone demand in China was up 230% in...

A note to clients from from the UBS Asia Hardware team — as noted by Apple. 3.0 — says that monthly government data suggests overall iPhone demand in China 230% in September. That compares to 110% monthly growth in September 2018, according to the investment bank.

Here’s what UBS has to say: “This is wholly consistent with recent procurement data/estimates A stronger sell-through combined with our supply chain work leads us to believe there is upside to our current iPhone unit estimate of flat for the Dec. quarter and flat Y/Y in F20. Apple stock is up ~8% against the S&P 500 down ~1% since the launch of iPhone 11 – an atypical seasonal pattern that we think duly reflects both our optimism about C2020 and AAPL’s prominence as a major global underweight for portfolio managers.

“Several factors are contributing to strong iPhone demand including a...

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Apple TV+ interface is more important to streaming...

A consumer research report claims that users of video services like Netflix are more likely to recommend it to others because of the user interface and overall ease of use, more than what programming is available.

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Safari Browsing Data, iPhone Present/Future – TMO...

Charlotte Henry and John Martellaro join host Kelly Guimont to discuss where Apple is routing browser data, iPhone 11 sales, and the SE 2.

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CuriosityStream 3-Year Subscription: $45

We have a deal on a 3-year subscription for CuriosityStream, the streaming and on-demand service with more than 2,000 documentaries and shows. It works in a browser, iOS, Apple TV 4 and above, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, and more. It’s $45 through our deal.

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NetGear expands Orbi family with new dual band mesh...

NetGear has introduced the Orbi Dual Band Mesh WiFi System, which consists of one router and one or more satellites. 

The company says it’s best suited to cover a medium to large sized home from 3,000 square feet or higher to provide reliable WiFi for streaming and gaming. The new Orbi Mesh WiFi offering also features NetGear Armor cybersecurity to keep your home safe from online threats and Circle Smart Parental Controls to manage screen time.

David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products for NetGear, says the Orbi Dual Band Mesh WiFi System delivers combined speeds up to 1.2Gbps for households with a large number of Internet-connected devices. The setup can be completed via the Orbi app from an iOS or Android device, which also enables management of the home WiFi.  

It works with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabling voice...

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Italy planning new tax on digital companies such as...

According to Reuters, Italy is preparing a new tax on digital companies such as Apple in its 2020 budget, as it seeks alternative revenues that will allow it to scrap a scheduled increase in sales tax.

If approved, the tax will require multinational web-based giants to pay a 3% levy on Internet transactions. Reuters says this plan is expected to yield around 600 million euros each year, and will apply to companies with annual global revenues worth at least 750 million euros and digital services exceeding 5.5 million euros in Italy.

The new scheme looks to take effect in January, sources said. The article says it will operate under a “self-assessment taxation regime” by which the companies submit a calculation of the amount owed.

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Nanit Plus baby-monitoring system review: This...

Much more than a baby camera, the Nanit Plus and its companion app can actively warn you if anything goes amiss while your baby is in its crib.

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The Little Helper: Satechi’s Type-C to 3.5mm Audio...

A while back I was testing the Jamstik 7 Guitar MIDI controller and had some issues getting things hooked up properly until I talked to the company’s tech support group. One thing I did try — and it performed its job perfectly — was the Satechi Type-C to 3.5mm Audio Headphone Jack Adapter ($24.99). It’s a little add-on that can make life easier for iPad Pro owners who don’t have the luxury of a 3.5mm headphone jack or a Lightning port.


The design of the Headphone Jack Adapter is typical Satechi — attractive and functional. On one end of the adapter is a male USB Type-C plug, there’s a short (7.5 inch) black cable, and then on the other end is an aluminum enclosure containing a female USB...

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Disney+ Reveals All the Shows Coming to The Service

Disney+ tweeted almost all of the shows and movies coming to the streaming service in a flurry of tweets on Monday. Techcrunch has a good of rundown of what is on the way.

For anyone who grew up on Disney, the list is a nostalgic look back at not just the studio’s hits, but also the titles that had quickly faded from your memory, or those that even make you cringe. While most streaming services today round out their catalog lineup with less popular content in order to claim a larger number of total titles available, they don’t tend to promote their B movies and crappy TV shows in any of their marketing or advertising, for obvious reasons. Disney’s approach, by comparison, is refreshingly transparent.

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iPhone SE2 Will be ‘Key Growth Driver’ in 2020

Analyst Ming-Ching Kuo believes that the iPhone SE 2 will be Apple’s key growth driver next year.  He made the prediction in a new note, sent to investors Sunday, CNBC reported.

In a note to investors Sunday, Kuo reiterated that the iPhone SE2 will have a similar design to the iPhone 8. That suggests Apple will be able to reuse parts from that phone while upgrading some of the internal components, like the processor and camera. It will be offered in silver, space gray and red, Kuo said. Kuo also predicted that the budget iPhone will likely attract people who are still using the iPhone 6 and 6s, which he estimates are still being used by as many as 200 million people, even though those phones launched five years ago. He said the new phone will be a “key growth driver” for Apple next year.

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Apple responds to report on sending users’ browsing...

In a report from professor and cryptographer Matthew Green today, concerns were raised about Apple sharing users’ browsing data to the Chinese company, Tencent. Now Apple has offered an official response, reassuring users that actual URLs aren’t shared with third-parties.


The post Apple responds to report on sending users’ browsing data to China-owned Tencent appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple Responds To Reports That It is Sharing Data...

Over the weekend, reports emerged that claimed that Apple was sending users' browsing details to Tencent to run it against Chinese company's safe browsing feature. In a statement on Monday, an Apple spokesperson has offered a clarification: Apple protects user privacy and safeguards your data with Safari Fraudulent Website Warning, a security feature that flags websites known to be malicious in nature. When the feature is enabled, Safari checks the website URL against lists of known websites and displays a warning if the URL the user is visiting is suspected of fraudulent conduct like phishing. To accomplish this task, Safari receives a list of websites known to be malicious from Google, and for devices with their region code set to mainland China, it receives a list from Tencent. The actual URL of website you visit is never shared with a safe browsing provider and the feature can be turned off.


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Scrivener 3.1.4

Updates the long-form writing tool to be compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and fix bugs. ($45 new, free update, 106 MB)

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A Confusing Tale of Apple Card Fraud

There is a lot of focus on security with the Apple Card, but that has not stopped some instances of fraud emerging.

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iPad deals start at $400 today, plus a $5 iPhone 11...
9to5Mac Daily: October 14, 2019 – iPhone SE 2...

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.

Sponsored by ChannelsChannels makes it easy to watch live TV from all of your devices. Get your first month of Channels Plus for free here


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Pixelmator Pro 1.5

Adds full compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina, including support for the Apple Pencil and Sidecar. ($39.99 new, free update, 174 MB)

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Headspace: A Guided-Meditation Companion

If you struggle to sleep, can’t seem to focus, or grapple with persistent stress, you might want to check out Headspace. It’s a personal meditation guide available for iOS, Android, and the Web with a large catalog of guided meditations for people of every experience level.

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HoudahGeo 5.4

Adds support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Photos 5.0. ($39 new, free update, 23.2 MB)

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Piezo 1.6.2

Corrects an issue where AAC recording did not work correctly in macOS 10.15 Catalina. ($19 new, free update, 8.8 MB)

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Italy plans 'web tax' on Apple and all...

The Italian government is reportedly preparing a tax on digital companies as part of its national budget for 2020. It's due to take effect from January and through a self-assessment system will levy a 3% tax on online transactions.

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New Orbi mesh WiFi system offers original design and...

Netgear is out with it’s latest Orbi mesh WiFi offering. The new RBK12/13/14 Orbi WiFi Systems come in a two-, three-, or four-pack to cover up 6,000 sq. ft. It also features an all-new design with a competitive price tag starting at $129.


The post New Orbi mesh WiFi system offers original design and competitive price appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple Using Chinese Firm Tencent For Fraudulent...

Apple’s Fraudulent Website Feature in Safari for iOS uses Chinese firm Tencent as one of its Safe Browsing Providers.

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∞ Steve Jobs, internal Apple meeting, introducing...

[VIDEO] This was posted back in 2017, was filmed just a few weeks into Steve’s return to Apple back in 1997.

It reentered the conversation again because of comments about Apple’s core values Steve made at about 6:17 in.

The reemergence came, at least in part, due to Steve’s statement about core values and a perceived disconnect with Apple’s decisions on banning the HKLive app.

I found the whole video riveting. It’s 15 minutes long. If you’ve got a taste for Apple’s history, worth watching the whole thing. The video is embedded in the main Loop post.

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Apple's macOS Catalina causing problems with...

Despite overall feature and performance improvements for external GPUs, the new macOS Catalina is now failing to work correctly with certain combinations of Mac and GPU card.

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What to do when you get Sherlock’ed by Apple

Six lessons from the team that created Luna Display, which got Sherlock’ed by Catalina/iPadOS’s Sidecar. Interesting, informative, and remarkably gracious.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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These are the best Apple deals you can find at...

Columbus Day Apple deals are in effect at Amazon, with markdowns on iPads, AirPods, Apple Watch devices and much more. We've rounded up the best bargains on Apple's latest hardware, delivering hundreds of dollars in savings.

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Waiting to update to Catalina

Working out the math of whether or not to update to Catalina? Take a few minutes to step through these quotes Michael Tsai collected from various members of the Mac technorati.

I am writing these words from my Catalina install. Though I did run into some snags with the install, so far my Catalina experience has been rock solid.

If you do decide to make the leap to Catalina: Obviously, do a complete backup before you start, and spend the time digging through the list of your 32-bit apps to make sure there’s nothing on that list that you’ll miss.

To do that:

  • Apple menu > About This Mac
  • Click the System Report button
  • In the sidebar on the left, scroll to Software > Legacy Software

Anything you absolutely need? Check to see if there’s a 64-bit upgrade. Do the upgrade before you install Catalina...

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Netgear expands Orbi family with Orbi Mesh WiFi...

Netgear expands its Orbi line with new dual-band Mesh WiFi system, designed to provide reliable and customizable Wi-Fi coverage to large homes.

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On Apple sharing some portion of your web browsing...

First off:

  • Fire up your iPhone, head to Settings > Safari
  • Now tap the link that says “About Safari & Privacy…” (it’s the second of these links, just under the Check for Apple Pay switch)
  • Scroll down to the section labeled “Fraudulent Website Warning”

At the bottom of that paragraph:

Before visiting a website, Safari may send information calculated from the website address to Google Safe Browsing and Tencent Safe Browsing to check if the website is fraudulent. These safe browsing providers may also log your IP address.

Those words have raised a lot of eyebrows. The headline linked article digs into some history and lays out the concerns. Start off by reading the section “What is “Safe Browsing”, and is it actually safe?” That’ll set the table for why Google’s Safe Browsing is imperfect where privacy is concerned.

Which leads to:

The problem is that Safe Browsing “update API” has never been exactly “safe...

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Mobile payments are hot, but Americans aren’t ready...

Electronic payments from mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal – are increasingly hot, but Americans aren’t ready to go cashless, at least not yet, according to a study by J.D. Power. 

In spite of the considerable hype surrounding mobile payments, the migration of Apple into the credit card space with the recently launched Apple Card and the launch of cashless retail outlets like Amazon’s Go stores, a whopping 78% of U.S. consumers believe stores and restaurants should be required to accept cash, according to a recent J.D. Power Pulse survey. 

Reasons given for sticking with cash include concerns about privacy and security and the impact cashless stores will have on the unbanked – those consumers who do not have a bank account, mobile device or credit card. And with some cities (Philadelphia and San Francisco) and states (New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) already...

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Apple TV users gives high marks to the set-top box’s...

New research from Parks Associates finds 70% of US broadband households with a major video service consider its user interface (UI) to be good, with 48% rating it "very good," and these scores impact their willingness to recommend the service to others. Apple TV owners give high marks to the set-top box’s UI.

Parks Associates says that analysis of consumer responses reveals quality of the UI and the ease of finding content are the most likely factors to drive willingness to recommend a video service.

"User interfaces are a key factor driving satisfaction for OTT services, and Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – the big three in OTT streaming – have largely set the standard for content navigation and ease of use," says Kristen Hanich, senior...

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Review: Naucrates, the robotic carry-on luggage that...

If you wanted to craft the perfect PR pitch to me, you couldn’t do much better than Naucrates. I’m a bagaholic who loves gadgets, so when it offered me the chance to try its new carry-on luggage which follows you around the airport, it was impossible to resist.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: you can also ride on it if you prefer…


The post Review: Naucrates, the robotic carry-on luggage that follows you around the airport appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Analyst: iPhone SE 2 coming in first quarter of 2020...

In a note to clients — as noted by MacRumors — analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will release a lower-priced iPhone SE 2 (though it probably won’t be called that) in the first quarter of 2020 for $399.

He predicts its specs will include: an A13 CPU; 3GB of RAM; 64GB and 128GB options; and no 3D Touch feature. Kuo prognostics that the phone will come in silver space grey, and red options. 

The analyst feels that Apple has told suppliers to produce between 2-4 million iPhone SE 2 units each month. He expects Apple to sell in excess of 30 million iPhone SE 2 phones across 2020.

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Apple is facing increasing criticism for kowtowing...

Apple is facing increasing criticism for kowtowing to China in order to increase sales in the country. 

Last week Apple pulled, then reinstated the HKmap Lie app in the China Apple App Store. People's Daily, China's official state news publication, has called Apple's reinstating of the HKmap Live app an "unwise and reckless decision." The tech giant recently reinstated the HKmap Live app, which uses crowdsourcing to track police vehicles, armed officers and incidents in which people have been injured. Apple claims it’s simply following local laws.

Now Apple's Fraudulent Website Warning feature in Safari for iOS and Mac has come under scrutiny for sending some IP addresses from users of its Safari browser on iOS to...

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TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones at...

Want great audio, noise cancellation, and a great deal all in one package? We’ve got it for you today: the TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones — normally priced at $259.99 — are on sale for $69.99 in the Apple World Today Deals Shop.

The Z2's earned their name because they feature twice the sound, twice the battery life, and twice the convenience of competing headphones. Packed with TREBLAB's most advanced Sound2.0™ technology with aptX and active noise-cancellation, these headphones deliver goosebump-inducing audio while drowning out the unwanted background noise. It's like you're at a concert every time you turn up...

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Apple brings its updated Apple Maps into the midwest...

Enhanced Apple Maps have begun expanding out of Northeast and into the Midwest, bringing more details to Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

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Google Pay will soon work with major public transit...

Paying for public transport could be about to become more convenient, with fare payment system Cubic Transportation Systems teaming up with Google to offer contactless transit payments using Google Pay.

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Safari on iOS can be sending your browsing data to...

Apple's protection against malicious websites has long sent data to Google Safe Browsing, but now it appears some can also be sent to Chinese firm Tencent.

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Uniti's quirky three-seater EV costs less than...

Swedish brand Uniti has announced the pricing and specs for its cute, quirky Uniti One, a crowdfunded electric car. With an affordable £15,100 ($18,970) price tag in the UK, this Scandinavian-designed ultra-compact has an unusual interior layou...

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How iCloud Drive works with multiple users on a...

Apple introduced fast user switching years ago to allow easier shared use of a single Mac by multiple people. After logging into an account and switching away from it, all the activities that were underway continue on their merry progress even while another user has logged in or switched to the foreground.

This includes iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and other sync apps that carry out their operations in the background during a normal session. This can be useful if multiple people rely on synchronized files, preventing them from having to log in and wait for updates to occur.

Apple assures its third-party developers in fast user switching documentation that background accounts have no keyboard or mouse input, and apps that check on screen activity will receive a response as if the screen were asleep. That is a sort of guarantee that any app or service that’s running will reliably keep running.


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Element’s Rally case for the new iPhones has one...

Element Case has released the “X2 Collection” of cases for Apple’s 2019 line-up of iPhones. I’ve had the chance to use the $39.95 Rally case. It’s a decent enough case with one feature that makes it stand out from a horde of competitors.

It’s targeted to users who want clean and simple protection while allowing the good looks of the Apple smartphone to be clearly visible. Protection is provided by clear polycarbonate, DropShock Corners, and a front bezel design that keeps the phone screen from coming in direct contact with surfaces.

The Rally also includes self-repairing tinted polycarbonate material intended to significantly reduce scratching. From what I’ve seen, this works pretty well. The Rally is available in three colors: black, clear, and sunset red.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Other cases in the X2 Collection...

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Things Are Not Gong Well for Facebook’s...

Facebook cryptocurrency has lost a number of big-name backers in recent times. Reuters reported on the problems facing Libra, and looked at where the project might go next.

PayPal (PYPL.O) started the Libra Association exodus this month, leaving Facebook without the backing of any major payments firms for the project, due for launch by June 2020. Libra said this month it would give details after the meeting of the 1,500 “entities” that have indicated “enthusiastic interest” to take part in the project. Members will review a charter and appoint a board at the Libra meeting, which will be held in Geneva, the Wall Street Journal reported this month. A spokeswoman did not immediately respond to enquiries on the meeting of the Libra Association, whose remaining members include Vodafone (VOD.L) and ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft.

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iPhone 11 Off to ‘Very Strong Start’ Says Tim Cook

Tim Cook told the German newspaper Bild that Apple “could not be happier” with how the launch of the iPhone 11 has gone.

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Another China controversy for Apple: sending user...

Apple has found itself embroiled in yet another China-related controversy, as it appears to be sending user browsing data to Tencent, a Chinese company. That data includes the website visited and the IP address of the iOS user.

Apple has the best of intentions here – the data sharing is done to help protect users from fraudulent websites – but the fact that the company now uses a Chinese conglomerate to do so is raising eyebrows…


The post Another China controversy for Apple: sending user browsing data to Tencent appeared first on...

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The Morning After: Get the Mac Pro 'cheese...

Welcome back! It's Monday. As the fall weather pulls us indoors, we have all the best games on the device (or PC) of your choosing, say farewell to the first chapter of Fortnite and get the case we need to really fake that Apple Mac look, but with a...

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HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG: How does HDR work?

With 4K now firmly in place as the standard for most new TV's, high dynamic range, or HDR, video is starting to move from being an enthusiast curiosity to the next big thing in home media. HDR content looks vibrant, crisp and can be a bigger up...

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How to use Collections in iOS 13’s Maps app

iOS 13 brings new features to the Maps app, including Collections for sharing favorite restaurants, travel destinations or places to shop with friends, and Favorites for navigating to frequent destinations, such as home, work, the gym or school. To use open the Maps app and:

Swipe a finger to expand the panel at the bottom of the screen using the small drag handle above the search field.

Under Collections, tap New Collection….

Name the new collection.

Tap Create.

Tap the Add a Place button in the panel shown below your new collection.

Type the name of a place you might to visit.

Tap the “i” icon next to the place you're looking for in the search results to add it to your collection. Delete the search term to find and add more location.

When you’re finished, tap Done.

The locations listed in your new collection and their location...

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Find My: How to use Apple’s new all-in-one app to...

Find My Friends was not the first location-sharing app when it was introduced in 2011, but by being a first-party solution, it saw incredibly widespread support. So much so that Apple just went ahead and bundled with with iOS starting with iOS 9. Find My iPhone first launched as a MobileMe service in 2010, and became a free iCloud service in 2011. It has been a critical piece of infrastructure to help people locate their lost gear.

The ubiquity of these services have made them so popular, so oft-used and reliable, that they have become a mainstay of the Apple ecosystem; a reason to stick with Apple, just like iMessage.

With iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Apple has given these location services their biggest overhaul yet. Since the two apps essentially do the same thing, they have been combined into a single app called “Find My” with a new interface. It’s included in iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and macOS Catalina.


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Samsung's Android 10 beta program is now...

Android 10 was released in September, but so far, it's only been available on Google's own Pixel devices. Usually, it takes other manufacturers some months to catch up, however, as promised, Samsung has released a beta of its Android 10-based One UI...

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Happy Columbus Day from O’Grady’s PowerPage!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Columbus Day, and the staff of O’Grady’s PowerPage will be taking the day to spend time with friends and family.

We heartily encourage you to do the same, as well as enjoy some amazing fall weather.

Enjoy the day and we’ll be back tomorrow with more Mac, iOS, and mobile news, rumors, features, and cool stuff galore.

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How to play music on all (or some) of your Amazon...

Want to hear tunes booming throughout your house? If you have Amazon Echo devices in multiple rooms, just ask Alexa, although you’ll need to tweak some settings first.

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Best smart plugs: These gadgets will turn any...

With models from Lutron, Wemo, Leviton, iDevices, and others, it can be difficult to know which easy and inexpensive device is best for controlling the lamps and small appliances in your smart home. We’ll help you find the right one.

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Apple offers three-month TV+ trial to 'Emmy...

Apple's video streaming service, TV+, is launching in just a few weeks on November 1st. The company is drumming up even more excitement for the launch by offering a free three-month trial for subscribers of Emmy magazine.

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Porsche unveils the mid-range Taycan 4S EV

So far, we've seen Porsche's Taycan in the Turbo and Turbo S variants, but Porsche has already said that it's planning more models. Now, the company has unveiled the Taycan 4S, a mid-range version of the electric sports car. It will deliver up to 420...

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Sunday October 13

5G-Capable iPhones Set for a 2022 Deadline

Apple has set an internal deadline of 2022 for developing and integrating its in-house 5G modems for iPads and iPhones. Fast company reports that Apple intends to complete certification, testing…

The post 5G-Capable iPhones Set for a 2022 Deadline appeared first on iLounge.

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Make Your MacBook Ergonomic-Friendly with this...

The MacBook is a premium piece of work, but the one thing it doesn’t have is the ability to adjust to the user’s ideal height. The Aluminum Multi-Angle MacBook and…

The post Make Your MacBook Ergonomic-Friendly with this Discounted Aluminum Stand appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple Stocks Enter All-Time High

Shares on the Apple stock, ‘AAPL’ are being traded beyond the $234 mark, which is the highest it’s ever been on the intraday market. CNBC reports that the previous record…

The post Apple Stocks Enter All-Time High appeared first on iLounge.

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Clinics in California Will Start Recording Visits...

Doctors in California will be using a system in the Apple Watch that allows them to dictate notes and have the health data added to the patient’s medical record. Altais…

The post Clinics in California Will Start Recording Visits Using Apple Watch appeared first on iLounge.

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XIDU Tour Pro laptop is a new competitor of the...

XIDU is an emerging professional brand of innovative laptops it was established in 2014, situated in Shenzhen, China. XIDU products consistently go with you with an awesome life. The Vision…

The post XIDU Tour Pro laptop is a new competitor of the MacBook with a 2K Screen appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple's Safari Browser Is Sending Some Users...

"Apple, which often positions itself as a champion of privacy and human rights, is sending some IP addresses from users of its Safari browser on iOS to Chinese conglomerate Tencent -- a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party," reports the Reclaim the Net blog:

Apple admits that it sends some user IP addresses to Tencent in the "About Safari & Privacy" section of its Safari settings.... The "Fraudulent Website Warning" setting is toggled on by default which means that unless iPhone or iPad users dive two levels deep into their settings and toggle it off, their IP addresses may be logged by Tencent or Google when they use the Safari browser. However, doing this makes browsing sessions less secure and leaves users vulnerable to accessing fraudulent websites...

Even if people install a third-party browser on their iOS device, viewing web pages inside apps still opens them in an integrated form of Safari called Safari View Controller instead of the...

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NVIDIA will remaster more games with RTX ray tracing

Quake II RTX is far from the last game to receive an NVIDIA ray tracing upgrade. DSOG has discovered that NVIDIA is hiring a producer for its Lightspeed Studios unit to lead work on a "game remastering program" that will add RTX ray tracing to more...

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Redesigned Apple Amsterdam arrives October 24...

Apple’s grandest store in the Netherlands is returning with a renewed purpose on October 24 after months of extensive upgrades and restoration. The redesigned Apple Amsterdam will feature a Forum and video wall for Today at Apple, and a special creative collaboration to celebrate.


The post Redesigned Apple Amsterdam arrives October 24 featuring Today at Apple film sessions appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Safari in iOS sends some Safe Browsing data to...

Apple's Safari browser has long sent data to Google Safe Browsing to help protect against phishing scams using its Fraudulent Website Warning feature, but it now appears Chinese tech giant Tencent gets some information as well. Users have discovered...

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Amazon has the new 2019 13″ 1.4GHz/128GB 4-Core Space Gray Touch Bar MacBook Pro on sale for $100 off Apple’s MSRP. This is the same MacBook Pro sold by Apple in its retail and online stores: – 2019... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 27″ 3.2GHz 8-Core iMac Pros available for $4249 including free shipping. Their price is $750 off the cost of new models. A standard Apple one-year warranty is included... Read more
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