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Thursday September 29

Lisa Kudrow joins the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Time...

The “Time Bandits” TV series at Apple TV+ from Taika Waititi has found its main cast, reports Variety.

The post Lisa Kudrow joins the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Time Bandits’ series appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Federal appeals court rejects Apple’s $310...

A federal appeals court in San Francisco has rejected Apple’s US310 million settlement of claims that the tech giant disguised certain iPhone battery defects by throttling their system performance, reports Bloomberg Law.

The post Federal appeals court rejects Apple’s $310 settlement of claims in iPhone battery case appeared first on Apple World Today.

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How to use your iPhone as a remote for Apple TV in...

The iPhone has a built-in Apple TV Remote feature that is a swipe and tap away at all times. Here's how to get the most out of this handy tool.How to use the Apple TV Remote appApple used to offer the Apple TV Remote as a separate download from the App Store. It removed the app and integrated it as a system-wide feature in 2016.


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Apple TV+ debuts trailer for season two of ‘Hello...

Apple TV+ has released the trailer for the second season of "Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show," premiering globally on Friday, October 7. 

The post Apple TV+ debuts trailer for season two of ‘Hello Jack! The Kindness Show’ appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Microsoft scraps SwiftKey for iPhone, stops support

Microsoft has confirmed that it is to remove its typing app SwiftKey from the App Store on October 5, 2022, though existing owners can continue to use it for now.Microsoft SwiftKey is a typing app, installed as an iOS keyboard, which lets users type by swiping over the glass instead of picking out individual letters. It interprets from where a user swipes, what word they most likely want to write, and it inserts that word for them.It's not the only third-party iPhone keyboard to provide this service, and it's also not the only one to be scrapped. The reasons for both Microsoft's SwiftKey and Kosta Eleftheriou's FlickType being abandoned must include the fact that...

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An Intervention Call and a Secret Science Project –...

Two guests on today’s show. First, financial analyst Rob Black joins Ken to discuss Bloomberg’s midweek article that has Apple reducing iPhone orders. Then, TMO’s Nick deCourville reveals his Apple Watch SEcret science project.

Zocdoc is a FREE app that shows you doctors who are patient-reviewed, take your insurance and are available when you need them. Go to and download the Zocdoc app for free.

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Wednesday September 28

Fast Company Hackers Sent Out Obscene Push...

Hackers infiltrated Fast Company's push notifications to send out racial slurs on Tuesday night. They also stole a database that includes employees' emails, password hashes for some of them and unpublished drafts, among other information. Customer records are safe, though, most likely because they're kept in a separate database. Engadget reports: In a statement, Fast Company has told Engadget that its Apple News account was hacked and was used to send "obscene and racist" push notifications." It added that the breach was related to another hack that happened on Sunday afternoon and that it has gone as far as shutting down the whole domain for now. [...] Apple has addressed the situation in tweet, confirming that the website has been hacked and that it has suspended Fast Company's account.

At the moment, Fast Company's website loads a "404 Not Found" page. Before it was taken down, though, the bad actors managed to post a message detailing how they were able...

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Apple to announce fourth-quarter earnings on...

Apple on Wednesday announced that it would detail earnings for 2022's fourth fiscal quarter on October 27, with an investor conference call expected to include a discussion from CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri.Apple will hold an investor conference call following its fourth-quarter earnings release on Thursday, October 27, the company said in an update to its investor webpage. The call is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern.Following tradition, Cook and Maestri are expected to deliver word on Apple's overall financial health and break out segment details for the three months ending in September.


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Apple releases new public betas of macOS 13 Ventura...

Apple has released the seventh public beta of macOS Ventura 13 and the third public betas of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16. Public betas are available on Apple’s Beta Software Program website.

The post Apple releases new public betas of macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16.1, and iPadOS 16.1 appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple TV+ Announces New Untitled Documentary...

Apple TV+ has announced a new, currently untitled documentary from Extracurricular and A24, which features the story of the legendary ‘haenyeo’ of South Korea’s Jeju island.

The currently untitled documentary feature film finds Peabody Award nominee Sue Kim (The Speed Cubers) acting as director. This is also the first project from the partnership between Apple TV+ and Malala Yousafzai’s production company Extracurricular.

Apple TV+ Announces Documentary About ‘Korea’s Mermaids’

The currently untitled documentary tells the story of “Korea’s mermaids”, a group of elderly free divers who work catching seafood off the coast of Jeju Island, which has provided support to their community for generations.

According to an...

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Russia regulator demands answers for VK removal from...

Following Apple's removal of VKontakte from the App Store, Russian regulators are saying that it will impair communications between its citizens, and are demanding answers.Logo for Apple's App StoreVKontakte is Russia's largest social network app. Following Apple's removal of the app on September 28, Russian regulators at Roskomnadzor has taken issue with the action, calling it "discriminatory."


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This Mac mini with 16GB RAM is on sale for $799,...

Apple's budget-friendly Mac mini is made even more affordable thanks to a $100 promo code discount on top of savings on AppleCare.This M1 Mac mini with 16GB of memory is $100 off with our exclusive promo code.Save on every Mac mini


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Apple Looking to Ready Apple Music Classical for...

It appears that Apple is preparing to gear up for the upcoming debut of Apple Music Classical, a standalone classical music app that will be available to users alongside the traditional Apple Music app.

Right now, it is uncertain when the app will see release, though Apple has made a promise of it seeing release this year.

Apple Gearing Up for Debut of Apple Music Classical

Reports indicate that mentions of Apple Classical are appearing in backend code that Apple employs. This suggests that users may be seeing a debut of Apple Music Classical in the near future. Twitter user @aaronp613 was the one to announce the discovery of the source code.

Concerning the app itself, Apple Musical Classical is built around Primephonic, a classical musical service...

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Tim Cook Talks About Lack of Women in Tech, EarPods...

In an interview Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook laid out his thoughts on a number of issues. During the chat in the U.K., Cook bemoaned a lack of women in tech, addressed wired EarPod sales and spoke about Apple’s investment in augmented reality, or AR.

Tim Cook Says There’s ’No Good Excuse’ for Lack of Women in Tech

In an interview with BBC, Cook discussed the class of all-female founders he met with at Apple’s first Foundations program in the U.K. Cook had already shared on Twitter that the developers in the program were “on their way to making and achieving extraordinary things.”

However, Cook pointed out in the interview his concerns about a lack of more women in tech. He said...

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Sales Numbers, New Betas and Bugs, and Fresh...

In today’s scan from the Observation Deck, we can see that the iPhone 14 Pro is still faring well despite our not-so-good-looking times. The iPhone 14 base models may not be selling as well as expected, though. We’ve also caught sight of new beta builds, more bugs and news on how easily one could repair the new Apple Watch Ultra. Speaking of things you probably shouldn’t do at home, we’ve got a challenge for you in today’s Daily Observations, so listen in and give us your thoughts.

WSJ: iPhone 14 Pro Looks Good in Not So Good Looking Times

If you follow Apple news — iPhone news specifically, there was nothing in Tuesday’s analysis piece from the...

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Apple Car team reforming before end of 2022 says...

After some years of relative silence, the Apple Car team is said to be restarting work, with a potential reformation of the group before the end of the year, Ming-Chi Kuo believes.Apple CarAnalyst Ming-Chi Kuo took to Twitter on Wednesday with a single tweet sharing his prediction, based on a "survey."


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AirPods Pro 2 Feature Mystery Metal Insert Welded to...

Whenever Apple launches a new product, we look forward to seeing it taken apart. The AirPods Pro 2 was no exception, but we got a bonus even before the teardown videos came out. Thanks to a CT scan, we got a look inside the AirPods Pro 2 charging case that suggested there may be more to the new lanyard holster than originally thought. The metal eyelet appeared to be connected to the Lightning port.

Exploring the Innards of Apple’s Refreshed Wireless Earbuds

Lumafield, a company founded to help diagnose problems with assemblies and identify hidden cracks, was quick to put its CT scanner to work on the AirPods Pro 2. Previously, the company had scanned the original AirPods Pro and wanted to compare the internals of the second generation.

It found a basic layout very similar to the first-...

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How the New Live Activities Feature in iOS 16.1...

Earlier in the month, Apple announced that iOS 16.1 will provide users the new Live Activities feature which allows iPhone users to stay on top of things that are occurring in real time.

Live Activities allows users to keep track of sports games, food deliveries and more, right from their Lock Screen. For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Live Activities also integrates into the new Dynamic Island.

iOS 16.1 Brings Live Activities to iPhone and Dynamic Island

Just this week, reports arrived that Dynamic Island shows a live-updating scoreboard when following a sports event. The number of goals scored by each club appears on either side of the True Depth camera pill. Apple refers to this as a “compact” Live Activities presentation within Dynamic Island. Users can long press in order to expand Dynamic...

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Theft of 2000 pieces of Apple gear leads to 4 years...

A man in South Carolina has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for a scheme to steal a large amount of new iPad models, the Apple Watch, and other expensive electronics from Walmart.Courtroom photo by Sadmir KanovickiThe scheme happened in 2017 where he worked at a Walmart distribution center in Pennsylvania. Jimenez-Hiciano hid certain electronics in delivery trucks, mailed them through FedEx to his addresses, and shared the proceeds of the sales with others.


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Amazon reveals new Echo Dot, Kindle Scribe tablet...

An Amazon product event is underway, and the company has unveiled a new stylus-based Kindle Scribe tablet, a refresh of the Echo Dot line, sleep monitoring hardware, and more.The Amazon event revealed new products like an updated Echo Dot and Kindle ScribeNew product updates include a fifth-generation Echo Dot with a clock and a Kindle with a stylus. Kindle's offerings compete with Apple's iPad and HomePod mini, but with budget-focused designs and hardware.


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How to remove photo backgrounds in iOS 16 &...

Apple introduced a new system-wide feature that lets you remove the background from photos in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Here's how it works and when you'll want to use it.Lift the subject of an image from screenshots, Safari, or PhotosApple's latest operating systems got a machine learning overhaul for dealing with photos. Now, apps like Photos recognize the subject and background of an image, which gives users new superpowers across the OS.


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Ming-Chi Kuo says iPhone production cut report is...

Disputing a new claim that Apple has cut iPhone 14 production down to iPhone 13 levels, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that this is what his research says was the plan all along.Following a Bloomberg report that Apple is cutting around 6.7% of its orders for the iPhone 14 range, some analysts questioned the claim. Now Ming-Chi Kuo goes so far as to call it "a little bit weird."

Rumored Apple ditching iPhone production increase sounds a little bit weird to me. As I surveyed before, Apple had production switch plans from iPhone 14/14 Plus to iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max/price-cut...

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Apple Rejects TSMC Bid to Increase Chip Price

The world’s leading advanced semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC, reportedly planned to raise its chip prices by 6% to 9%. Apple, TSMC’s largest client, relies solely on that manufacturer for just about all of its products. Nevertheless, the Cupertino-based tech giant has rejected TSMC’s suggested increase in chip prices.

Trying to Price More Expensive Chips Even Higher

Already, TSMC’s chips are around 20% higher than those of its direct rivals. However, even the smaller foundries have been raising their prices in recent years. Higher material and logistics costs drive such price increases. So does new investment, such as the $100 billion TSMC has committed for the next three years towards improving its processes and building new factories.

TSMC has also struggled with understanding real demand for...

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Apple Looking to Ditch Production Increase of iPhone...

Reports indicate that Apple is calling off plans to increase production of the latest iPhone series after an anticipated spike in demand failed to come to fruition.

According to Bloomberg, this news arrives from sources familiar with the matter.

Apple Ditching iPhone 14 Production Increase Due to Lowering Demand

Sources stated that Apple has reportedly told suppliers to scale back efforts to increase iPhone 14 production and assembly by as many as 6 million units in the second half of the year. In the weeks leading up to the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple boosted sales projections, though it now appears demand is not as strong as originally thought.

Due to this, Apple is now aiming to produce 90 million handsets for the period. This amount...

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'Tap to Pay on iPhone' feature officially...

Businesses that use Square as a payment processor will now be able to use Tap to Pay on iPhone using the company's point-of-sale app.Tap to Pay on iPhoneIn June 2022, Square announced it would bring support for the feature, and had launched an early access program for businesses.


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New iPadOS 16.1 Beta Enables Stage Manager on Older...

During WWDC 2022, Apple introduced Stage Manager as a feature exclusive to iPad models with an M1 chip. However, Apple seems to be changing that as the latest beta of iPadOS 16.1 enables it on several older iPad Pros.

Stage Manager Works on Older iPad Pros

Engadget reported that Apple has made Stage Manager available older iPad Pro models. Remembered, when Apple first introduced the new iPad multitasking feature, the Cupertino-based tech giant said it will only work on iPad models with the M1 chip. These included the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro released in May 2021 and the M1 iPad Air released in...

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How to lock in a gamertag for Netflix Games on iOS 16

Netflix Games now lets iOS users to create a gamertag that they can use across an expanding mobile games catalog. Here's how to do it.Netflix launched game subscriptions on Android in November 2021, and later released its games on iOS as separate titles in the App Store. Now it's introduced game handles which work cross-platform."Today, we're rolling out the ability to create game handles for a more personalized gameplay experience," wrote Sophia Yang, Product Manager of Mobile Games at Netflix, in a blog.


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Apple Shares How the iPad Pro Helps Archaeologists...

Apple published a new narrative detailing how its iPad Pro helps archaeologists with their work in preserving the ancient history of Pompeii. Aside from the usual archaeological tools such as trowels, buckets, brushes, and pickaxes, a new tool proves to be very useful — the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Helps Archaeologists

In a press release, Apple shared the experiences of a team of archaeologists working at Pompeii. Dr. Allison Emmerson led a five-week dig called the Tuane University Pompeii I.14 Project. The team excavated a commercial building believed to be a restaurant dating to the second or third century B.C.E...

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AAPL hit in wake of iPhone 14 production report is...

Apple stock fell after news broke that Apple is keeping its original goal for iPhone 14 production, but two notable analyst firms aren't worried.iPhone 14 lineupIn two notes to investors seen by AppleInsider, analysts from Morgan Stanley and Wedbush say that a recent report about iPhone 14 family production shouldn't worry investors. The report on Wednesday said that Apple is slightly scaling back production of the iPhone 14, keeping its target of 90 million devices for the second half of 2022.


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Apple Removes Russia's Largest Social Network...

Apple has removed the iOS apps belonging to VK, the technology conglomerate behind Russia's version of Facebook called VKontakte, from its App Store globally. From a report: In a translated statement on its website, VK said that its apps "are blocked by Apple" but that it will "continue to develop and support iOS applications." In response to an inquiry by The Verge, Apple spokesperson Adam Dema confirmed that VK's apps have been removed and its developer accounts shut down.

"These apps are being distributed by developers majority-owned or majority-controlled by one or more parties sanctioned by the UK government," Dema said in a statement. "In order to comply with these sanctions, Apple terminated the developer accounts associated with these apps, and the apps cannot be downloaded from any App Store, regardless of location. Users who have already downloaded these apps may continue to use them."


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Laurene Powell Jobs & Steve Jobs collaborated to...

In a rare interview, entrepreneur Laurene Powell Jobs has revealed just how her Emerson Collective has been building on the philanthropic plans she and the late Steve Jobs made.Laurene Powell Jobs (David Sims for WSJ. Magazine.)Laurene Powell Jobs recently launched the Steve Jobs Archive, alongside Tim Cook and Jony Ive, as a living tribute to her late husband's impact on the technology industry. She did it in a rare public appearance at Code22, but she's now followed it with what the Wall Street Journal's WSJ Magazine says is only her 11th interview in 10 years.


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How to use Siri Shortcuts in iOS 16

Using Siri Shortcuts in iOS 16 can make performing tasks with apps easy. Here's how to get the most out of the feature."Siri works across all your devices [and] it is always there to help you get requests done," said Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple, during the WWDC 2018 keynote. "Any app can expose quick actions to Siri."Siri Shortcuts offers an easy way to configure multiple Actions — the building blocks of a Shortcut — to be able to receive multiple areas of information and perform different tasks in a personalized sequence. Here is how you can set up unique personalized Shortcuts.


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The best iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

There are many protective cases available for Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Here are our top picks from what's on the market.Apple's annual September launch event saw the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max get some serious upgrades, and the pair is set to be the most popular of the four iPhones the company introduced. Now that everyone's getting their device orders, it would be a great time to acquire a case to protect it.Our roundup of cases covers a number of different user needs, from utility items like a built-in kickstand to fashionable or ecological choices like the use of recycled materials or leather. Protection is also a key area, with many helping to fend off knocks and drops.


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Daily deals Sept. 28: $400 off 14-inch MacBook Pro...

Wednesday's best deals include $300 off an Intel Mac mini, iPad 9 for $299, $5 off AirTag 4-pack, and much more.Best deals September 28Every day, AppleInsider searches online retailers to find offers and discounts on items including Apple hardware, upgrades, smart TVs, and accessories. We compile the best deals we find into our daily collection, which can help our readers save money.


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More Apple Music Classical references spotted in iOS...

As Apple's self-imposed deadline to launch Apple Music Classical nears, more mentions have been found in the latest iOS beta.Following Apple's acquisition — and closing down — of classical music service Primephonic, references to the service were spotted in Android beta software, and betas of iOS 15.15.Now a Twitter user has shown screenshots from the latest iOS beta that include Apple Music Classical references.


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Tim Cook takes European tour, visits 'Ted Lasso...

Apple CEO Tim Cook is tweeting his way around Europe, seeing new Apple Stores, new Apple offices, and also cheering in the stands at AFC Richmond, the fictional "Ted Lasso" football team.Tim Cook visits Apple Brompton Road (source: Tim Cook on Twitter)Cook is making his first full-scale public tour outside of the US since the coronavirus pandemic. He was first in the UK where he launched the new App Store Foundations Program for women.


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Second gen AirPods Pro are an impressive improvement...

I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s AirPods Pro. And the second generation makes the earbuds even better. I like the better (though still not great) battery life and the Spatial Audio feature, among other things.

The post Second gen AirPods Pro are an impressive improvement over an already impressive product appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Logitech unveils a new line of mice and keyboards ‘...

Logitech has announced a new “Designed for Mac” collection of products, crafted to be compatible and reliable with Mac setups across a variety of use cases.

The post Logitech unveils a new line of mice and keyboards ‘designed for Mac’ appeared first on Apple World Today.

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How to add your favorite artists in iOS 16

In the Music app in iOS 16, Apple Music subscribers can use Listen Now to discover and play your favorite albums, playlists, interviews, and personal mixes, based on your taste.

The post How to add your favorite artists in iOS 16 appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Seven Steps of SD-WAN Implementation

Organizations that preferred the traditional model for remote working had to backhaul traffic from their branch offices to their primary data center installed at their head office for inspection. 

The post Seven Steps of SD-WAN Implementation appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple granted an earpiece cushion to make the...

Apple has been granted a patent (number 11,457,300) with the goal of making its AirPods Max headphone even more comfortable.

The post Apple granted an earpiece cushion to make the AirPods Max more comfortable appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple MacBook Air 13.3”, Core i5, 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM,...

You can get an Apple MacBook Air (13.3 inches, Core i5, 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for only $307.99, thanks to a new Apple World Today deal.

The post Apple MacBook Air 13.3”, Core i5, 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD (Refurbished): $295.99 appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple looks to beef up the user interface for its...

Apple is looking to enhance the user interface for its Fitness+ app. The tech giant has been granted a patent for “user interfaces for workout content.”

The post Apple looks to beef up the user interface for its Fitness+ app appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Truecaller Launches iPhone compatible Assistant to...

Truecaller, a global communications platform, has launched Truecaller Assistant that leverages machine learning, speech-to-text, and natural language processing technologies to create a call-screening solution.

The post Truecaller Launches iPhone compatible Assistant to Filter Out Fraud and Scam Calls appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Square Launches Tap to Pay on iPhone for U.S. Sellers

Square has launched Tap to Pay on iPhone to its millions of sellers across the U.S.

The post Square Launches Tap to Pay on iPhone for U.S. Sellers appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple removes iOS apps belonging to Russian’s VK...

Apple has removed the iOS apps belonging to VK, the technology conglomerate behind Russia’s version of Facebook called VKontakte, from its App Store globally, reports The Verge.

The post Apple removes iOS apps belonging to Russian’s VK conglomerate appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple purportedly backing off plans to increase...

Apple is backing off plans to increase production of its new iPhones this year after an anticipated surge in demand failed to materialize, reports Bloomberg,

The post Apple purportedly backing off plans to increase iPhone 14 production appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Five more join the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Sugar’...

Apple TV+’s Colin Farrell-led series “Sugar” has added Nate Corddry (“For All Mankind”), Sydney Chandler (“Don't Worry Darling”), Elizabeth Anweis (“Echo 3”), Miguel Sandoval (“Barry”), and Jason Butler Harner (“The Handmaid's Tale”) to its ensemble cast.

The post Five more join the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Sugar’ starring Colin Farrell appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Adonit launches the LOG wooden stylus for the iPad

 Adonit has launched Adonit LOG, its first-ever stylus with a sustainability-sourced wooden casing for iPad users. 

The post Adonit launches the LOG wooden stylus for the iPad appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple News Items You Should Check out: Sept. 28

Since I can’t cover everything, I like to offer a daily round-up of must-read articles from some other great websites.  ° From MacRumors: Apple is rolling out a new policy for the sixth-generation iPad mini that will allow customers to get their batteries replaced without being given a replacement device. ° From AppleInsider: Twin brothers from […]

The post Apple News Items You Should Check out: Sept. 28 appeared first on Apple World Today.

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How to mark all messages as read in iOS 16

That unread messages tally can get out of control. Here's how to deal with them all in seconds, by quickly marking all text messages as read in iOS 16.While notification badges are helpful to highlight things that need immediate attention, they can sometimes be an unwanted distraction. This is doubly true when it pertains to text messages — especially if you get a fair number of automatic text messages every day.Fortunately, you can quickly mark all your messages as read in iOS 16 in a few steps.


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Apple has reportedly rejected TSMC chip price hike

A new report claims that Apple has rejected iPhone processor manufacturer TSMC's plan to raise its chip manufacture prices by around 6%.The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co was first rumored in August 2022 to be planning an increase, and then shortly afterwards it formally told its customers that the price rise would take place in 2023.Now according to Economic Daily News, it is rumored that Apple has simply rejected the price increase. Apple is TSMC's largest customer, so it is likely that it would be able to have some influence.


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Spigen’s Modern Wallet Case with AirTag...

Leave the bulk at home with a modern and stylish card wallet. Today, the Spigen AirTag Card Holder Wallet S is down to just ...

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The post Spigen’s Modern Wallet Case with AirTag Compatibility is $20 Off appeared first on iLounge.

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iFixit reveals Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Video

YouTube channel iFixit recently uploaded a new teardown video of the new Apple Watch Ultra. The video, titled ‘Apple Watch Ultra Teardown – Beautiful, ...

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The post iFixit reveals Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Video appeared first on iLounge.

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Report spots ten ad fraud apps in App Store

Bleeping Computer recently published a report about ten apps maliciously working as ad frauds in the App Store. The mobile apps were discovered by ...

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The post Report spots ten ad fraud apps in App Store appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple Battersea UK offices to open soon

Apple’s Tim Cook recently announced that its Battersea Power Station offices will be opening soon. Planning of the new UK headquarters began in 2018, ...

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The post Apple Battersea UK offices to open soon appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9 inch iPad Pro...

Grab a useful accessory for your iPad Pro at a huge discount. Today, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio is down to ...

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The post Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9 inch iPad Pro Drops $30 appeared first on iLounge.

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Fourth Apple Store in South Korea opens

Apple Jamsil opened today in Seoul, with a press release to go along with the event. Apple’s fourth South Korean location has opened its ...

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The post Fourth Apple Store in South Korea opens appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple Watch Ultra durability test Videos surface...

Social media personalities and YouTubers have begun testing the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability, featuring the device as the subject in their online videos. YouTube ...

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The post Apple Watch Ultra durability test Videos surface online appeared first on iLounge.

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Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show will feature...

Musical artist Rihanna is set to headline the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show, which will be sponsored by Apple Music. After boasting how the ...

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The post Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show will feature Rihanna appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple Watch Ultra Now Available on Amazon

Apple’s newest and most durable smartwatch has recently launched, and now it’s available to buy on Amazon. Today, the Apple Watch Ultra GPS+Cellular with ...

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The post Apple Watch Ultra Now Available on Amazon appeared first on iLounge.

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Refurbished M2 13-inch MacBook Pro now officially on...

Apple has added the M2 MacBook Pro 13 inch model on its Canada and US website. The 13 inch MacBook Pro in 256GB and ...

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The post Refurbished M2 13-inch MacBook Pro now officially on sale appeared first on iLounge.

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‘Spirited’ to arrive on Apple TV+ November 18

The Charles Dickens classic reimagining of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is set to arrive on Apple’s streaming platform on November 18. ‘Spirited’ is a take ...

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The post ‘Spirited’ to arrive on Apple TV+ November 18 appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple Music gains Super Bowl LVII Playlist

Apple Music has recently added two new playlists related to the NFL Super Bowl halftime show. After it’s revealed that Apple Music will be ...

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The post Apple Music gains Super Bowl LVII Playlist appeared first on iLounge.

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Apple said to be scaling back production of entire...

A new claim says that despite the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro, overall demand for the iPhone 14 range has been lower than expected.Previously, multiple reports have claimed a strong demand, and also Apple shifting production to the iPhone 14 Pro to meet orders. Now, however, a new report claims that a lack of demand means Apple has asked suppliers to scale back production.According to Bloomberg, unnamed sources say that the increased demand expected by Apple has failed to appear. Suppliers have reportedly been told that Apple now intends to...

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Things You Should Not Do with Your Apple Watch Ultra...

Mac Geek Gab co-host Dave Hamilton is a watch guy. He joins us to talk the fixability of Apple Watch Ultra and watch wearing in general. Plus – So you want to destroy… I mean “stress test” and Apple Watch Ultra. Dave and Ken discuss ways they’d go about it, but we want to hear from you! How would YOU destroy… I mean “stress test” an Apple Watch Ultra? Let us know: or @tmodaily on Twitter.

Zocdoc is a FREE app that shows you doctors who are patient-reviewed, take your insurance and are available when you need them. Go to and download the Zocdoc app for free.

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Tuesday September 27

Fast Company's Apple News hacked to send...

Hackers have used Fast Company's Apple News access to send obscene push notifications to users and then detailed plans to release company information in a now-removed post to the outlet's website.On Tuesday, business-centric news outlet Fast Company sent two obscenity-laden push notifications to its Apple News followers.Apple News responded by disabling the feed and acknowledging the incident on Twitter.


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Tim Cook: 'No Good Excuse' For Lack of...

AmiMoJo shares a report from the BBC: Apple chief executive Tim Cook says there are still "not enough women at the table" at the world's tech firms -- including his own. He said there were "no good excuses" for the lack of women in the sector. Apple has just launched its founders' development program for female founders and app creators in the UK. "I think the the essence of technology and its effect on humanity depends upon women being at the table," Mr Cook says. "Technology's a great thing that will accomplish many things, but unless you have diverse views at the table that are working on it, you don't wind up with great solutions."

Apple had 35% female staff in the US in 2021, according to its own diversity figures. It launched its original Apple Health Kit in 2014 without a period tracker -- which led to accusations that this was an oversight due to male bias among its developers. One challenge facing the sector is the lack of girls choosing to pursue science, tech,...

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The Latest iPadOS 16 Beta Brings Stage Manager To...

Apple is bringing Stage Manager, a new multitasking system exclusive to iPads with the M1 chip, to a number of older devices. Engadget reports: Probably the biggest change Apple announced with iPadOS 16 earlier this year is Stage Manager, a totally new multitasking system that adds overlapping, resizable windows to the iPad. That feature also works on an external display, the first time that iPads could do anything besides mirror their screen on a monitor. Unfortunately, the feature was limited to iPads with the M1 chip -- that includes the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro released in May of 2021 as well as the M1-powered iPad Air which Apple released earlier this year. All other older iPads were left out.

That changes with the latest iPadOS 16 developer beta, which was just released. Now, Apple is making Stage Manager work with a number of older devices: it'll work on the 11-inch iPad Pro (first generation and later) and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (third generation and later)....

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Apple pulls top Russian social media app from App...

Apple has removed Russia's largest social network app, VKontakte, from the App Store — as well as a host of other apps by the developer.VKontakte, a popular Russian social network app with millions of downloads, disappeared from the App Store. As of now, the reason for the removal has not been disclosed.VK, the company behind the app, posted a statement on Monday, spotted by The Verge. It notified users that several of their apps had been removed from the App Store. This includes apps, VK Music, and Youla classified.


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Apple senior manager sues Apple for discriminatory...

Another day, another lawsuit. Apple is being sued for age-ism by a senior manager who says he was no longer seen “as part of Apple’s future.”

The post Apple senior manager sues Apple for discriminatory age-ism appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Stage Manager will be available on older iPad Pros (...

The new developer beta of iOS 16.1 expands the Stage Manager feature to older (that is, non-M1) iPads — at least those with an A12X or A12Z processor, according to Engadget.

The post Stage Manager will be available on older iPad Pros (but not with an external display) appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Study: the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best smartphone...

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best smartphone display you can get, according to DisplayMate's annual Display Technology Shoot-Out. Here's a summary of the report’s “state-of-the-art display performance functions and features” of the Apple smartphone:

The post Study: the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best smartphone display you can get appeared first on Apple World Today.

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How to Turn Off Dynamic Island Content for iPhone 14...

With the recent release of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, many took interest in the new Dynamic Island feature that integrates software functions within the pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen.

While some users may enjoy this exciting new feature, there may be times when a user might find it distracting while trying to focus. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to make the feature less distracting.

How to Turn off Dynamic Island Content

The new Dynamic Island feature utilizes display pixels to merge the area into a pill-shaped design that is capable of changing sizes to accommodate various alerts, notifications and interactions. Essentially, an information hub that is constantly accessible.

However, users may want to turn this feature off. Whether they find it distracting...

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Apple no longer replacing entire iPad mini 6 just to...

Enlarge / Apple is willing to actually replace the battery on its newest, smallest iPad, with potentially more to follow, according to a MacRumors report. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Replacing a battery can be fraught with peril, at least for the iPad. Repair shops and experienced DIY-ers know this, and Apple seems to acknowledge it, usually giving customers seeking battery swaps a new iPad instead. Starting soon, with at least one model, Apple and its repair techs could start actually replacing an iPad's battery instead of sending it into the refurbishment ether.


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Two years after Apple Silicon, Intel still wants...

Intel is insistent that it can get Apple to become its customer once again, with an executive saying it can win back Apple despite the success of Apple Silicon.Apple has mostly moved away from Intel chips for its Mac product range, with all but one computer running on its own Apple Silicon. Despite the likelihood that Apple will eventually shift completely over to Apple Silicon chips and drop Intel, the processor producer still thinks it has a chance to get Apple's ear.During Intel's Innovation event on Tuesday, Intel's executive vice president of the Client Computing Group Michelle Johnston Holthaus commented about Intel's chip work, but also mentioned Apple,...

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Apple Watch Ultra Teardown from iFixit Shows Repairs...

Consumer repair experts iFixit have recently shared a video showing a full teardown of the new Apple Watch Ultra, and it may be a bit much for those looking to do their own repairs.

Though users are just recently getting their hands on the new device, iFixit and more adventurous users are already beginning to dissemble the device. Let’s take a look.

Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Shows Difficulties of Repairs

While we recently saw the new device get smashed with a hammer and thrown in a jar of nails, iFixit is now providing a more technical approach to opening the new Apple Watch Ultra. For those that enjoy exploring what’s inside their newest tech,...

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Developers are abandoning Android apps, and users...

Recent data shows that Android apps have been abandoned without update in more volume than iOS or iPad apps, and that lack of attention can endanger users. Here's how the numbers compare.App Store logo and Google Play Store logoApps that haven't been updated in a while may pose a security risk to users, and a report on Tuesday from Pixalate shows that Android app abandonment has increased in recent years. A lack of a privacy policy is also a common feature of these apps, with 23% of abandoned apps not having one.


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Deals: save $400 on Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro...

Today's lowest 14-inch MacBook Pro price is courtesy of Amazon, with bonus savings at checkout driving the price down to $1,599 ahead of the upcoming October Prime Early Access Sale.Amazon has the lowest price on the standard 14-inch MacBook Pro before its October Prime Early Access Sale.Save $400 instantly


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iPhone Set for Record ASPs and Oprah’s Deal is...

Looking out from the Observation Deck, today sees Apple breaking average selling price records for the iPhone. Analysts are happy about who’s buying which iPhone 14 models, Foxconn is already assembling the handsets in India and Tim Cook visits London. We’ve also got Oprah Winfrey and Apple letting their multiyear contract expire and people trying to break the Apple Watch Ultra. Oh, and don’t forget, we do this whole Observation Deck routine as a podcast each morning, too.

FT: Apple Set to Break iPhone ASP Record Two-Quarters in a Row

A crazy/not crazy assertion form Counterpoint Research, by way of the Financial Times. According to the research...

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New ‘OG App’ Provides Instagram Alternative Without...

A new app, known as OG App, is aiming to be an alternative to Instagram. Recently, Instagram has received much criticism regarding the growing number of ads, suggested posts, Reels and other additional content finding its way into a user’s feed.

However, the new OG App is aiming to take Instagram back to its roots by giving users an ad-free experience that’s also free of the suggested clutter.

OG App Removes the Clutter from Instagram

As observed by TechCrunch, the new OG App features Instagram’s official API to allow users to sign into their accounts and view posts from people they’re following. Users that first sign in will be able to...

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Billie Eilish ending 'Happier Than Ever'...

Catch the final live performance of Billie Eilish's "Happier Than Ever" world tour on Apple Music Live on September 30.Billie Eilish concert coming to Apple Music LiveThe Apple Music Live concert series features exclusive live concerts from popular artists. The next concert features Billie Eilish at the end of her Happier than Ever world tour.


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MacStadium Orka Workspace offers macOS desktop in...

MacStadium has launched Orka Workspace, an enterprise-grade remote desktop service that provides access to a virtualized macOS desktop to users on any device.Unveiled during the 2022 Jamf Nation User Conference, MacStadium's Orka Workspace is a cloud-hosted macOS desktop-as-a-service intended for business and enterprise users. Rather than just providing a Mac desktop to work from, Orka Workspace claims to offer high performance and secure desktop access.Orka Workspace handles the connection and management of the macOS computing environment for its users, on behalf of its clients. Rather than an internal team within a company dealing with virtualization of macOS or providing physical hardware and dealing with users remotely accessing them, MacStadium's new offering aims to replace them with a cloud-based solution.


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Yale Announces Matter-Compatible Smart Locks

Smart home enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the release of the Matter standard sometime during fall 2022. Yale, a long-time supplier of HomeKit-compatible smart locks, is ready for the release with a new line of Matter-compatible models. These will remain HomeKit-compatible, but also offer the mesh networking support key to improving your smart home setup.

Yale Refreshes Assure Lock Range to Support Matter

The locks are updated versions of its existing Assure Lock product family. These smart locks offer a combination of ways to unlock your door, including your voice, iPhone, Apple Watch or keypad code. Two of the available models will also include a physical key slot, something absent on the other two variants.

Thanks to the new Matter support, these smart locks can talk to other Matter devices directly. This means if...

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There's more to the new AirPods Pro than meets...

Imagery of the AirPods Pro 2 internals reveals a surprising feature of the case's lanyard anchor.Inside view of AirPods Pro 2Apple released the second generation AirPods Pro during its "Far Out" event on September 9. The update, while nearly identical externally, offers improvements to audio quality while keeping the design of the first-generation product. To do this, Apple made internal changes to not just the earbuds themselves, but the charging case as well.


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New iPadOS beta adds Stage Manager support to older...

Owners of older iPad Pro models will get Stage Manager, as the latest iPadOS 16.1 beta introduces support beyond M1-equipped versions.When Apple introduced Stage Manager during WWDC, it was determined that it would only be available on iPad Pro models using the M1 chip. With the latest iPadOS 16.1 beta, it appears the feature will now work with more models.The update now enables Stage Manager in the beta for all generations of the...

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Malala Yousafzai and Apple TV+ team up on '...

An upcoming untitled Apple TV+ feature documentary will cover elderly free divers known as "Korea's Mermaids," or "haenyeo."This is the first project from the Apple TV+ and Malala Yousafzai partnershipThe untitled documentary film features the story of the legendary "haenyeo" of South Korea's Jeju Island. It is directed by Peabody Award nominee Sue Kim and is the first project hailing from the Apple TV+ partnership with Malala Yousafzai's Extracurricular.


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Apple seeds third iOS 16.1, tvOS 16.1, watchOS 9.1,...

Apple is on yet another generation of betas, with third builds of iOS 16.1, tvOS 16.1, and watchOS 9.1, and a fourth for iPadOS 16.1, now available to try by developer testers.New builds can be downloaded by developers enrolled in the beta-testing scheme via the Apple Developer Center, or as an over-the-air update for hardware already running beta builds. Public beta versions of the releases usually arrive shortly after their developer counterparts, available through the Apple Beta Software Program website.The third betas of iOS 16.1, tvOS 16.1, and watchOS 9.1, along with the fourth of iPadOS 16.1, arrive after the previous betas, which arrived on September 20. The first landed on...

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Documentary film featuring the‘haenyeo’ of South...

Apple Original Films has announced a new untitled documentary film from Extracurricular and A24, featuring the story of the legendary “haenyeo” of South Korea’s Jeju Island. 

The post Documentary film featuring the‘haenyeo’ of South Korea coming to Apple TV+ appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple issues ninth developer beta of macOS Ventura

Apple is now on its ninth developer beta for macOS Ventura, as the time for release in October gets ever closer.macOS Ventura developer beta 9 now availableThe latest betas can be picked up through the Apple Developer Center by those signed up for the test program, or as an over-the-air update on hardware running beta software. Public betas usually appear shortly after the developer versions, and can be downloaded through the Apple Beta Software Program website.


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OmniFocus 4 for Mac Joins Mobile Apps in TestFlight

One of the most popular task management apps for iPhones, iPads and Macs is the powerful OmniFocus. The fourth version of the app has been in development for some time, adding a wealth of new features and improvements across all platforms. Monday, the team working on the latest version announced OmniFocus 4 for Mac is joining the iPhone and iPad apps in Apple’s TestFlight program.

Added Features Coming to OmniFocus on the Mac

The Omni Group has been working on this for a long time. While some may have bemoaned how long OmniFocus 4 has been in development, I’ve spoken with several members of the team. They absolutely do not want to rush a subpar product out the door, so they’ve been working diligently to refine the new features and improvements before...

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Apple Watch Ultra teardown suggests new—but trickier...

Enlarge / A new hard-case battery inside the Apple Watch Ultra is easier to remove for DIY fixers. Getting to that battery is still a tricky, tight-space operation, iFixit writes. (credit: iFixit)

Like the iPhone 14, the Apple Watch Ultra has a quietly revolutionary aspect that went under the radar—at least until the people at iFixit tore down the device. Apple's new category of...

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Amazon Offers Up Latest MacBook Air with Up To 10%...

If you’re looking for a thin, light but still powerful laptop, you absolutely should consider the 2022 MacBook Air. With its M2 processor, a uniformly thin chassis similar to that of the MacBook Pro and extremely light weight, it’s the perfect travel laptop for many. In fact, its total weight puts it lighter than an iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard combination. While it costs less than a MacBook Pro, it may still be too expensive for some budgets. Fortunately, Amazon is offering a significant discount on the latest MacBook Air, allowing you to see up to 10% in savings.

The Latest MacBook Air is a Powerhouse

The M2 MacBook Air is a fairly powerful laptop, all in all. While yes, it may throttle the CPU cores under heavy load to prevent overheating, it’s still a significant upgrade over the previous generation MacBook Air. Even better, as previously noted, the computer is only less than half an inch thick and weighs just 2.7 pounds.

The 13.6-inch screen is a 2,560 x 1,...

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Walmart Enters the Metaverse with Two ‘Immersive...

Reports indicate that Walmart is launching a pair of “immersive experiences” through the online gaming platform Roblox. While the retailer is presenting the launch as a move into the Metaverse, critics believe the new “worlds”, known as Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, are little more than an opportunity to advertise toys to children.

Currently, Roblox has more than 50 million daily active users, and two-thirds of them are under the age of 16. Critics are suggesting that the retailer experimenting with virtual worlds is a move to try and hook this market.

Walmart Enters the Metaverse with ‘Walmart Land’, Sells Toys to Kids

Both Walmart Land and Universe of Play are virtual lobbies. Within these lobbies are a variety of mini games and experiences, which includes a Ferris wheel, an “interactive piano walkway” and a DJ booth. According to reports, the different experiences are a chance to lead...

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Apple Delays Adoption of India’s Satellite-Based...

Apple and other smartphone makers pushed back the adoption of India’s own satellite-based geolocation system. India is requiring tech giants such as Apple and others to make the iPhone and other smartphones compatible with its home-grown navigation system.

Apple Delays Adoption of India’s Satellite-Based Geolocation System

According to Reuters, the move was in line with the drive for self-reliance spearheaded by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minster hopes to reduce dependence on foreign systems, such as the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS). The government said that its home-grown navigation system, Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC), provides more accurate domestic navigation. Using NavIC would also benefit the country...

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Security Researchers Find Ten Adware iOS Apps in the...

Security researchers discovered 10 adware apps in the iOS App Store that were engaging in ad fraud. When downloaded, these apps generated revenue by impersonating legitimate apps and ad impressions.

Adware iOS Apps Are Both Visible and Hidden

According to BleepingComputer, 10 different iOS apps flooded users with advertisements that were both visible and hidden. Together with 75 Android apps, the iOS apps achieved a total of 13 million installations.

Security research firm HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence team discovered the fraudulent adware iOS apps. The firm named the new ad fraud campaign “Scylla.” The team believes Scylla is the third wave of an ...

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Nreal Air AR glasses put your iPhone onto a 130-foot...

Nreal Air is offering an AR experience that has yet to be realized by Apple's long-rumored AR glasses, with the consumer-ready eyewear available to buy right now that's compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon.Nreal Air glassesAugmented reality is a popular futuristic technology that extends virtual reality into a real-world situation by incorporating digital imagery into a view of the real world. While you may have experienced it with ARKit apps on an iPhone, using an AR or mixed-reality headset provides a more natural, hands-free experience.


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Jamf Nation User Conference showcases Jamf’s new and...

Today, Jamf, which specializes in Apple Enterprise Management, kicked off its 13th annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) both virtually and in-person in San Diego, California.

The post Jamf Nation User Conference showcases Jamf’s new and upcoming product innovations appeared first on Apple World Today.

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Apple spotlights role of iPad Pro in Pompeii...

Archaeologists excavating Pompeii are using the iPad Pro to make 3D scans using LiDAR, and to collect data faster from deteriorating sites.Dr. Alex Elvis Badillo (left) and Dr. Allison Emmerson at PompeiiA team of archaeologists have been excavating a site at Pompeii, and Apple says that their trove of artifact discoveries was helped by the processing power of the iPad Pro, and the technology in the tablet.


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Daily deals Sept. 27: Up to $150 off M2 MacBook Air...

Alongside MacBook Pro and MacBook Air discounts, Tuesday's best deals include $100 off the 24-inch iMac, $300 off a 55-inch LG OLED 4K Smart TV, and much more.Best deals for September 27Every day, AppleInsider searches online retailers to find offers and discounts on items including Apple hardware, upgrades, smart TVs, and accessories. We compile the best deals we find into our daily collection, which can help our readers save money.


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