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Drink from the Firehose...

LA Unified School District's defunct 'iPad...

According to a federal study, the Los Angeles Unified School District's $1.3 billion push to bring tech into the classroom was crippled early on by inadequate planning and over-reliance on Apple's iPad.

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Google Chrome users can now access their Mac...

Adding to a growing pile of remote-access software solutions, Google on Monday released an iOS version of Chrome Remote Desktop, which lets users access or take control of their PC, Mac or Chromebook computer remotely with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Shuttle bus drivers serving Apple, other Silicon...

A Teamsters representative last week notified the CEOs of Apple, Amtrak, eBay, Genentech, Yahoo and Zynga that shuttle bus drivers contracted to service their employees are seeking to unionize.

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Worldwide PC market staggers in Q4 as Apple's...

According to its quarterly PC report for the fourth quarter of 2014, research firm IDC found Apple sold some 5.8 million Macs over the three-month period, bucking an overall negative trend for the market.

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Apple's Beats Music rival Spotify hits 15...

Swedish streaming music firm Spotify on Monday revealed that its customer base grew to some 60 million active users by the end of 2014, of which 15 million had purchased paid subscriptions.

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Ecosystem of health-focused apps & accessories...

Following a deluge of health and fitness devices announced at CES, one analyst has said he believes Apple's Health application and HealthKit tools for developers will help foster a diverse ecosystem that will further differentiate the iPhone from competing platforms.

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Apple supplies developers fourth beta of iOS 8.2...

Apple on Monday provided developers with its fourth pre-release beta of iOS 8.2, a forthcoming software update that will unlock connectivity with the Apple Watch.

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Signs point to iPhone 6 driving record sales for...

During its quarterly earnings call later this month, Apple is expected to announce record-breaking holiday iPhone sales bolstered by unprecedented demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in major emerging markets China and India, new evidence suggests.

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Apple earned 13% more patents in 2014, ranking No....

Apple was awarded 2,003 patents in 2014 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, making "impressive gains" and inching closer to the top 10 companies receiving credit for intellectual property inventions.

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Apple suppliers TSMC, Foxconn announce record...

The iPhone's strong holiday sales helped two of Apple's biggest supply chain partners --?Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Hon Hai Precision Industry --?post record monthly revenues in December, according to the companies' regulatory filings with the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

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AllCast media streamer makes leap to iOS

A new port of AllCast, a popular Android app, has just been released for iOS. The title lets users stream personal photo, video, and music libraries to a variety of platforms, not just the Apple TV, the only format natively supported by Apple. Some compatible targets include Chrome, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, WDTV, Xbox One/Xbox 360, and various platforms compatible with DLNA....

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Quanta ramping up production of 12-inch MacBook Air...

Taiwan-based supplier Quanta Computer has entered into "volume" production of Apple's upcoming 12-inch MacBook Air, according to supply chain sources. The laptop is reportedly on track to ship in the first quarter of the year, despite other rumors pointing to the second quarter. The new sources say that Quanta has escalated recruitment efforts in order to speed up production....

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Hands On: Toca Hair Salon 2 (iOS)

Makeover apps tend to be somewhat serious, and are generally geared toward adults. Instead of being a fun game, they tend to be more akin to photo-editing software, which is generally pretty complex and low on the amusement scale. Toca Boca, however, has stepped forth with Toca Hair Salon 2, a makeover game that offers a lot to younger gamers or future beauticians....

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Facebook will display Amber Alerts in News Feeds

Facebook will start to post into its users News Feed alerts about missing children in the future, in an effort to locate them. A partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will involve the social network showing Amber Alerts to Facebook users located in specific search areas, both on mobile devices and desktops....

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Briefly: Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS, CBS News iOS...

Google has expanded its Chrome Remote Desktop app to include iOS compatibility. Now available for download on iTunes, iOS users can now orchestrate accessing their desktop computer for free by downloading the accompanying Chrome browser app. Chrome Remote Access has been available for Android users since last year....

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Apple quietly ends Single of the Week promo on iTunes

Apple appears to have ended its Single of the Week promotion on iTunes, visitors note. No tracks have been offered in the first two weeks of 2015, and a person on Apple's support forums claims to have been told by iTunes Support that the company has officially dropped the initiative. It's missing from iTunes Stores across the globe....

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iPhone Apps: IMDb, New Words With Friends, Duolingo

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LA schools' iPad program flawed from beginning...

The Los Angeles Unified School District's failed iPad deployment was botched early on, according to a review by the US Education Department. The federal agency says that it first of all put too hard an emphasis on using Apple hardware and software, ignoring cheaper options that could have saved money for the District and taxpayers. In July the USD said it was shifting to a strategy involving Chromebooks and Windows devices, such as the Microsoft Surface....

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Hands On: Learn Spanish - Brainscape (iOS)

It's a fact that Spanish is the world's fourth most spoken language, with over 350 million native speakers across 21 countries. It's also a fact that people who are bilingual tend to do better in both academic pursuits as well as their career. If you've ever been curious about learning another language, Learn Spanish by Brainscape offers a solution for those who are trying to learn Spanish on the go....

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Hands On: PhotoWatermark (OS X)

It's a different world. You might be the sort who would never take photo from a website and use it in your own book, but today if an image is online, it's as if the world sees it as fair game. Maybe that's a peek into our base immorality and the ultimate cataclysmic self-destruction of humanity, or maybe it's just that cut and paste is easy. Whatever it is, though, it's happening and you cannot stop it – not even with an application like this: but if PhotoWatermark can't prevent the copying of images, it can help photographers and artists considerably by adding identifying text to your image...


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Flickr: iPhones surpass Nikon, claim second most-...

Flickr has updated statistics for 2014 in its "Most Popular Camera" and "Most Popular Mobile Camera" categories, with the combined models of iPhone taking second place in the general "camera" category -- beating out DSLR maker Nikon and popular point-and-shoot maker Sony for second place. While Canon remains the most popular overall camera, the built-in cameras on smartphones from Apple and Samsung have -- despite inherent limitations -- steadily risen in popularity....

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Multiple reports point to record-breaking Apple...

While the idea that Apple probably had another record-breaking holiday quarter (what the company calls fiscal 2015 Q1) is unsurprising to all but selected pundits, a spate of reports released on Monday may be painting a general portrait of not just significant improvement, but more importantly growth in key areas of importance both to investors and analysis as well as to the health of the company. Sales of Macs look to be way up, iOS devices are selling much better in a key foreign market, and Apple's suppliers are flourishing -- all signs that point to better-than-expected quarter....


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Chevy's 2016 Volt hybrid electric car will...

Chevrolet took the wraps off its new 2016 Volt at the North American International Auto Show on Monday, revealing that the next-generation electric vehicle will feature support for Apple's CarPlay in its infotainment system.

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Wrap-up: CES 2015 shows off weird and wonderful...

CES is a weird and wonderful collection of products made by major manufacturers to the smallest of companies and even crowdfunded startups. The things you see might never come to market, but the tech presented serves as a good barometer for the year to come.

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Deals: Free AppleCare & $200 off iMac 5K; $50...

The new year has brought a return to MacBook Air coupons and aggressive discounts on Apple's latest iPads. Meanwhile, a number of exclusive and limited time promotions offer $200 off iMac 5Ks with free AppleCare, up to $400 off current MacBook Pros with AppleCare, and the return of the $999 MacBook Pro closeout.

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Apple's rumored 12" MacBook Air may...

The latest rumors of a new 12-inch MacBook Air model describe an ultra-thin laptop that drops nearly all of its physical ports for a single audio jack and USB 3.1 Type-C connector, features that were first revealed last April and further detailed in specifications documents released by Intel, with significant contributions by Apple, in September.

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Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 6s' could ship...

With over half a year remaining before Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone, a fresh rumor out of Taiwan suggests that the company may be considering a new dual-lens camera system and the addition of "Force Touch," the pressure-sensitive touch technology set to be introduced in the Apple Watch.

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BuQu Battery Case for iPhone 6 - Easy to Install and...

The iPhone 6 PowerArmour battery case from BuQu offers a lightweight, easy to use, battery case for the iPhone 6. In spite of the weight 3.7 ounces (91 grams) it provides days of back up power with a 2800 mAh capacity. The matte finish makes for a solid grip. A special mechanism makes it very easy to attach and remove.

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Leaked screenshots offer first look at Apple Watch...

We already knew you can’t use an Apple Watch without an iPhone, but 9to5Mac just uncovered screenshots of an Apple Watch “Companion” app for iOS that will manage the apps on your Apple Watch and how it interacts with your iPhone.

Just like you can tweak your iPhone’s home screen by tethering to your Mac and dragging icons around in iTunes, you’ll be able to move icons around in the Companion app to reorder them on your Apple Watch. The Companion app will also let you slap a fancy monogram on your watch’s face, or even enable a red dot on the top of the watch’s screen when a sniper has you in his sights you have unread notifications.


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Apple patent reveals plans for a GoPro competitor

GoPro shareholders are panicking after Apple’s patent application for a wearable camera was approved. One look at Apple’s plans shows why—the application details a GoPro-like wearable perfect for action shots and underwater recording. Apple even takes aim at GoPro in the patent filing.

Apple criticized GoPro in a patent filing for wearable cameras.

Apple might not ever make a wearable camera, but if it does, it’ll be a GoPro on steroids. The patent covers a camera that can be mounted to bike helmets and scuba masks or fastened to motorcycles and surfboards. The patent also details plans for waterproofing so an iPhone could be used to take underwater snapshots.

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Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app lands on iOS

Google Chrome has a lot of fancy features built-in or available through extensions. One of those awesome additions is Chrome Remote Desktop—but until this week, the feature was limited to computers running the Chrome browser itself or Android devices. Now, however, iOS users can get in on the remote desktop action as well.

Google recently rolled out a Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS that is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. Although it will work on any Apple device, Google says the app is optimized for the iPhones 5, 6, and 6 Plus.


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Train for a marathon like a pro with these apps

Want to run a marathon? There’s an app for that! 

Just kidding—if only it were that easy, right? While there’s no single app that can absolutely take you from lazy couch potato to marathon finisher, there are several apps that can help you in your quest to run the absurd distance of 26.2 miles. Because marathons are so taxing, even the most seasoned runners still need to train—constantly.

I am not a distance runner, but fitness expert, personal trainer, and endurance athlete Crystal Hadnott—who has run 12 full marathons and more than 50 half marathons since 2006— absolutely is. Here are the apps she uses to help her stay motivated, on track, and in marathon-running shape.

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Think Retro: Open Apple, closed Apple

You can date an Apple user as accurately as a botanist counting rings to date a tree, and you don’t even have to cut them in half first.

What you do is work out what they call the Mac’s secondary modifier key. This is trickier to do than you might think, as evidenced by how I had to come up with that awkward description rather than name it myself and so skew your response.

To a modern Mac user, you see, it’s the Alt key. To a more seasoned veteran, it’s Option, and to the true keepers of the flame, it’s the Closed Apple key.

It’s always fun, incidentally, watching people get one-upped when they try to pull the Mac old-timer card. You know the kind of thing I mean; someone posts to a forum saying that while they know how to type an acute accent on a Mac by tapping Alt-E, they’d like to know how to get an umlaut. The reply comes that they should tap Alt-U, and by the way it’s not actually called the Alt key, it’s called Option. But then, as sure as night...

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Instagram fixes flaw that let people see your...

Instagram’s approach to privacy is nothing like the piecemeal strategy used by parent company Facebook. On the photo-sharing service, your privacy settings are limited to public and private—or at least that’s what we thought. Instagram just fixed a bug that let people see your private photos if they had once been public.

Quartz discovered the flaw and asked Instagram about it, prompting the Friday fix. Before the hole was patched, if you shared web links to your photos when your account was public and then decided to go private, those links would still lead to publicly viewable images. The hole was only exploitable on the web, not in Instagram’s iOS and Android apps.

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The Week in iPad Cases: Cool keyboards and lots of...

Cool keyboards and lots of stands

This week’s round up of new iPad cases brings you all kinds of interesting solutions that help you leave your laptop at home—and quite a few options for watching movies or video chatting.


The Yippee (iPad Air 2; $13) is made from a translucent, scratch-resistant material that doesn’t hide your iPad's industrial features, and has a front cover that mimics Apple's Smart Cover.

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Standzout's Bandstand begins the onslaught of...

LAS VEGAS—The Apple Watch wasn’t at International CES—well, not officially anyway, although Mashable’s Karissa Bell actually purchased a Chinese ripoff—but I did stumble across what might be the first third-party accessory designed for it.

In a quiet corner of the North Hall, Standzout showed off the Bandstand, an aluminum stand for the Apple Watch, slightly reminiscent of an iMac’s stand, only thicker to accommodate three USB ports tucked away under the bottom. Your Apple Watch connects to its included inductive charger, which rests in a cutout on top of the Bandstand and plugs into one of the USB ports. So don’t think of this stand as an extra charger for your watch, but rather as a place to keep the charger plugged in...

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An iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator: Apple...

Eight years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld Expo, and I was there. I was managing editor at Mac|Life at the time, and it was only my second Steve Jobs keynote. I even took notes on paper, with a pen, since we weren't live-blogging—and for the record, those notes prove that I absolutely fell, hook, line and sinker, for Steve's ruse about the iPhone being three products, an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator. I still remember the giddy sense of excitement that rippled through Moscone as he demonstrated the new device (the call to Starbucks was especially delightful), like it just happened yesterday. Eight years isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things, but the iPhone has made such a huge impact on my life that it's hard to remember the time before it.


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The Week in iPhone Cases: More power, better...

More power, better reception, and enhanced sound

This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases offers up a variety of battery-powered options for longer talking time, better signal for fewer dropped calls, and improved sound for watching videos and making calls.

Carte Blanche

The Coque (iPhone 6; $30) spices up your handset with a simple—yet fashionable—design.

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Four apps (and some audio recordings) to help you...

We live in a stressful world, and, more and more, we’re solicited by our work all day long, thanks to our devices that keep us connected by phone, email, and text messages before and after working hours. It can be hard to relax and to get a good night’s sleep, if you’ve got a lot going on. Fortunately, these same devices can help us calm down and catch some shut-eye. Here are four apps—and some audio recordings—that can help you do stay calm, and sleep better. (Pro tip: The Macworld editors will definitely be using these this weekend to unwind after CES.)

Relax your breath 

Breathing Zone helps you slow down your breathing, providing quick relaxation.

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Sensor-equipped Bluetooth yoga SmartMat helps with...

LAS VEGAS—Yoga isn’t easy. The best way to practice and improve is obviously taking classes at a studio, or even working with an instructor one-on-one. But that isn’t practical for a lot of people, so we have apps, DVDs, and streaming classes through YogaGlo. Now a new sensor-packed yoga mat called SmartMat can provide real-time coaching and personalized stats and routines with the help of a mobile app.

The SmartMat has 21,000 piezoelectric sensors spanning the entire length of the yoga mat. It pairs to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth, and there’s even a slot at the top of the mat that acts as a stand for your device. It charges with regular USB, with each charge lasting about 6 hours, enough for a few sessions—unless you’re a marathon yoga nut. But otherwise, the latex-free mat looks and feels just like a standard yoga mat, and even rolls up.


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App Store broke its sales record on New Year’s Day

Appy New Year! (Sorry, I had to.) Apple announced that January 1, 2015 was “the single biggest day ever in App Store sales history,” with customers spending nearly half a million dollars on both apps and in-app purchases on that day alone. 

Apple’s press release, which came out on Thursday, went on to boast of record-breaking sales in 2014 as well. App Store sales rose 50 percent in 2014—and that’s just in paid apps and in-app purchases, not including free apps and upgrades—and generated more than $10 billion in revenue for developers. 

Taking a look back, 2014 was an awesome year for apps. Macworld’s favorite apps of the year really show the range of what came out: Apps that take advantage of Apple Pay and easy checkout, HealthKit apps that...

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The Week in iOS Apps: Square Cash's latest...

Fitness, phone calls, and fun!

This week's roundup brings you apps for all kinds of activities—spooky sci-fi games, staying in touch with the outside world, and getting into shape.

Air Camera+

This $3 app, which streams video live from your iPhone to your TV through your Apple TV, has added some new features. Now you can add even more effects on the fly, including Bloom FX and 3D, while 3D offers two different modes: cyan/red with matching glasses or side-by-side. Plus, users can now record their stream in three different formats—HD, VGA, or normal.

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Only 68 percent of iPhones and iPads are running iOS...

Apple shared its latest data on iOS 8 adoption on Wednesday, showing that 68 percent of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches are currently running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Apple tracks iOS adoption by looking devices that access the App Store, and marking which version of iOS is running on each of those devices.

The latest App Store Distribution data was collected on January 5. Besides iOS 8 data, it shows that 29 percent of devices are still running iOS 7, and 4 percent are still clutching to iOS 6 or earlier for dear life. 

Apple’s last iOS adoption data was from November 2014, which showed 60 percent of devices had upgraded to iOS 8. An 8 percent uptick in two months time is pretty slow, especially considering the sales boost that Apple must have seen during the holiday season.


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BrandPost: Iceland and beyond: Exploring offshore...

When shopping for a web host, some business owners first look at solutions that are close to home. That’s a natural response, but in many cases, an offshore host might make more sense.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages that an offshore web host can provide.


Web site loading times are directly impacted by the distance data has to travel from the host to the user requesting the web page. If you live in San Francisco, a server physically located in Los Angeles will tend to be more responsive than one located in New York. But it’s unlikely that all of your users live in San Francisco, and not all are likely to live in the United States, even. America is a big place. Did you know that New York is actually closer to Iceland than it is to San Francisco? Additionally, your European customers accessing servers in Iceland are likely to receive a response faster than from servers in the U.S. In reality, the differences in load times...

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BrandPost: Iceland and beyond: Exploring offshore...

When shopping for a web host, some business owners first look at solutions that are close to home. That’s a natural response, but in many cases, an offshore host might make more sense.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages that an offshore web host can provide.


Web site loading times are directly impacted by the distance data has to travel from the host to the user requesting the web page. If you live in San Francisco, a server physically located in Los Angeles will tend to be more responsive than one located in New York. But it’s unlikely that all of your users live in San Francisco, and not all are likely to live in the United States, even. America is a big place. Did you know that New York is actually closer to Iceland than it is to San Francisco? Additionally, your European customers accessing servers in Iceland are likely to receive a response faster than from servers in the U.S. In reality, the differences in load times...

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Speakers, writing...

Speakers, writing slates and more from CES

This week's roundup of accessories is 100-percent full of items on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Bluetooth speakers? We got 'em. And a few other gizmos, too.


We found a couple of new Bluetooth wireless speakers from this company at CES. The $60 XS “features full stereo sound, an enhanced bass radiator, and an efficient 12 hours of rechargeable battery life,” while the $60 NRG GLO (pictured) is shaped like an energy drink can and features a “Glow” mode that adds mood lighting to the beat of your music.

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SmartMat is the first intelligent yoga mat


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The Week in Mac Apps: Tools for budgeting, social...

Budgeting, social media, podcasts, and entertainment

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps comes with a great selection of everything you need to start the new year the right way, from helping you stick with your resolutions, to keeping track of what’s happening in your social media circles—with a little entertainment thrown in for good measure.

Current 1.0.2

If you love your social media but can’t stand Facebook’s web-based experience, AppDen’s $2 Current (Mac App Store Link) is probably worth a good look.

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Apple’s next MacBook could be a 12-inch MacBook Air

If 9to5Mac’s latest findings are true, than Apple’s biggest product of the year could be the MacBook Air. (You know, right behind the Apple Watch.) According to early reports, Apple has completely redesigned the MacBook Air, ditching the full-sized USB port, MagSafe connector, and SD card slots for something entirely different.

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman writes: “The 12-inch MacBook Air will be considerably smaller than the current 13-inch version, yet also slightly narrower than the 11-inch model. The new 12-inch version is approximately a quarter-of-an-inch narrower than the 11-inch version, yet it is also a quarter-of-an-inch taller in order to accommodate the slightly larger display. In order to fit the larger screen into a footprint about the size of the current 11-inch model, the bezels on the display have been reduced on all sides.”


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Apple Watch reportedly set to ship in the U.S. by...

When Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch back in September, its official launch date was set as the oh-so-vague “Spring 2015.” Now, we have our first guess as to what that launch date could actually look like. 9to5Mac reports that the Apple Watch is set to ship in the U.S. by the end of March, with Apple Store retail training scheduled for mid February.

According to the report, Apple will be sending representatives from Apple Stores to Apple’s offices in Cupertino or Austin, Texas to learn about the Watch, which will better prepare store employees for when the Watch arrives. In addition, the report states that Apple is finishing up work on the Apple Watch’s software, battery life, and inductive charging mechanism.

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Petcube is a cloud cam that's custom-made to...


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Freemium Field Test: Peggle Blast adds too many...

Free-to-play games often look appealing, but it's difficult to know at a glance whether the business model is insidious and fun ruining, or reasonable and worth pumping a few bucks into. With Freemium Field Test, we'll take a recent free-to-play iOS game, put it through its paces, and let you know if it's really worth your time (and money).

Among Peggle Blast's new additions are little creatures that skitter around the board with each new ball, slathering pegs with momentum-killing sludge.

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Apple releases SIM-free unlocked versions of the...

Apple, as anticipated, released SIM-free versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the U.S. on Tuesday. The two new unsubsidized models now mean you can get Apple's latest handsets without being tied to a specific carrier. The downside, however, is that you have to pay full price for the devices. The 16GB iPhone 6 starts at $649 and the same base model of the 6 Plus is $749.

Prior to Tuesday's release, the only alternative for anyone looking for a fully unlocked phone was to buy one with a T-Mobile SIM pre-installed. T-Mobile is the only one of the four major carriers that doesn't offer a subsidized iPhone with a two-year contract.

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The Week in iPad Cases: Folios from Knomo, Case-Mate...

Folios from Knomo, Case-Mate, Moshi, and more

This week's collection of iPad cases is all about the folio case, featuring a wide range of designs that will keep you covered no matter your taste.


The Tuxedo Case (iPad Air 2; $40) is a folio case with a smooth outer finish paired with a soft inner lining that helps protect your iPad's screen from scratches.

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Report: Apple will start selling unlocked iPhone 6...

Now might be the time to consider upgrading your iPhone, if you haven’t already. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will begin selling SIM-free, fully unlocked versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the U.S. on January 6. They should be available in both Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail stores and online store.

Why this matters: Currently, Apple requires you to buy the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus alongside a contract with your carrier—or unlocked and unsubsidized if you’re with T-Mobile. Making the iPhone available without a SIM card means that customers can use the phone with any carrier around the world, or switch carriers at any time without having to worry about compatibility.


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Quell is an FDA-approved wearable designed to...


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HomeKit-compatible iDevices Switch lets you control...


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OfficeIQ adds sensor intelligence to your standing...


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The Week in iPhone Cases: Beyond the wallet case

Beyond the wallet case

This week's roundup of new iPhone cases features wallet cases that can hold a few personal items, plus some heavy-duty rugged cases that protect your phone from bumps and drops.


The Natalie (iPhone 5/5S, 6, and 6 Plus; $95) is a black leather case with an elegant pebbled texture, and sports a matching leather strap with gold hardware finishes that can be worn as a cross-body or wrist strap.

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Why Adobe Max is the premier conference for creatives

Each year they arrive in droves, converging upon cities far and wide for several days of hobnobbing with some of the most creative talents around. This is MAX, the annual “creativity conference” launched in 2003 by Macromedia, the creators of Dreamweaver who wound up being acquired by Adobe only two years later.

Adobe has since upheld this tradition with events in North America, Europe, and Japan. Following the shift three years ago from packaged Creative Suite software and the advent of Creative Cloud, Adobe MAX has morphed into more of a consumer affair, with more designers, photographers, web coders, videomakers, and illustrators in attendance than developers—although Adobe MAX 2014, held in early October in Los Angeles, may wind up being remembered as the year those worlds started to converge. We think it was one of the best conferences of the year, and creatives should serioiusly consider attending in 2015. Here's why:

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Private I: Lock your cloud backups away with an...

It’s generally easier to keep safe the files we have under our control, on our internal and external drives, than those that waft far away from us on cloud-storage backup systems. Different backup services handle how they send data for storage and how they encrypt it once it arrives.

A quick overview of how cloud-storage systems work, regardless of the company. Client software running on your Mac finds new files in specified folders or files that have updated modification times since the last scan. Files are analyzed into pieces against which the software calculates a sort of shorthand or signature. This signature is compared against what’s stored in the cloud. If it matches, nothing happens—this is how these services conserve bandwidth.

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Relive your favorite stories from 2014 with...

Earlier in December, Apple announced its picks for 2014’s best iOS apps, and the list didn’t surprise us. We were equally as obsessed with Threes, found Hyperlapse to be the perfect Instagram companion, and we all enjoy a little brain training now and then with Elevate

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Leak details 'Companion' iPhone app for...

A new report claims to have exposed the contents of the official iPhone app for the Apple Watch. Said to be dubbed "Companion" within Apple, the app manages Watch apps and device settings, in addition to handling the Bluetooth pairing process. Users can, for instance, organize the layout of apps on their Watch's homescreen via a simulated version of that interface....

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Bluetooth SIG promotes Apple's Joakim Linde to...

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has announced several appointments within its board of directors, including the promotion of Apple's Joakim Linde to secretary. Linde has been with the SIG for some time, but his new role may give him -- and Apple -- more influence over the direction of the Bluetooth standard. At Apple, he serves as a senior wireless architect....

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Hands On: Chrome Remote Desktop (OS X, iOS)

Imagine squeezing your retina iMac screen down onto an iPhone 5. You can do it. It might look a bit silly and initially you might wonder why you'd bother, but it has long been possible to see and remotely control your Macs and PCs on even your iPhone. Now Google has released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS and you can do it for free. You'll do it, too: try this once and you will forever keep finding other reasons why it's incredibly useful. It's fantastic when you forget a file, for instance, and can now just find and email it to yourself from afar. And it will save your soul, your sanity and yo...


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InvenSense hit with lawsuit over concessions in...

A new lawsuit filed against gyroscope and accelerometer supplier for Apple, InvenSense, accuses the company of failing to tell investors about the concessions it made to secure a recent deal. InvenSense parts are used in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; executives should have warned investors, the suit alleges, that Apple was given a "sweetheart deal" that would hurt profits. "Instead of revealing the true condition of the company and its prospects, defendants hid those facts from investors and chose to issue strong guidance and paint a picture of a bright future with a new mega-customer," the complai...


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Belkin to Add HomeKit to WeMo ‘in Very Near Future’

One of the most popular home automation ecosystems is WeMo, an easy way to control things in your home using your mobile device. Belkin, makers of WeMo, have finally issued a statement about HomeKit compatibility: Much like winter, HomeKit compatibility is coming.

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iOS 8.2 Offers First Glimpse of ‘Apple Watch...

Apple is working on a companion app for Apple Watch that will help users manage the device from their iPhone or iPad. Mark Gurman posted images of the app at 9to5Mac, and those images show an app that allows users to reorder the apps on their Apple Watch, manage settings, control fitness tracking, and manage accessbility functions. Another interesting tidbit is that users will only be able to use Apple Watch for Apple Pay transactions if they have entered their passcode or fingerprint on their iPhone after they place the Apple Watch on their wrist. If the Apple Watch is removed, Apple Pay will not be accessible. Check out the full article for more screenshots.

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Apple’s Mac Stomps PC Industry with 18.9% Growth and...

Apple has once again stomped on the PC industry, posting 18.9 percent year over year growth in the December quarter of 2014, according to research firm IDC. With 5.75 million Macs sold during the quarter, Apple retained its #5 global ranking with 7.1 percent market share.

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SKEYE Nano Drone Quadcopter for $34.99

Check out the SKEYE Nano Drone, a quadcopter drone that measures just 4 centimeters on a side. That's small enough to land on your thumb. It has three flight modes, one for beginners who are just learning to fly, another for more advanced pilots, and a third, âexpertâ mode for seasoned flight veterans. The company that makes it says it will fly outdoors, but I personally imagine it's far better suited for indoor flight because of its size. At $34.99 through our deal (regularly $60), it's an inexpensive way to find out how much fun flying a quadcopter is. There's a video of the device in action on the deal listing.

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Apple, Google Submit New Settlement in Employee...

Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe have submitted a new settlement proposal in the class action lawsuit alleging they violated antitrust laws by agreeing to not poach employees from each other. The new settlement follows Judge Lucy Koh's rejection of an earlier US$325 million offer she felt was too low.

The Mac Observer Spin: It's very clear Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe want the antipoaching lawsuit to go away and they're willing to pay to make that happen. This isn't a question of if they're offering more money in the settlement proposal, but instead is a question of how much.

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Yosemite: Using Spotlight for Conversions

Spotlight has long been incredibly useful for finding files, performing mathematical calculations, defining words, and so on. But under Yosemite, we can use this handy-dandy search feature as a conversion tool, as well. Melissa Holt's got all the details in today's Quick Tip.

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showbox app for android free

Forums: Software

The official website of your ShowBox - you can actually download the applying to watch the Television set and films displays. Download ShowBox for freeDownload the newest version of your Show Box APK submit below. Download or see free videos with all the Show Box app.Download ShowBox for Laptop or computer, Android or Mac pc. Explore our training the way to install ShowBox for virtually every units and view the best TV shows or motion picture.Showbox App might be down loaded on Android, iOS products (Iphone, apple ipad tablet) and might be attached to your Windows PC. Understand the measures to download Showbox APK for Computer.Showbox App Download, free Show box application form on Android. Download Showbox apk data file most recent version. Setup Show box for Android.Download the official Showbox app below to steady flow or download free movies and TV...

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Office 2016

Forums: Troubleshooting

I just updated our network to office 2016, we are now unable to save any Office files directly to the SAN. I can save them over a file share to the same location so it's not a permissions issue. Has anyone seen this happen yet? I can save the files to my desktop and copy them over but then I am unable to edit them directly.

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Final Cut Server Subscription Broken for Assets

Forums: FCS WorkflowsTags: Final Cut Server

Hi Guys

I have a bit of a problem with a Final Cut Server deployment and I am hoping someone can throw me a couple of hints to try to get past the problem I am having with Subscriptions in a clients Final Cut Server system that is about 4 years old now.

The trouble is I am trying to edit and also create new subscription for metadata to trigger when an asset field value is changed, however when I try and edit this in the FInal Cut Server backend (system prefs>final cut server>subscriptions) and also inside fcsvr>administrator>configuration>subscriptions the values do not appear for existing and also for new subscriptions for assets that is already configured.. or new ones I am creating. The...

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Undersecretary of nine appeared somewhere in the...

Forums: HardwareTags: it's a little kidnapping Bag previous performance

Nintendo 3DS is going to steal my time! Follow on Twitter superkyol Kyle. 'Fate: Where can I find a dealer strange XUR this week. The end of the week in the world of destiny, and that means XUR, Undersecretary of nine appeared somewhere in the tower. But instead of players scape pore over every inch of the land Haven. We have the full scoop on where to find XUR what items you have to sell these week.Unlike last week, when it was hidden XUR well off the beaten track in the vicinity of one of the factions and the fate of supplies, Undersecretary of nine actually very easy to detect.

Just enter the room Guardian forefront and it's right outside. For clarity,...

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requiring Drake somewhere.

Forums: Hardware

It is advisable to give Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann considering leading this project as well.More art graphics of Naughty Dog can be seen on the internet in the core of the exhibition, which is also holding the 30th Anniversary tribute Naughty Dog in Alhambra, California. The exhibition began on 27 September 2014 and was completed on 12 October, so if you want to get a closer look at the exhibition has to offer before the publication of the book, it's time.

Yesterday Anonymous 4 entries chief designer Kurt Margenau outside PS4 improve the image of the new bearer of Nathan Drake. Deadman Mode Gold While the image was taken from TV (you can see a lot of things to think), Drake has a lot of details this time. He looked older, rougher and less like a man who was crazy, right?! Drake got used to it. However,...

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kmsauto lite portable download

Forums: General FCS Discussion

kmsauto lite portable download is overall and best device or activator of Microsoft Windows. Kms Activator contains all in one release as like Microsoft windows7 and 8, 8.1 along with a diverse way so anybody like him. Kmsauto Lite also helpful for each individual program of other os as like

server 2008

Home office2010 and 2013, 2016.

It does not call for any version of .internet structure for windows. It really works with a several answer to developing person experience. Kmsauto Lite offers various tips for trigger Microsoft product or services. Kmsauto lite portable will provide offline and online activation with only a single click. It is really an sophisticated and universal activator for activation of Windows device. It safer and sound...

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Why you Need to Experience a Nile Cruise

Forums: General FCS Discussion

Nile Cruise holidays seem best in all over travels, from the positive side we offer the opportunity to travel in Nile Cruise with the 5 star comforts of hotel. The benefit is that you’ll trip and visit temples with hundreds of new tourists according to a trip timetable, neglecting much air pollution and noise where dozens of boats are traveling along each other which are really surprising. Another big thing about Nile Cruise trip is a low cost travel. This way you don’t have to carry lots of money with you during your Nile Cruise trip. You will get highest enjoyment with our cruise timetable and benefits of the many activities offered.


Nile cruise ships are famous for providing hotel quality on-board. Importantly, you don't have to concern about being trouble...

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Calculate Your Web site worth

Forums: General FCS Discussion

Online business is the most common business form of our century. The sphere is truly linked over developed devices in addition to wires that it is now tremendously hard to try to visualize our existence without the world wide web.

After the administrators' desks and customary offices, the contact surface presently used between the sellers' deals and the purchasers' demands is certainly the web sites. These platforms are prepared so as to allow the customers to reach as much info as they need in addition to therefore use diverse technical tools to subscribe or else make submissions for one service or else another.

The business has definitely its numbers that make it likely for the ones fascinated to calculate the consequences of their work. At this level, the operation is simple and needs no magical recipes; the...

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Send Amazing Raksha Bandhan Pooja Thali From The Web...

Forums: SoftwareTags: kids rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is usually a day time regarding rituals and traditions. The afternoon is usually seen in all of the component of country together with unique bands and also ways of life. The most common tradition on the day time is actually what will be noticed in the actual upper portion of country exactly where it's also generally known as rakhi. For the complete silent celestial body evening regarding Shravana littermates immediately after creating a shower sports standard outfits to finish every one of the rituals in addition to persuits in the morning.
Kids Rakhi
Kids Rakhis
Kids Rakhi with Dry Fruits

All of the necessities with the time are...

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Italian lessons in London broadens the horizon of...

Forums: Software

For the learner of a foreign language, Italian is the fifth most popular language all over the world. About 90 million people speak  this language. The Italians are boast for this. The language has a strong connection with Portuguese, Spanish, and French. It suggests that if you can speak the one, it becomes easier  to be trained in other language. Italian lessons in London broadens your individual horizon.
With is expands your business areas. Your visit to different horizons feeling no language hesitations.

Maintain a strong bonding with London. Meet the locals and expert teachers to build a rapport with them for your learning needs,  keeping in view of your the busy...

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Yugioh Vintage Greeting card Adventure

Forums: SoftwareTags: Yu gi oh games

The Yugioh Vintage Greeting card Match (CCG) serves as a widespread card business oriented off of the Yugioh manga and computer animated t . v . suggest. Participants expect the tasks of dueling wizards and play around various kinds of cards to summon monsters, cast spells and employ traps in their rival.

Valuable Yu gi oh online game employment just a bit of diversely then everyday greeting card game. Practically in most greeting card game titles, one deck is applied, and individuals are dealt by it. In CCG's, each individual competitor has their own deck. This outdoor patio is designed by your player from cards which they buy, as well as...

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Typically the Area involving Ogong Initial

Forums: Replication, Backups, and Archiving

Typically the greatest extent ligue list has become enhanced. Brand-new studies are intended for quantities Blade & Soul Gold 46, 24, along with 60. Extra brand-new success intended for goldfrost Foothills written content. Brand-new filling window screens come in English language, This particular language along with A language like german. At this point you should unpack goods ahead of proclaiming these people in the Got Goods. Past Cutting tool along with Heart Dungeon Guideline: Typically the Area involving Ogong Initial Supervisor WukihoNext: Cutting tool along with Heart goldfrost Foothills Brand-new Dungeon Guideline: Exuberance Family room typically the Undetectable Supervisor You need to understand Often, as soon as the supervisor relieve a number of...

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ligue merely spot for you to gain important

Forums: Troubleshooting

Typically the palatial along with intensive pile associated with Zaiwei can function a newly purchased BNS Gold bottom part involving surgical procedures, task heart manufacturing work shop, along with public facility. Their wide-ranging thoroughfares along with platinum leafed batiment are generally equalled merely with the city’s plights, and need intended for some help from inclined enthusiast. Levels. Soulstone mining or prospecting functioning via equivalent strikes with this levels 60, ligue merely spot for you to gain important Soulstones along with Moonstones. Tribe Manufacturing Enhance your tribe levels for you to open Tribe Manufacturing, along with generating creams, goods, and in many cases some sort of tailor made clothing BNS Item on your tribe membersa...

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5% Free Bonus & 5% Discount for rs 2007 gold...

Forums: Resharing

We may determine buy rs 07 gold the following reasons of it. Firstly when humans communicate with one another they should have some notion about one other, concerning appearance and general look. But there are cases provided instead of image you watch just empty space.

As above mentioned there are two variants of Tata Indigo Dicor are available in the Indian auto market such as Tata Indigo LS Dicor and Tata Indigo LX Dicor. The Tata Indigo LS Dicor comes with the features which are manually operated outer rear view mirror, black dials, Benz silver as the new pattern for console AC fascia. It is lack in mounted LCD screens.

Firstly, Maralyn has always been prepared to criticise those who are lazy and don do their best for students including and especially some public school teachers. Secondly, please give your evidence of the of academic...

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Forums: Active Storage

Nos habíamos enfadado porque tenemos una finca con una pequeña piscina en donde a mi no me gusta que venga nadie, ya que es mi sitio de descanso y excepto a la familia a nadie se le ha dicho que ese pequeño refugio es nuestro y sirve para que yo disfrute de la tranquilidad y el sosiego que me aporta, ya que mi trabajo como jefe de ventas de una gran empresa requiere mi atención y un tremendo estrés durante toda la semana. Así pues después de decirme mi mujer que aquella tarde de verano iban a venir dos de sus amigas a pasarla con ella bañándose en la piscina y tomando unos refrescos, yo había decidido, tras la discusión irme a la ciudad y dejarla a ella sola con sus amigas.

La finca que tenemos es de apenas unos mil metros cuadrados, con una casita en la parte trasera y una piscina pequeña pero coqueta en la parte delantera de la finca....

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Poker en casa

Forums: Software

Al igual que todos los últimos viernes de cada mes, un grupo de siete amigos de mi marido se había reunido, ahora en nuestra casa, en esa calurosa noche del mes de Diciembre para su tradicional partida de poker.

Luego de preparar para ellos emparedados y bebidas, subí a nuestra alcoba donde me desvestí y procedí a cubrir mi cuerpo con el sexy conjunto de dormir que mi marido me había dado como regalo de Navidad. Este se componía de un corto camisón y un minúsculo calzón, ambos de color blanco y ambos transparentes. Me contemplé en el gran espejo de nuestro dormitorio, y éste devolvió la imagen de mi cuerpo moreno, en todo su esplendor, mostrando mis bien formados senos con sus obscuros y grandes pezones erectos. El pequeño y transparente calzón dejaba ver casi totalmente el resto de mi cuerpo.

Me recosté encima de nuestra gran cama, dejando...

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Las aventuras de un profesor

Forums: Archiware PresSTORE

Mi nombre es Riqui, tengo 38 años, mido 1,70 mts. de altura, contextura normal, soy profesor de computación, soy casado y quiero contarles mis aventuras.

En este caso quiero contarles la aventura vivida con dos alumnas: Patricia y Katy que son amigas mucho antes de que yo las conociera.

Patricia tiene 34 años, es doctora, es una mujer de baja estatura, como de 1,60 mts. de altura aproximadamente, de piel canela, de largos y ensortijados cabellos castaños que combinan con sus ojos, con un cuerpo excelente, un pompi (trasero) normal pero bien formado igual que sus piernas, es casada y tiene dos hijos. Por su parte, Katy tiene 32 años, es comerciante, es una mujer que mide aproximadamente 1,65 mts. de altura, de piel blanca, de cabellos negros y largos, de unos preciosos ojos azules, tiene un cuerpo escultural, es delgada...

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Home Shifting Made Easier By Professional Packers...

Forums: General FCS DiscussionTags: Packers and Movers Gurgaon

Residence shifting or residential moving or household goods changing is not a fun chore at all. That is a time-consuming complicated process that can be one of the most daunting and stressful events of your life. It can annoy you badly as you will have to face lots of hassles, unwanted issues and some tiresome tasks in the process of home or non commercial relocation. De-cluttering things, getting rid of junk items, arranging transportation, packing of goods, loading of goods onto the truck, unloading of boxes, unpacking boxes and rearranging goods are some of the tasks involved in the process of changing which create truly topsy-turvy situation. But you shouldn't worry about your...

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Hire Right Packers and Movers Bangalore for Easy and...

Forums: General FCS Discussion

Either you want to change from one street to another within metropolis of Bangalore or want to shift out of this city to another city of Of india or abroad; hiring one of the good quality packers and movers in Bangalore would be a great decision to make relocation easy and simple. That is but evident that you hire a professional packers and movers company to have hassle-free and tension-free relocation experience. An individual hire mover to have safe and on time transportation of your possessions at your new vacation spot door step. You pay your hard-earned money to movers to finish moving tasks perfectly. Hence it is imperative to employ the right movers and packers in Bangalore to have truly hassle-free and comfortable relocation experience.
packers and...

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Top 7 Concerns to Ask When Selecting a Top End...

Forums: General FCS DiscussionTags: Packers and Movers Hyderabad

Relocating home from Bangalore to a different city of India? It would be the best decision to hire one of the top quality packers and movers in Bangalore in order to make your move easier and simpler. But selecting the most appropriate mover at best price can be tricky and challenging task for you. However you can hire the best mover in Bangalore within you budget by doing some research with some of good companies. Inquiring questions to packers and movers will help you find out a dependable moving company. Here are top questions to ask movers when hiring the one for your move.
packers and movers Hyderabad...

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Rsorder News:5% Free Bonus & 5% Discount for old...

Forums: Resharing

RS: With the buy runescape 2007 gold juniors, I take a very hard look at management. Does it have a track record of success? Are the managers personally invested in the firm? Second, I like companies that have a first mover advantage in acquiring developable property. Clusters of wells provide economies of scale where drilling rigs can easily be moved around.

But I would remind investors that overall macroeconomic concerns have not, by and large, been significant impediments to the run up in the biotech sector. The NASDAQ Biotechnology Index [NBI] and the Amex Biotechnology Index [BTK] are up more than 70% in the last 24 months. That just creams the heck out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard Poor's index, both of which are only up about 20% over the same timeframe..

Patient related factorsFor each patient, staff recorded...

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Prime Rakhi Purnima Return Treats for Cute Sisters...

Forums: TroubleshootingTags: send rakhi to india

Send Rakhi to India
Kids Rakhi
Designer Rakhi

It's difficult for boys to choose gifts for girls as indicate have any ideas of the choices and wants. Rakhi is around the corner and everyone is busy in buying the best rakhi and rakhi gifts for their littermates. The ritual of gifting to sisters must be followed even staying very far from them and you must send rakhi return gifts for your siblings. There are many things which you can opt as a present for your sister but if you wish something unique and important...

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to confuse players RuneScape

Forums: Hardware

The this offer is the final step in the campaign to consider Nintendo to allow the greatest number of players possible scape be hands -one time with the game before its release,Buy RS Gold with previous efforts, including best buy crush-fest and one episode of Conan O'Brien 'to confuse players RuneScape.

Although updates and raises frequent director Masahiro Sakurai by Miiverse Nintendo certainly do the trick in terms of inflammation crowd into a frenzy, Runescape casual and more are far more likely to be attracted to the game, which suffer from control of the chaos that made the series was released for such players blow over the last fifteen years.RS 3 Gold The pilot Super Smash Bros.

DS only 3 days in the game before it hits stores in Japan, which may indicate...

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Rsorder June promotion:5% Free Bonus & 5%...

Forums: General Xsan Talk

This 150cc cheap rs 07 gold bike has a dynamic design and bundled with powerful engine and producing the superior performance and acceleration. All these factors put this bike apart from the other bikes in its segment. The bike is allied with the 150cc 4 stroke engine can generate maximum power of 14.4 PS at 8500 rpm along with peak torque of 12.80 Nm at 6500 rpm.

Know that when you do embrace the creative process, you are connecting to something deep within you. That will be attractive to your readers or whoever your audience happens to be. That is what we're all trying to do whether it's writing fiction, nonfiction, an e book we all need to connect with our audience.

Help and Contact UsTerms of ServiceRSS Ad ChoicesRodney P. Hunt was running one of the country's most successful black owned government contracting firms in...

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how i assign specific data to specific user quota in...

Forums: SoftwareTags: quote

hello Every one,

i have xsan V3.1

now the data in the new volume is moved by admin so it's not belong to anyone quotes.

What i Need :

I need to assign this data to a specific users so it can be counts in their quotes

how i can do this

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Check out the mouth-watering dishes of Arab world...

Forums: General FCS Discussion

The delicacies of middle-east mostly have meat as a base, which makes it universally famous. Ranging from rolls to kababs, the usage of a variety of meat base, that is free from oil and fat content makes it all the more relishing for people.

A person sitting in the far west can actually have a taste of such delicacies with the help of Shawarma Miami. With the help of this, one can get a taste of one of the best preparations of the Arab world- the shawarma. Using a variety of meat, it provides for a perfect starter to the original middle-eastern cooking.

Speciality of this roll:

Shawarma is a type of Arabic meat preparation, which is made of various types of meats, such as chicken, beef, lamb, veal, carabeef and turkey.

The mixed meats or even individual ones...

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Otra vez no!

Forums: Networking

Estaba bien atavío, mucho bien arreglado... Mmmm se me antojaba besarlo... Lo vi con deseo y al mismo edad nos acercamos violentamente para un delicioso ósculo: su lengua hábilmente empezó a atormentarme de placer... A la vez que me besaba metía sus manos por so de mi ropa (traía la pijama, un conjunto: bragas cortos y una camiseta), acariciaba mi intestino y mis caderas con sus manos fuertes; luego empezó a acariciar mis senos con movimientos circulares y de vez en en el momento que me pellizcaba los pezones... Quería despojarme de mi ajuar, pero se detuvo y quiso poner el auto en marcha (supongo que quería buscar un lugar mas discreto). Yo lo frene, estaba excesivo excitada, pero incluso así le pedí que me siguiera besando, que no teníamos mucho ciclo... Miro el clepsidra: eran las 4:06 a.m. me miro con desorientación y me dijo: -"a que ocasión se...

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No me pasa nada solo prguntaba

Forums: Networking

El incidente es que decidieron ir a producir películas para pasar el tiempo, y mientras tres chicos y una de las mujeres fueron a rendir las películas los demás aprovechaban para comer botanas y fragmento de pizzas que habían encargo por teléfono.

Cuando llegaron con las películas la chica solitaria una alegría demasiado picara pero pensaron que era por que la había pasado bien mientras iban a redituar las películas. Alguno pregunto que, que películas habían rentando y la chica que había cachondo a rendir las películas dijo que eran una conmoción, y se dispusieron todos a ver las películas en la sala de la casa. Todos se sentaron aledaños de la televisión unos en los sillones y otros en el firme a los pies de los que estaban en los sillones (Miguel y Nancy se sentaron en el firme) pusieron la película en el Dvd y comenzó la película. En el...

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adictas a las lefadas

Forums: B4M FORK

Hace unos dos, talvez trío años que conocí a Alicia, fue muchas gracias a que un amigo de la colonia la llevo a una de las tantas fiestas o borracheras que hacemos. La primera vez que la ve me pareció una chica normal, no es del todo una mujer bella pero tiene algo asaz atrayente, poco que no se explicar bien pero tiene su pegue la chava, tiene un buen cuerpo, tal vez su seno es algo pequeño, pero igual esta delicioso, buenas nalgas firmes y paraditas, piel demasiado asaz blanca, es poco bajita de alzada, ojos negros y enigmáticos, labios delgados pero hermosos, cabello a los hombros flácido y en un color en incesante cambio hoy que se lo tiñe con constancia, a mi me encanta de pelirroja, es una linda chica, demasiado buena bucle... pero jamás pensé que afuera tan pervertida tanto prórroga les contaré...

La traté exiguo a poco, al principio por poco...

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una noche sin pasion

Forums: Software

Samuel había conquistado por completo al público, no eran su metro ochenta y tantos de altura, ni sus músculos, no era su sonrisa de chiquillo bueno si no su ferocidad lo que a todos les gustaba. En aquellos combates la gente quería ver sangre y sangre era lo que Samuel les daba.

Para espécimen, el ataque de aquella tinieblas. Samuel llevaba un bragas azulino y su contrario, un tío al que en absoluto había visto, uno negro. El uno y el otro fueron introducidos en el cuadrilátero, que para la ocasión se había convertido en una gigantesca jaula, para cuando sonó la avisador los dos se habían convertido en perros furiosos.

La verdad es que me gustaría, pero creo que no sería capaz de detallar con todo detalle lo que ocurrió adentro de la jaula, yo me encontraba entonces así que no soy únicamente una defensora de la no violencia, lo que ocurre es...

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necesito un favor

Forums: Promise Technology

Fue un escaso a saco, al menos las cuatro primeras veces, en seguida le joya que se tumbará sobre la cama, se quito las chanclas y los greguescos, se quito los slips y empecé a comerle la polla de nuevo. Primero desde la punta a la base, así una y otra vez inclusive que decidí centrarme en sus chichón, me encanta comerle los cojones a un tío que los tenga grandes, no sé que es lo que tienen pero me vuelven loca. Me metí uno en la boca y me dedicaba a absorber para adentro continuamente un corto más, en una de esas me dijo que le había echo daño, pero yo seguí a lo mía, los tenía demasiado rojos aproximadamente tanto a modo su cabeza se le puso luego.

Me comía la punta de su moza mientras le pajeaba y a la misma vez le toqueteaba los abultamiento con la otra mano, puse su muchacha lo más vector y erguida que pude y me dedica a...

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todo eso y mas

Forums: General Xsan Talk

ues estaba yo en obús y no tenía ganas de ir al hipercor a buscar estanterías así que me quede en casa mientras mis amigas se fueron. Cogí el móvil y le mande un mensaje a un amigo que se llama Joaquín y decía fielmente: ¿puedes venir a mi casa para que te limpie el sable? Él me contesto: si te parece bien a las seis y cuarto, dime en el cual vives hoy en día.

Espere y esperé con el miedo de que no sabía a que hora llegarían mis amigas y la confirmación es que no tenía ganas de que estuvieran revoloteando por la casa. Faltaban cuarenta y cinco minutos para que Joaquín llegará y no tenía completamente nulidad que hacer así que me pajee durante un rato en el lavabo, me senté sobre el vide y comencé a jugar con mi coñito mientras un cuarto de ocasión o así, me moje y me restregué bien las bragas inclusive que… digamos que me canse. Fui...

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Candid Professional Wedding Photography – Sydney

Forums: General FCS Discussion

Candid wedding photography Sydney offer wedding Photography, videography services. We focus on the special moments in your wedding should be captured in sort to create memories that will last long. Candid Wedding Photography believes that perfection is the main element in Photography. We make sure to our clients that the cost of photography is basically a part of your investment. Candid wedding photography Sydney services are famous in offering necessary factors like selection of artistic approach, equipment, and skill to capture gorgeous wedding moments. Wedding photography with us will be a permanent memory of your special day and create everlasting relation with Candid wedding photography Sydney.

Camera Equipment Knowledge:

Equipment is vital in wedding photography. All you need is...

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Кристен Chiucarello Кувшин для масла

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Кристен Chiucarello Кувшин для масла, 28-летний няней в Нью-Йорке, говорит, что она активно отказывалась скачать Venmo, несмотря на давление со стороны своих друзей, чтобы избежать таких неудобных ситуаций.

"Я предпочитаю придерживаться кассовых операций и сделок с лицом," сказала она. "Если я покупаю чью-то пиво банки для приправы, я просто надеюсь, что в следующий раз, когда этот человек будет покупать мое пиво-я не хочу, чтобы выставить счет моих друзей для каждого опыта, который мы разделяем."

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consova offers a dependent verification services in...

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Consova is passionate about providing an educational experience that treats your employees with dignity and respect. While we are just as results-driven as the next vendor, we go the extra mile to ensure that every eligible dependent remains on the plan.
For more information you may visit:- http://consova.com
The rule structure of the courses would be for specialists dependent verification services in usa so they stay cutting-edge with their capacities and realizing, which in this way would be a safe house for patients who need qualified and capable help. Masters and takes up with the therapeutic administrations industry now have an extent...

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With all of this great 2k16 MT Points

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If you would like 2k16 MT Points to become a superior dribbler, do it blindfolded. In case you aren't using your eyes to watch where the ball is, you are able to alternatively use them to view where other players are or exactly where the net is. You should not have to stare at the ball as you dribble.When you must shoot no cost throws within a basketball game, ensure that that you simply clear your head ahead of you shoot. Depending in your state of thoughts, absolutely free throw shots can either be your hardest or easiest shots. Try clearing your mind and concentrating around the shot. Several players uncover it beneficial to think about the ball going into the hoop. These shots take ability and...

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Now, $1,600 into China Hydraulic Parts

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Now, $1,600 into China Hydraulic Parts his harsh trip, he says he is still not sure he is any nearer to getting his automobile back again.

He has been holed up Aluminum bushing block in Kabul, credit cash to live and taking lengthy bus drive to see his family for fun on saturday.

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That implies that you Buy NBA 2k16 MT

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Never prepare a lot more for any game than you Buy NBA 2k16 MT do to get a practice. Should you don't tape up for practice, do not do it for games. You will naturally take games additional seriously than practice. Nonetheless, you do not need to start panicking more than a game by overpreparing. Have a constant and calm routine.Moving without the ball is definitely an vital ability to master if you need to turn into a better scorer. Standing still although on offense just tends to make you that significantly less difficult to guard. As an alternative, you'll want to keep active and consistently be moving about. You are going to not just put on down your opponent, but you'll also get far more open...

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You may make use of NBA 2K16 MT

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An awesome technique to practice the quick break is to get NBA 2K16 MT the ball up the court in significantly less than 5 dribbles. It may appear not possible, however the a lot more you practice this rule, the much easier it becomes. Through game time you will notice oneself applying this to your advantage during the rapidly break.To produce sure that you simply safeguard your ankles though you play basketball, wear shoes which might be slightly bit larger around them and lace them up. When you play in reduced shoes, it's very easy to turn your ankle. Greater shoes maintain you out on the court playing longer.To inbound a basketball, you'll need to...

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Relocation with best Packers and Movers Pune...

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Since there are a lot of organizations particular on their sites you need to be a little careful of come up with the better choice. To be able to acquire their solutions, you don’t have to keep the much pressure but make sure that to examine between the best organizations. Each of the movers and packers in Delhi has been particular on the site, you need to examine out the site and pick who is better able to set up your needs. Movers and Packers Pune Movers and Packers Gurgaon Movers and Packers Mumbai You...

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Loading And Unloading – Vital Parts Of Relocation Of Goods
When you are hiring a skilled packers and movers organization, then you must take good appropriate care of few factors that are closely involved with this matter. Movers and Packers Bangalore Movers and Packers Hyderabad Movers and Packers Delhi The matter of running and unloading is one such thing. These are two very crucial parts of moving. After packaging items...

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How several decades has your organization recently...

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Packing is the suburbs located in #Gurgaon which also well established town contains more than 50 #Packers and moving organizations office in Packing #Gurgaon ,peoples want more and more reliable solutions company in Packing #Gurgaon for their moving created simple but it is not possible without worthwhile source like a web page Packers and Movers in Delhi Packers and Movers in Gurgaon or a company which offer suitable enough knowledge for how to get search for the services of or get in touch with best #Packers and moving organizations in #Gurgaon and how to get their...

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Move Securely and Financially with Best #Packers and...

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Home shifting or residential shifting or family items modifying is not a fun chore at all. That is a time-consuming complicated procedure that can be one of the most daunting and stressful events of your life. It can pester you badly as you will have to face lots of hassles, unwanted issues and some tiresome projects in the operation of home or non professional shifting. De-cluttering factors, getting rid of junk items, arranging transportation, product packaging of items, running of items onto your automobile, unloading of containers, unpacking containers and putting in order goods are some of the duties involved in the operation of modifying which create truly chaotic situation. But you don'...

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How To Contact Yahoo Customer Service By Phone

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Yahoo helpline services Offered are –

1)Yahoo mail password recovery helpline
2)Excellent technical support for recovering deleted yahoo mails
3)Helpline for recover your yahoo mail password
4)24*7 Online Customer Support Services for UK
5)Rapid solution for all the associated yahoo mail issues.
6)Toll Free number availability.
7)Yahoo mail technical support for sign up issues.
8)Dedicated team of Certified Experts

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Decide to invest in darkscape gold

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Study rs gold purchasers. If you choose to send your darkscape gold out of state, ensure that your package is certified and insured. You'll possibly really feel more confident selling your rs gold to a trustworthy local business which has a storefront. Either way, you need to check together with the Far better Enterprise Bureau.All investments come with a specific quantity of risk, and rs gold is no unique. To assist limit your danger when promoting rs gold, ask for referrals from friends or family members who've sold rs gold in the past. They might have the ability to steer you toward a trustworthy rs gold purchaser.

In the event you decide to invest in rs gold, you must look...

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Forex Trading, The Best to Work With

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There is a buffer of time involved in gathering the components of your desire. Your job in the meantime is to be in alignment with what you want. This means utilizing all parts of your being to "act as if" you have what you want. Use all of your senses in this process. The more you can FEEL what it would be like to Tradeonix Review already have it, the more successful you will be at manifesting it. Use all of your senses in this. Imagine what you would be hearing if you got what you wanted. What would people be saying to you? What would you be saying to yourself? What other sounds might you hear?Imagine having a celebratory meal. What would you be tasting and smelling? Imagine the feel of holding the paper of the signed contract, or walking barefoot on the sandy beach of your dream vacation. What do you feel in...

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Reflecting on Nature's Beauty

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Pure Natural Healing

Just as interesting to me in this "natural" (good) verses "unnatural" (harmful) debate is the actual capsule most "natural" herbal and nutritional supplements come in. Have you ever considered what they are made of? Again, I let my fingers do the walking and found numerous articles that had even me, a pretty tough gutted, raised on meat and potatoes gal, a bit queasy.

The most common form these "natural" supplements come in is the gelatin capsule. It is made from collagen taken from animal connective tissue, mostly from bones and skin of cows and pigs. In the process of making the gelatin capsule there is a pretreatment stage done usually with acetic acid. It's been awhile, but I definitely remembered that anytime my high school chemistry...

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Manifest Anything You Want in One Easy Step

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So, take back control of your Vibrational Manifestation brain in order to manifest anything in your life. Easier said than done? Not really.

Ever tried to find an item of clothing in a messy closet? Or tried to find that all-important tool in a messy tool-shed? If there is clutter and disorganisation everywhere, the item you want is hidden and it's terribly difficult to locate. You might even get overwhelmed with the mess or just plain forget what you were looking for in the first place and end up pulling out something you didn't really want. Sound familiar? By starting with a clean, organised space, it makes finding that treasured item a lot easier.

The same theory applies in your brain. If you want to manifest anything...

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Begin With Binary Option Affiliate Program Review

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My Funnel Empire

Commodities markets are based on commodities which are agricultural or industrial in their raw and unprocessed state such as gold, copper, silver, oil, natural gas, etc. Commodities are typically traded on the future price of the product. Intraday prices of commodities tend to be Moving Sideways in their Trend lines except when there are major news events about the commodity and around inventory, demand, and import report times.


Futures Options are based on 3 month contracts thus making the best time to trade Commodities Binary Options at the start and midpoint of the futures contract period....

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Start Small At Binary Options Platforms

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You do not mind using a hot marketing strategies, and even if the type is not attending hotel meetings, go to the home of the parties to promote your The Alderley Code Software product, you may be perfect for this job. The customer wants to implement online marketing strategies to generate leads for you if there is a person, but this commitment may be the perfect opportunity for you. But remember that every shepherd practice differently. What marketing strategies you can use them to generate leads for customers in any industry, make sure to ask any potential patron.


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Navicat Premium Essentials 12.1.25 - Pro...
Navicat Premium Essentials is a compact version of Navicat which provides basic and necessary features you will need to perform simple administration on a database. It supports the latest features... Read more
Sketch 58 - Design app for UX/UI for iOS...
Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and... Read more
ClipGrab 3.8.5 - Download videos from Yo...
ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites. It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step Version... Read more
Dash 4.6.6 - Instant search and offline...
Dash is an API documentation browser and code snippet manager. Dash helps you store snippets of code, as well as instantly search and browse documentation for almost any API you might use (for a full... Read more
FotoMagico 5.6.8 - Powerful slideshow cr...
FotoMagico lets you create professional slideshows from your photos and music with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. High image... Read more
Civilization VI 1.2.4 - Next iteration o...
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the next entry in the popular Civilization franchise. Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a strategy game in which you attempt to... Read more
Skype - Voice-over-internet p...
Skype allows you to talk to friends, family and co-workers across the Internet without the inconvenience of long distance telephone charges. Using peer-to-peer data transmission technology, Skype... Read more
Bookends 13.2.6 - Reference management a...
Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information-management system for students and professionals. Bookends uses the cloud to sync reference libraries on all the Macs you use.... Read more
BusyContacts 1.4.0 - Fast, efficient con...
BusyContacts is a contact manager for OS X that makes creating, finding, and managing contacts faster and more efficient. It brings to contact management the same power, flexibility, and sharing... Read more
Chromium 77.0.3865.75 - Fast and stable...
Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. Version 77.0.3865.75: A list of changes is available... Read more

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Sky Patrol (Games)
Sky Patrol 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: 'Strategic Twist On The Classic Shooter Genre' - Indie Game Mag... | Read more »

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Preorder your Apple Watch Series 5 today at A...
Amazon has Apple Watch Series 5 GPS models available for preorder and on sale today for $15 off Apple’s MSRP. Shipping is free and starts on September 20th: – 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 GPS: $384.99 $... Read more
21″ iMacs on sale for $100 off Apple’s MSRP,...
B&H Photo has new 21″ Apple iMacs on sale for $100 off MSRP with models available starting at $999. These are the same iMacs offered by Apple in their retail and online stores. Overnight shipping... Read more
2018 4 and 6-Core Mac minis on sale today for...
Apple resellers are offering new 2018 4-Core and 6-Core Mac minis for $100-$150 off MSRP for a limited time. B&H Photo has the new 2018 4-Core and 6-Core Mac minis on sale for up to $150 off... Read more
Save $150-$250 on 10.2″ WiFi + Cellular iPads...
Verizon is offering $150-$250 discounts on Apple’s new 10.2″ WiFi + Cellular iPad with service. Buy the iPad itself and save $150. Save $250 on the purchase of an iPad along with an iPhone. The fine... Read more
Apple continues to offer 13″ 2.3GHz Dual-Core...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2017 13″ 2.3GHz Dual-Core non-Touch Bar MacBook Pros available starting at $1019. An standard Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, outer cases are new... Read more
Apple restocks 2018 MacBook Airs, Certified R...
Apple has restocked Certified Refurbished 2018 13″ MacBook Airs starting at only $849. Each MacBook features a new outer case, comes with a standard Apple one-year warranty, and is shipped free. The... Read more
Sunday Sale! 2019 27″ 5K 6-Core iMacs for $20...
B&H Photo has the new 2019 27″ 5K 6-Core iMacs on stock today and on sale for up to $250 off Apple’s MSRP. Overnight shipping is free to many locations in the US. These are the same iMacs sold by... Read more
Weekend Sale! 2019 13″ MacBook Airs for $200...
Amazon has new 2019 13″ MacBook Airs on sale for $200 off Apple’s MSRP, with prices starting at $899, each including free shipping. Be sure to select Amazon as the seller during checkout, rather than... Read more
2019 15″ MacBook Pros now on sale for $350-$4...
B&H Photo has Apple’s 2019 15″ 6-Core and 8-Core MacBook Pros on sale today for $350-$400 off MSRP, starting at $2049, with free overnight shipping available to many addresses in the US: – 2019... Read more
Buy one Apple Watch Series 5 at Verizon, get...
Buy one Apple Watch Series 5 at Verizon, and get a second Watch for 50% off. Plus save $10 on your first month of service. The fine print: “Buy Apple Watch, get another up to 50% off on us. Plus $10... Read more

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*Apple* Mobility Pro-Store 149 - Best Buy (U...
**731985BR** **Job Title:** Apple Mobility Pro-Store 149 **Job Category:** Store Associates **Location Number:** 000149-Towson-Store **Job Description:** At Best Read more
Student Employment (Blue *Apple* Cafe) Spri...
Student Employment (Blue Apple Cafe) Spring 2019 Penn State University Campus/Location: Penn State Brandywine Campus City: Media, PA Date Announced: 12/20/2018 Date Read more
Windows/ *Apple* Technical Support Engineer...
Windows/ Apple Technical Support Engineer McLean , VA , US Apply + Be you + Be Booz Allen + Be empowered + Learn More Job Description Location: McLean, VA, US Job Read more
*Apple* Mobile Master - Best Buy (United Sta...
**725617BR** **Job Title:** Apple Mobile Master **Job Category:** Store Associates **Location Number:** 001095-Chesterfield-Store **Job Description:** **What does a Read more
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**732415BR** **Job Title:** Geek Squad Apple Master Consultation Agent **Job Category:** Services/Installation/Repair **Location Number:** 000425-Hickory-Store **Job Read more
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